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A New Dawn
by H.G.

I recently bought a house in a quiet neighborhood. It was spring and the house was in need of a lot of " fixing up", so the first several months were spent doing precisely that. I met the neighbors, a middle aged couple next store who were particularly nice.

When the end of May came I noticed a new girl next store. I saw here going in and out of the house several times, she was very attractive, blonde hair and beautiful eyes. She seeming to be about twenty five or so, and I wondered what she could be doing living next door. I few weeks later I got my answer. I was out doors doing some yard work and I noticed she was sunbathing in the back yard. She wore a black one piece suit, and she was looking quite stunning in it. She was not fat at all, yet she was not quite as thin as the most models are today. I walked over and said hello. She explained that she had just finished college and was staying with her aunt and uncle here in the city hoping to find a job. I was happy to tell her that I knew of a receptionist position at my place of former employment. I told her it was nothing great, but the people were nice and it would hold here over until she found something she really wanted to do. She was overjoyed. I couldn't help ask her about her figure "How did you stay so slim in college?" I asked. "Most people have a hard time of it". "I guess it is just my metabolism, although it the last semester I put on a few pounds, hope the old metabolism isn't changing on me!" she said.

"Well, you sure can't notice it" I said. I wished her good luck getting her new job and told here I would probably see her around now that we would be neighbors.

I knew her aunt and uncle only from the two or three times I had been to their house. I did notice one thing while I was there. They seemed to have a lot of unhealthy food. When I was there for dinner not only did we have very greasy, heavy food, but in there pantry I noticed all kinds of junk food, potato chips, etc. and tons of deserts, cookies, cakes, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream in the freezer. They also talked about how they would go out to eat quite often. I met their daughter who now had moved out and lived elsewhere in the area. She was a nice girl, and it was obvious that she acquired her rather large rear end from eating the way her parents did.

I saw Dawn (who was the niece now living next door) again and she told me how nice the job was turning out. "I don't have to do very much" she said. "I really only have to sit there and greet people or direct them were to go all day, I don't even have to get up much at all!." I also knew from working at this business that they had a chef and an all-day buffet set up for clients. They could be expected at any time of the day, and many times they were on the run and didn't have time eat. Therefore, it was in the agency's best interest to keep them happy. This food service was also available for the staff which anybody on a diet learned to dread.

I went about my life the next couple of weeks continuing to work on my house and yard, and since I lived alone, I tried to get to know more of the folks in the neighborhood. I was raking some debris in the backyard one day and I saw Dawn again for the first time in 4 weeks. She came out of the house with a cup cake in one hand and a glass of milk in the other. "Hi", she said, "Thank you so much for finding me the job, its going great." I couldn't help but look down at her body. She now had a bit of a bulge in her jeans and her thighs looked chubbier. All that food at home and at work were having there effect I could see. I wanted so much to mention it but I felt it may be rude. From then I began to watch my new neighbor more closely. I saw her come and go sometimes in the evening with her cousin. I wondered were they would go on these trips which would happen several times a week. The next weekend I found out.

I was out with my family who was visiting from out of town. We went to one of those all you can eat buffets. I looked over across the restaurant to see Dawn and her cousin with three or four plates in front of them. They didn't see me and I didn't want to leave my family so I didn't go over to talk with them but I could see how much they were eating. They went back to the buffet four times while I was there! The next day was Sunday and I saw Dawn coming into her house with three shopping bags. She was wearing a loose sundress, so it was hard to get a good look at her, but from her movement she seemed a bit heavier. "I've just been on a shopping spree!" she said. "I put on a few pounds since I've been living here so I had to pick out some new clothes. I even had to buy a new bating suit." "Really, I said, I can't notice it."

"Thanks for being polite, but I am not too worried about it" she said, "I think a couple of pounds shouldn't send me to a panic, and besides I have a fast metabolism and I am sure I will burn it off before long.

"I think I saw you the that restaurant over on Jackson St. the other night, were you there?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Which night,?" she laughed. "My aunt and uncle eat at about five every night, so by the time 8:30 or 9 rolls around I am hungry again. My cousin Audrey and I go over to the buffet to get a snack -- well maybe more than a snack. They have the best onion rings I have ever had and the deserts are marvelous. I'm afraid I have tried all of then by now."

