Weight Room Title Bar

Only the Lonely
By Binkybug74

Michelle sat at the bar alone, even though the friends she came with stood right beside her. Tricia and Kimmie had been her best friends since grade school, but now they stood there preoccupied with the men that had bought them drinks. She eyed the two women. Tricia was a beautiful, petite, blonde Amazon. She had an infectious giggle and a dazzling smile that spread across her face. She was dressed to kill tonight in her black leather skirt, black tank top, and 2-inch spiked heels. Whatever the man in the green polo and tan Dockers said must have been amusing because Tricia was on a giggle rampage.

Kimmie was also an attractive woman. Her long chestnut hair was pulled back on either side of her head by silver barrettes. She had pulled a strand forward and twirled it in her fingers. Her gray-blue eyes were fixed intensely on the man in the calf shorts and white polo shirt. He sported the popular "frat boy" look that was soooo Kimmie's type. She wore a green mini skirt and black sleeveless midriff. Her black suede knee-high boots swooshed as she crossed and re-crossed her legs.

Michelle shook her head. Why did she keep leaving with them? Every time they went out it was the same thing. Tricia and Kimmie worked the room, met two guys, drank and danced, and Michelle caught a cab home. She would be thirty dollars short and still alone.

"Shell," Tricia tapped on her shoulder.

Michelle turned to look at her friend; she knew what was coming, "Yes?"

"Kimmie and I are taking off. We'll call you on Monday," and with a hug to their friend, they were gone.

Michelle motioned for the bartender and ordered another Alabama Slammer.


He watched her from across the room. The scene had been the same for the past three weekends. The three of them walked in; the blonde and the brunette got their hook-ups, and the beautiful redhead was left behind.

Aaron thought the scene was odd; Lord only knows how long the ridiculous scenario had been going on. Every weekend he noticed something new about her. The way her wavy, medium length, red hair framed her face. Aaron believed it looked its best when it hung down. The way her full red lips gently enveloped the rim when she drank her drink (which he paid the bartender $5 last Saturday to tell him was an Alabama Slammer). The way she ran her cute pink tongue along her lips to retrieve the delicious droplets.

Her nails were always done in a beautiful French manicure. Her hazel eyes always looked sad, but held a twinkle of mystery. Aaron wanted to solve that mystery! This weekend he had noticed the way her black velvet baby doll dress clung loosely to her plump form. He had never wished to be a piece of material in all his life.

To be stretched out over that plump belly and overly generous love handles. To expand and contract with every rise and fall of her voluptuous chest. To be fanned out over her large, soft upper arms. To bend and sway with every move of her expansive thighs. And that ass! He felt his cock enflame at his thoughts. Never had he wanted a woman so much, and never had he felt so nervous about what he was about to do. He got up and walked towards the bar.

Teresa, the bartender, motioned behind Michelle, "Don't look now, darling, but here comes a cool, tall glass of water!"

Michelle cocked her head to one side and saw the god that was approaching the bar. He was tall, at least 6-foot, and medium-build. Not muscular, but a soft, sensual masculine quality that attracted Michelle. His brown hair was short and rather spiky at the top, but very nice. He wore a simple white polo tucked into a pair of well-fitting blue jeans. And to add an even faster rhythm to her heart, he was wearing black cowboy boots with silver tips.

Michelle turned around quickly, not wanting the man to see her drool and realizing the temperature in the room rose from his presence.

"Hi," he said to the bartender, "another Miller and an Alabama Slammer for the beautiful woman here."

Michelle looked at the stranger with a wide-eyes expression and a large last gulp of her drink. Stammering slightly, she turned to Aaron and said, "H-H-Have we met?"

Aaron smiled back, "No, my name is Aaron Phillips," he extended his hand.

Michelle took it and looked into his intense green eyes, "Michelle Raymond."

"Very nice to meet you, Michelle," he remarked with a smile, still holding her hand in his, electricity shot through his hand. He was actually touching her, the red haired goddess of his dreams.

All she could do is look at him. He was touching her; his strong hand was holding hers. So warm, so strong, it sent little sparks up her spine. She looked into his eyes; they were so clear, so beautiful, and so enticing. He smiled at her, she was feeling it too, this intense connection between them. Teresa put the drinks in front of them, smiling to herself.

