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Why Opposites Really Do Attract
By Lee Cameron

There had sprung an overnight bond of friendship between them. First it was little emails that flew back and forth a thousand kilometers until they just had to meet. Then a month later, in a university coffee-shop, Crystal had, shaking just slightly, poured Nick their first cup of coffee together. Their second meeting was in the park, where she proudly drank wine with her older, more sophisticated friend from the stock market. They stayed way too late and by the time he had to leave, he was running late for his train. As he did, he placed a hasty kiss on the side of her head. She was overwhelmed by surprise. Did he feel something for her? She had not considered it, much as the sensation had grown inside her.

From the outset he had told her he was no Prince Charming, and perhaps that was true, but she loved his azure blue eyes which blazed with such emotional intensity. She loved his hair, which was long and blond and framed his flawless skin. And she thought, with his sexy trim butt in black jeans and blue jersey, that he had presented himself as a most attractive male. He had confided in her that he felt insecure because he wasn't muscled-up or as broad as a steroid-junky. She thought his slender built suited him, but it just confirmed the fact that nothing romantic would ever happen between them.

She started the day with a cup of coffee and a newly invented exercise routine, wondering what the day would hold. She looked into the mirror and was faced by the chunky overweight dimensions of her person and she knew she could not get it into shape in time to impress Nick, if at all. Anyway, he had seen her, her bulk and weight surely exceeding his by a fair margin. It was then that the phone call came.

“Hi Crystal. Would you like to come stay over for the weekend?”

“Nick?” Silence as she tried to translate what he had just said.

“Yeah, sure.” She felt dizzy with shock. Surely she could spend the weekend at his place as a friend only? Was that it?

It was not long before she was sitting in his quiet, trendy apartment, listening to the romantic songs that was coming from his CD player. She finally let herself sit next to him on the couch and as they chatted she felt more and more for him, the more she tried to hold herself back. It did not help. There was something magnetic about those sky-blue eyes that seemed to care about her so much. When she escaped to the bathroom, she saw those loose black jeans that he had worn the first time she had seen him. In a crazy moment she started putting them on, noting the 32 size on the way up. They came to half way up her thighs, then got stuck solidly. She sighed. He was so perfectly build, and she would never look like that. She took them off and tried to put them back the way she found them.

She came back to the music, to his curiously worried face. She sat next to him again, silent and worried, not knowing what her heart would bring her. Suddenly it happened. She saw his soft gentle hand around her shoulder. And she worried no more. The truth in his eyes when he told her how beautiful she was overcame all her previous concerns.

They lay curled up on the couch together, trying to find the most comfortable spot. Putting his arms around her didn't work, she strained to breathe as his arms searched to get a good grip around her waist. So she lay with her head on his lap, across the couch and he sat straight in it. She felt his iron hard stomach against her head and heard his heartbeat. It made her dizzy. Later on she coaxed him to take off his shirt. It didn't take long. His beautiful rugged chest and strong stomach made her knees go weak, and his slim waist and hips revealed a sporty healthy lifestyle. She felt shy about herself and so focused her attention on his gorgeous body.

Weekends flew past as the young romance blossomed. Crystal and Nick could hardly get enough of each other, nor could they stop telling the other person how stunning they were. It helped Crystal immensely, as she started to see herself as Nick saw her, a radiant attractive woman.

And as with a happy girlfriend, and with the help of opulent meals she and Nick enjoyed together, she started to fill out a little bit. She hardly noticed her large clothes becoming tight around her, as she was madly in love, and greatly loved by someone as special as Nick. It only occurred to her when she almost fainted after rushing with Nick up the three flights of stairs that she would have to be careful with her larger figure. She started to appreciate Nick's strong arms to lift her from the couch or from chairs and she noticed that he pretended not to struggle to pull her to her feet, though he clearly did.

As she and Nick settled in for the night, she felt his hand against the softest part of her waist, where her skin gently started forming a convex shape away from her bust. He started to rub this soft vulnerable spot. She started to shiver. First she held her stomach in, but he rubbed it and massaged it with more delight. She let her stomach go, pushing it out further till it engulfed Nicks hand. He pushed it back in, then let it bounce back at him.

She opened her mouth and let out a heavenly sound. “Ooh, you like that?” Nick whispered to her, in the dark.

