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The Nurse
by Elerofeb

He noticed Lisa right away. She was his nurse at the luxurious resort/recuperation center, where he had to spend the whole summer after a leg injury. Lisa's responsibility was to go around all the patients' rooms delivering breakfast and checking if they needed anything. She was about twenty, big busted, smiley and pretty. She had big naive gray eyes, fake blond hair and soft hands. She looked healthy, happy and a bit bored. They started chatting the first day she came in. Lisa told him that she lived with her grandmother, working half-time for the recuperation center and thinking of getting into a medical school next year. Her job was not very demanding, she only had to work in the morning and was free to study and suntan the rest of the day. She had just arrived and was enjoying the good weather and swimming.

He liked chatting with her. The doctor said that he would only be able to walk properly in a month or two. So at the moment his life was not very exciting. He talked to the nurse, read and stared out of the window a lot. In fact, once he caught a glance of Lisa walking towards the beach. She wasn't dressed in her usual white baggy uniform but was wearing a cute swim suit. He had a good view of her. She wasn't too skinny but wasn't overweight either. The flowery swim suit hugged comfortably her tanned young body. She had small round buttocks and her boobs were quite big for her height. She seemed so energetic and happy and her boobs bounced slightly with every step.

"Pity they make them wear those shapeless uniforms over here. They look like dressing gowns and seem to be a size or two bigger than needed. I suppose they don't want patients staring at the nurse's curves," he smiled to himself.

Day after day their morning conversations were getting longer and more friendly. "You know, you are the only person I can really chat to around here," she once said. "The other nurses are all married with kids, they always talk about nursery schools and stuff like that - not very interesting - and I haven't really met anybody outside the Center. Except my basketball buddies, of course." "You play basketball?" he inquired in surprise. She was quite short, not exactly a basketball type. "Oh, it's nothing serious, just some young people from the area get together twice a week and throw the ball around. Something to do..." she smiled showing the cute little dimples on her cheeks." "I have never noticed those before," he thought to himself. He said out loud: "You have the sweetest smile." "Oh, thank you," she smiled again and left his room, turning at the doorway gracefully. "Nice butt," he thought. "I wonder if she's getting a bit plumper".

He started watching her more carefully every time she appeared on his territory. "The damn uniform! She could have easily gained ten pounds, and it still wouldn't show!" He often complimented her on her grace and swiftness, and he could tell she liked that a lot. She was definitely warming up towards him. Sometimes she would sit on a side of his bed, so he could observe her butt pressed against his sheets. She seemed quite heavy. She had complained a couple of times how bored she was most of the days.

"Yeah, I suppose it's not much fun to be living with a granny," he once suggested. "Well she's all right, I like her, it's just she's feeding me like a Christmas turkey." "She is?" "Yeah, I can't believe how much she cooks. Every time we sit down to eat I think she's expecting about three more people over by the amount of food she puts on the table. But I should know better by now, it's always just her and me. I suppose she had a hard youth, not enough to eat and stuff, so now she thinks she always has to make sure I don't go away hungry." "And is it working?" he was struggling to hide his excitement. "Oh God, yes. After lunch I can hardly move. Good thing I don't have to work in the afternoon, I just go to the beach and digest. I mean, I take a few books with me of course, so I can study for my medical school, but it's really hard to keep concentrated when you're so stuffed." "Oh, poor baby," he said jokingly, patting her slightly on the hip. "Is it at least good food?" "Oh yes, it's pretty good. I love my grandma's cooking, she's from Eastern Europe, they make some good stuff there, only I wish it was less greasy and fat!"

