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Peggy's New Life

My wife and I had been having some problems. She was always finding fault with everything. It didn't matter what is was, she saw everything bad about it. This was especially true about me. There was not a day that went by that she didn't find something new wrong with me, with what I was doing, or with what I had done. The list of my crimes had no limit and every new offense reminded her of every other way I had failed her. And she had started to bring up divorce more and more often. Things were in a real mess. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing seemed to help.

Then one day, on my way home from work, I stopped into a little shop that sold curios and little gifts. I was thinking of buying my wife something small and pretty, something that might improve her mood, at least for a little while.

I looked through the shelves at lots of little trinkets, but I kept imagining her saying disparaging things about each thing. It was very depressing trying to find a gift for someone so hard to please. The shopkeeper came up quietly behind the counter and inquired, "Is there anything I can show you, sir?"

"Well, I don't know," I replied. "I am looking for something for my wife. She's been in a bad mood for a while and I wanted to find something to improve her outlook."

"Ah, I see," he said kindly. "I see a lot of people with that objective in mind. How much were you looking to spend?"

"If it would work," I said with a sigh, "there would be no price too high, but I'm really just looking for something simple and inexpensive."

"Very sensible," he said. "Come with me and I will show you something inexpensive that will improve her outlook on life."

I followed him over to a corner of the shop, where there were hundreds of little bottles with curious labels. They reminded me of old fashioned apothecary bottles. He took one from the shelf and held it out to me. "This," he said, "will allow you to change your wife's outlook."

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"It's really very simple," he replied. "You must add this to your wife's morning coffee or tea. When she drinks it, she will fall into a kind of trance for one minute. When you speak to her, she will hear you and when she wakes, in about five minutes, she will not recall that you have spoken to her or that any time has passed. She will nevertheless change her views and behavior to conform to what you said to her."

"I am not sure I understand," I said doubtfully. "What do you mean she will conform to what I have said?"

"I mean just this," he said with a wave of his hand. "If you tell her that she thinks you are perfect, she will not be able to find a single fault in you. If you tell her that she desires you, she won't be able to restrain her lust for you. If you tell her she is too short, she will grow taller."

"You mean that I can tell her to become just like I want and it will become so?" I asked, still doubtful.

"For one minute and one minute only," he replied. "You can only use this once on her, and whatever you say, she will become. So, be careful what you wish for, for you will get it. I suggest you think about it well, write down what you are going to say, practice saying it and time your delivery. You cannot take more than 60 seconds. When she wakes, everything you have said will come gradually to pass."

"How much does it cost?" I asked, doubtful this time if I could afford it.

"As you asked," he said with a smile, "it is inexpensive: only ten dollars."

"I'll take it." I said, offering him a $20. "Keep the change." After leaving the shop, my mind was all awhirl. I kept thinking of things I wanted to say to her, wondering how many of them I could say in just two minutes. I knew that I had to be careful, precise, logical, and thorough. I bought her some flowers at the local supermarket and then went straight home. She didn't admit to liking the flowers, but I didn't expect her to. I did the mountain of dishes in the sink, tidied up and joined her in the living room. We spent a quiet, uneventful evening together and went to bed around midnight. All evening, I thought of things I wanted to say. I pretended to do work I'd brought home on my laptop, but all the while, I was deciding what to say and how to say it. I figured I would practice in the morning before she got up, to get my timing just right.

In the morning, I got up early and printed out my notes from the evening's work. I practiced them quietly while I made a simple breakfast and a fresh pot of tea. When I heard her stirring, I poured the contents of the little bottle into her teacup, added milk and waited for her to arrive.

"Oh, you're still here," she said dully when she saw me.

"I thought we could have breakfast together," I said pleasantly, trying very hard to jeep any sense of tension or excitement from my voice.

"I guess," she said in a caustic voice, "that this means you've been fired again."

"No, not at all," I said evenly, "but they owe me a little comp time and I was kind of tired and didn't want to rush in this morning. We haven't anything pressing on my schedule today. Tea?"

