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NG 7 Tanning Products

It was crunch time now. We'd been developing the formula for the better part of five years, and were in the final stages of testing it. Our other products were on the market and doing fine, but they were there only to provide a name and a little capital. They were fine as far as sunblock and tanning lotions go, but they were there just to got our name into the market. We had set up a little contest about a month ago; anyone could send us a picture of themselves plus fill out a form and then give us an essay on why they were the ideal NG girl. The forms helped us narrow down the selection quite a bit. We needed someone without deep roots, someone that could disappear easy. Julie Nesbit fit that perfectly. We found a few others who were on the back burner for now, but Julie we flew out to our island immediately. This was going to be costly. In case anyone investigated we were prepared to set up a ruse where to the world Julie was dead, victim of an unfortunate plane crash in the Bahama seas. Julie had arrived into the evening yesterday. We informed her that we wanted her to try out our newest formula for a few hours today, and then we would need to take a few photos. She signed some waivers and even asked if we tested on animals; we almost cracked up when Jim said, "We haven't yet!

This first lotion we gave her was really a skin toner. It had quite a bit of sunblock in it, and the rest would soak into her skin to make it extremely elastic. It needed only 3 applications. We took some photos of Julie in a skimpy bikini early in the morning. Since it was winter now in America she had almost nothing as far as tans go. She was average height, skinny, with a bit of muscle tone; she obviously treated herself well and was concerned about her figure, nonexistent as it was. We complied with all of her polite demands: bottled water, yogurt, cottage cheese and fruit were what she seemed to live on. Once we applied the lotion we took the photos and let her lay in the sun. Two times during the day we re-applied the lotion. We also brought in a steel drummer to keep her entertained and allowed her to go swimming on our beach. By the end of the day she had hardly tanned at all. We examined her skin and could tell by the texture that it was ready. We took some more pictures and said that tomorrow we'd try a formula with less sun block in it.

The next day started the same as before, but all of us were on pins and needles; this was where the payoff came. She applied the lotion; it looked and smelled the same as the other, but it was radically different. We took a few more pictures and gave her water. The water had a bit of a sedative in it, just to keep her sleepy and unaware. We asked her if she minded sunbathing nude a few moments after drinking her water, and she nodded her agreement in a sleepy drug state. Then she lay on a towel in the sand and fell asleep.

She was deeply asleep in a few minutes, and we all gathered around. None of us really knew when the effects would start, but we all made bets. Dane thought it would take 10 minutes before noticeable results; I said 40; Jim thought 30. It was an hour at least before we finally saw anything, and we were beginning to worry. That's when we all noticed at the same time her left breast began to droop over to one side. Her breasts were small and athletic, and we had been concentrating on watching her belly. Suddenly Jim grabbed us and pointed at her breast like he'd never seen one before. "Look!" he hissed. We looked. Both her breasts had gotten considerably bigger over the course of minutes. Then we started noticing other areas too. Her thighs were next, and then her hips. After another few seconds her entire body began to swell. Because of the lotion she was now soaking up the sunlight, converting it directly into fat. She was out cold from the sedative, so we applied more lotion to her expanding body and took some more photos. At this point she looked like your average American college girl, plump and pretty, the freshman fifteen look plus a bit extra, but we had much greater aspirations for her. We began setting up mirrors around her to intensify the solar radiation. She was gaining noticeably with the normal amount of sunlight; now her gains were even faster. What was also interesting was that she wasn't tanning at all; there wasn't any sunblock in it at all; her body must have been absorbing the rays completely, without causing the skin to brown, so she was a nice chubby pink girl, and getting chubbier each second.

