Weight Room Title Bar

by Joyride

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I walked in and I could tell she had stuffed herself with them. She was already a little heavy. Her breasts were probably around “C”-ish (grapefruit sized if that helps). Her measurements were probably about 38 by 41 by 38. But, she liked to roller blade, which made her legs strong, feminine shaped all the same, but strong. Normally her belly takes up about 1/4 of her lap as she sat, but it spilled forward halfway as it was so full of capsules. So full in fact, there was a stretch mark leading in way up her belly from her belly button, her shirt had ridden up a little, her jeans were open and her panties had been forced down by her strained belly. She had eaten every capsule there was except the few that were left in her hand.

“Don't eat those!” I exclaimed.

“Why not?” she asked after popping a couple more in her mouth. “They're good,” she said and swallowed them whole. “Best candies I ever had!”

“They're not candies!” I yelled as I tried to take the rest from her. She simply shoved the rest of them into her mouth and her second chin jiggled a little as she tilted her head back to swallow them whole. She then stuck her tongue out at me.

“Nah, what are you gonna do now?” she asked jokingly.

“I'm gonna call 911 that's what I'm gonna do now!”


“Kristin! Those aren't candies. They're capsules full of compressed air."


“They're for starving people who have been saved. They can't eat normally, because their stomachs shrivel up. You give them a capsule to help and when their stomach acid eats through the capsule's thick wall the air comes out the air comes out and helps expand their shriveled stomachs, but you ate WAY too many and...”

“Oh my god!” she shouted at me as we both heard what sounded like popcorn popping and a small hiss coming from her belly. Then there was more and more hissing as I picked up the phone and dialed 911.

“Hello?” I asked when I heard them pick up. “Yes, my girlfriend ate too many capsules full of compressed air, her stomach's going to pop! You have to send an ambulance right away... Yes! I realize prank calls are illegal, but this is not a prank call! My girlfriend... Hello?.. Hello?!.. Damn it! Come on baby, I'm taking you to the hospital.”

“Wait a minute, I think it's stooping.”

I looked at her and saw her gigantic, growing belly resting between her widespread legs. Tons of stretch marks looked like a red spider's web on her beautiful belly as it threatened to spill over the couch. It probably would have had she been sitting up or leaning forward. Her belly spilled over the couch cushion and then I heard 1 last pop followed by a hiss and her belly grew a tad more.

We sighed a sigh of relief. Once I calmed down I saw the beauty of the situation: a beautiful girl alone with no one else but, me and her in the whole house. She was breathing heavy, probably, because of the weight on her chest, but she was breathing heavy all the same. Plus she had a VERY stuffed belly, so the whole thing was turning me on. I went over to her and touched her expanded gut. She burped and I laughed, but she just burped again. And again and again and again. Her belly deflated as she burped uncontrollably without even the slightest pause in between.

When she finished her belly was still slightly distended from all the deflated capsules still left inside her. Upon her last burp she leaned forward and clenched a belly that was now moaning. She looked at me and said, “I can't believe it; I'm starved.”

I realized that even though her belly would appear to be quite full it probably felt very unfull having been so stretched out.

“Come on, I'll make you something,” I said as I pulled a TV dinner from the freezer.

“I can eat more than that!” she said as she pulled chicken nuggets from the freezer. Then I realized she would probably have to eat until her belly gets to be as full as before, in order for her to feel full. She put the chicken in the oven as I pulled the other 4 dinners from the freezer and put the first 1 in the microwave. She picked up the phone and ordered 5 large stuffed crust pizzas with pepperoni and olives for herself and a small pepperoni for me. I took the first dinner out of the microwave and grabbed a fork for her. As soon as she got off the phone she grabbed the dinner from me and practically inhaled it!

I couldn't make the food fast enough! She inhaled everything as soon as I pulled out of the microwave. After about 10 minutes of this the nuggets were done. They were hot so, I gave her a bottle of coke to drink with her cookie sheet of chicken. She drank straight from the bottles as she ate the nuggets. As she ate her chicken I continued to more and more food. In between pulling things from the microwave and putting something else in I began to pull everything microwavable from the fridge. (Which was almost everything since I live alone and I can't cook!) My fridge wasn't very full to begin with, but it was 1/2 empty when the pizzas arrived. She ate 1/2 of 1 of her large pizzas as I ate my small pizza with 1 hand and continued to microwave the food and empty the fridge. I poured myself a glass of Sprite and passed her the rest of the bottle, because she had finished her coke.