"Whatever," she said, picking up a piece of toast, scraping the unmelted butter off, saying, "still trying to make me fat, I see."

I poured tea into the cup I had prepared for her. She took the cup from my hand in a way that made clear that she thought me incapable of setting it down without making a mess. I pretended to ignore her as she drank it. She drank the whole thing and handed me the empty cup. Then she seemed on the verge of saying something, but then she stopped all movement and she stared fixedly ahead.

I removed the paper from my pocket and read from it, slowly and distinctly.

You love me.

You have always loved me.

Every day, you love me more and more.

Every day, you need me more and more.

You have no complaints about me, because I am perfect in every way.

Every day, you are pleased and delighted by me more and more.

You trust be absolutely.

You love to please me.

You need to please me.

You love for me to tell you what to do.

There is nothing you would not do to please me.

Every day, you are happier with me.

Everything that pleases me is right.

You are for fucking and you always want sex.

Your body will change to please me more.

Whatever I want is what you want.

Everything I do pleases you perfectly.

You can deny me nothing, you have no will power.

I stopped. I was sure I still had some time, but I wanted to be sure. In a moment, her eyes closed. I put away the sheet of paper, refilled her teacup and sat down opposite. After a few minutes, she gave a sort of start, opened her eyes and asked me when I was going to go.

"I'll just finish my coffee."

"Well," she said, "don't rush off on my account."

I picked up a magazine and leafed through it. I found a picture of a model smoking a cigarette, I showed it to her, saying, "Doesn't she look sexy, holding that cigarette?"

"You've got to be kidding," she replied.

"Of course, she's much too thin," I remarked, putting down the magazine and finishing my coffee. I collected my things and headed for the door.

Peggy met me by the door. She looked a little confused. "When will you be home?" she asked.

"Oh, about the usual time," I replied.

"Couldn't you come home just a little sooner?" she asked, as though she were afraid to be left alone, very out of character for her.

"If I can get off early, I will come straight home," I answered. I leaned forward to kiss her cheek, she leaned away from me at first and then she turned quite suddenly and her lips met mine in a very passionate kiss. She looked at me with a yearning but confused expression on her face. "Be good," I said and strode out of the door.

It was hard to keep my mind on work. It was true that we were in a bit of a slack period at the moment, so there wasn't anything really pressing or urgent to take my mind off work. So, about an hourly early, I left for home. I was feeling very nervous. I wondered what I would find at home. I walked in the door. The place was neat and tidy. There was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen, but I did not at first find my wife. She was sitting on the porch with a big half-empty box of pastries.

When she heard me, she put down her half eaten cream puff and rushed to me, folding me in her embrace. She was wearing a very loose house coat and I could feel she was wearing nothing underneath. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "I am so glad you were able to come home early. Please sit down." She kissed me very passionately and then ran off to the kitchen, returning with a martini for me. She got on her knees in front of me, removed my shoes and massaged my feet while I sipped my martini. "This is going to be good," I thought to myself.

"What are you cooking? It smells heavenly," I asked as she finished massaging my feet. She sat down in the chair facing me across the table.

"It's your favorite, roast beef with asparagus and baby carrots," she said, looking deeply into my eyes. She sat back, lit a cigarette and said, "I missed you so much!" blowing a big puff of smoke over my head. I did not comment on the cigarette, but she must've seen a little surprise cross my face. She took my hand in hers and remarked, "Oh, I could never give up smoking. I have absolutely no will power at all."

"I didn't marry you because of your will power," I said and reached forward to caress her cheek. "You look very beautiful this afternoon."

She smiled an ecstatic smile. "Would you like one?" she asked, pointing to the pastries. "They looked so good, I just had to have some."

"Well, you know," said I, "that I have always thought you were too thin."

"Really?" she said coyly. I picked up an eclair and fed it to her. She devoured it with obvious enjoyment. "These are so good," she commented. "I've eaten four pastries already and I'm still famished. I thought it was giving up smoking that was supposed to make you gain weight, not starting again." We talked and she ate three more pastries, smoked, and gradually moved herself closer to me. All her body language said "touch me." While we talked, I undid the front of her house coat. Her nipples were very firm to the touch and caressing them made her melt into my embrace.