"Hey, let me know if you two go some night, I usually work late and don't eat until then anyway." She said that would be fun and said that she would be sure to let me know. I couldn't wait to see up close how much they were eating.

A couple of days later on Saturday I happened to see Dawn out on the back deck. It was a bright, sunny day so she out sunbathing. From my kitchen window I could not see her very clearly. I felt like a stalker as I strained to see her. Just then her aunt came out of the house with a whole plate of brownies. I heard a squeal of delight as Dawn saw the goodies. "There you go, would you like something to drink? " her aunt asked. "Maybe some milk, no! a milkshake!" Dawn said. "You don't mind do you? "

"No, anything for my favorite niece!" her aunt said smiling. I now remembered how her aunt had mentioned how she missed having a child at home, now she must be making up for it with Dawn. My eyes were now glued to the window as I watched her reach over and grab brownie after brownie. Didn't she care about how much weight she might gain?, I asked myself. When her aunt brought the milkshake out, Dawn finally sat up. Wow! Even her upper half was showing come changes. She wore a pink one piece suit with no back straps. I could see that her triceps looked bigger and it seemed now when she moved her arms there was a lot more wiggling. A bathing suit with straps might have been a good idea because rolls of fat spilled out from its edges and it looked difficult for her to keep it from falling off. Before I could get a better look she sat back down and began on the milkshake. This sent my imagination flying. How much was she eating? All those big meals at home, snacks like this, and still going to the all you can eat buffet?

The next night I got call from Dawn, " Are you ready for the buffet?". I agreed and five minutes later they were at my door. Dawn wore shorts with a baggy T-shirt ,and her cousin wore something similar. I was stunned for a moment looking at Dawn's thighs, they had become much bigger and now looked very soft and supple. Her baggy shirt hide the rest of her body, but as she walked I could see her tummy and butt bulge from beneath. "Can't a girl put on a couple of pounds without the whole world staring?" she said as she laughed, "Come on, I'm hungry."

I couldn't help but think to my self, "I couple of pounds", yeah right, I could couldn't quite tell, but I would guess more like fifteen.

As we sat down at the restaurant Dawn was complaining about what a small dinner they had had at home. She went on to say they had lasagna and she only got three pieces and that they ran out of butter before she got her fill of garlic bread. I took this opportunity to ask about the living arrangements at her aunt and uncles.

"Oh, I don't mean to complain, they make such good food, and there are always plenty of baked goods and snacks around. And my aunt, she always says she is going to spoil me. She loves to make me up any kind of food at the drop of a hat. I feel guilty asking, but she seems to enjoy it. Just the other night I woke up with a twinge of hunger, I was craving some french fries. Believe it or not she went through the trouble of getting out the deep fryer and everything!"

" Boy, sounds like you have it rough", I said. "I know, her cousin interjected, I used to live there, how do think I got these thighs!." We all laughed.

As the the meal began, Dawn went up to the buffet several times. Macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes with sour cream and country fried steak. "Now", she said, "For some of that garlic bread I missed at dinner."

She came back with two huge pieces of cheese bread. After this, her cousin, who had been eating quite well too, looked at Dawn and said, "desert!" With that they both got up and went for the desert counter. How could they eat this much?, I was enjoying it, but didn't they care how fat they were going to get? Dawn in particular had had such a nice trim body. They seemed to be in denial. As I watched them at the desert counter, I could see they were very well aquainted with the ice cream fountain soda jerk. He new to make them a special sundae which looked to be custom. It had everything in it, ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, peanut butter, strawberry sauce and peanuts. They came back and proudly placed the creations of the table. "Want some?" Dawn asked. "Well, you have to get your own because this is mine!" she said laughing.

What an experience it was. I now was intrigued by my friend next door. Later that week I saw Dawn again coming into the house with shopping bags.

"More shopping?" I said.

"Ya, guess I have to let my aunt do the laundry from now on. Last time I did it and I shrunk all my clothes."

