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By Sassy Huntress  

Resting on a bench in the cool shade beneath a large majestic oak away from early September sun which was still quite warm, she watched as girls in their late teens and early twenties stood about preening and giggling at the childish displays of false bravo and ego made by boys too young to know better, as she waited to catch sight of the one man who made her knees weak. Finally her eye caught a glimpse of him as he made his way through the crowded university courtyard, pausing on occasion to speak to a student, unconsciously adjust his glasses, and then continue on his way towards the buildings that housed the science department.

He was definitely her type of man. You know the type: you've seen him on every campus and school across the nation, the quiet, polite, somewhat shy boy who is as smart as they come. As far as she was concerned an untapped potential of love and passion usually overlooked by the skinny, bottle-dyed blonde cheerleaders seeking nothing more than all night parties and empty headed jocks for boyfriends. She didn't want some guy who was all muscles and no brains; give her an average built man with a sexy intellect any day.

Tall, lean and standing about 6'4”, somewhere in his late thirties and absolutely gorgeous to behold with the afternoon sun highlighting the shades of brown in his no-nonsense cut hair. His eyes flashed bright, alert with intelligence and ideas…yet if you looked closely, you could tell his focus was elsewhere, another place or another time maybe. His clothes lacked modern day style, probably chosen because they fit his frame and were functional, not for fashion's sake alone. She noticed that they hung in places like they were waiting to be filled out and smiled to herself…she could easily take care of that if he was her man.

Asking around it was easy to find out that his name was Tom; he was single and a professor here at the university, teaching something to do with advanced mathematics…to be honest, she wasn't sure. Not that it mattered, for he was simply a fantasy. Many a lonely night this last month she found her self closing her eyes, trailing her hand down low and trying to imagine what lay beneath those clothes and that calm intellectual exterior, calling out his name with her sweet release.

Watching him walk towards the building's entrance she signed heavily once more, maybe one day soon she would work up the courage to speak with him. To be able to stand next to him, feel his warmth, smell his sweet male scent and hear his deep masculine voice actually say her name. Oh, what ecstasy that would be.

Next time, she promised herself.

“She was there again!” he cheered silently as he entered his office, quickly rushing around his ancient desk to the window that looked out onto the courtyard, hoping to catch one more glimpse of the tremendous object of his desire.

Tom had noticed her immediately that first day of school, how could he not? Watching the students rush about from his office window he saw her slowly making her through the crowd on that glorious autumn day. About 5'5” in height and weighing at least 300lbs, she was absolutely stunning to behold with her long wavy brown hair, that shone auburn in the sun and a wide smile that caused his breath to catch for the first time in a long time.

The pure white blouse that she wore was long in length as though she was trying to hide her abundant curves from sight. Yet the collar lay open wide enough to give a full view of her ample rounded cleavage.

“Ah, what a beauty,” he moaned as he imagined burying his face between those soft white globes of perfection and losing himself there for hours at a time.

Below the long shirt he could see her big belly tightly encased in blue jeans, peaking out from under the rim when she walked, all soft and wondrously round, gently jiggling with each step that she took. And when she made her way passed his window, he could easily see her wide hips and generous bottom outlined from behind as her girth pulled the shirt taunt. Grasping the windowsill, he leaned closer and wished he could fill his hands with her soft supple folds instead of the hard unforgiving wood of the frame.

She radiated life and passion with each movement. Her colorful jewelry sparkled in the sun, tiny earring hoops catching the light with each turn of her head, silver rings on her carefully painted fingers. A flash of color on her rounded feet was clear to see through her sandals, electric blue nail polish on each plump toe and a tiny silver ring there as well. Who was this earth goddess come to life? He had to know her…he had to have her as his own!

Discretely checking with a friend one day, he learned that she was a single, 34 year old, art student named Jean… and his heart sank. A student was forbidden fruit for a member of the faculty. And with her majoring in Fine Arts, would she even want a man of science and equations? They were opposites in every way, but he was still drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Closing his eyes, gently rubbing the spot on his nose where his glasses rested, he realized that he could either resign himself to watching this super sized queen from afar, strictly fantasizing about her in his dreams at night or he could risk everything, seek her out and possibly gain a bodacious woman that embodied every lusty desire he'd ever had in his adult life.

He would go for it, he promised himself...next time.

Crossing the extensive empty parking lot towards his lone automobile, Tom couldn't help but notice how the weather had chilled now that the sun was setting earlier each day. It was October and not long for frost and the first snow fall of the season. He had worked much later than usual tonight trying to catch up on his research paper, with no reason to rush straight home after work to his empty now dark apartment. No loved one would be there, waiting to welcome him home with open arms, a hot meal and even hotter kisses, so he was free to work as late and often as he pleased. A freedom he no longer desired.

“I definitely need to settled down and marry,” he mumbled to himself reaching into his pocket for the car keys only to come up empty handed.

