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Paula's Pot Belly

Ever since I was young, my sexuality revolved around weight gain and over all largeness of the female form. I remember staring at women's bulging belly's as a young boy. All of my masturbatory fantasies involved women's bloated tummy's, too tight jeans, and weight gain. For many years I worried that I was insane or sick or something. The locker room conversations were always about the slim and built girls in our high school. So I remained a silent minority.

I played soccer on the high school team and all the cheerleaders were, of course, thin. There was one girl who every guy lusted after. Her name was Paula, and she had a face that would sink a thousand ships. Intense brown eyes to go with her thick brown hair. A cute little nose and thick lips that turned down into a natural pout. Despite my attraction to plump girls, I too found Paula beautiful. After all, a pretty face is a pretty face. There were two drawbacks to my relationship with Paula. First was her boyfriend was captain of the soccer team. Secondly, she was a little aloof and wouldn't give me the time of day.

As the soccer season went on, my fondness for Paula grew. She was truly a prize and I envied her boyfriend. I had managed to gain Paula's favor by means of humor. She thought I was funny, so I worked this angle for the remainder of the season. That winter I began to notice that some of Paula's jeans were rather tight on her. She didn't cheer and spent her weekends going to exclusive keg parties. I wasn't in "The God Squad", the name we gave for the popular kids, so I only saw her at school and was never invited to these parties.

I didn't know if I was thinking wishfully, or if Paula had actually gained a little weight. I could swear that she had a tiny beer belly blooming. She began to wear loose shirts that hung below her waste so it was hard to tell. I jerked off every night thinking about what must be growing under those loose shirts. We continued to talk that year, but I suspected her boyfriend was becoming jealous and she spent less time allowing me to make her laugh.

I didn't see her at all that summer, which was not strange because we really didn't hang out with the same crowd. When soccer started in what was to be our senior year, I was disappointed to see Paula. Her former softer self had been lost to a version that was thinner than I'd ever seen her. She became an instant sensation with every guy in school and paid little attention to me. We won the state championship that year and after the official party ended, we threw a keg party at the goalie's house. The whole team went and it was there that I had a night I'd never forget. Everyone got really drunk and was falling all over each other. I had managed to get Paula alone and was keeping her laughing much of the night.

Then she got quite serious

"God, you're so funny, I just love the way you make me laugh", she said.

"Hey, just doing mankind a small service", I replied.

"Well, Brent never makes me laugh, He's so caught up in his image. It's like I'm just a trophy to him. Talking with you I feel like my whole life is a game. A popularity game. You make me feel real. It's like the whole school has this idea of what I'm all about. So I try to live like they think I should, but with you I feel free to be myself and I like that." She was a little choked up so I gave her a hug. She then grabbed the back of my head and shoved her tongue down my throat. We made out that night and it was basically the highlight of my youth. The only thing I wished was different was, I wished she had a little more flesh on her bones.

That Monday morning when I saw her, I knew things were back to the way they had been before. She was busy being Paula the popular girl and I was that guy who made her laugh sometimes. She gave me a knowing look and I understood what she needed most. The safety of her plastic world was more important than the truth she knew with me. To be quite honest, that was O.K. with me because I knew that we had shared something real and special.

High school ended and I went away to college. I dated some chubby girls and enjoyed the wonder of their soft bodies. I still had told no one about my obsession with tummies, but I was enjoying them none the less. When I was between girlfriends, I would masturbate while dreaming of entire worlds of fat girls all trying to gain more weight. It had become definite, I was a fat admirer, although I didn't know there were more people out there just like me.

I came home for Christmas my Junior year and met with some old buddies from high school. I asked how everyone was and got the old 'so and so's in jail and so and so got married...'

When I asked about Paula someone said, "I saw her last month at the grocery store and dude she's gotten kinda fat."

"What do you mean?" I asked, very interested.

"She's got a big old beer gut"

"No way!" I added hoping he would go on.

"Yeah, she really let herself go"

"Too bad", I said lying, "She was hot"

"And now she's gone to pot", my friend threw in.