"Oh, that's awful", I said as she went into the house. I thought to myself how she must have not shrunken her clothes all, and that she must have outgrown them.

The next morning I rose early to do some paper work before I left for the day. As I came down the stairs I glanced out the window into my neighbors dining room next door. It was an overcast day and they had a light on, so it made it very easy to see in. They had a huge breakfast on the table, steak and eggs, pancakes with butter and syrup, bacon, and doughnuts. It looked as if Dawn was not shy about digging in either, she had a huge plate in front of her and was steadily eating her way through it. She looked lovely. She was made up and ready to go to work. Her hair was tied back, and for the first time I noticed her face and chin looked chubby. (at least compared to how she used to look.)

I though again about how much she was eating. I soon began to realize that she had only been living next door for seven weeks, just think what she will look like by the end of the summer!

I was very busy for the next two weeks or so with work. Then finally came a weekend when I could relax at home. I was sitting out in the yard reading the paper when I heard the door open next door. It was Dawn, and in a bathing suit!. My jaw dropped as I watched walk across the deck. She was now becoming chubby. Her shape was changing. Her hips were starting to flare out and her belly was becoming rather protuberant and seemed to fight to try to get out of her bathing suit. Her thighs jiggled as she walked and her breasts looked very full and ripe. She then laid herself down on a lounge and began to sunbathe. Not more than fifteen minutes later, her aunt came out with a plate of food. "Time for your snack dear." she said. "Oh goody" Dawn said as she sat up, with somewhat more difficulty than before. It looked as though the snack would have been enough for most people to eat all day. It included a bowl of potato chips, sour cream dip, nacho cheese, a bowl of buffalo chicken wings, and to top it off 3 or 4 Hostess fruit pies. I stood there a watched as she began to eat her way through the feast. When she was almost done I called over to her. "Hi, there" she said, "long time no see." With that she got up and came over to my yard still eating a fruit pie. We talked for a bit and it sounded like things hadn't changed much with her. "Things are working out great at work, this may turn out to be my permanent job after all, thanks again for hooking me up with it. Boy! this new bathing suit must have gotten shrunk as well!" she said arching her back, and letting her newly expanded stomach hung out. "That's a bummer." I said knowing full well it was her body that was growing and not the suit shrinking.

"Of course I may put on a few more pounds." she admitted. "You are looking great to me!" I said looking at her bursting out of her one piece suit.

"Thanks" she said. "I knew I shouldn't have been worried." She turned to go back onto her deck and I a got a good look at her butt which bulged out of her suit. It had grown nicely and and now had a pronounced jiggle.

During the next month my little encounters with Dawn both through the window and in the back yard continued. She showed no signs of slowing her eating pace, in fact it looked like she was eating more than ever. Frequently I saw here laying on the couch while her aunt brought plates of food to her side. Wouldn't you think her aunt might be worried about her nieces growing figure? Apparently just the opposite was happening, the bigger Dawn's appetite, the more food her aunt prepared.

Just the other day Dawn again went shopping for clothes. I greeted her again out in front. She looked still bigger, now with a definite double chin and chubbier thighs. She still seemed very unconcerned about her weight however and still had the same enchanting glow about her. She mentioned that she bought a bikini bathing suit this time in the hopes that the dryer's "shrinkage" wouldn't affect it so much.

The next weekend I saw her in it. Oh, Wow! what a sight! She stepped out of the house with a carton of Ben and Jerry's in her hand. She stood there for a moment while she scooped spoonfuls of creamy ice cream into her mouth. She had become truly beautiful. She had developed a nice chubby belly with a deep set belly button--the fat must have been a couple of inches thick. It hung ever so slightly over the waistband of her bikini bottom. Same with her voluptuous love handles which were also becoming larger. But that was just the beginning. She also had very healthy thighs and hips which spilled their access fat out around the lower edges of her bikini bottom. And her rear was now becoming quite large. The bikini bottom dug into her cheeks, accentuating the new layers of fat that she had added on her lower half. Every single part of her body looked healthy and soft. My shyness could hold me back no longer. I walked over to her deck and greeted her. She sat in her lounge chair still eating her ice cream as we talked. Her chubbiness was even more apparent as I was closer to her. I told her how much I enjoyed the little time we spend and that I would love to taker out some time. To my delight she agreed. Now that I could relax a little, I wanted to probe her about her weight. "Looking good!" I told her. "That's nice of you to say", she said, "but I'm afraid I can't blame my clothes not fitting on my dryer anymore, Look at this!" she said pinching a nice roll of fat around her belly. "At this rate I will weigh two hundred pounds before I know it!"