“Yeah. Don't you mind? I mean, I need to get into shape.”

“You're beautiful, perfect,” he said back to her, and gripped her tighter.

She wanted to scream again. It was better than a dream. She had never known how wonderfully sensitive her body was. She had starved herself of this type of touch for so long. She still wanted to test him, to know the true extent of his admiration for her. She had been totally turned on.

She took him hand and moved it lower down her body, into her stomach, which was particularly round and inflated like a jelly-filled balloon, with three fat rolls jutting out of her flesh. She settled his hand there to see what he would do. She could feel him settle his hand in between her two rolls, letting her skin pinch his hand tight. She could hardly breathe from excitement.

Then he put on the light.

“I always take my shirt off,” he told her.

“I want to see you in just that little bikini.” Her eyes went wide.

“No, Nick. I'm not ready yet. This body isn't right yet.”

“Right for who? What if I think you're stunningly attractive.”

“If you do, so do I.” She smiled, shyly.

She took off her large covering t-shirt and sat, with rosy flushed cheeks, in her tiny red bikini, which hardly covered her beautiful cleavage. Below her cleavage, her pale chest was flabby and her bellybutton hid itself within mounds of folded skin and fat.

“Wow.” He smiled at her and started kissing the soft curves of her huge stomach. He touched every part of her, but the parts that were most soft, most pliable, most round and which carried the most weight, he held the most. This meant his hand continually sought out the final roll of her stomach, large and jutting out. He put his hand on it, he gripped it in his hand, pushed it down as far as it could go, then started kissing her flap of white flesh. She could not hide it, she loved exposing it to him almost as much as he fell in love with it.

“I've put on some weight,” she said. “Not that I was skeletally thin to begin with.”

“I know,” he said and smiled. “You're more sexy now that ever. You have no idea how good it feels to touch you. It's so soft.”

“I don't have any idea what I weigh anymore," Crystal said, smiling.

He looked at her, hoping she would be as happy with herself as he was with her.

“I tried to look the other day, but I can't see over this anymore.” She poked her own undulating fleshy torso.

“Then it can't worry us anymore, can it?” she said and smiled.

Later in the night, he helped her on top of him, where she lay with her great tummy blubber touching his stomach. She lay like that till he groaned from her obesity and the he helped her gently to roll off him again. He estimated that she was now at least 200 pounds above his own tiny 180 frame. He then slithered on top of her, hardly making an impact into her generous body. He loved best to kiss her full lips, next to kiss the part of her stomach near her belly button, where centimeters of flesh rose into a little mountain of fat on her.

He helped her to her feet, almost crushed by her pounds resting on his shoulders and knew he was the luckiest man in the world. He wished he could help her better carry her beauty, for he was really tiny compared to her, and had great difficulty gaining any weight. But she carried enough for both of them, perfectly spread out on her body, but mostly on her stomach.

And as they fell asleep at night, he still had his hand resting on her stomach, wrapping himself around her as far as he could go. He smiled with pure joy as he heard the sound of the buttons of her nighty bursting in her sleep and a new immensity pouring out of it. It brought him pure joy that she walked (or waddled) unashamedly in skimpy clothes in front of him, for he wanted her to love herself as much as he did. It seemed the more she gained, the more she loved herself, and loved him too.

He had bought her a new wardrobe of clothes for the third time, each time seeking out bigger and more scanty clothes. He loved spoiling her rotten, and she was thankful, for it was difficult finding work when her weight had rocketed to a gigantic 500 pounds. It was also difficult finding her way round her own body without Nick to dress her and wash her and help her move between the tiny furniture of his flat. But love conquered all obstacles, and theirs was the strongest kind of love.

Now she was sitting on the couch again, a deep sagging mark in the middle of the sofa where she had left her mark, and he really did not know where to place himself. Even just a part of her resting on him would squash him uncomfortably.

“Er, Crystal?”

“I know this is weird, but would you mind if I sit on your lap?”

“Not at all. I'd love that.”

And so he sat like a prince on the throne of his super-sized princess.

Written by Lee Cameron (20 year old SSBBW) based more or less on her true story. Comment and support from other writers, BBW, and FAs would be greatly welcomed at this address: empresspalace@yahoo.com. And really needed!!