That night I fantasized about what Paula looked like now. How big her beer belly was. What it would feel like to touch it. I came so hard my prostrate ached.

The next day I called her house. Her mom answered and told me Paula was still sleeping, so I left a message. That night she called back and I asked her if she wanted to go have a drink or something before I had leave for school. She said she would love to, but she was leaving in the morning for a study program in Europe. I told her to have and to keep in touch and hung up, rather disappointed.

The thought of her weight gain gave me masturbation material for months. As the years went by, my thoughts would drift back to Paula. I'd ask around, but it seemed nobody had seen or heard from her. She was not at the five year reunion to my profound disappointment. I did manage to find out that she was back in the States, but no one had seen her and only a few people had talked to her. No one knew how to reach her. I tried to call her mom, but the number had been changed to an unlisted number, so I gave up.

I got a job that ate up most of my time, which was good because I had been having poor luck with the ladies. It seemed that every girl I would date would be on a diet or talked about wanting to lose weight. This did nothing for me. As a consequence, I just worked and dreamed of that perfect girl who would let me feed her and watch as her belly outgrew her clothing.

The years passed without much happening. I went to my ten year high school reunion, once again hoping to see Paula. The night moved on and no sight of her. It was not a total loss, however, because some of the girls who I went to school with had gotten quite plump in the ten years after high school. It was very exciting for me to watch as they tried to hide their fat from their former classmates. Most of them seemed ashamed of their bodies, which was so ironic when I found them much more attractive than I had before.

I was talking with Randi, one of the old soccer cheerleaders when Paula walked up to the table. She was wearing a sun dress that was quite loose so I couldn't get an accurate picture of what she was hiding underneath. She had a cute double chin and her plumper cheeks offset her pouty mouth perfectly. The bottom line was simply that she was heavier than the last time I saw her and that was a good start. We got to talking and I offered to buy her a drink.

"Can I buy you a drink?"


"How about a beer?'

"Better make it a light beer, I've put on a little weight since high school", she patted her tummy to emphasize the point. The sight of this made me almost come right then and there. I hoped I might someday be able to pat that tummy and know for myself just how much weight she had added. I went over to get our drinks.

While I was waiting at the bar, I overheard Brent talking to some of his buddies about his old high school girlfriend. They were all sitting at the bar drinking beer and bonding in that strange ex-jock way that was always so foreign to me. The funny thing was that while I had maintained pretty much the same physique that I had in high school, these sports fans had grown pretty respectable beer guts.

"Hey did you check out Paula?", he asked.

"No, why?"', his meat head friend responded.

"She totally porked out. It looks like a lot of girls here have gained weight, but I'm surprised to see Paula all pudgy like that.", he said as he finished his beer and followed with a loud belch.

I took this opening and walked over to him.

"Hi Brent, I couldn't help but overhear you talking about Paula."

"Yeah, I guess that without me around she stopped caring about how she looked.", he said looking for approval from his pals.

I rubbed his stomach and said, "So what explains your expanded midsection".

Defensively he said, "It's different for guys, Ya know a little beer gut is expected on a guy. It makes him more of a man" . At that remark, his drinking buddies grunted in agreement.

"Seems a little hypocritical doesn't it", I said as I walked back to the table where Paula was waiting.

The rest of the night was fantastic. Paula and I drank and talked like nobody else was in the room. We traded stories of young adult comedies and tragedies. As the official function was winding down I boldly suggested we go to an all night diner down the road. She agreed to the idea and we left without much fanfare.

We were seated and the waitress came to take our order. I ordered a club sandwich and a coke. Paula ordered steak and eggs, a tall stack of buttermilk pancakes, an order of hash browns, and a side of bacon. I couldn't help but notice her watching my reaction. When the waitress left Paula looked down at her place mat and started nervously drawing circles on it with her finger.

"Do you think I'm a pig?", she asked.

"No, why would you say that?".

