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Personal Changes

By Wavx

Here is a story of a man who voluntarily turns into a BBW. If you would like to send comments, please send them to wavx33c@aol.com. I would especially like to hear from women who wouldn't mind turning their boyfriend into a BBW.

I was walking down the aisle of my local Target store when I saw one of the most beautiful BBWs I have ever seen. She had an angelic face with beautiful long brown hair. She was very busty which added to her femininity. I looked at her and said "hi," because it seemed like I had a connection with her. Then I froze and thought to myself, "Oh my God, what did I do?" It's not like me to talk to a strange woman. She smiled back and said, "Hi, how are you doing?" I told her I was doing fine, then started a conversation about the items we were looking at.

When it seemed that we were blocking the aisle, Kristi (we exchanged names) suggested that we go to the snack bar and continue to talk. I agreed, and we paid for our merchandise and met at the snack bar. Kristi got a Pizza, fries, and a big ice cream. I also got the pizza and some popcorn. We talked a little about our lives and what we liked. When we talked about being single and what we liked, I mentioned BBWs. She smiled and said, "I thought you were a BBW admirer when we first started to talk. I purposely ordered a big ice cream to get your reaction. I noticed you smiled, so that confirmed my suspicions that you like BBWs."

At that point, the conversation got very personal. Kristi said, "Are you one of the men who likes to see women gain?," she asked. I'm not a feeder, if that is what you mean. But I do like to see women gain, if they are gaining anyway. "Well, I've been gaining a little, and I don't mind. But the problem is where I gain. Much of it goes to my boobs, and it gets hard on the back." I told her that I was sure it was hard to be a BBW, but probably a lot of normal back aches are blamed on the boobs. She disagreed. We then planned on meeting for a real dinner the following weekend.

On Friday, dinner went very well. I thought she was one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. But I also liked her personality. I liked her frankness, without being sarcastic. We had a lot of things in common, and just had a great time being together. We both wanted to spend more time together. We talked about doing something on Saturday. We talked about some possibilities, but knew that it didn't matter, as long as we were together. I was to go to her house for the first time on Saturday at noon.

When we met, Kristi had a small lunch prepared. "I thought we could eat and hang out here for a while, if you want," she said. After we ate, we watched TV for a while. She snuggled next to me. She had on a tight sweater, and she was sending the message she wanted to tease me with her ample chest. After sitting for about two hours, we were touching each other with our hands. I don't think either one of us normally got so familiar so fast, but everything seemed so right for both of us.

As night was falling, it was obvious that were not going to go any place. We ordered pizza, so we could keep cuddling and talking. Seems like we each had a whole life to share with the other. That was the verbal part. The non-verbal part was the touching.

As we were talking about other things, Kristi said, "Do you still think that it's easy carrying around these boobs?" I half-heartedly agreed with her, but still did not sound too convinced. Well, let's see what you think of carrying these boobs around. She went to her bedroom and got a bra and two very filled water balloons. She had already unbuttoned my shirt. As I saw her bra, I had an erection which was impossible to hide. "Here, bet you can't carry these around," she said. "I don't think it's all that hard," I said. "Well, I dare you to wear this bra and put the balloons in," she said. "And this is an old bra. It's a 42F. I'm a 46G now. But I don't think a 46 would fit you. As she put the bra on me and put the balloons in the cups, I got so excited, I came. "Wow," she said, "Looks like you like having big boobs."

I was quite shocked myself, and told her so. I had never worn a bra before, nor had I ever thought about having breasts. But it excited me, and it felt good. She put her hand on the bra, and said how good it felt. She then told me to walk around the house. I did, and it was hard to hide my enjoyment. I agreed with her that it wasn't all that easy to carry around. I was too aroused to notice the weight of the balloons anyway.

I sat back down, and started to remove the balloons. She told me I might as well leave the bra on. I certainly didn't argue with that. She then told me she wanted to tell me something about her that probably no one else knew.

She liked men with breasts. She told me that she liked this guy named George in junior high. At the time she was gaining weight, and developing breasts, George had a case of gynecomastia. She felt sorry for him, because all the kids teased him about it. But he was afraid he would be teased even more if he associated with the fat girl in class. By high school his breasts went away, and Kristi was the object of the teasing as she gained weight. But she said ever since she had been fascinated by breasts on men's chests. She then looked at me, and asked if I thought she was crazy.

I must have looked disappointed, and she seemed worried. I then explained that I wish I could be what she liked. She told me not to worry. She told me that she really liked me, and it didn't matter that I didn't have breasts. She said, "You are sure I'm not too weird for you?" I told her no, that it was also weird that wearing a bra excited me so much.

We went back to cuddling, which had gone well all day. I was touching her breasts, and she was touching my balloon filled bra like it was my real breasts. That turned me on, which encouraged both of us to keep it up.

