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N.G. 7 - Part Two

"OK, before we let things get out of hand, let's think things through," I said to Jim and Dane as we sat near the fire. Looming behind them both was the massive form of Julie. She was sleeping peacefully now; snoozing on her own blubber, she seemed comfortable enough.

"If you ask me, I'd say it's already out of hand,” said Jim as he looked back over his shoulder at the hulking Julie. We managed to figure out her weight just a few minutes ago. After doing some calculations, we managed to narrow her down (up?) to 1,817 pounds, give or take 75 pounds or so.

"No one asked you," Dane said as he too looked back at Julie, watching as the huge mounds of her chest and breasts rose and fell with her breathing. Her breathing was free and easy, which was a good sign. We were worried that her diaphragm wouldn't be strong enough to support her carriage, but she seemed to have no trouble breathing at all. That was a good sign; it meant that we still had more to go; we could take her further. She was already a record breaker; at 1800 pounds she was probably more than 200 pounds heavier than anyone else in history.

"OK, well, if we're going to go further with this, we're going to need to do a few things first. That skin lotion we used on her the first day worked great, but we're probably going to need to apply more, so fattening her up again tomorrow is out. We don't want her bursting out of her skin. Two, she's sitting down right now; her stomach's between her hips and thighs, but just barely. If she gets much bigger while sitting, she's going to dislocate her hips and break her pelvis."

"OK, then we tuck her legs under her belly," Jim said.

"I don't think so," I said. "I think with all the weight directly on her legs like that, her legs will die from blood flow blockage. Then she'll die right after that. We may be bastards, but we're not killers."

"Then what do we do?" said Dane as he threw another log on the fire.

"We stand her up," I said. There was silence for a few seconds.

"It can't be done,” Dane finally said. He got up and walked over to Julie; Jim and I followed. We watched her as she snoozed peacefully. She was like a hill, a mountain; the idea of getting her even fatter was like another mountain to climb. Her breasts hung halfway down past her belly and probably were more than a hundred pounds each, easy. Standing in front of her, she could easily block from view a new Volkswagen.

"We can. If we want to do this, we have to,” I said, as I scratched my chin thoughtfully. I reached out and softly pinched (with my whole hand!) a roll of fat that was particularly tempting. She barely even twitched. "We need some heavy equipment, like a crane, and special straps and harnesses."

"Yeah, we'll hook 'em up under her arms,” said Jim.

"Yeah and then rip her arms out of her sockets. We need more than that. We need to push and pull her up. We need an ass jack for her. If we tuck under her some stiff materials and push from under and pull from up above we can probably put her up to her feet. Or we can hook up straps under all of her. One for her belly, one for each tit, one for each ass cheek. If they're all pulled up separately like that it might work."

"Then what?" said Dane.

"Then we fatten her up more - and fast. I got the idea when I saw her tits drooping like that. If she stands up, I bet her belly will reach the ground. We fatten her some more, and we give her enough of a cushion from her stomach and her ass that it will support her. It would be like she was sitting on her stomach and ass at the same time. That will support her; we can let her weight settle and then from there we go for broke. What do ya' think?" The others looked at her and scratched their chins. Finally they turned to me and nodded their agreement with growing smiles.

"OK, but first we're going to have to move her. We can't leave her outside like this."

"What are you nuts? It's going to be hard enough standing her up; now you wan'na move her too?" Said Dane.

"We have to look at this long term: if we leave her out here, we're faced with all kinds of trouble. If a storm hits, she'll be completely exposed. She's sitting on sand now; insects could get to her. And a whole bunch of other things. If we can pick her up, then we can move her. If we get her any bigger, then we definitely won't be able to move her."

"Well, where are we gonna move her?" asked Dane.

"How about the warehouse?" chimed in Jim. "It's mostly empty now, and it has a sun roof." It was nice to see someone on my side for a change.

"That's exactly what I was thinking. So are we agreed?" They both nodded, and we went to sleep next to the snoozing giant.

We were pretty lucky. Recently, we had a storm that caused some damage to the buildings on the island. As a result we still had some of the construction equipment, including two cranes. Dane familiarized himself with the operation of the cranes, while I sent Jim off to get some super heavy canvas or plastic material - the stuff they used for hauling out dolphins and small whales being the best choices. I had the pleasant job of washing and applying more elastisizing lotion to Julie. We erected a dining fly over her to hide her from prying eyes. Dane and Jim, plus myself and a few others, were the only ones on the island, so there was no problem there. But at her size, she could probably be seen for some distance out to sea. I also wanted to make her a bit more comfortable. She was fully awake and crying miserably as I washed her. "You bastards!" she kept saying, futilely trying to pull away from me as I washed her with a soapy towel.