"I mean, I ordered so much food. And look at me, I'm not the same svelte cheerleader I once was", she said with some pain in her voice.

"I think you look better now than you did then"

"That's so nice of you to say, but I saw everyone's reaction tonight. They looked at me like I was a joke or something."

"I don't think so. Besides, who made them the Taste police?"

"Can I tell you a secret. Well It's sort of two secrets in one?", she looked up at me.

"Sure", I said not certain this whole thing was going the way I had hoped.

"I don't normally look like this. I dieted so I would feel comfortable at the reunion, isn't that crazy. Until eight months ago I was about forty pounds heavier."

I silently cursed my luck at not being able to see Paula with another forty pounds on her luscious frame. Then I remembered. "What's the other part of the secret?" I asked.

"You're going to think I'm nuts, but I just have to tell someone. I love to eat. I love to stuff my face full of rich fattening food. I love sit on my couch and eat until I have to unbutton my pants so I can breath."

"You're not nuts Paula, you're visceral", I said.

"I'm What?"

"Visceral, a pleasure creature. You get pleasure from feeling full. Humans are made to receive pleasure from eating. I guess it's God's insurance policy against us starving ourselves."

"Really", she said, "I thought it was rebelling against years of feeling pressure to be thin. I've always liked to overeat, I guess that as I got older I started giving in to that desire more and more."

"I wouldn't look at it as giving in. Giving in is what those fashion models do. The fashion industry wants women to look like men. I think that's because the fashion industry is predominantly homosexual. The female form is meant to be round and soft. I bet you looked fantastic forty pounds heavier."

"Hmmm, I wonder. It did seem like a lot of men were checking me out then. I thought maybe they were staring at me because I was fat. Maybe they were staring at me because they were actually attracted to me."

"Listen, I think a lot of men prefer big women. They aren't vocal about it for the same reason women diet themselves to death. Society has projected this image of the ideal female shape and many men are a afraid that if they admitted they liked big women, they would be made fun of."

Paula smiled, "What do motor scooters and fat girls have in common?"


"They're both fun to ride until your friends find out"

I laughed, but I also felt a little ashamed. In all my years of being a fat admirer, I never had the nerve to tell anyone. This evening with Paula was like some kind of dream. It was late at night, we were both pretty loaded from all the beer we drank at the reunion, and suddenly here she is telling me how much she loves to eat. I was in heaven. In an effort to keep the dream alive, I changed the subject until the food arrived.

I couldn't believe how much Paula ate. She devoured her three breakfasts with complete nonchalance. Then she ordered an omelet with a side of French toast.

"Hey, I'm being visceral," she said mistaking my arousal with surprise.

"Paula, I don't think you understand. In your whole life, I doubt you'll ever find a person more in favor of people who are pleasure seekers. We only get a short time on this earth, why not enjoy the things this life has to offer to the fullest!"

"Fullest is what I'm about to become", she said as her omelet have a blank check on eating. Most of my clothes are too loose now. I always knew that I'd be gaining the weight back. In truth I was looking forward to this stupid reunion so that when it was over, I could pig out."

As she was finishing the last of her French toast, I could hear cute little moans as each bite went down. My pants were getting tight, as my erection grew with each moan. I was getting very hot imagining how every bite was stretching her belly to the limit.

"I'm stuffed," she declared, "You're going to have to wheel me out of here, I don't know if I can walk."

I told her stay there while I paid the bill. When I came back to the table, Paula had a glazed over smile on her face. I helped out of her chair and we slowly walked out of the diner. She took little steps and once again I heard her moaning with each step.

As I walked her towards her car, a gust of wind came up, pressing her sun dress against her body. In the moonlight, I saw the effects of her overindulgence. Her belly was protruding well past her breasts. It was so full it didn't bounce, it defied gravity and stuck out like a little round ball. I had no choice but to openly stare at it's marvelous beauty.

Paula must have caught me staring, because the next thing I knew she was rubbing her tummy and moaning louder. Then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a long electrifying kiss. I could feel her little Buddha belly jam against my solid cock as droplets of pre- come fluid were making my crotch damp.

