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The Nutritionist
By Joe T.

Bob and Jane were husband and wife for two years. Bob was a nutritionist, and Jane had an online business. Bob was 27, and Jane was 26. Bob had always wanted a fat wife but was too worried what people would think. So he married Jane, 5'7, 145lbs and big boned. She was skinny, and her bones were clearly visible under her nonexistent layer of fat. Her rib cage stuck out under her breasts, which were no bigger than oranges. Her shoulder blades, collarbones, hip bones kneecaps all stuck out like a soar thumb. One night, Bob and Jane were in their room, and Bob mentioned how he would rather have a chubbier wife. He was very hesitant to say this because she was always complaining about how much fat there was in food and always saying how fat people were - as if fat meant ugly. She looked at him like he was a stranger and left to the bathroom. Bob was sitting on the bed looking at the ground. A while later Jane silently came out of the bathroom and sat next to Bob. "I would like to be fatter Bob; I've always been eating way less than I am capable of, so I wouldn't be fat. I thought you would think it would be unattractive," she said. His eyes grew big. "That's great! We can get started tomorrow!''

The next day Bob got up bright and early to fix Jane a nice big breakfast. Jane came to the dining room, wondering what was going on. Bob served her four waffles drowned in margarine. "For me? " "Yes, " he replied. She started eating the stack of waffles like she hadn't eaten for three days. Then he served her another plate with bacon and eggs and another with pancakes drenched in margarine. Margarine is an excellent fat source because it is high in total fat but low in saturated fat and cholesterol. She ate most of it and stopped because she was completely full. They sat there a few minutes, while she nibbled on a few extra pancakes and Bob ate the little leftovers. "That was delicious!" She stated, "But we shouldn't eat like this too often, or I might get Fat!" Bob's smile dropped, and Jane left the table.

Later that day he made a triple-decker fried Bologna and cheese sandwich with lots of Mayo and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with lots of peanut butter. He gave them to Jane while she was sitting at her computer. She merely said thank you and unbelievably wolfed down the whole thing. "Are you really serious about that thing about me being fat?" she asked. "Yes!" he replied...

"Oh good because I like it," said Jane. Bob sighed with relief, "Oh, thank god, I thought you wouldn't!”

As she sat there working on the computer he brought her snacks and candy such as Granola bars and other fattening things. He even made her a banana split! She ate all of it!

That night they went out to their favorite restaurant. This time Jane ordered a lot more food, without Bob even telling her to! She even asked if him if she could. He answered, "You can have as much as you want!" He told her how much it hurt him to think that she was depriving herself of the food she wanted just to keep herself fit. She then told him how pleased she was to hear that he wanted her to be fat.

The next morning she was weighed: 157.4 lbs. - still thin, but a great gain of 12.5 lbs.! That day Bob had to go to work at the health center. He got home at five thirty with a bag of groceries to see his wife eating in front of the TV. "Hi Hun!" "Hi, you'll be happy to know that I've eaten quite a lot while you were gone." He was amazed. "This is wonderful you're even doing it on your own now!" They kissed. "Mmm you taste like chocolate," he said. "I brought you some more food." "Bring it on!" she replied. "OK!" He also brought home some weight gain drinks that were especially made to increase fat. He also had some pills that increase your appetite and bust line; he secretly crushed some pills into the weight gain shakes and served it to her in a coconut glass with one of those little umbrellas and a crazy straw. She was already full from eating that day, but she took it anyway because she needed to stretch out her stomach to be able to eat more and because it looked very delicious. She gulped the whole thing down! There was no stopping her. She was an eating machine. "Wow!" said Bob. "I didn't know you were so good at eating! This is great!"

She asked for another. He whipped one up immediately. When he came back to give it to her, she was already eating something else. She gulped the second one down. Those pills must have been working, he thought. Her pants were bursting at the seams, and her shirt was starting to ride up on her. "More!" she called. With each drink he gave her, he was putting more appetite pills in it. He decided to stop with the third one, but he gave her the drink, anyway. She was getting to the point where she had to take off her clothes just to feel comfortable. She fell asleep on their bed completely naked with a powdered donut in her hand. After a while Bob laid down next to her and started caressing her; she smiled and then woke up. He rubbed her amazingly swollen belly and then went for her naughty parts. Then they started making out and eventually started having sex for the first time in weeks.

The next morning, after a long night of #&*%@!, she weighed in at 170lbs and had a relatively thick layer of fat around her midsection. The same eating habits continued for Jane, and an increasing amount of food was eaten each day. That night they had sex again, not knowing that the next morning tragedy would strike. She weighed in at 164lbs. "What could have gone wrong?" she asked. "I knew this would happen," he said. "After the second day of overeating the body starts metabolizing food faster." That day she ate more fattening food than she had ever eaten before, and Bob told her about how he snuck the appetite pills. "You didn't have to," she cried. "I would also like to try giving you something that I haven't tried yet." "These pills can lower your metabolism." "Is it safe?" she asked. "Yes, if you want to gain weight." "I do, now give me those pills." She drank them all down with some shakes. This day Bob served her six pancakes, six waffles, six eggs, six pieces of bacon, a bucket of margarine, coffee (with lots of cream) and some fresh fruit. After about 20 minutes of stuffing her face, she was down to her last waffle. "I'll eat the last one," Bob offered. "In your dreams, slim, " she corrected. "Well, now that I'm done eating... "Can I have some more?"