"Now, now." I would say. I was extra gentle to her. Her skin was so soft and delicate seeming. I knew it was close to its limits at her current size; I had to be careful not to tear or chafe her. I carefully lifted each roll to wash her and rinse her off. I also washed her hair and brushed it back, so it lay straight on her back, then I lifted it so I could tie it up. "Are you hungry?"

"No, not at all!" she snapped.

"Now, Julie, please be honest. Are you really not hungry, or are you just saying that?" If she would be honest with me, it would go along way toward proving my theory that she no longer needed to eat, that her body would sustain itself on her stores of fat, and maybe even from sunlight.

"No, I'm not hungry! Just…just thirsty."

"OK, I'll get you some more water,” I had to hold the bottle to her lips, even when I put the water bottle in her hand and tried to help her; she lacked the strength to lift her massive arms. She drank lots of water throughout the day. More than a gallon I think. I didn't mind; it was the least I could do after what we had done to her and were still going to do. Washing her took more than an hour and a half, and each time I applied the lotion took the same amount of time. I didn't mind, though; they say it's not really work if you love what you do. I put on three applications altogether that would probably be enough to allow her skin to stretch as far as possible. Dane became proficient enough in the cranes to do the job, and Jim came back with the material. The sheets of plastic cloth were incredibly tough and were sometimes used to airlift fallen trees and cars. They'd be more than strong enough for the job. We needed seven different sections. One for each breast, arm, ass-cheek, and one for her stomach. While she dozed in the evening, Jim and I sized her up to cut the pieces to the proper size, while Dane set up the chains that would be necessary.

None of us were going to get any sleep tonight, I knew; we needed to have her on her feet as quickly as possible. Once we picked her up, then it would take a while to get her moving. At her weight, she almost equaled the weight of the small cranes, so we needed to use them both in tandem to get her into the warehouse. I wasn't sure if we could actually fatten her up tomorrow. We woke her up to give her some more water; this had a sedative in it, though, and knocked her out again. Now came the hard part. The first things we got into the straps and stirrups were her arms and breasts. They were heavy, but we managed; once they were in the stirrups, they could be lifted up and out of the way.

We did her ass next. That was enjoyable but, man! All of us would need to see a chiropractor when this was through. Each cheek alone had to weigh a few hundred, plus all of her weight was resting on it. Ultimately, we had to dig a bit under each cheek and lift the cheek and slide the canvas under. We finished both cheeks with less than an hour before dawn. We didn't want to have to do this, but we called in some of the other men on the island to help out so we could get her stomach loaded properly. Two more men helped us dig underneath her mammoth stomach and lift and slide the canvas into position. We used the second crane for her stomach exclusively so as to keep the chains from getting untangled. Shortly before sunrise, we began to hoist this bulging beauty up to her feet.

All in all, the plan worked well. We slowly lifted her up; since each part was supported separately, there wasn't a lot of stress on any particular area. The main challenge was that we had to lift her almost completely off the ground so that her feet wouldn't drag as we moved her and, of course, to make sure her legs and feet were straight. The first part was easy; the tricky part was seeing if her feet touched. Everyone was afraid to go under this near-ton woman who was suspended in the air and look! Finally Jim volunteered and crawled under her huge dangling rolls of fat to confirm that her feet were indeed above the ground, as well as her belly. Jim crawled out as the sun rose; Julie began to wake up; and we set the cranes into motion.

The first jolt was a heart stopper. Julie woke completely and screamed. Jim, who was driving the other crane, almost threw it out of gear - which would have caused a disaster. He kept it together, though, and he and Dane got both the cranes moving. They had to go a distance of about two blocks, but it wasn't going to be easy; there were at least two turns in the road.

"What are you doing ? Let me go! Please let me go!" Julie wailed. Much as she'd like to, she wasn't able to struggle. She just kept yelling for them to stop.

"Julie, Julie, take it easy. We're just moving you inside where you'll be a lot more comfortable. There's nothing to worry about,” I said as I walked along beside her. She could barely turn her head to see me.

"You're all bastards!" she said as she began to cry again. The whole trip took more than two hours. Other than that first close call everything went fine. On the floor in the warehouse we had placed about two foot thickness of bubble wrap where she would be, and on top of that was a new scale pad that was more than 20-feet-by-20-feet. We swung her out over the bubble wrap and held her there. She was directly under the window in the ceiling now. Some diffuse light was coming through now, but the sun wasn't directly over it yet.