I took Dawn out to an Italian restaurant because I knew how she loved the food. As we sat down, she said " I'm starving, I haven't eaten in two hours!" This must have been an indication of how well fed she was at home. "Well", I said, "this is the place, the food is excellent." She proceeded to order two entree's to start with, pasta with a heavy cream sauce and a chicken dish with a buttery coating. This was after two appetizers. After finishing every bit of the food, she ordered two slices of cheesecake. As we left she told me how much she enjoyed herself. I suggested we go for ice cream, she blurted out, " I though you would never ask!"

As we sat we began to talk, "Enjoying your sundae?" I asked.

"You bet", she said, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to order another. I've really come to enjoy food since I have moved in with my aunt and uncle. At first I tried to eat small portions, but all the temptation of all that tasty food at my finger tips was too much. But then I finally gave in to the craving and let it become a habit. Now I eat as much as want. It gives me such a happy feeling inside to sit back and let all that wonderful food soothe me. My aunt is so nice about it, she fixes me whatever I want, anytime of the day. I have even gotten into the habit of asking for what has become another meal every midnight. Last night I had a whole plate of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, it was wonderful! The only bit of resistance I have been able to keep is not eating the buffet at work" "You mean you don't take advantage of all that wonderful free food?" I inquired. "Not yet, is it really good?" "It's fantastic." I told her. "Well, maybe next week I'll have to start!"

In the next two weeks we spent more and more time together. I even was over at her house quite often. I saw how easy it was for Dawn to get food. Her aunt always made full, ambitious meals, and nothing ever light. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all full course meals. I saw the delight that appeared in Dawn's eyes as the meals were placed in front of her. And she was never shy about asking for snacks in between meals. Her aunt now knew what she liked and always made sure she had plenty of food on hand.

I was around the house one Saturday afternoon. Dawn was holding her belly and complaining to her aunt how hungry she was. "Oh, sweety, I'm sorry, I should have made a larger lunch, I'll order a pizza for you! Dawn's face lit up. When the pizza arrived, they brought it to Dawn. It was one of those super thick, three meat, Chicago style pies. To my astonishment, Dawn sat watching television and before she knew it had finished off the whole large pizza by herself!. That evening about three hours later, she ate two steaks, a bowl of potato salad, some fried mozzarella sticks, two ears of corn with butter, and for desert a half a cherry pie. When it came to making such things as pies, Dawn's aunt now made two, one for Dawn to eat and one for the rest of the family.

I was in the neighborhood were Dawn works the other day, and I decided to stop and see her. When I came in she had a piece of cake with ice cream sitting by her side as she sat on the desk. "I see you've now taken advantage of the office chef!," I said. "You better believe it, I was a fool to resist before." I took a moment to say hi to my old friends, and stopped by to see the Chef. "Your friend Dawn, she is my best customer." he said. "At first she walked right by me, now she stops and picks up a snack every time she walks by!" "Such a lovely lady", he remarked.

With this new source of source of calories at work, I knew her weight gain would accelerate, despite her denial. The fact that her meals at home kept growing didn't seem to bother her aunt and uncle either. They just went along with it. I figured her appetite wouldn't slow because when you eat more, your stomach stretches out, then the next time you eat a little more and it stretches further, each time taking more and more food to achieve the feeling of being full.

By the end of August effects of Dawn's appetite were showing. I had been out of town and very busy with work during this time, so our relationship had not progressed and we had not even had sex yet. I had not even seen her developing figure in a bathing suit for almost a month. I could only see that her face was getting softer and fuller. I didn't know when she bought new clothes, so it was difficult to judge her weight gain. That weekend we decided to go to the beach. "I can't wait to try my new bathing suit," she said.