Four hours later, Bob took her out to lunch to two different places. She ordered a huge meal at both places and cleaned her plate both times. Bob ordered food at the first place and said he would share at the second one. When they got home, Jane went straight to the kitchen. After some major snacking at home, they went to a restaurant and ordered two plates there. While they were waiting for their food, Bob had to go to the bathroom. When he got back he saw two empty plates. "Sorry, " she said after a dainty little burp. "Don't be; we can have a candlelight dinner when we get home." "Oh boy! I can't wait. I didn't know I could eat like this. It must be the pills." When they got home, Bob lit some candles and put on some romantic music. He served two plates of dinner. And they both ate the whole things. That night they did the usual.

The next morning Jane rolled over towards Bob. He felt a mass of fat rub against his side. He reached over to feel it and squeezed something very soft. To his surprise, it was not her breasts he was feeling. It was her waist. He reached up and touched her breasts, which were now larger than grapefruits; he opened his eyes. She was now somewhat fat, and her bones were completely concealed and tucked away by fat; she now had rolls, and she was at the pint where her tummy started hanging down over her pussy. When she rolled over, the fat rolled over her. Bob's sex drive went up, and they did it again. After a while of the best sex they ever had, Bob wondered how much she weighed. She simultaneously said, "I'm starving! Lets Eat!" Bob, with his somewhat muscular physique, helped her up and mentioned how he thought men should be muscular and women should be fat. "I do agree!" she said as she stepped onto the scale. The numbers whirled more than ever before. After about six seconds, the final number 198.2lbs. "Yes!" they both exclaimed as the numbers jiggled from Jane bouncing up and down in excitement between 170 and 230. "You're about to pass the 200 mark! You weigh more than me now dear!"

"This should not stop now!" she exclaimed as she ran into the kitchen, eating whatever she could get her hands on. As she ran, her new fat jiggled slightly and convinced Bob that stopping would not be the right thing to do. He wanted to go to at least 300lbs. She found the box of pills and stared swallowing them with some weight gain shakes from the health center. "Don't take too many, or you'll pop!" joked Bob. Bob went to the kitchen where Jane was wolfing down some cake and weight gain shakes. Bob tried to kiss her, but she only pecked him on the cheek because she was even more devoted to eating. She was still naked, but there was nothing she could do about it. She had already grown out of all her clothes. Bob went to work. When he got home, he saw her lying on the couch asleep with empty food packages all around her. Her belly was quite swollen and spherical. He climbed onto the couch, spreading his legs around hers. He kissed her, but she didn't respond. He got a sudden scary thought in his mind of guilt, fear and sadness. He checked her pulse on her neck. She was still alive, just very sleepy. He started fucking her, and she finally woke up giggling.

"Oh, so is that how you're gonna greet me now, hunny?" she asked. "Hay, I brought you some more…" "Shakes?" she shouted out as she jumped up. "Yes!" "Good 'cause we ran out,'' she yelled as she zipped into the kitchen. Bob came in and said, "Honey, I think you need a blood pressure test, but I don't know how we will do this. If you don't have any clothes we can't leave the house." "Ah, don't worry about a thing; I ordered some clothes online and sold my old ones. It's really fun buying a whole new wardrobe." "When will they be here?" he asked. "They should bring 'em by tomorrow," she answered. "So I guess I'll have to go without clothes till then." "Oh darn!" Bob said sarcastically. "Hay, you wanna take a bath?" Bob asked. "You mean together?" she asked, "Sure, that sounds fun." So they took a romantic bath together. Most of the time she was eating and also most of the time he was eating….her out. "Ah, that was nice," they both said in cohesion.

By the next day she weighed 224.3lbs and had definite rolls of fat. She was able to eat gallons and gallons of food per day and tens of thousands of calories. On average she had 2500% DV of fat and still was able to remain under 100% DV of Sat. Fat and cholesterol. That day her new clothes came. They didn't fit... They were too big, humungous. She said to Bob, "I got 'em bigger than I thought I would be, so I could grow into them. By the next day they were able to fit loosely on her she weighed 236.8lbs, which was a minor depression in her normal gain but still a substantial gain of about 12 lbs. That day she was able to go and get her blood pressure analyzed. It was to their surprise, way under the unsafe limit! When they were out in public, she noticed that more people were looking at her, mostly men. It wasn't the kind of stare that says, "Oh my, what's that?" There were still other people who were heavier and bigger than her. She finally realized that people were looking at her because she was attractive. The super hi-fat diet continued, and they were worrying less about the unhealthiness of the foods she ate.

The next morning she weighed 252.4lbs and had loads of sexy feminine fat. Rolls covered her sides; a belly hung down completely covering her vagina; her breasts were as luscious as watermelons - well, squishy watermelons - and she had a huge seat-filling ass. Her upper legs pressed against each other even when she spread them apart or walked. That day the clothes fit perfectly, and when she wore panties that were really huge, they were completely lost under the fat. Bob said that he would stop giving her the metabolism pills at 300, the appetite pills after 400 and the bust line enhancing pills after 500 (if that day ever came.) They bought a weightlifting set and they both started working out - Bob, because he wanted to be more buff and Jane so that she could support the new fat she had obtained.

A week went by and the fat was still rolling on. She weighed 276lbs. She had to buy new clothes again. They signed up for many eating contests and weight gain contests; after two weeks she won over $25,000 and weighed 314 pounds. They bought a swimming pool for their back yard and invested money in food and tech stocks and also, of course, food. After a month, they struck it rich in the stock market and went on a vacation to Hawaii. At this point she weighed a comfortable 360lbs. They enjoyed years of happiness and fat sex. They are now 35 and 34 and have two children. Bob is now 190lbs, and Jane is over 400lbs and covered in luscious fat.