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A Night To Remember
by Carolyn Owens

It had been six months since I had broken up with my lover and I was getting very horny. So when my girlfriend invited me to go to a party I jumped at the chance. The parties were mainly a meat market for men to meet fat women. That didn't turn me off, as a matter of fact that was just was I was looking for, a hot and steamy night of lust. Just thinking about it caused a slight dampness and a deep ache in my pussy.

It took me almost two hours to get ready for the party. It was the lingerie that I had trouble with, trying to make up my mind which one to wear. I finally decided on a black satin teddie trimmed with a red ribbon. It was sexy with a touch of innocence, it was perfect I thought to myself.

From the closet I pulled out the sexiest dress I owned. It was an electric blue cocktail dress with a deep plunging neckline which really emphasized my huge round breasts. The dress was a little tight in the hips but the feeling of the fabric stretched tightly across my bulging stomach felt nice. I had bought some new stocking just for tonight. They were black with rhinestones studded here and there. I had a little trouble getting them over my large calves and up my thighs but once they were on they looked hot and even more so when I slipped on my black shiny pumps. One last touch, I put on a small gold anklet that had a double heart charm on it.

Now I was ready. I stood in front of the full length mirror to look at what I had created. I had hoped for sexy but what I got was breath-taking. My long curly black hair framed my face. My big blue eyes staring back at me as I ran my open palms up the sides of my dress and across my large tummy. Then I cupped a breast in each hand. As I did I felt my nipples grow hard and the skin getting tight as it pushed against my dress. I flicked one of my long red fingernails across one nipple as I pinched the other. A soft moan escaped from me and I felt my juices making my pussy become slippery. My breath started to come in short gasps as I fought the urge to slide my fingers into my throbbing cunt.

It took me too long to get dressed for this party to just throw it away so I took a deep breath then grabbed my purse and car keys. Hopefully I would be able to contain myself until I met the man I could release myself on.

The party started out slow but after about an hour of idle chit-chat I spotted him. The man I wanted to spend the night with. But there was a problem, he had come with a date. If there had been anyone else there that I felt attracted to I would have steered clear of him. After all, I did have morals, but right now my sex drive was in charged. I had a plan, I would seduce and tease him before I would make my move. I was a little rusty but that wasn't going to stop me.

I found a chair close to the kitchen and sat down to wait. I figured he would have to make a few trips in there to get treats for his date and that's when I would make my move.

While I waited I sized up his date. She was cute but she was on the thin side compared to me. She probably weighed about 240 pounds, while I tipped the scales at 350 pounds. She seemed to know a lot Of people at the party which turned into a plus for me, because when he made his run for refreshments, his date stayed in the living room engaged in conversation with someone.

As he walked passed me to enter the kitchen I caught a smell of his cologne. He was wearing a light musk scent. I counted down ten seconds then made my move. There wasn't anyone else in the kitchen, just he and I. He was standing near the bar pouring two glasses of punch. As I stepped up behind him I made certain my soft stomach gently pushed up against his butt. Startled he turned to look and when our eyes locked I knew he was the one that was going to make me scream again and again tonight.

"I'm sorry. Did I bump you"? I asked as I moistened my lips with my tongue. By the big smile on his face it was obvious I had gotten his attention.

"Ah, that's okay. My name's Gary. Would you like a glass of punch"? He said as he flashed his smoky green eyes at me.

"Sure. My name is Sindy and I must confess something. I have never seen a prettier shade of green as your eyes". I said looking deep into his eyes for some hidden message letting me know he was interested in me.

When he handed me the glass I let my hand brush his. He had such broad and strong hands and I had wonderful plans for them. I took my index finger and ran it around the rim of the glass a couple of times. Then I let it it slip into the punch, then I put my finger in my mouth and sucked the liquid off, tasting the sweet of the drink. Then I went for the kill, as I reached over to get a napkin from off the bar I made sure my breasts stroked his arm.

"Are you alone"? He asked as his voice quivered ever so slightly.

"Yes I am, but I don't want to be". I said hoping I hadn't laid out my cards too soon.

"What's your number maybe I can give you a call sometime"? He asked.

"How about tonight"? I said as I pressed closer to him.

"Sure, tonight would be fine. I'll just need to drive my cousin home. Let me do that now and then I'll come back to the party and then we can go somewhere. Would that be okay"?

"Sure". I said as I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness his date was just his cousin. Now I don't feel guilty.