When I stood up, I helped her to her feet, slowly, since she was so stuffed. I led her to the bedroom, undressed and then led her naked to the bed. Her stomach was tight as a drum. I laid her down and massaged her swollen stomach. She moaned with pleasure. Then we made love.

While she served dinner, I got us each a large gin and tonic, about half gin and half tonic. All those pastries she ate didn't slow down her appetite at dinner. She ate twice as much as I did, including half a pecan pie drowned in whipped cream. She fell asleep on the couch next to me while we watched TV. I refreshed her drink and I got some of my back issues of Buff and was leafing through one when she woke up.

"What're you reading?" she asked sleepily, reaching for a cigarette.

"A magazine, with pictures of pretty naked women in it," I replied, handing her drink to her. She took it from me and took a big sip. She hadn't been much of a drinker, but she was enjoying this drink.

"May I see, too?" she asked.

"Of course," I said, "that's why I have them here, so we can both look at them together. So, she situated herself, her drink and her ashtray in easy reach and curled up next to me. I turned the pages and made sure to linger on the fattest models with the biggest tits. She undid her blouse and cupped her rather small breasts in her hands. Pouting, she said, "My tits are so small."

"That's because you're so thin," I replied. She nodded in agreement.

"As you get fatter, your tits will get much bigger. As big as these," I said, pointing to a model whose huge tits fell down her bloated belly almost to her waist."

"Do you really think so?" she asked, pointing to the model, "I wish I had a beautiful fat body like hers."

"She is very attractive, but she's not perfect," I answered. We spent the next hour looking at the magazines, critiquing the models' physiques. My wife agreed with everything I said.

"Can I take some pictures from these magazines?" she asked. "I want to look at them often to remind me what you like best.

"Sure!" I said. She got up to go into the kitchen. "While you're there, get me a coffee," I said, "and have another gin and tonic yourself," I added, noting that her glass was empty.

She returned with our drinks and a platter of little sandwiches, some brownies and a bowl of whipping cream. "I got really hungry looking at those magazines," she explained. We watched a movie and she ate steadily through the whole thing. I especially liked how she dipped the brownies in the whipping cream. She'd occasionally make comments about the movie, like "that actress would be pretty if she weren't so thin," or "I wonder why that guy doesn't make his woman mind him, it's obvious that is what she wants him to do." After the movie, I helped her into the bedroom and we made love for hours. She put pictures of fat women with enormous tits on the refrigerator, on the mirror in our bathroom and her wallet, so she could look at them when she was out. Her behavior kept changing, always for the better. At the end of the fifth week, I came home to find her naked in bed in tears, sitting with a half eaten chocolate cake in front of her. She tried to stop crying, which only made her cry more. I sat next to her and held her, asking her what was the matter.

"I've been such a horrible wife to you," she said. "I have been such a mean egotistical bitch, I don't know how you could have put up with me! I'm so frightened that you'll decide to leave me because I've been such a terrible witch."

"Yes, you were a terrible wife and you wouldn't even fuck like a good slut," I said. She started sobbing again. She looked adorable, sitting there with cake and icing on her new bigger breasts giggling on a quite respectable tummy roll. I started to massage her nipples between thumb and forefinger and she looked searchingly into my eyes and stopped crying. I let go of one of her nipples, took a generous hunk of rich chocolate cake and shoved it into her mouth. She ate it eagerly and hungrily and her eyes begged me for more cake, so I kept fondling her and feeding her cake until it was gone. "But you've become an excellent slut now," I said comfortingly. "Why would I leave you when you're getting to be so good for fucking," I said, rubbing her tummy fat and kissing her deeply.

"I'll keep getting better!" she exclaimed. "I'll get fatter and fatter for you! I'll fuck and fuck and fuck."