To make sure she stayed still we woke her up slightly, so she could take another drink of the water, and then she fell right back to sleep without noticing anything. Then we began rolling her onto a white vinyl pad, which we laid out that had digital scale inside of it. She was pretty heavy now; we noticed that by how hard it was rolling her. Her ass and back were getting fat, too, even though they weren't exposed to the sun, so the fat was distributed evenly. Her belly had gotten flabby and baglike, rolling in our hands as we pushed her like a water balloon. Her breasts, too, had a flabby liquid-like consistency. Once we had her on the pad on her back again we checked her weight. It was up to 247. She had started out at barely 108 this morning. Then it went up to 251 and again to 257. We were all smiles as we added more lotion; we didn't even mind the effort of rolling her fat ass over again to make sure we got her everywhere. I especially liked lifting the flab to get into all of her new crevices. We found that the newest fat had a liquid consistency, but over the course of a few minutes it would solidify to a more normal feel. By the time we had re-applied her and rolled her onto her back again, she was over 300 pounds and showing no signs of slowing down.

Her face and neck were plumping up and getting dimples, while her fingers (we had to remember to take off her rings and jewelry) were swelling like sausages. That lotion we'd given her the day before was working great; there wasn't a single stretch mark on any of her newly gained flesh. Her breasts now lay to either side of her, lying on top of her flabby arms. Her belly, which was initially high and dome-like, began to droop forward between her legs, pushing them apart even though she was flat on her back. We helped to arrange her limbs in as comfortable a position as possible as she kept gaining. When she was past 500 pounds at around 2 in the afternoon, we began to worry.

Our initial projections were that she would gain to about 500 pounds, give or take 50 by the end of the day and then stop. There were still at least 6 hours of sunlight left, and she was still gaining like mad. We took away the mirrors, but that didn't help. Dane suggested we try moving her into the shade, and I almost slapped him for being so stupid; we'd need 8 people to even try moving her now. We didn't have any umbrellas or anything, so we decided to just let her keep going. By around 3 pm, she was over 700 pounds and starting to wake up. By that point we had spent the better part of forty-five minutes trying to get her into a sitting position so she'd be able to breathe easier. All the jostling and pushing must have woken her.

She was sitting on her titanic ass and literally leaning back on the huge cushion of fat that her back and ass had become. If you didn't know better, it looked as if she was sitting on at least two flesh colored beanbags. Her breasts were the size of large pink watermelons and rested on her belly, which had to be close to four feet wide, and still getting wider.

"Hmmmm....wazz goinon?' she murmured as we finally pushed her into place. It was amazing; her own body was keeping her sitting upright with no conscious effort on her part.

"Holy shit, she's awake!" Jim yelled as he jumped back. He'd been in the middle of arranging her left breast onto her belly at the time; he let it go and it flopped onto her stomach with a loud slap. We all jumped back several feet as we saw her start wake up. She was still getting fatter; according to the scale she was 760.

"What's...what's up? What's...what's...I can't move. I feel so heavy, what's..." that's when she looked down. She stared at herself a few seconds, and was even able to raise her arms a bit to get a closer look. She was absolutely stunned, her mouth gaping like a fish just trying to take all of herself in, while we all stood there in silence. Then she must have noticed the read-out of the scale - or seen herself put another couple inches of expansion. "I'm getting fat!" she screamed. For a minute me and Jim and Dane just stood there. Then Jim burst out laughing.

"Honey, you are fat!" At that Dane and I started laughing hysterically. At first she must not have realized we were laughing at her, because she said it again. "Help! I'm getting fat!"

"We know!" we all said. "You've put on more than six hundred pounds since this morning, and it looks like you've got a long way to go still," I said as we came closer. She tried covering herself with her hands but gave up, as her arms were just too heavy. We all walked around her now, poking and prodding her, enjoying her discomfort as we examined her and talked about her as if she couldn't hear us. She would occasionally flap her arms in protest and yell at us to stop, and to get her some help. But even that stopped as she kept gaining.

By 4, she was over one thousand pounds and still growing. She was barely recognizable from the girl she was this morning, even with recent pictures, she looked completely and totally different. This was a lot bigger than we thought she'd get. When the sun finally set, we estimated that she was around 1700 pounds. We had to estimate because there was at least two feet of flabby flesh hanging over the scale pad and so wasn't registering on it. She sat there quietly crying and begging for water. She wasn't hungry, she said, just very thirsty. We gave her all the water she wanted and wrapped towels around her, for the night air was going to get a little chilly. We let her sleep and didn't tease her or poke her any more. In the morning we'd be applying another coat of the lotion to see how fat we could really get her...