Weight Room Title Bar


“Oh my,” I thought. “It must be really late.”

Our main street is flooded with light all night long. “Dance, drink, have fun, stay up all night! Nobody sleeps!” the neon advertisements seem to say. But on other streets there are fewer lights, and when I stepped into the little alley leading to my house, I got the idea what hour of night it might be. The darkness enveloped me, so sheer and black it seemed you could touch it - the black velvet dress on Night's bosom, studded here and there with beads of lit windows.

“It's really late,” I thought, “and my honey must be hungry.”

At the thought of it, I felt the usual dizziness and tension in my vagina. When my honey is hungry it means he's HUNGRY!

He had really grown for the last month, grown for my pleasure and his own. And he was still growing! There were endless stretch marks on his belly, on his hips, everywhere - he loved it when I traced them with my finger. And together with his sweet voluptuous body, his appetite was growing.

He was not always like this: there were times when I even had to force him to eat. Not anymore! “I have something for my sweet,” I thought I would say, “something nice and tasty.”

And fattening. I brought a couple of roasted chicken, his favorites, a hot casserole, reach creamy salads, a huge cake and a gallon of ice-cream - all from the nearest cafe. I love to cook for him myself, and I usually do, but now I was getting ready for the next world championship in athletics. To be the best, you have to train a lot.

I imagined Jerry hugging me tightly - like he always does after not seeing me for the whole day. And then he would rummage through the groceries, tear the plastic bags open and stuff the first thing he sees into his mouth. I saw it so clearly - up to the last crumb on his triple chin... I had to stop myself from coming before actually feeding him the first mouthful!

I rang the doorbell - no answer. Kind of strange, I thought, opening the door with my own keys. Perhaps he'd stuffed himself so full with what he found in the fridge that he couldn't lift his belly from the chair. “Could he at least wait for me?” I thought grudgingly, but I knew he couldn't. It is common for growing - sometimes he has sudden fits of hunger, when he just cannot hold himself back and he eats and eats and eats, until he is far beyond full. My oh my, it would be even better - carrying him to the bed, overstuffed, slightly moaning in mixed pain and pleasure...

The sound of loud sobs brought me out of my reverie. “Hon??” I dropped the bags and rushed to the far-away bedroom. What the hell was going on??!

Jerry was hunched on the bed, face buried in hands, crying. I pulled his hands away; he tried to resist. Generally I love it when he resists me - seeing how flabby he has gotten turns me on like nothing else! But now I was anxious. His face was wet from tears, and his whole body was shaking with sobs.

“Where have you been?” he asked. “Licking Jellyroll's belly, I guess?”

“Wha.. what made you think so? I just had an extra training. You know I need them.”

And then I understood.

I am an FA, Fat Admirer - have always been. Since I am the world champion, I never could complain of having too little choice in lovers, and I'm used to have my men bigger. I mean, real big - I like it when they form sweet gelatinous rolls whenever they move or bend. That is how I gave my last one, which I met in a feeder bar, this loving nickname. And Jerry... when we met, all he had was a tiny roll about his midriff, and a hungry look in his eyes, that told me what I could make of him.

But I knew it would take time. So I fed him until he was full, stroked his little stuffed belly into sleep, and then sneaked to my favorite bar. Picked the heaviest guy there and... let myself go! After the orgy, they even said I was violent - slapped their bellies hard, hurt them. I bet I would! I didn't remember. However, there wasn't one of them who didn't want to do this over again.

And somehow Jerry found this out. But when I saw long scratches on his belly, I became week with horror. They were really vicious looking, and blood was dripping from some of them.

“Hon? What's been happening to you?”

“I want to be fat for you,” he said between the sobs.

I sat down on the couch, feeling my heart sinking. “You want to...”

“Yes, yes, yes!!” he pleaded, clinging to me and wriggling his fat body against mine. “Take me to Feeder's Delight!”

For those who do not know, Feeder's Delight is a special clinic that helps its patients quickly gain a lot of weight.

“But it's late night, hon! It is surely closed now!”

“No, no!” Jerry cried. “I will not stand another night; please, please call them!”

Oh, well. Knowing for sure it was utterly useless, I dialed the number.

“Feeder's delight,” answered a friendly voice.

“How strange you work so late at night,” I admitted to a young good-looking nurse that opened to us.

“No wonder,” she said. “You are the third urgent case for this night. But the way, my name's Cindy.”

We followed Cindy into the operation room. Seeing the tubes and hoses hanging from strange looking gears on the ceiling, Jerry looked a little frightened. “Will you be there for me during the operation?” he asked.

“May I?” I asked Cindy. “Yes” she said. “We even recommend it, as the stomach needs to be massaged while being filled. How much will you gain?” she asked Jerry.