"You know how to be a good wife now," I complimented her and we kissed passionately. "You're so much prettier and more feminine," I said, fondling her bigger, fuller breasts. "You can't be too feminine, you know. A good cunt knows her place and what she's for." My wife enthusiastically agreed with a blissful smile on her chocolate covered face. "Where's my martini?" I asked. She got up instantly and rushed toward the kitchen. I called after her, "and you should have a beer." She threw me a big grin as she went out the door.

In just three months, my beautiful little wife had almost doubled her weight, going from a tiny 120 lbs to a generous, sexy 200 lbs. and she showed no signs of slowing down. Her tits had swelled much faster than the rest of her - she'd gone from a 34B to a 48FF. She was very proud of her new body and loved to show it off to me. She loved to have me feed her fattening treats while she was on her knees at my feet, resting her big tits on my legs. She would massage the rolls of fat on her body, take her huge boobs in her hands and raise her enormous nipples to her mouth to suck. Sometimes I would melt some chocolate in the microwave and then have her dip her nipples into the warm chocolate. She loved to eat the chocolate off her nipples, and when they were clean, I'd have her dip them again.

It used to really bug me that she never used to wear makeup or perfume unless we went out. It was as if she thought she looked good enough for me just any old way, but would get fixed up for other men. But now she wore perfume all the time and spent a long time getting herself properly made up and pretty for me every day when I got home from work. She would spend hours online or looking at plus-sized catalogs and ask my opinion of how she'd look in this dress or that lingerie. When I liked something, she'd ask me if she could please buy it and then model it for me when it came - and she always ordered everything several sizes too big for her current size.

"How long before I get too big for this?" she'd say, modeling a super sized teddy she barely filled. She was always searching for new rich, fattening recipes. She started visiting local bakeries and confectionery stores. She was spending a lot more for food, but I didn't mind one bit. If anything, I was surprised at how much food she managed to get for the money she spent.

One of her favorite foods was pancakes layered with cups of melted butter and covered in rich maple syrup. I would feed her pancake after pancake and she'd lick the drips off her tits. When the plate was empty, she'd drink the leftover butter and syrup while I rubbed her nipples. She also loved to eat old fashioned doughnuts with a thick slathering of butter cream frosting. It was such a pleasure to watch her eat for me. She usually went through a quantity of beer every day and was delightfully drunk and horny every day when I got home. She loved to set her fat little body on her knees at my feet the moment I got home and give me a blow job to show me how much she was glad I'd come home.

As a crowning touch, she kept acting positively blond stupid and loved to be instructed and corrected by me. She kept the house beautifully, but never lifted a finger when I was home, except to get more to eat. She was like a happy puppy, always eager to please me in every way. Every day she became stupider and more dependent. She would get up when I did and ask me what she should wear and what she could eat. She started calling me at work and asking my permission to do things. "May I please go to the store?" she'd ask. She never called often enough to be annoying. She just needed more and more direction from me every day and I was glad to control every aspect of her life. More and more often, her face had a blank vacant stare on it, especially when spoken to. Then, when the thing was explained to her, she'd get a big happy grin on her face and rush to comply with my wishes.

She started to refer to herself a fat stupid slut all the time. "What would you like your fat pig slut to do now?" she'd ask. "Can your fat pig have another cigarette, please?" she would inquire. "I'm such a stupid cunt," she'd say. "This fat slut is hungry - feed me or fuck me, please." She loved when I criticized her and called her names. Any time I found fault with her or what she had done, she was totally eager to do anything. She loved it when I'd call to her in the kitchen, "Get me a drink, you fat pig!"

At first, she acted one way when we were alone and another in public. The public side was a lot more like the old Peggy. But gradually with time, that old Peggy disappeared entirely. We were out with her parents one evening when she asked my permission to go to the bathroom. Her parents were shocked, but I was delighted. Her mother commented on her daughter being so much more calm and happy than she had been.

In the middle of the fourth month, Peggy started acquiring new friends. These new friends were really beautiful fat women like herself. She would have them over to the house to drink and eat huge fattening meals. One evening when I got home, I found my wife entertaining one of her new friends, Janis . They were having a good time and I did not want to intrude on their girl-talk, so I went into the kitchen. Janis came into the kitchen after a little while. She was just over 5'2", about two inches shorter than my wife, and probably about 40 lbs thinner.