"Another bathing suit?" I said.

"Yeah, I haven't been sun bathing lately, so I hope I look ok in this new one, I haven't worn a bathing suit in almost a month. Should we stop and get some food for a picnic? I'm getting hungry." she pleaded.

"Alright, lets stop and get fast food."

"Great" she agreed.

I went into the restaurant and tried to order more than she could ever eat. I came out with two large bags. "Hope you got fries." she said. "Only this whole bag!". I said as I handed her the food. She munched as we drove and soon we were at the beach. As I spread the blanket she went to change. I could hardly wait to see her. Then she emerged from the changing room. I thought she was fantastic before. She was a true goddess now. Her new bathing suit was a bikini, a very rare choice for someone who has put on that much weight. She most likely had put on 25 to 30 extra pounds since last month!. She now seemed to have no bones. Her figure was a perfect enlarged hourglass and as she began to walk towards me she seemed self conscious of her figure. But as she neared me I gave her a smile and I could see a sense of pride overcome her. She stopping holding her tummy in, and allowed in to protrude. It now hung over her bathing suit bottom. Her growing hips now swayed as she made her way over to me. As she sat down large rolls of fat formed around her waste. "Sorry I look so fat," she said. "I hadn't realized I was becoming so big until I looked at myself in the mirror in there. So much for my fast metabolism!"

"I think you look fantastic" I said.

"Great, pass me the food!" she laughed.

As she munched on fries, burgers, and apple pies, we talked about her growing weight. "Seriously, aren't you getting a little worried about the girl your dating, I mean look at me." she said pointing at her belly which now looked very large and soft as it hung out of her suit. "I've gained over fifty pounds in just the last months."

"To be very honest I love it" I said. "I love the way you look now, your body is so soft and shapely"

"I'm glad I found a guy like you!" she said. "Because don't think I could stop now. I have so much fun at home with my aunt and uncle. They treat me like a queen. I love asking for any dish I want and having it made for me any time I want. My aunt is so nice that way."

"I have to ask, don't your aunt and uncle show any concern about your weight?" "Not at all, they seem to encourage it!"

"Looks like everyone is happy!" she said.

She then got up to get a drink of water. I watched as her chubby rear wiggle as she moved. She was really getting big! I looked in the bag and to my surprise had finished off almost all of the food. I didn't have any myself, so she had eaten six burgers and four orders of fries. Once again this trilled me, and I could hardly wait for the weeks to go by and for Dawn to become larger and larger.

As the next month went by her appetite continued to grow. The meals at home got larger and the snacks at work larger. As you can imagine Dawn was growing as well. She now had a problem, her clothes were becoming too small too quickly. She had only a few that fit. I knew this because I was now spending most of my free time over at her house. Her aunt loved that I was there, "Just another person to make the house jollier" she would always say. Much to my delight Dawn wore her bikini around the house quite often. This saved her clothes that still fit for work. Last Saturday I was around all day and got to see what had become a typical weekend for Dawn. Dawn woke me up around seven complaining how hungry she was. As we got up we saw that Dawn's aunt was already cooking the breakfast.

"How about a little pre-breakfast snack?" Dawn said standing in her night gown, pudgy belly protruding ever so slightly through the front slit. "Alright dear, how about some doughnuts, I've just bought a fresh dozen." her aunt pointed to a box on the table. Dawn rushed over to the box. I noticed that she now moved more slowly and became out of breath easily. She was not used to caring that much weight I guess. I noticed Dawn's exposed arms as she ate. They had become quite chubby and jiggly. What a sight! As she finished half of the box, the food was brought to the table. What a feast! I huge plate of eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, toast with butter, pancakes with syrup, blueberry sauce and almost soaked in butter. Dawn's eyes sparkled with delight as she ate. She ate eggs and bacon, then some sausage, then a huge stack of pancakes, and in between took time to eat on of the remaining doughnuts.

"More butter sweetheart?" her aunt asked. "Sure, these pancakes do seem a little dry." Dawn said. I watch as she poured the whole container of melted butter over her pancakes.