“Aw, hell,” he groaned spotting the missing keys hanging securely from their location in the car's ignition where he must have forgotten them earlier.

Tugging on each door only to find them locked, Tom remembered why he was so unusually careless today. Too busy daydreaming about Jean this morning, then he had needed to rush to work, almost arriving late for his 8am lecture. Crossing his arms on the roof of the sedan, he leaned over and gently tapped his head repeatedly against his forearms and tried to figure out his next step, causing him to miss the sounds of the car as it pulled up behind his.

Jean couldn't believe her luck. There he was alone and looking like he could use some help, now was her chance… no more next times.

Slowing the fire red mustang to a halt she called out the open window, “Need a hand, professor?”

Tom's head slowly lifted and he as gazed at down at Jean in amazement he thought, “What to say? What to do? Think man, think! Now is your chance…no more next times.”

“I could use a ride home, if you don't mind?” he replied, trying to appear calm as he quickly gathered his things from the cold ground where they lay.

“Sure, Doc, not a problem,” she smiled.

As he crossed the front of the car and walked around to the passenger side to open the door, she thought to herself, “Is it possible to love someone you've never met?”

Lowering himself down into the warm car Tom couldn't help but breathe in her scent as he turned to deposit his things onto the narrow back seat; her perfume was spicy and sweet, making him go both soft on the inside and hard on the out.

“Nice perfume,” he said, buckling his seat belt, smiling across to her and quickly losing himself in her big brown eyes.

“Thank-you,” she breathed, “but I am not wearing any…it's just me.”

Throwing the car into gear, she eased out of the parking lot and onto the main road driving in the general direction of town. Tom could feel himself grow more erect while watching her. She had the body of an angel and the voice of a siren, all soft and silky with a hint of seduction and laughter.

Not thinking for the first time in his life, he spoke aloud, “I want you.”

It felt like a lifetime had passed, with his heart pounding in his ears, as he eagerly awaited her reply. In the dim lights from the car's dash he could see the way her belly pressed up against the steering wheel and rested on her thick thighs, she easily filled the driver's side of the sporty coupe.

“I want you,” he repeated with more certainty this time.

Jean glanced over at him and his rapidly flushed cheeks for several seconds then turned back to face the windshield as she eased the car over to the roadside and shifted it into park.

Turning her pleasantly rounded face towards him, she blushed prettily and raised her sparkling eyes to meet his, “I want you, too, Tom,” she sighed.

“Your place or mine?” he asked softly, not wanting to break the spell that was granting him his fondest wish.

Noticing the way Tom couldn't stop staring at her lush bulges with passion glazed eyes, Jean reached over and took his hand, placed it on her bulging tummy and laughed, “Mine, it's closer.”

Looking back, the ride to her townhouse and them making their way up the stairs to the bedroom was now nothing but a blur, a memory never to be recalled. Tom's first clear conscious thought was the moment when she turned to him, gave a shy smile, held her hand out and led him towards the king size bed.

Standing by the foot of the bed, he gathered her warmth around him and pushed into her soft welcoming embrace, moaning in response she reached up and buried her small plump hands into his hair and eased his face down to hers. Pressing her full glossy lips to his mouth, she kissed him and it was everything he could have ever imagined; she tasted sweet like warm chocolate covered cherries - and her hot moist mouth giving him such deep lusty kisses only made him want more, so much more.

He could feel her hands cupping his taunt buttocks squeezing, massaging then moving up to hastily fumble with the tiny buttons on his shirt. Jean's need for him was great, as was his for her. But Tom didn't want this to be just another quick tumble; he wanted her to remember both this night and him… forever.

“Wait;” he groaned easing himself back from her. “I want to take you slow and easy and make it last. I want to see your big beautiful naked body spread out beneath me and watch how you tremble with excitement as I slowly love you from head to toe.”

Jean turned a pleasing shade of crimson at his words, “No one has ever said that to me before. Do you truly mean it?”

Slowly caressing her heated cheek; he couldn't help but be amazed, “Oh my love…you are a goddess; and I am going to worship you all night long.”

As a look of awe filled her eyes; he began to unbutton her baby blue sweater, gradually exposing her sweet ample breasts tightly encased in a silver satin bra, then stepped around her to undo the tiny clasps.

“These honeys need to be set free,” he teasingly scolded.

Sliding the straps down her soft full arms he tossed the bra to the floor. Pressing his body to hers from behind he reached around to cup her large exposed breasts in his hands then tenderly massaged each one until she moaned quietly.

He whispered, “There, isn't that better?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jean repeatedly breathed softly.

His long lean masculine hands were finally on her breasts loving them, playing and teasing each hardened nipple, caressing each aching globe. She could feel the length of him against her and couldn't help but wiggle her wide bottom against his erection that was now nudging into her lower back, asking for more without having to say a word.