"That will be $5, honey," she said, tapping Aaron on the shoulder.

He looked at Teresa and smiled, then handed her the money. He looked back at Michelle, her eyes staring from under her eyelashes, his breath caught in his throat. She couldn't look at him, why was he there? She felt this tie to him and didn't know why. He put his hand under her chin and titled her head towards this.

"It is awfully noisy in here," he said in a low voice, low enough so that she had to really pay attention, "what would you say to catching a taxi and going someplace for a cup of coffee?"

Michelle looked at Teresa hesitantly; the bartender smiled and gave her a wink. She turned back to Aaron, "I would love to."

A stream of excitement ran through Michelle. She had never done this before; she had never did anything so spontaneous, so thrilling. Here was this good-looking man who approached her, wanted to be with her. She looked at him and smiled. It took his breath away. The streetlight shining through the cab's window, casting a soft glow over Michelle, making her look like a Greek goddess. He smiled back at her, she had no idea how beautiful she was, but he was going to show her. The taxi pulled up in front of the coffeehouse, and the two moved forward.

The waitress set a pot of coffee and a plate of chocolate cake donuts in front of them. Aaron smiled and picked up a donut, holding it a few inches from Michelle's mouth. Michelle just looked at him with an expression of confusion.

"Michelle, I have a confession to make," he said withdrawing the donut slightly, "I have been thinking about us, together, alone, feeding you like this for about a month now. Just listen," he continued, holding his hands up to her lips, "When I first saw you in the bar, I was so nervous I could not move. I wanted to come up to you and buy you a drink then and there. But I chickened out, so I came back the next weekend determined this was gonna be the weekend. But when your friends left, so did you. But this weekend! I was not gonna let you sit at the bar one more time without me, drinking your drink, looking so beautiful."

Michelle stared down at the small table, and then spoke softly, almost too low for Aaron, "This is all a dream. There is no man out there who wants a woman like me, let alone make her bigger."

Aaron reached across the table, lifted her chin, and stared straight into her eyes, "If in our time together you believe anything I say, believe this: I want you more then any woman I have ever met."

He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the mouth. The fact that he kissed her did not surprise Michelle, nor did the fact that his lips were soft and warm. Or they sparked against hers from even the slightest movement. No, what shocked Michelle was the way her lips opened softly and invited the kiss to go deeper. She barely knew this man, yet she felt she would die if he stopped making love to her lips. But he did stop and slowly sit back down in his seat, and Michelle was once again surprised when she moaned a soft protest to the departure.

A smile of satisfaction played on Aaron's lips as he stared at Michelle. Her hazel eyes reflected a desire he had hoped to create, her cheeks had turned rosy, and her full red lips were still parted in response to his kiss. He picked up the donut again and placed it against her lips. Still staring at him, Michelle took a bite of the chocolate perfection and ran her tongue along her lips to collect the sinful frosting left there. This continued for hours, feeding Michelle the wonderful that, silently, staring intently at each other. The heat was almost more then Aaron could bare with each bite, with each donut he fed her, he needed to have her, to claim her grew and grew. Finally on the last bite, a small smear of chocolate frosting lay across her bottom lip. Without word or thought, Aaron reached across the table, holding Michelle's face gently, kissed Michelle. His mouth gently sucked at her bottom lip, Michelle sighed and ran her hand through the hair on the back of Aaron's head. The touch made him moan and startled Michelle. Throwing the money on the table for the check, Aaron held out his hand to Michelle accepted it with very little hesitation.

Hailing another taxi and mumbling an unfamiliar address, the two headed off into the night. The cab stopped in front of a lovely brownstone. Aaron got out and held his hand out again, this time Michelle hesitated.

He sensed her reluctance and didn't blame her, "Come on, Michelle. I promise, a Pepsi and nothing more. Anything else will be up to you, Ďk?"

She stared at him for a while, "All right," she said shakily, "just a Pepsi and then I go home."

He raised his right hand and placed his left hand over his heart, "Scout's honor."