Coyly she stared at me with bedroom eyes and said breathily, "Do you like motor scooters?"

"I love them!"

"Do you wanna take me for a ride?"

"More than you could possibly know!"

With that she simply pointed to a sign that said 'Motel'. We got in my car and sped towards the Sign as if it were the holy grail. I took care of the paper work, while Paula waited in the car. We burst into the room with sexual frenzy. I undressed her and nearly shot my load at the sight of her baby blue satin panties cutting into her paunch. I rubbed and kissed her distended belly as I worked my way up to her plump, firm breasts. I worked my way down to her panties and laid her down on the bed. I pulled the soaked underwear off her body and had to work it a little to make it over her pudgy butt. I licked her pussy like a large ice cream cone on a hot summer day. The moans I'd heard before at the table were now amplified. They were definitely pleasure moans. As I continued licking her crotch, the moans turned to screams. Her body quivered and she arched her back in a roaring orgasm. I kept going, and she kept coming. Then she yelled, "Fuck me, please, feed me your cock"

Well, that was pretty much a no-brainer, so I did as my lover commanded. I stabbed her pussy and rode her hard. I put her legs up on my shoulders and drove her deep. The position caused the wonderful little rolls of belly flesh to become more prominent, and I just stared at them as I made the most passionate love of my life.

She flipped me over and ground her tight little pussy up and down the length of my pole. I caressed her tummy and sensed that she was about to come again. I felt the muscles of her vagina spasm and she screamed, "OH MY GOD!" Then I fainted as I blew my orgasm deep into her.

She must have passed out as well, because the next thing I knew the sun was shinning in the motel room window. Paula was still asleep so I took the opportunity to pull the covers down and stare at her tummy. The effects of her binge were still visible. I couldn't help myself, so I just began to touch her little paunch. This caused her to stir and roll over to face me.

"Good morning", she said sweetly.

"Good morning to you, can I buy you breakfast?"

"We ate breakfast last night, don't you remember", she said and reached down to where my hand was massaging her stomach.

"How could I forget? But this is Saturday, last night was Friday, so actually today is a new breakfast."

"You got me on a technicality, I guess you can buy me Saturday's breakfast. Believe it or not, I'm a little hungry."

We showered and got dressed. She called her parents and canceled a visit with them. That was how I learned that she wasn't living in town anymore.

She had moved to San Francisco after her trip to Europe. I was devastated. Here I had met the girl of my dreams, and she lived over two thousand miles away. I would have to make the most out of what was left of the weekend. As we stepped outside, I started to walk towards the office, to check out. She grabbed my hand.

"And what do you think you're doing?", she asked with a flirtatious tone.

"I'm checking out".

"We are not done with room, you silly boy."

I playfully shrugged and got in the car. I took Paula to a large shopping mall that had an all you can eat buffet style restaurant in it. She said she had to go buy something real quick, so she'd meet me at the restaurant. I took the opportunity to go to a flower shop and get my new lover a single red rose.

We met back at the buffet and I gave her the rose. She blushed and proudly held the flower as we entered the dining room together. Paula was an eating machine. I noticed that when Paula went up for her third plate of food, she had trouble getting out of the booth, so I offered to walk up and grab her a little something. It was so wonderful to serve her. Soon the little moans came and I began to feed her. I held on to caramel rolls as she devoted all her attention to chewing and swallowing. I shoveled fork fulls of pancakes into her eager mouth. I mixed her coffee with two packets of sugar and pure cream. I stuffed my lover full and kept feeding her until she announced. "Enough, now take me to bed!"

I practically had to carry her out of the restaurant. When she sat down in the car, she groaned and I laid the passenger seat back down for her. The whole ride back she just rubbed her belly and moaned with pleasure.

"You like to see this little piggy in action, don't you?" she said as she rubbed my already full erection.