"That was wonderful" said Dawn after finishing of the last doughnut. I am going to lay down for a while and let this food digest. "Yes dear" said her aunt "try to get some more rest. Let me know if you get hungry!"

I gave Dawn a kiss and she went back to bed. In the meantime I talked with her uncle about this and that, and when 10:30 came Dawn awoke. "I feel great!" she said. I went into the bedroom as she got ready. She got up slowly and let her night gown fall to the ground. She stretched with her arms in the air and let her new body hang out all over as she walked to the bathroom. When she came out she had put on her night gown again. "Its one of the few this I can still fit in," she said, "and it doesn't get tight as I eat."

"Still fit in?" I asked, pointing to her belly pushing out of the gown. We both laughed.

As Dawn waited for lunch she watched television while lounging on the couch. "Could you get me a snack honey?"

I was delighted to, and found some fattening goodies for her. I brought some potato chips, cold pizza I found in the refrigerator, and cookies.

About noon her uncle yelled, "Lunch time!"

"Alright!", said Dawn struggling to get up. Her breasts jiggled erotically as she rose. "Let me help you" I said. The idea that her weight gain was making her less active turned me on. "You've got to learn to take it easy" I told her, "Don't over exert yourself."

"Your right" she said as I helped her up.

As we sat down at the table and her uncle and I agreed that we would only need a snack since we had such a large breakfast.

"Speak for yourself" Dawn said as she saw the food arrive. "I made you one of those fried onions that they have at restaurants for appetizers." Aunty said as she set it down in front of Dawn. "Yummie" Dawn said beaming. Next pork chops, potato salad, french fried sweet potatoes were brought out. I noticed that the pork chops were very greasy and the breading was thick. "I fixed the chops the way you like them dear" said Dawn's aunt.

"You're the best" said Dawn.

Then for desert a chocolate cake was brought out. Dawn dug in with gusto and managed to eat half the cake herself! I think this finally filled her up though as she went off to take a nap soon after. "Your niece is a very nice girl" I said to her aunt and uncle.

"Oh, yes it's a pleasure to have her here. When she first came she was a little meek, but now she's very healthy. She a girl that's just a ball to have around. She makes us feel young again." said her aunt.

The rest of that day went as you would expect and we finally went to bed around 10:00.

I was awakened by some noise coming from the kitchen at around 1:00 am. I went to see what it was about. There was Dawn and her aunt seated at the table. In front of Dawn was a huge plate of cheese fries, two burgers, the rest of the chocolate cake, and a large chocolate malt. "Poor dear got hungry, so I had to fix a little snack." Aunty said. Dawn looked up a me and smiled and continued to eat her "snack".

Before I knew it another 3 weeks had passed. Dawn was staying at my place often now, and on this particular morning she had gotten up early and headed next door to get something to eat. When she was finished eating her breakfast she came back to my house to change. When she stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but her bra and panties I had to stop and admire her. She had now become quite plump. She stood bending to the side trying to adjust her panties. "I've got to get some new panties, these are just two small." she complained.

I watched as her love handles jiggled and shifted. They now formed large rolls over her panties even when she stood up straight. Her tummy had grown into a sight too. It no longer was a cute little pot belly like the one she had when I saw her sun bathing, it was now huge, soft, jiggly belly that seemed to always be moving. It now hung well over her panties. As she walked towards me I watched her chubby thighs rub together, her belly sway and her rear and hips fight to keep up. She sat down on the bed, rolls protruding from all sides. "I've reach 188 pounds" she said almost proudly.

I didn't say anything, I just reached over and grabbed her soft supple body and pulled her towards me.

Dawn's lavish eating habits did not change. I would spent as much time as I could with Dawn over at her place next door. I wanted to take her out, but she loved her aunt's cooking so, she didn't want to leave. I noticed Dawn moved even more slowly now and would get tired easily from climbing the stairs. She complained to me often about even having to go in to work.

