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Paula's Magic Donuts

Part One

As I walked down the corridor from the plane, I noticed her right away in a crowd of people waiting to greet their loved ones from the flight that just arrived. Paula was smiling from ear to ear and looking strait at me walking towards her. As I got closer, I couldn't help but think about how different she looked since I had last seen her. It had been about seven months since we had seen each other, and we had talked everyday on the phone. During that time Paula had noticeably put on some weight. She knew I wouldn't have any complaints because I truly adored her and the way she looked. I sometimes even commented that I wouldn't mind if she gained a little more here and there. Obviously, she took those words to heart since the beautiful woman standing before me was at least thirty to forty pounds heavier than when I saw her last. I have to admit I was instantly aroused as I walked up and put my arms around her now expanded waistline and kissed her with a long passionate kiss.

As we pulled away from the airport, Paula drove us out of the parking lot and said with a sheepish grin, “I have a surprise for you tonight.”

“Great,” I said, but ever since we'd gotten in the car all I could notice was the new curves on her ample figure. Her breasts were quite full and her hips were a bit more rounded under the pretty dress she wore. Her belly protruded outward against the dress that seemed to be almost to small for her new shape.

We pulled into a hotel I had not noticed before and she told me she already had a room ready for us. As we both got out of the car and walked inside we kept kissing and rubbing each other with a great anticipation. Paula inserted the card key and as we walked inside, I noticed the personal things around the room, including a box of Krispe Kreem donuts on the bed. She had already been here and knew I would want her to eat some donuts to help make her belly even more full. We had a very pleasant night ahead of us.

We instantly started groping each other in a mad fit of lust as I quickly moved my hands along her swollen breasts. I could hardly believe their new size. She must easily weigh 200 to 210, and it looked as if most of the new weight had gone straight to her breasts, her belly and her hips. The dress was black and did a good job of revealing the belly's full size before. As I took it off of her in bed, it finally revealed itself to be a nice round, firm lovable belly. I could hardly contain my stiff erection as Paula proudly stuck it out for me even further, shoving it against me and rubbing it with her own hands,

“Do you still like my belly big, baby?” she said as she taunted me and kissed me gently along the neck.

“God, yes, I do, you look like a dream,” I said back while trying to contain myself.

“Good, then you will like your surprise,” she giggled back.

“But I thought this…”

“Shh...lay down,” she commanded as she climbed on top of me wearing only the tight underwear and bra.

As I sat there, rubbing this gorgeous belly and thinking about how turned on I was, Paula reached into the box of donuts.

“I found a new Krispe Kreem Donuts that I think you're going to like,” she said, but I was still mesmerized at the ample breasts. She opened her mouth and seemed to devour the donut in almost a single effort. Instantly, I noticed the change.

Before my eyes, I saw her belly grow as the donut went down. She must have expanded in belly size a full inch almost instantly with the single donut. I couldn't believe what I just saw and started to ask her what just happened.

“Don't worry about how, just enjoy the moment,” she said with a seductive tone and reached in the box for a second donut, again, swallowing the doughnut almost whole. Her belly again expanded inside as if she was being filled like a balloon. Her breasts grew as well in proportion to her belly. I still couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I was so caught up in the fantasy of it, I began not to care.

“Feed Me,” she said as she rubbed her grown belly and occasionally caressing her large breasts. I grabbed a donut from the box and held it up to her mouth and shoved it in, as she ate the donut in absolute delight. Her belly expanded again as she was already shoving another in her mouth like a starving orphan. I helped her take her underwear off in time before they were hopelessly lost in the growing expanse of her figure. After the sixth donut, her breasts finally overtook the straining bra and quickly rolled over the top, falling quickly from the weight of the football sized breasts. I say football because they were so heavy from her plump form that they pointed downward at an angle, as they separated further away from each other from the growing belly rising up in between.

I finally took what was left of the bra off and without being able to wait another moment longer, I shoved my straining, throbbing hard cock inside of her. She moaned in pleasure. We were taking turns at shoving the “magic donuts” in her mouth, causing her massive beautiful form to grow even more. At this point, Paula was sitting on top of me with me inside her, slowly rocking back and fourth. As she popped in the next donut, her belly finally expanded to the point of reaching my face, almost covering me entirely. I began to kiss her belly underside while stroking my fingers down her long and hanging fat oversized tits that seem to cover everywhere the belly didn't. Her weight was starting to really crush me but I didn't care. As she looked at me and smiled, knowing I was almost overloaded in absolute ecstasy, she devoured the last donut in the box.

Her boobs now reached the bed as she sat up as well as she could, given her new figure. Feeling her boobs fall right into my hand and touching her now giant olive-sized nipples, I finally had reached my ability to maintain control.

I came inside of her with a massive force that seemed to go on and on for what felt like an hour. Over and over again, my muscle ejaculated over and over as we both let out moans of pain and delight. Paula leaned back some and rubbed her slightly pudgy fingers over her now massive tummy, while enjoying the feeling of repetitive ejaculations inside her. She knew that she made this happen, and it was by far the hardest I had ever cum. It may well have been the hardest any man had ever cum before. She smiled in her conquest, and after a while the ejaculations came to a slow stop. Quickly, she began to realize that her size was now probably weighing very heavy on me, and we started to work in unison to roll her body next to mine.

It was a little difficult. She wasn't used to the size, and it was a lot of flesh to roll over. When she finally lay on her back, I was surprised to see her belly stick up so far in the sky above her. It was as if instead of just being a large round girl full of dough, she was pregnant with sextuplets. Her belly was very firm and almost begged to be rubbed. Her belly button, now sticking for out as if it had no where else to go, was high in the air leaving a large underbelly side going down to her legs and crotch. She had a few rolls underneath, but for the most part, her belly was a spherical round globe that I couldn't help but admire.

Her breasts were more rounded while laying on her back as gravity wasn't quite shaping them anymore. I curled up into one while kissing her softly all over. Her legs and arms were a little bigger, but her face was just slightly more fuller than before. She was beautiful. She was a goddess, and I loved every bit of her. I fell asleep curled up to her and we both rubbed her belly in great satisfaction. I had no idea where those donuts had come from but at the moment I didn't care to ask. While drifting almost completely into sleep, she kissed me and said, “I have more boxes of donuts for later.” I smiled as I fell into a magic sleep of absolute bliss.