She was sitting very near him on a side of his bed. He suddenly noticed with delight that the little bulge in her uniform in her front was actually filled with flesh! It was her belly! She turned away to look at the clock, and he could see quite distinctly a little soft pot belly which hadn't been there before! "Do you think you might gain weight?" "I don't think so. My weight has been really steady all my life. I am not really worried". "You are right, you shouldn't be worried. You have the most beautiful figure." "Oh, stop it!" she looked very pleased. "You are making me blush." She got up from his bed and her behind gave a little jiggle, as she was turning to leave his room. "Oh, she is a gem!" he thought to himself. "She gets stuffed every day and then goes to the beach, pretending to study but instead just taking a nap, digesting and preparing for a dinner. What a beautiful chance to fill up and get a little cushion here and there. I wonder if I can help her." His confinement was suddenly turning into a highly amusing experience.

He was moved to a different building for the next week because his leg required some additional treatment. Once there, he found himself fantasizing about Lisa almost every night. He called her to himself "my pretty little piggy", even though in reality she wasn't all that fat. When they finally moved him back to his old room, he could hardly wait to see Lisa again. "God, I am like a sixteen year old, so excited and crazy about her!"

Finally she showed at his door. He literally devoured her with his eyes. She was standing there, bathing in the bright sun light, smiling at him happily. "Oh she's so sexy," he thought. She definitely seemed to have got a bit thicker in the middle, a little bulge on her waistline had become really prominent despite the usual white uniform. Her breasts looked soft and round. He was dying to touch them. But he knew that he had to restrain himself. Lisa was definitely excited to see him again.

She brushed against his arm with her hip a couple of times and also pretended that she needed to adjust her bra so she could touch her boobs. She started chatting as if there hadn't been a week's break. "You know, my grandma's cooking is going to kill me I think," she complained after he asked her about her life at home. "How do you mean?" "Oh, she's just plain cruel. I know that she means well and all that, but boy, she's making me do impossible things." "Like what?" "Oh, I don't know if I should be telling you this," she smiled and blushed.

"In the beginning, when I had just arrived, she made so much good food, and I wasn't used to eating this much - so I sometimes had to belch after a meal - they were really big meals, I got so full after every lunch and dinner. And I was so shy too, I really felt uncomfortable each time this happened. And she always told me: "Lisa, darling, please, don't be ashamed, belching is good for you. It helps to pack the food in you little stomach. And I want to hear it too - how else can I know whether you are full or not?" So little by little, I got used to belching after each meal, it really did make me feel more at ease after so much eating. But it didn't stop there! I started to belch three, four times during one meal - but I wouldn't stop eating. It was a vicious circle, you know - you get stuffed, you belch, you feel less full - and you eat some more! And my granny always encouraged me to eat some more and belch some more. Is it OK that I'm talking to you about this?" she interrupted herself.

"Of course, Lisa, dear, but I still don't see what the problem is. I don't think that there is anything wrong with belching! A little girl enjoys a nice meal and thanks her grandmother for cooking it for her with a little belch!" he was surprised that he was talking a baby talk to her, but she seemed to like it. "Oh, you don't understand! You see, now it seems I can never stop belching! I leave my grandmother's house after lunch, walk to the beach with some books, sit down and just belch and belch and belch until it's dinner time!"

She was pursing her lips like an upset child. She even pounded the bed with her little fist several times in anger, and her boobs bounced up and down. "Oh please, please don't be upset, Lisa, dear!" he put his hand on her waist in a friendly manner. She was so soft, he could make out a distinguishable roll of new fatty flesh underneath the thin fabric. "Don't get upset. I know a good remedy to fix this problem."

She looked interested. "It's an old remedy, and it's quite simple and very efficient," he tried to sound as knowledgeable as he could." "What is it?" she was leaning towards him with he entire body, eyes wide open, fat tits pushing against the uniform. "You will be surprised, because it sounds, eh, unusual, but I promise it will work! It's simply whipped cream with honey." She was obviously taken aback by this, but he didn't let her interrupt him. "It has to be really good quality, farm-made, very thick cream with natural honey. You just take a big jar of it every day to the beach with you, sit there, do your studies and slowly eat the cream." "And what is it supposed to do?" she asked doubtfully. " Well, as I said, it will smooth everything in your little stomach after a large meal, and make you stop belching. There is a side-effect though," he added slyly, "I really don't know if you like this". "What is it?" "Well, it's just that your boobs are likely to grow bigger because of this," he looked at her from a corner of his eye. "What do you say?" "Well, it does sound a bit strange, but hey! I have nothing to lose, right? Maybe gain..." His hand had now crept some distance from her waste-line down to her butt. It was firm and round, and to his delight, she pretended that nothing was happening. "Nothing wrong with my boobs getting larger, every woman would like that," she said. "Ok, got to go. Thanks for the advice, I'm gonna try it!"