She walked right up to me, pinned me against the kitchen cabinets and pressed her body against mine. "Peggy says you like fat women," she said huskily.

"Yes, I do," I replied, "the fatter they are the better."

"Am, I fat enough?" she asked, rubbing her rolls of her petite flabby body against me.

"You're really attractive," I admitted, "but you could gain some weight and be even more attractive."

"Feed me, please. I want to fuck you so bad!" she begged.

I took her head in my hands and kissed her. Her body felt really good. I took her back in the living room to Peggy and said, "Hey dumb cunt, your friend wants to fuck me."

"Can I fuck you, too, please?" my gorgeous wife said around the big piece of chocolate in her mouth.

"Come here and kiss her, then." I ordered and she obeyed. While they kissed, I started to undress them both. I led the naked pair into the bedroom. It was really great watching their huge swollen bodies rubbing against each other. With her clothes off, I revised my initial estimate of Janis's weight up. She had delightful rolls of fat from just under her big tits to her hips. They continued to kiss and cuddle, their rolls of fat rubbing against each other in a most agreeable way. I left them for a moment and brought back a big bowl of whipped cream. I'd put some on Janis and Peggy would lick it off, then I'd put some on Peggy and Janis would lick it off. Then I let them put whipped cream on me and they took turns licking and sucking it off.

We fucked for a long time and came lots of times. My wife fell asleep and I took Janis into the living room, where we talked.

"I always dreamed of a man like you," Janis said. "I noticed Peggy gaining a lot of weight and started talking with her because I thought her husband would be unhappy about her weight gain and she'd need a friend. Then she told me that she was gaining weight to please you. Gaining weight to please my man has always been my unfulfilled fantasy."

"There's more of us fat admirers around than you'd think. A lot of guys are kind of embarrassed to let on that they like fat women."

"Yeah, I know," she said slyly, "Peggy told me. She said that just about every time she goes to the grocery store, the bakery guy takes her in the back and does her. And then there's the plumber she had out a few months ago who comes by every week to 'check her pipes.' I guess she's got a half a dozen guys who fuck her regularly."

This was news to me. I wondered whether it could possibly be true. I excused myself and went to the bedroom. "Hey pig whore!" I exclaimed, slapping my sleeping wife gently on her belly. She turned and sat up with difficulty and I continued, "Janis tells me you've been fucking everything in site. Is it true?"

"Well, I'm just a fat stupid cunt," she said, "I just can't say no. And besides, they feed me and give me fattening goodies free."

"You ask my permission to go to the bathroom, but you don't get my permission before you fuck some guy?"

"Fucking is what I'm for," she cried. "I didn't know you would mind. I thought you knew. I thought you'd like other guys fucking me and feeding me. I did it to please you. I don't have no will power. How could I say no?"

She was rambling and desperate, close to vapor lock. I was furious for a moment, but then the thought struck me that she was what I had made her into. I could not blame her. If anyone was to blame it was me. When I thought about it, she was right - provided that there was no way she'd ever leave me or love anyone else, I didn't mind her being true to herself and being a super sized nympho bimbo. I took her into my arms and held her 300 lbs of quivering compulsion to please me. She felt so good. I kissed her and she calmed down some.

"You did just right" I said finally, "you are just like I want you to be; you anticipate my desires. My only complaint is that you were having pleasure without sharing it with me. From now on, you must ask my permission before fucking another guy, but you can fuck all the women you want to. But you must tell me about both."

"OK," she said, drying her tears and lighting a cigarette. "You are such a wonderful, understanding husband. I love you so much." I held her close and thought about this new turn of events. I made a plan in my head. This would be fun.

I called Janis in from the other room. She and Peggy sat naked together on the bed. What a beautiful pair they made. "Janis," I began, "you said that having a man who wanted to fatten you up was your secret fantasy. What exactly was your fantasy?"