I couldn't answer for fear of crashing the car. It took all my energy to get us back to the motel. When we arrived, I lifted her out of the car and carried her into the room. She must weigh about a hundred and fifty pounds, I thought to myself.

I gently set her down on the bed and began kissing every square inch of her body. She was getting hot and pulled her dress up to reveal a surprise. She had purchased a black silk bustier with matching black panties. Both looked to be at least one size too small. The effect was breathtaking, literally. The tightness on top and bottom left her bare paunch to stick out and hang over the waistline of her panties, while the rest was stuffed into the silk lingerie. I knew she was constricted by the underwear, so I started to unhook the back of the bustier when she stopped me.

"Leave it on. Just slide the crotch over and fuck me. I want you to feel my fat belly when you fuck me. I want you to feel the effect of all that food you fed me."

How could she be so in tune with my ultimate sexual fantasy? To feed, and fuck, and watch my lover get fat. Could it be she shared this fantasy? Was I dreaming? Was I on Candid Camera or something? All I knew was she wanted this and I was going to give it to her. And so we made love all afternoon.

I woke from up from the nap Paula and I had taken after our orgy in the late afternoon. She was still asleep and I watched her serene slumber. There was a smile on her face that gave away her happiness. She had fallen asleep with her hand on her belly and it was still there. As I wondered about my insane luck, she stirred, rubbed her tummy, moaned and sank into a deeper sleep. I got up and quietly took a shower.

Paula was still sleeping when I came out of the shower so I left a note and went to the supermarket. I went on shopping trip for the sole purpose of buying goodies to feed my lover. I purchased foods I hoped she liked and some I knew she would love.

As I was waiting at the check out I noticed another couple, a slender guy and a plump girl, two lines down. I could have sworn he rubbed her tummy as the cashier rang up their groceries. I began to wonder if maybe there was more couples who were turned on by feeding and fattening.

When I returned to our little room, Paula was awake. To my amazement she had ordered two large pizzas and was just about to finish the first.

"I hope you don't mind", she said in a sweet voice," I was hungry".

"That will have to be your appetizer, because I went out and got your main courses and desserts." I proclaimed as I set the bags of food down on the table.

"Bring it on", she said with vigor, "Let's see what this little gut can hold".

I made a production out of removing each thing from the paper bag and feeding it to her. I started with a large container of pasta salad I fed her the whole thing in a about a minute. Then I took out a loaf of fresh French bread a broke off large pieces and stuffed them into her eager little mouth. I offered her some cream cheese and she just nodded with wide eyes. She took two fingers and dipped them into the cream cheese and began shoveling it into her mouth.

I paused for a moment to look at her belly. She was still wearing the lingerie from that morning. Her tummy stuck out, defying gravity, and the waistband of the panties cut into the bottom of her paunch. I began to wonder how much more she could eat. She finished the cream cheese and said, "Next!"

I had purchased half a ham to make sandwiches out of, but she ripped it out of my hands and started biting chunks out of it instead. She had almost finished the whole thing when she set it down.

"I can't eat as much as I used to. My stomach has shrunk to much from dieting for that stupid reunion. I think it's time for dessert."

I removed a cake box from a bag. I presented to Paula a triple layer chocolate cake with fudge frosting.

"Do you like chocolate?" I asked.

"Adore it, feed it to me!" she demanded.

I found a plastic knife and sliced off a piece of the cake. I put it up to her mouth and she started to devour the piece.

"More!" she said between bites.

After the third piece, with much effort, she moved some pillows behind her so she could lay back while I fed her the cake. She spread her legs apart and motioned for me to keep feeding her. Paula started rubbing her belly and groaning as I fed her the last of the cake. She then started rubbing her crotch.

"Would you like some ice cream with your cake?" I asked.

"Please" she said.

I got out a pint of vanilla ice cream and fed it to her as rubbed up and down from the top of distended belly to the bottom of her crotch. When all the ice cream was gone she leaned over and whispered, "You rub it for me, I need to lay back and enjoy"

With that I did what I had wanted to do since I walked in the door, I touched her stomach. The skin was tightly stretched over the result of her overindulgence. I little layer of fat made it feel soft yet firm. It was quite rounded and I arched my hand up and down it. Paula's eyes rolled back and she moaned between short breaths.