And she surely did. In a few days he noticed that her face had definitely rounded. He admired her plump cheeks which blushed so easily and now had acquired this gentle rosiness. When she looked down, he noticed the cutest double chin - not even that, but just a hint, a promise, a beginning of a second chin. Her dimples had deepened, and her buttocks were now pushing against the uniform every time she bent down slightly. "How's your basketball?" he once asked her.

"Oh, I stopped going." "Why is that?" " You know, it's weird, all the guys there have started looking at me - I don't know - differently. I mean, every time I showed up for the game, some of them would just stop and stare at me, especially when I had the ball and was running with it." "Why do you think this happened?" "Oh, I really don't know, maybe because I have become a bit" - she paused, looking for a word - "bouncy. You know, my boobs and all that." She sounded half-upset, and half mischievous, as if she was playing with him. He was just enjoying himself. "Please, don't worry about this. All the boys must have fallen in love with you.

Could you please do me a favor now?" he continued very casually. "It's a bit warm here, would you open that top window for me to let some fresh air in?" "Sure." She stretched up to grab the handle. It was quite high up, and she even had to jump a bit to get it - and her entire young body jiggled, boobs and tummy pushing against the formerly loose uniform. "Thanks a bunch. And now, could you please get me that book, it's fallen and is now under that table." "You are making me work here," she replied jokingly. She had to get down on all fours to get the book, and he had a good view of her boobs and belly swinging down, stretching her dress and almost reaching the floor. She looked like a well-fed cat with her belly touching the ground, smiling coyly and sticking her butt up. This simple exercise seemed to have worn her out. She had to sit down on his bed and catch her breath.

Frankly, he was quite speechless and out of breath himself, after watching this erotic show. He just stared at her buttocks which were spread so comfortably against his bed. "You are so beautiful," he said. She got up and seemed to lose balance for a second. One of her soft boobs brushed slightly against his shoulder.

In a couple of days he was allowed to move around the building. His leg was healing. In the afternoon, he took a stroll to the courtyard with a swimming pool where some patients were sun-bathing. At first he didn't recognize her. She was reclining near the pool, massaging some sun lotion into her skin and looking away. Then it occurred to him that it really was Lisa. She was wearing the same flowery swimming suit he saw her in before. But boy did it look different!

Her boobs were practically falling out of the cups of the top. They looked almost obscene contained in the small stripes of bright cloth. Her nipples were only half an inch away from the rims of the fabric, and it seemed that any slight motion would set them free. She was lazily rubbing the lotion in her thighs as the rest of the people were staring at her, anticipating the likely burst of her top. She didn't care. She turned sideways, and he could observe her buttocks literally sticking out of the tiny suit. She now started to work on her belly. It was bulging upwards and spilling happily from the rim of her bathing suit. It was very soft and pink, and she lovingly massaged it with her hand, starting at her belly button and moving towards the cute rolls of her sides. She still had a waist, she had just filled in, become curvy and so sexy that nobody at the pool could take their eyes from her. She was definitely enjoying the feel of her body as well as all the admiring stares she attracted. Soon she remembered something, looked at her watch and got up. After several failed attempts to hide her butt inside the swim suit and cover her tits with the tiny stripe of her top, she gave up and walked away quickly, her belly, buttocks and boobs bouncing cheerfully.