Tom's response was to whisper naughty words and heated suggestions in her ear; his warm breath tickled her sensitive lobes, causing a rush of wetness between her tightly pressed already damp, generous thighs. Tilting her head to the side he placed a firm open mouth kisses against her throat then tenderly bit and sucked each tender spot, causing her knees to buckle with desire.

Her sharp musky scent of arousal flooded his senses; he had to taste her, bury his face deep between her luscious thighs and worship her full plump mound until she begged him to stop.

Placing his hands palm down under the elastic waist of her jeans and silky underwear he slid them over her generous hips, passed her dimpled bottom and down to her feet. Kneeling, he couldn't help but press his face to her massive cheeks and run his hand up between her fleshy thighs as she stepped from her clothes.

Gasping loudly at his questing hand as it seeks entrance to her heated center, Jean bent forward to rest her hands on the bed giving Tom easier access to her warm, wet womanhood and luscious bottom.

“Please, Tom,” she begged, as he gently slid two of his long elegant fingers in and out of her warmth. “I need more.”

Standing and facing Tom, she kissed him deeply as she helped to remove his dress shirt and expose the white t-shirt underneath, only to quickly slide it up and reveal his warm naked skin to her gaze. Placing her flushed face to his chest, Jean listened as Tom's now pounding heart raced with excitement. Giving a short joyful laugh she then proceeded to lick, suck and tease each of his beckoning nipples while running her hands down the front of his body to caress his burgeoning manhood - all as Tom struggled to remove the t-shirt from around his head. To her surprise and delight, Jean could feel the beginning of a small paunch below his waist, just enough to easily cup with her hand.

“Yummy,” she growled while undoing his navy blue dress pants, quickly exposing his hidden treasure to her greedy eyes and hands.

“Wicked woman,” he hissed at her wanton touch on his burning flesh. “I love it.”

“I can't play any more, Tom,” she whimpered as his pants slid to the ground and pooled around his glorious sized 12 feet. “I need you now! Please!” she begged while firmly stroking his engorged shaft, pushing him beyond the edge of reason.

All thought of taking it slow and easy vanished at the feel of her hot hands and the sounds of her desperate pleas for satisfaction; he couldn't say no; he could barely speak at all by this point.

Promising them both, Tom whispered, “Next time we take it slow.”

“Next time,” Jean agreed, laughing with joy.

Fiercely kissing her as he stepped free from his pants, Tom told her one of his favorite fantasies.

“I want you from behind. I want to feel your sweet bottom in my hands as I thrust deep and hard into your hot wet pussy, filling you up inside over and over again until you scream out my name and beg me to stop.”

“Yes, oh yes!” she passionately agreed, already turning in his arms to face the bed.

Watching as Jean crawled onto the mattress Tom quivered with need, as her large belly hung down to rest on the red bedspread and her ample d-sized breasts swayed with each movement that she made. Her huge breathtaking bottom was thick and wide, as she kneeled at the edge of the bed with beckoning pink lips of desire poking out from between her plump thighs. Standing amid her open legs, he took his rock-hard manhood in hand and slid it down her glistening opening, caressing her sensitive bud and full lips several times before slowly entering her slick cavern of desire.

“Heaven on earth,” Tom managed to think, as hot sounds of encouragement began to spill forth from Jean's lips, her lusty words of sex and need combined with noises desire making it too difficult for him to maintain control.

Holding her grinding hips in his hands, he thrust deep inside of her warmth, filling her with his hardness, each thrust quicker than the first bringing them both closer to the edge. Until finally he felt her begin to quake beneath him, moaning and whimpering as her release takes her to another. Feeling the spasming grasp of her tightness as it surrounded his still thrusting cock helped Tom to quickly find his own release. Calling out her name, he rushed to join her in the altered state that only a mind shattering climax can bring.

Later as the sun peaked out from behind the mountains at daybreak, curled up in her fleshy arms, his head pillowed between each splendid mammary gland and his long body curled around her giant belly, was when sanity rushed forward once more and Tom remembered that they hadn't used protection once during their many bouts of nightly bliss. Thinking about the possibility of a child already growing deep inside Jean's womb and her beautiful body growing larger with each passing month, stretching to accommodate the baby within, Tom knew he couldn't let her go, not now, not ever, he loved this woman dearly.

“We're getting married next week,” he stated in a matter-of-fact way, as he turned her fully onto her back and moved down so that he could rest his face on the fold of her belly.

“Oh, a man with both brains and confidence,” she replied and eagerly spread her legs for him to rest between, “I like that.”

“Is that a yes?” he asked, while sliding his hand up between her thick, soft white thighs.

“Yes, oh, yes!” she moaned.

Then she giggled jokingly, “But, honey, if you want me to be your wife then you really need to put on a few pounds.”

What happens? We'll see….Next time. :)

August 16, 2004