“How much do you want to gain? A hundred pounds, two hundred, a ton?” she said that in a casual way, but I saw he was taken aback.

“Umm... four hundred pounds,” he said after a while.

Cindy showed Jerry to the operation bed. With masterful movements she stripped him from his coat and underpants. Seeing the scratches, she gave me a vicious look.

“This is not allowed during the seance.” There was ice in her voice.

I smiled. Surely a young FA also, I saw she was trying to stroke Jerry's soft body every time she had the chance.

“I didn't hurt him. He scratched himself while waiting to get fat.”

“Oh, you impatient little thing!” she exclaimed, and barely held herself from kissing the pink strap of quivering flesh between his tee-shirt and underpants. When she noticed I was watching her, she turned red with embarrassment.

“That is okay,” I laughed, “he loves being kissed.” Then I drew her aside and whispered something in her ear. She beamed. “I'll see what can be done!” And the next moment she was attaching a semi-transparent hose to Jerry's navel.

“Will it hurt?” his anxious eyes rose at me.

“It is already over.” Cindy gave him one last pat on the belly that she thought I wouldn't see, and then another hose, somewhat thicker, came down from the gear about Jerry's head. “Now take this into your mouth and suck real hard.”

Looking a little doubtful, Jerry took the hose in his full lips, and suddenly his eyes became wide in disbelief. “Vanilla ice-cream?”

“Your favorite,” I said, grabbing a handful of blubber on his belly. “I knew you would enjoy.”

He sucked and sucked, and sat on his bed I admiring him. With his eyes half-closed with pleasure, he looked like a baby drinking from the bottle - if only you can imagine a baby growing right before your eyes! His belly was betting bigger and fuller as more and more of warm liquid poured into it. I saw it was giving him pleasure - soon he was trying to reach to stroke himself. But he could never do that even when he was smaller! He moaned for me to stroke his belly, but I had other plans. I like teasing him when he is about full: like, tracing a finger about his belly, when I know he wants me to knead and massage it with both hands! It turns him on and makes him eat with twice as much appetite, so he sucked hard on his hose, till there was no more ice-cream in it.

The navel tube was still pouring milky white liquid into him. “You are getting really full,” I said, placed both hands on his bloated belly. “Can you feel yourself filling out right under my hands?”

He could. He was near orgasm now - his body began to shake convulsively, even though his belly was so heavy with all the fattening liquid inside it. His dick became big and erect, and was pressing into his flesh. First I licked all over this full, happy belly, and then I took his dick into my mouth and played around its head with my tongue. He moaned with pleasure, and I moved my tongue up and down his shaft. When I took the head between my lips again, he ejaculated right into my mouth. I have never swallowed so much cum at once! I also came, and we both passed out.

When I awoke, I saw Cindy unhinge the hose from Jerry's navel. “How does Mister Little Piggy feel?” she asked in a husky voice - obviously thinking I was sleeping.

“Mmmm, good!” Jerry said, slowly, sensuously stroking his overstuffed belly - from under his soft breasts and down, as far as he could reach. “I've never felt sooo full.”

“Poor chubby thing,” Cindy cooed. “She undernourishes you, doesn't she?” She stroked his lower belly, and he wriggled a little under her hands. “Now let me take you to a nice soft bed, to sleep the supper off” From afar, I heard her saying: “If you were my own piggy, I would make you so stuffed you would scream from it. Every night.”

“How long will he sleep?” I asked when she returned.

“Late into tomorrow. The super-high-caloric substance we use takes time to congeal into fat.” Saying this, she couldn't help licking her lips.

“You like your job, don't you?” There was a puzzled expression in her face, but when she saw I wasn't angry, she smiled.

Two days later, a car with the Feeder's Delight logo approached my house. “This is part of the service,” the driver said. “Your lover will hardly be able to move by himself now.”

When I thought what that could mean, I started to feel again...

I gaped when I entered the bedroom. I hardly recognized my former “flower-bud” in the mound of fat that was lying on the bed. Jerry even stood up and tried to walk to me, but he wasn't used to his new weight - he couldn't hold balance and sat up right on his bottom on the floor. I lifted him and carried him back to bed. Heavens, he had never felt so SOFT! We looked at each other for a while, and then he wriggled on the bed - just a little, but it sent ripples all over his flesh.

“Am I fat enough for you now?” he asked impishly, and from the smile on his chubby face I saw he knew the answer. I couldn't hold myself back any more - I plunged into him, licking and kissing all the new rolls and creases, that craved to be licked and kissed.

“Oh, Jerry, you are the best for me,” I said. “You, only you - for once and forever!”