"Well, guys, we got her in position; there's plenty of good sunlight left; should we do her today?" Dane and Jim both nodded vigorously. "I thought so," I said as I walked over to a barrel of the N.G. 7 lotion. In it were three long handled soft brushes used for washing vans and trucks. I put on a rain suit, so as not to get any on me, pulled out one of the brushes and without any further ado began slopping it onto her.

"What? What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it! You can't make me any fatter! Stop!" She screamed, struggling in vain to move. We ignored her as I continued to brush on the lotion.

"What about the parts you can't reach?" asked Jim.

"Well I don't think it'll matter. Her ass and back got fat the other day when they weren't exposed to the sun; I think if we cover her enough she'll fatten up normally." At this point I had covered almost two thirds of her elephantine form that we noticed she was getting fatter again. At first it was some extra creaking of the chains, then we noticed more and more flesh was seeping through the various canvas straps we had her supported in. Her feet were only inches off the ground, but her belly was now overlapping the strap it was on and resting partly on the mat. Her ass was drooping lower now, too, but it still had a foot to go before it would rest on the mat, and we needed it go even further before we set her down. The sun was peeking through the window, and for her comfort we needed to fatten her up even quicker, so we could get her out of the straps. The mirrors were brought back in as I finished putting on as much lotion as possible.

"No! No, stop it! I'm too fat already! Please!" Her tits were now flanking her enormous stomach despite the fact that they were being supported by a bra/crane. A few more minutes and her ass touched the mat; we were cutting it close now: the cranes might not be able to hold her much longer, and I worried that the straps were going to cut into her. Her belly already had about four, maybe six, feet resting outside of the strap, though we needed her ass to counterbalance her stomach a bit more.

"Lower her just a bit!" I yelled. They did, and the flesh of her ass pooled out behind her, I could see that her feet were now just barely touching the mat. She was ready. "OK, keep going, keep going!" They slowly lowered her more and more, her bulk settling in an ever-widening mound. Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of pops from the bubble wrap; her weight was spread out so far that they didn't burst. They kept lowering until the chains went slack. She stayed where she was like a mound or a hill. She was steady. This was going to work! Now we had to get the straps off of her. Dane hopped out of the crane and helped me undo one end of the strap on her left arm, then Jim hopped into the other crane and began to retract the chain as Dane and I lifted. The strap slid out easily, the lotion was rather slick, and we proceeded onto her other arm, then her breasts. We needed to bring in the others for her ass and stomach. It took hours for us to remove the straps completely. Meanwhile, Julie steadily gained. Until we got all the straps out, we couldn't get an accurate weight because of all the people on the scale. Once that was done, the sun had mostly left the window, and we were using mirrors to keep the sunlight on her. At this point she was an astonishing 3,427 pounds! She was close to twice her weight from just a few hours ago! She was like a giant water balloon; her new fat had a liquid consistency, but it would toughen up soon. She was becoming featureless; all of the weight on her was just melding any distinguishing characteristics between her arms and her torso for example. Even her hands and fingers were becoming shapeless masses; her pinkies were as wide around as a roll of quarters.

We all sat around and watched as the fat just kept piling on, widening her by the minute. Once she hit 2 tons we'd stop, we said. But when she hit that weight she kept right on going, so we let the dwindling sunlight stay on her until the end of the day, when we couldn't catch any of the rays on the mirrors. By now she almost entirely filled the scale pad. She weighed more than three tons. She was literally as big as a house! Her skin was so soft, and her fat so squishy it was almost irresistible. I didn't want to do this, but I had to. I climbed on top of her, careful not cause any damage and made my way toward her head. This was not easy; it was like trying to get on a partially inflated water raft. It took me a minute or two before I could reach her head. Her face was so fat and soft it was beyond belief. Her jowls hung down to her shoulders, and her lips were like sausages. Her eyes were a bit squinted, and her nose almost invisible. She was crying softly. That's all I really needed to know. If she could cry, then she was breathing. We'd need to set up monitors for her now to make sure she stayed breathing, and if it became necessary, we'd use oxygen on her. Remembering how thirsty she got before, we set up a hose that she could drink from; all she had to do was bite down on the end of it.

Her final weight was 6,349 pounds. She didn't need to eat anymore; she mainly just drank a lot of water. Her weight stayed pretty much unchanged as time went by. We set up TVs for her to watch, and we read to her and washed her every other day. We allowed a select few to visit her, the fattest human being on the planet. Though she never forgave us, we think she secretly enjoyed being the constant center of attention. Meanwhile, we began working on distributing our formula now that we knew it worked so well. The visitors who came to the island always left with a decent amount of N.G. 7 and no doubt a person in mind that they were going to use it on.