In less then an hour he was back. He drove his car and I followed him to the motel. On the way there I started to get horny so I decided to start the foreplay a little early. Hiking my dress up I slipped my free hand into my crotch. My fingers found the lips of my pussy and they were still damp with my juice. I quickly plunged my longest finger deep inside me, pushing it as far as I could. Feeling the wiry bush that surrounded my cunt I grabbed the short hairs with the fingers that were still on the outside. One finger wasn't enough I needed more so I tried to shove another finger up inside me but my belly was in the way. So I finger fucked my cunt using that one finger. Plunging my finger back and forth I created a noisy suction that sent shivers all over me. I used my thumb to gently massage my clit until I almost came. Before I had the chance to decide if I wanted to cum now or not we pulled into the motel. I pulled out my finger and smoothed my dress down as I watched him enter the building to get us a room.

We entered the motel room together and as soon as the door closed behind us he took me in his arms. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. His kisses seem to have a deep desire that excited me. His warm probing tongue explored my mouth with feathery movements. He cradled my head in both of his hands while we kissed, his fingers intertwined in my long hair. Slowly he let his hands slide down my back, pulling me closer to him. As his hands reached my waist, his fingers slipped between the rolls there, burying them deep between my flesh. He then dropped his hands down to my butt and pulled my dress up and gently massaged both of my cheeks. I could feel his cock begin to harden through his jeans as he made little thrusting movements against my large stomach.

Taking a step away from him I unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his shorts down around his ankles. I knelt down in front of him and took the head of his erect cock into my mouth, inch by inch trying to suck in the entire length. I tenderly sucked while the tip of my tongue swirled around the shaft. I increased the suction and started to flick my tongue around the edge of his cock. I knew he was enjoying it by the soft moans he was making. Having his whole cock in my mouth was making me very excited. I wanted him to cum in my mouth but I also wanted him inside me so I forced myself to stop. When my lips reluctantly let go of his cock he lead me over toward the king-size bed.

As I sat on the edge of the bed Gary took off my dress and then as he slowly removed my teddie, he kissed each exposing inch of me. His masterful tongue caressed and licked at my folds of fat. When his mouth and tongue found my nipple a shiver of delight ran through me. He popped just the tip of the nipple between his lips and gently squeezed it while his tongue flipped the end of it. Then with a great suction he sucked as much of my breast as he could get into his mouth. As he laid me back on the bed his cock found a fold that my hanging stomach had created and he had shoved his cock deep into it pushing it in as far as he could. He pulled my breasts up so he could put both nipples in his mouth. He sucked on them and flicked his tongue back and forth across the tips. My nipples were rock hard now and had an ache in them like they were going to explode. I wanted every part of me to be in his mouth, to be sucked and licked and nibbled on. The thought of all of me being inside of his mouth was just as much of a turn on as his cock being inside me.

After a little while he had me get on my knees while he laid on his back underneath me and he buried his face in my stomach as it spilled over his face. He worked his way down toward my pussy where he found new and erotic places to lick. His tongue slipped into a deep crease that formed on my upper thigh. He licked and he sucked at it pulling the edge into his mouth then gently biting the flesh and then releasing it. His tongue then licked at the lips that covered my pussy and he slid his tongue up and down, slowly at first then faster. Then he quickly thrust his tongue deep into my pussy darting it in and out while I felt his hot breath blowing my pubic hair. I wanted more of his tongue and tried to help by pushing my pussy harder into his face. I could feel my juice starting to run from my pussy and drip down my leg. He took one finger and shoved it up my ass as far as it would go then with his other hand he played with my clit. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before but I had gone beyond reality with pleasure. I grabbed one of my breasts and sucked the hard nipple into my mouth, biting on the tight wrinkled skin and sucking harder as he continue to ram his tongue and finger in me.

He must have sensed that I was getting very close to cumming because he suddenly flipped me over, He put my legs up over his shoulders and I crossed them behind his neck. He took a long look at me still sucking my breast then he thrusted his throbbing cock deep inside my pussy. Again and again he slammed his cock into me. I could feel his balls banging against the cheeks of my ass with each plunge he made. I sucked and licked even harder at my breast as he held onto the fat rolls on my sides. The room shook with our moans and cries of ecstasy as we reached climax together. His cock was like an erupting volcano spilling his hot cum into my pussy and as it over-filled I could feel it run out and down my ass. With both of us exhausted, the two of us fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning when the sun had just started to peek out I quietly slipped out of bed. I dressed quickly and started for the door. I wanted to make a clean break because one night stands can be messy. I was going to leave but when I turned to slip out the door I took a last look. The covers were off of him and he was laying there with an arm across his chest. His cock laid limp on top of his golden bush.

I couldn't do it, I couldn't leave. Last nights memory was embedded in my mind. I closed the door then stripped my clothes off. Climbing back into bed I once again took his cock into my mouth and began to suck.