"Oh, I hate going to work honey, I have to walk all those blocks, and there are too many stairs to climb!" she told me one day. It was clear her added weight was making her more and more lazy! We talked about it and I told her since I was getting another raise, I would be making plenty to support both of us and she should quit her job. And, since she was staying with her relatives, she had no living expenses. She was overjoyed at the idea.

I knew having Dawn home all day meant she would become ever more lazy and since she would be bored would consume more and more food. On Tuesday I took a long lunch and went to visit Dawn. When I came in she was just sitting down to lunch. She still had her nightgown on was looking beautiful as the sun shown in on her blonde hear and perfect skin. She looked as if the time off was putting her in a better mood already. "Look honey!" she said, "we're having Mexican food."

In front of her was the biggest plate of enchiladas, chimichangas, and tamales I had ever seen. The whole pile was covered in melted cheese and next to the mound was a huge bowl of sour cream. No sooner had I walked in then Dawn was eating away.

"Isn't it wonderful that Dawn is staying home now", said her aunt, "It will be lovely to have her smiling face around during the day!"

I looked over at Dawn and saw that familiar twinkle in her eye as she piled globs of sour cream over her food.

Dawn took her usual nap after lunch and I had get back to the office. Later in the week when I stopped over next door I found only her aunt at home.

"Where's Dawn?" I asked. "Oh she's out back on the deck" her aunt replied. Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Dawn's cousin Audrey. She had been out of the state for a month or so and was stopping to pay a visit to her parents. "Hi mom!" she said. "Great to be back!" .

"Where's Dawn? Audrey asked. "On the porch" we both answered.

Dawn's aunt called for her to come in the house. As she did this we heard I sigh as Dawn sat up from her lounge chair. "Oh, Dawn it's so good to... " Audrey stopped as she looked the Dawn who stood in her bikini in the doorway. She held an eclair in her had and was munching on it as we watched. Dawn had gotten even bigger. Her whole body looked totally absent of muscle. Every part of her looked perfectly squishy and soft. "Whoa!, someone has been eating well since I have been away! You look great Dawn." Audrey smiled as she patted Dawn's expanded belly and gave her a hug. "Speaking of eating well," said Dawn, "Isn't it time for dinner?"

In the weeks that followed, Dawn's habits became more and more lazy. She complained about having to go the the table to have her meals, so her aunt decided to set up a tray in her bedroom. Dawn now could wake up to her "pre-breakfast" snack, have her breakfast and go back to sleep all without getting up. Some days she would only get up to go to the deck to sun bathe.

As you can imagine, she had also now outgrown all of her clothes, even her nightgown would not fit around her tummy anymore. Last Wednesday, when I came home for lunch, she was struggling to get her bikini bottom around her huge butt.

"Could you help me?" she asked me. We both tried to pull the tiny bathing suit up, but it was no use.

"Guess I'm too fat for this suit now!" she said.

"Would you buy me another one?"

"I would be happy to." I said.

"You don't think my weight is getting out of control, do you?" she asked.

"I mean look at this butt, see how it jiggles?"

"How much do you weigh now?" I asked.

"Well, yesterday I was up to 205."

Wow!, 205, and she was looking better than ever.

"You're looking great" I told her, and went to get her new bathing suit.

In the next month Dawn constant eating and virtually no exercise had tremendous effects. She began to climb to 210, then 220, then 240.

"Where's my milkshake? " was the first thing I heard when I came home for lunch last week. Her aunt and uncle had to go shopping, so Dawn had to take care of her self for a couple of hours. She came out of the kitchen in nothing but her bra and panties, all the while carrying an entire cheesecake tin in her hand and scooping huge bites into her mouth.

She looked even more gorgeous now. See slowing moved around the house, breathing more heavily than before. Her arms had become thick with the layers of fat that had been added. She seemed to struggle to move her huge hips and butt which jiggled and quivered with each step. Her belly was extremely big by now. She leaned back in order to support it as it stuck out much farther than her breasts. She went over and heaved herself on the couch.

I took a moment to admire the sweet girl who lay in front of me. Just think, I few short months had gone by and she had grown to 240 pounds. What a wonderful feeling to have someone this beautiful. The new Dawn was breathtaking!