"I wanted someone who would fatten me to immobility and then some. I want to become completely and totally fat and have that please my man," she said.

"Then I will grant your wish," I began and she moved to embrace me and kiss me thanking me. I let her and then pushed her back next to Peggy. "You, dear Peggy, are fat enough and you will not gain much more weight. I want you to be able to move yourself around, go shopping, do housework, and serve Janis." I paused for effect. "You are to provide for Janis every day. You are to prepare for her an unending menu of delicious fattening food. You are to tend to her desires and make sure she never has to life a finger, except to put more food in her mouth."

I turned to Janis, "Janis, you will make whatever arrangements you need to make to move in here as soon as possible so that Peggy can begin transforming you. I will monitor your progress and fuck you every day you gain weight. How soon do you think it will take you to move in?"

"Well," said Janis, a trifle uncertainly, "do you really mean it? I mean, it has always been a fantasy for me, but I never thought I'd actually do it? Do you really want me fat like that?"

"Janis," said, pulling her to me by her nipples, "I want you fatter than that." I kissed her. I motioned to Peggy and she kissed her. "I am making you this offer now. It is a once in a lifetime offer. If you turn me down, I will not offer it again." I said sternly, but with a smile. "You will be cared for in every way and you will want for nothing."

Janis frowned for a moment but then brightened into a smile. "I will move in next week," she said, "I can sublet my apartment and move my things here on Wednesday."

"Very good," I said, kissing her and holding her quivering body against me. Peggy joined the embrace. "Peggy will ready our spare bedroom. I will put a television in there, VCR/DVD, video games. It is the closest bedroom to the kitchen, which will make things easier for Peggy."

Peggy smiled, hugged Janis again and said, "Oh I am so looking forward to this. I am so glad we can make your dream come true!" I left them giggling and caressing each other and went to plan the next six months.

It turned out to be easier than I planned. Janis came on Wednesday as she said. She was installed in the spare bedroom. Peggy had cooked quite a feast to celebrate her arrival and when I got home, Janis had eaten almost the entire twelve course feast and was drinking a weight gain shake. I welcomed her by undressing her, "You don't need to wear clothes anymore, pig," I said. "And anyway, nothing you own will fit you very soon."

"Oh, feed me fatter, please," she begged, "I am so very hungry." I gave her four big chocolate bars, which she ate while I fucked her. Part way through, Peggy came in with more dessert for Janis. She caressed and sucked Janis's tits while I fucked her.

Over the next two months, Janis rarely left her bed and Peggy kept a constant stream of rich fattening food coming for Janis to gorge on. I installed a freight scale connected to the bed, so we had a constant measure of Janis's increasing weight. Freed from having to worry about anything, Janis devoted all her time and energy to eating and she was soon eating an astounding amount of food. I got Peggy an institutional deep fryer so she could give Janis lots of deep fried food. She would prepare five pounds of french fries, which Janis would eat, dipping them in melted butter, in a single sitting. When Peggy made pancakes, Janis would eat as many as Peggy could make in 2 hours wallowing in butter, syrup and whipped cream. Janis's weight increased day by day, from 212 at the start to 404 by the start of her third month.

Because she got no exercise but eating, her weight gain was very even over her body. She developed a beautiful set of chins below her fat cheeks. Her arms hung down in rolls of delightful fat. Her belly was huge and always tight with more food. Her thighs were bigger around than my waist and when she sat up, her huge belly touched her fat knees. When Peggy wasn't preparing food for Janis or serving her meals, she would bathe her, wash her hair, massage her rolls of fat and the two would make love for hours every day.

At the end of the fourth month, when Janis topped 500 lbs, she gave me a surprise present. She signed over to me all her property, including quite a lot of real estate she'd inherited from her parents, her BMW and more than $250,000 in cash she'd had in savings. "I'm so happy, darling," she crooned while eating her 15th cream cheese Danish, "I know you'll take car of me and I want you to have everything. You are so good to me, both of you. I love you utterly."