Michelle giggled, "you were never a scout, were you?"

"No," he laughed back holding out his hand, "but I am very honorable."

Michelle accepted it and followed him up the front stairs and through the door. The first door on the left was his, separated from the people on the other side of the wall by a stairwell. The living room was small, but lovely, it led to a dainty eat-in kitchen, a small bathroom, and a lovely bedroom.

"Itís not much, but itís home," Aaron said removing his coat and tossing it on the couch, "how about that Pepsi?"

"Yes," Michelle said, removing her jacket and throwing it on top of his. The gesture made him smile. He walked into the kitchen while she walked around the living room. She stared at the pictures on the wall. There was a picture of Aaron with a couple that could be his parents. In four other ones, he was hugging four different women who were beautiful.

Aaron came back into the living room with two glasses of Pepsi. He handed Michelle hers and noticed how she continued to look at his pictures.

"These are my parents," he said giving her the tour, "my cousin Jill, my cousin Meghan, my cousin Toni, and my cousin Jennifer."

Michelle took a drink of her soda as Aaron walked over to the couch, sat down, and motioned beside him for Michelle to do the same. She smiled and sat next to him. They sat and talked for hours. Aaron shared his childhood comedic events that led Michelle to believe that his mother was gray before her time. Michelle shared her dreams of becoming a professional artist. They both began talking about scary movies and Aaron remembered the House on Haunted Hill, Michelle smiled and begged to watch it. So they kicked off their shoes and made camp on the floor. Half way through the movie Michelle found her back snuggled against Aaron's chest and his hands running slowly through her hair. Little sighs escaped her; she loved having her hair played with.

Aaron loved the feel of her hair through his fingers. He found it very sexy and silky. Michelle had this tingly feeling spreading through her abdomen. She began to rub her legs together slowly. Aaron noticed as her muscular legs moved her dress swished and rode higher up on her thigh. His hand reached out and slid slowly up her thigh feeling the soft smooth skin exposed there. Michelle's backside was snuggled tightly against him and she could feel the harness of his cock pressing against her. She smiled. She never knew she had that kind of effect on men. She wiggled slowly against him and heard a soft moan escape him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered in her ear, "You are not playing fair, Michelle."

Michelle shivered with delight from the feel of his warm breath against her ear and his arm wrapped around her waist. She rolled on her back and looked up at him, she smiled at him.

Raising her hands up to his shirt, pulling him down, "Who said I was playing fair?" she said and kissed him.

The line had been crossed and there was no turning back. Hands were roaming over body parts and clothes were being pulled away till they both lay there, skin against skin, heat against heat. Aaron sat back and looked at Michelle's generous body. Her voluptuous breasts, her muscular thighs, her plump belly barely covering all her sex. Her hefty arms raised so that her chubby fingers could roam down his chest.

Michelle looked at him. He was so smaller then her, not athletically built or even a beanpole. He was just soft, with a masculine sensuality that attracted Michelle. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the mouth. She turned her head, opened her mouth and ran her tongue along his. He moaned harder and began to rub her belly with his hands. Michelle slid her hands along his side and brushed them along his groin to his cock. It was so hot and hard; she blushed and gasped at the thought that she had done that to him. The contact of Michelle's hands on him, stroking him, exploring him, made his whole being shake and growl with pleasure. His hands slide down to her sex and found, with probing fingers that she was as wet and ready as he was. She sighed and moved slightly against his fingers.

Aaron whispered in Michelle's ear as he took one of her nipples in his fingers and twisted and played with them lightly, "I want you, Michelle, I want to make love to you right now. Do you want me?"

All Michelle could do was shake her head; her body was on fire and no response would come. He positioned himself between her legs, and running his hands up her thighs to hold on to his hips, he entered Michelle slowly. Michelle moaned with pleasure, experiencing something she had never felt before. When they both climaxed and lay wrapped in each other's arms, they realized they had found what they were looking for. They wished never to leave the bliss they had found with each other, to forever be in each other's embrace and bask in their love. Aaron and Michelle spent the rest of their days together, Aaron feeding Michelle till she reached a beautiful weight of 600 pounds. The two loved, ate and lived happily ever after.