I rubbed her for about fifteen minutes when she came out of her little food coma. She put her hand on mine and we caressed her belly together.

"Do you like the this feels?" she said as she opened her eyes for the first time in twenty minutes.

"Yes, I do" ,I said.

"I do too", she said as she sat up a little. "But, this is nothing compared to how big I once was." She patted her paunch with both hands for emphasis. My already raging hard on was aching as imagined Paula with a big huge fat belly.

"I'd like to see that sometime," I said with a gulp.

"Oh, I could show you pictures, or you could help me get that big again. It's so much more fun if I have a partner", she said. "Tonight, I'm afraid this is all the bigger it's gonna get. I stuffed myself good," she reached over and picked up an apple. "I feel like a fat pig. I want you fuck me when I'm stuffed like a pig, it feels so good."

Paula shoved the apple into her mouth and pulled me on top her. The arch of her belly was the first thing I felt as I came down on her. I kissed and caressed nearly every inch of her body. As I went down to remove her panties I couldn't believe how wet they were. It took some effort to peel her panties off her bloated frame. I threw the wet garment on the floor and did some eating of my own. Paula's moans got got louder and louder as she rubbed her belly with increasing intensity. Paula came so hard her whole body spasmed. I caressed her body as she recovered from her orgasm.

Paula started rubbing my throbbing member and there was no more holding back. I drove it deep and she responded with muffled moans through her apple. I was careful not to put to much pressure on her inflated belly, but I stroked it as often as I could. I flipped her over and did her doggy-style. This was great because, as I pumped her, I could reach around and feel her tight gut bounce around with its package of food that would soon turn to fat.

Suddenly she flipped me over and wrapped her lips around my cock. She sucked me to the most earth shattering orgasm of life. I went numb and passed out for a few minutes. We did not speak for the rest of the night.

We did not need to. We held one another close and shared that feeling a person has when they are totally connected to another person. I fell asleep at some point, I don't remember when. All I remember is feeling overwhelmingly happy.

The next morning it was Paula who was up first. By the time I woke up, she had already showered and been out and about. I saw that she had changed into jeans and a T-shirt. She must have caught me looking at her outfit.

"Good morning," she said in a sing song voice. "These pants are a little tight after this weekend. I guess you noticed." She indicated the little roll of fat that poked out over the waistband. Her tight T-shirt did little to cover it either.

"It looks cute", I said as I got out of bed to pat her tummy and give her a hug.

"I'm glad you think so, I feel so lucky that you, of all people share my secret. You know how much I always liked you in high school. I just was so caught up in the popularity game that I wasn't ready for the truth."

"Well, that's behind us now", I said. "What really matters is the future".

She set two big bags of doughnuts on the table and said, "I don't know about the future, but I want you to help me make these doughnuts history".

I could not believe that she could eat again after last night. She looked at me with anticipation and I fed her almost a dozen of the doughnuts when she motioned to stop.

"I don't want you to stop, I just need to unbutton these pants", she mumbled, still chewing. Paula's hand was trying to unbutton her jeans, but her gut was protruding over the top so much and the pants had become so tight that she was having trouble. Finally she got the button free and her belly popped out. I just stared at it. It was definitely bigger. Her T-shirt sat on top of it as Paula unzipped her jeans to let the paunch hang out.

She looked up at me. "You like my little tummy, don't you? O.K. So lets feed the poor thing."

I fed Paula another nine doughnuts before she surrendered.

"Let's lay around and snuggle. I need to digest this breakfast so we can go out to lunch!" She said as she ambled back into bed.

"That sounds like a grand idea" , I said eating what was left of a half finished jelly doughnut.

We spent the rest of the morning in bed. Paula laid on her side and I laid behind her rubbing her stomach. It was the best way to waste a Sunday morning I could have ever imagined.