By Christmas, Janis was over 700 lbs and I got both my fat pigs a present. I installed a series of electric winches that controlled a sort of hammock affair rated for 3000 lbs. This lay across the bed and Janis lay on to of it. Peggy could lift or move Janis around on the bed by manipulating the controls to any of eight separate hoists. Janis could not get out of bed by herself now, and she could barely stand when she did. With the new hoists, now she didn't have to get out of bed at all. Peggy could now take care of all her needs without exerting herself and without Janis having to get out of bed. Peggy would just raise her or move her about as necessary with the winches doing all the work. Janis could also use the hoists to adjust her position, or raise her body so she could see the TV, which she could not do lying down anymore because she had gotten so fat. I could also move her easily so I could fuck her whenever I wanted to.

I also installed a feeding machine that would take creamy weight gain shake and dispense it to Janis while she lay on her bed. Peggy would make up several gallons of the shake in the kitchen, pour it into the refrigerated reservoir and Peggy could just let the fattening potion pump into her hungry body. Peggy had done pretty well, curbing her appetite, but with so much delicious fattening food, and since she had no will power to resist temptations, she had put on another 50 lbs. At 364 lbs she was absolutely adorable. Her tits had continued to grow larger and now her nipples just brushed her knees when she sat leaning ever so slightly forward. She continued to spend several hours each day massaging Janis and tending to her needs, but she now had more free time. She was also much less tired, because she did not have the physical effort of moving Janis about.

Janis did not live on weight gain shakes alone, and still would have several large meals every day. She liked it best when Peggy and I would take turns feeding her and she could just lie there getting bigger and bigger with every bite. With the feeding machine and her other meals, she rapidly grew to more than 1,000 lbs. Her flesh was deeply folded fat with almost no muscle at all. It was all she could do to raise her hand to her mouth three or four times. Several times a week I would bathe her and oil her mountainous body. She felt so good to the touch, so soft and so vulnerable. Every time I came into the room, she would look at me with such a satisfied and adoring look as she sucked away at the feeding machine. Sometimes she wanted to talk. "How soon do you think I can weigh a ton?" she'd ask. She wanted to know if I would increase the rate that the feeding tube pumped her full. I would feed her bar after bar of chocolate and caress her enormous tits that hung down her sides. As she ate, she'd punch her nipples and groan with pleasure.

One day, when I came home, I found Peggy washing Janis's hair, with Janis's feeding tube in her own mouth. "Don't be angry," Janis begged. "She's so good to me, she deserves more fat, too." That explained why Peggy was getting close to 400 lbs while Janis now topped the scales at 1280 lbs. and I could not blame Peggy, since she was incapable of refusing anything to Janis, no matter what. Then Janis surprised me by saying, "Peggy has had a wonderful idea."

"Oh, really?" replied I, "what did my best little pig slut think up now?"

Peggy glowed with pleasure and explained, "Janis wants to earn her keep. I know how beautiful she is getting and thought that there would be lots of men who would pay a lot of money to fuck a woman who weighs more than 1200 lbs.. I went on the net and found some men who want to, but I knew I had to discuss it with you before we did anything about it. One of them wants to pay $250 a time to fuck her."

"That sounds like and excellent and enterprising plan," I said.

"Janis will need to work out the details of how this comes about. You're much too stupid, Peggy, to do that without help."

"Yes," said Peggy happily, "I love being your stupid fat slut. I am sure Janis will know how to do it much better than me."

"I have all the details worked out," said Janis. "Peggy put them on the computer. She can show them to you and you can improve them." I was most concerned about keeping anonymous and not getting my whores in trouble with the law. I looked over the plans made up by Peggy per Janis's instructions. They seemed very sound and with a few minor changes, quite safe.

By the end of the Summer, things were working out really well. Janis was well over 1500 lbs. and earning more than $5,000 per month.

Peggy had grown to 426 lbs of adorable fun. I hired Marie, a friend of Peggy's, as housekeeper. She started at 180 lbs. but after three months was already over 220 lbs. Yes, things had worked out very well indeed.