In about a week, when she sat on his bed, as she always did these days, he asked her: "Is the medicine working?" "Medicine?" she paused, "Oh yes, of course. The cream. Thanks. It's really helping - and I do like the taste of it. I can just eat it all day," she smiled, "and I do! What do you think about my boobs? The side effect seems to be showing a bit!" she leaned towards him coquettishly, swaying from side to side slightly. The fabric of her uniform was now stretched to its limits by her large fat tits which had even started to droop a bit because they had got so heavy. "They are awesome!" he exclaimed, putting his hand underneath one of her breasts as if helping to support it, and feeling her nipples get harder under the fabric.

"Only I think there is another side-effect this medicine had with you." "What is it?" She looked surprised and innocent as his hand slowly slid down from her breast to her waste-line and rested on the big bulge of her new pot-belly. "What do you call this?" he inquired, massaging it gently, feeling its folds pressed against the dress. "Oh, you mean my tummy? What about it?" She had to lift her boobs with both hands to look down. "Haven't you been having troubles buttoning up your uniform lately? Your little belly seems to be quite confined by this fabric." "Oh," she had this coy look on her face again. "Is it showing too much? I have noticed that I have been getting a bit heavier in the middle..." "A bit heavier? Look at this perfect new pot-belly of yours! It's become so big it would like to just happily rest on your lap, only the nasty fabric is keeping it up. It looks so uncomfortable, poor little fatty blimp!"

He started unbuttoning the uniform. The buttons almost popped as the young flesh was freeing itself from the tight confinement of the dress. "Oh, poor little thing!" he was now talking to her belly, fondling it and kissing it gently, "You have become so big, but it's not your fault! You are just a bit hungry all the time, so Lisa has been feeding you with all kinds of good things. She has been getting you nice and stuffed every day, and it felt so good, and you have been growing every day just a little bit, until you became so nice and fat. And now you don't even fit in Lisa's uniform! You want to stick out in front of her when she's walking and you want to rest on her lap when she is sat down, but you can't do this because of silly costumes and all kinds of constraints!"

Lisa was touching her nipples, her eyes closed. "Look at this sack of fat!" he turned to her. "You've been such a little sexy piggy!" the name he had given her some time ago finally came out. And it was well justified now! She seemed to be enjoying the game. "Oh, I am not to blame, I couldn't even see my belly because of my boobs, they have grown so big that they block the view!" She put both of his hands on her nipples. They were pointing down, so fat had her boobs gotten. She was really excited. He fondled her breasts casually, squeezing her fleshy nipples. She moaned a bit. Then he made her sit on his lap, facing him. She was so heavy!

"No, this is a real crime, this cannot be forgiven!" he raised his voice. "How could you not notice this big bulge, this fat heavy tire of a belly, filled with whipped cream and your grandmother's greasy goodies? It has grown so fast, it's so cute and it's demanding attention, and it has got a life of its own now! Look how it's bouncing up and down as you move! And I bet it's sensitive, too!"

Now her big belly was completely rid of the uniform, rubbing gently against him. "Oh yes, you are right!" She was jumping a little on his lap. "Yes, it needs attention, but please don't forget about my tits!" She was pushing them right in his face. "Oh, do you want me to suck on them?" "Please, please, tease them, they have grown so big and they want to be touched!"

He freed them from the clothes and put them in his mouth, first one and then the other. They were soft and warm and really drove him crazy. She loved him playing with her breasts and wasn't shy to show it. Her belly was rubbing faster and faster against his waiting body. He bent over and looked behind her. The cheeks of her butt were sticking out of her underwear, which was definitely too small for them. "Let's free these too!" She took her panties off and lay on her back, legs spread, fat boobs sticking out, nipples erect, soft belly flesh jiggling. "Come and make me happy!" In a second, he was all over her, thrashing her and moaning with pleasure.

When it was over, she said: "Come to the beach with me. The doctor said that you're allowed to go outside now. We'll have some whipped cream by the sea side - and maybe do this again?"

"Anytime," was his response.