I had taken everything except the ice from the freezer a long time ago. And with the exception of a few condiments I had emptied the fridge. I even took out the meatballs in the back. She didn't like Italian food, but I figured she would eat them under the circumstances.

The meatballs were in the microwave and she still had a couple slices left when she began to eat at a normal rate. While I waited for the meatballs to finish heating I sat down next to her and admired her belly. It was inches from the edge of the seat and still growing as she continued to eat. She had undone her pants and her belly must have been buried under her belly somewhere. She had to, once more, spread her legs to make room for the enormous bulge in her gut.

The microwave went off so, I got up. I kissed her cheek, which was puffed out from all the food in her mouth, and retrieved the meatballs from the microwave. I place them on the table and sat down again next to Kristin. I kissed her neck and breast tenderly. And I caressed her beautiful full belly as she ate. Her tummy bulged after every swallow. Of course, I was hard well, before her belly reached the edge of the seat. It drove me crazy as her belly covered the edge of the chair and spilled over the front on the next swallow. As her tummy was almost 2” over the edge when she began on the meatballs. Her belly had swollen a little more than before as she finished the last of them.

With her hand on her belly she leaned back and said, “Full.”

I looked at her belly and said, “No kidding.” We smiled quietly before we kissed. We couldn't keep our hands off each other as we maneuver ourselves over to the couch. Her tummy was so packed full, it swayed under its own weight; back, forward, up and down, as we walked. She is now on me, naked, trying to rest that big bulge in her paunch on me but, it spills over my sides. It is a big, beautiful, stretch-marked sack of food-turned-mush.

She looks me straight in the eyes and says, “If when I eat it turns you on you probably don't have much stamina left. Right?” I nod.

“O.K. then I'll just have to release some of that pressure.” She was never really that good at giving hand jobs. She gets into it and begins to rub a little too hard so, she wraps her lips and swirls her tongue around my hard-as-a-rock dick. One of my fantasies is that a girl with a fat, full tummy would swallow my cum; to my surprise and delight, that's exactly what she does.

We kiss and touch some more and pretty soon I'm hard again. I push it into her dripping-wet pussy. I buck wildly as she slams her soft hips into me, screaming. Her belly is a water balloon full of Jello as it changes shape quickly. She orgasms, but we're not through. I keep going and the second time she finishes, we finish together. We do it twice more that night.

To the sweet smell of breakfast, I awaken. I see my now fatter girlfriend cooking a huge breakfast. She is more beautiful than she was a couple days ago. A full double chin dangles below her gorgeous face with its full cheeks and seductive eyes. Looking at them the T-shirt she is wearing, her breasts are the size of cantaloupes. With its own extra weight hung 1/4 of the way to her knees. A beer can could easily be balanced on her sexy ass; consisting of buns that are each the size of a basketball, which makes the sweat pants she is wearing look operate tight.

“None of my clothes fit except for my sandals, so I borrowed a pair of your sweat pants and 1 of your big T-shirts to wear. Then I borrowed your car and bought some groceries. Oh! And I borrowed some of the money on your dresser too. Hope you don't mind,” she explains. “Naw, I don't mind. What about underwear?” I ask with a smile. Looking right at me, “I'm not wearing any. That's yours,” she says, putting the last of the eggs on a huge platter of eggs and pointing to my plate of eggs, bacon and toast with a glass of orange juice. Every inch of table, aside from a small section reserved for my breakfast, is covered with plates piled about a foot high. The plates consist of eggs, bacon, toast, French toast, sausage, and potatoes. Also filling the table is a full gallon of orange juice, a gallon of milk, and a mixing bowl of cereal.

She gobbles ravenously as I eat at a normal rate. I finish, pull my chair next to hers and caress her now tight belly in the tight sweat pants as she continues to eat. The seams of the pants are broken as her belly spills over the chat once more. When there's about 3 inches of belly hanging down from the edge of her seat she begins to slow her eating. Her belly drops another 1/2 inch and her large, stretch-marked paunch moans in protest, she burps, excuses herself and continues eating as her bloated stomach moans again.

She continues to eat, burp, and excuse herself as her belly moans, protesting the amount of food loaded into it.

Her belly has dropped 5 inches from the top of the seat now as she leans back, placing her right hand on the huge globe that is her belly and moans, “Oh, I'm about to explode.”

Turning her head towards me swings her second chin back and forward a little; we kiss, touch. We find our way to the kitchen floor some how. She gives me a hand job and rubs the cum all over the mass of her gorgeous belly. We make love on the floor right there. It's the best sex either of us has ever had the pleasure of experiencing.