I asked her if she had ever known any other men with breasts. She told me that she had dated some fat men. She then told me that some of her patients she had, were on female hormones. She was a nurse, and the doctor she worked for prescribed hormones for some transsexuals. I asked if she dated them, and she told me that she hadn't. It wasn't a good idea to date patients, plus most who wanted women had women. The rest were either not into anyone, or wanted men.

"Hormones give men breasts?" I asked. Sure, she said. It gives men hourglass figures. But it also changes their sex drive and usually makes men unable to use their manhood. "So they don't have orgasms any more?" I asked. She told me that they have orgasms in a womanly way--through nipple play.

For the next month or so, we continued to see each other a lot. We were getting along very well, and enjoyed each other's company. We enjoyed cuddling and being physical. A lot of it involved her interest with men's chests and my new found interest of wearing her bra filled with water balloons. I would feel her chest, then after a while she would get her bra and balloons and put it on me. I would get hard, and she would touch my fake breasts and my hard crotch.

One time we were doing that, she told me that she met another patient on female hormones. I told her how lucky he was. She told me that she would be glad to connect me up with her doctor if I wanted them. I told her that I was worried I could not satisfy her if I took the hormones. She told me not to worry, that any man with breasts would more than satisfy her, no matter if he lost his ability to have an erection or not.

Later that night, while we were being intimate, she started to touch my chest. I didn't have her bra and balloons on at the time. I was getting turned on, and said, "I want real breasts so badly." She said that she could get her doctor to see me and prescribe hormones. I told her that I wanted it. She then finished up touching me, and sat erect, looking me in the eyes. "Are you sure you want to really do this," she said. I said, "As long as you can stand me with breasts." "I want it very badly," she said.

The next day, Kristi called me from work. "Remember what we talked about last night?" She said. I told her I did. "Are you still interested? It's OK if you changed your mind." I told her that I didn't change her mind. She reminded me that I had around six months before the changes would be irreversible. She told me that the doctor could see me the next day at 3:00. Since I worked from home, any time would have been fine.

I got there at 2:30. I talked to Kristi for a few minutes. I was really up for it, since seeing Kristi's breasts excited me. The doctor called me in the office. He took a blood sample to check my health and ability for the body to accept the hormones. He told me that he usually gave a talk about the side effects of the hormones, but he knew that Kristi told me all about them. He gave me prescriptions for the hormones, and told me that if the tests went well, he would steadily increase the dosage.

That night, Kristi came over to my house, and I took my first pills. We were both very excited. As we sat down to watch TV. I touched her breasts, thinking that one day, I would have them too. She touched my chest knowing that one day she would actually have breasts to touch.

About ten days later, my nipples started to ache. I told Kristi, and she said she wanted to see my chest. "MMMM," she said. "Looks like your nips are getting hard." They were less irritated when I took my shirt off. I told her how much better it felt without my shirt. "I don't think I can put that shirt back on again," I said. "Well, I don't think you want to go home without a shirt in this weather," Kristi said. I asked her what I should do. She told me that I needed something to protect my nipples from rubbing against my shirt.

I asked her what she had in mind. She told me that I needed a training bra. She said that people tend to make fun of training bras. They are not made to support the breast, they are made to protect the sore developing nipples, and to provide some modesty to hide the nipples once they grow large.

Since we needed to go out and eat, we decided to stop at the Target where we met, to buy me a training bra. I felt like I was in a plane taking off, beginning a long journey in my changing body. Before we left, Kristi measured my chest. We stopped and ate at a fast food restaurant, so we could get things started. My chest was quite irritated, and I didn't want to walk around too much anyway. Once in Target, I started to walk towards the Lingerie department, when Kristi pulled me to the Girls' department. "Remember, you may be thirty-something in reality, but chemically you are an 11 year old girl."

I was really glad I was with Kristi. Although I would not have even thought of doing this without her. I felt very strange being in the girls' department looking at bras. She told me to look at the 36AAA bras and pick out what I liked. There really wasn't too much available. They all had flowers in the center of the cups. The cups were flat but stretchy. I picked out one, and Kristi reminded me that I would need at least 3 since I would need to wear them all the time. We went to the check out and headed back to her house.

Once we got home, Kristi helped me put the bra on, and my nipples felt a lot better. She showed me how to adjust the straps and hook the bra from the back. "When you get as big as I got, it's a lot easier with front hooks. But the small bras come only with back hooks," Kristi told me. We sat down to watch TV. Kristi lightly touched my nipples and told me that she would wait for the soreness to go away before she touched them too much.

The bras became an essential part of my wardrobe. I still wore men's clothes. I really didn't think about wearing women's clothes. My enjoyment was based on my having breasts. My nipples sometimes stopped being sore long enough for Kristi to explore them. The feeling was so much better than I ever imagined. My nipples were getting thicker and thicker. Soon afterwards, my areolas had grown from nickel size to quarter size, then even larger. Although the rest of my chest was still flat, my nipples and areola were fully that of a woman. My journey continued as I could feel my breast buds developing behind my nipples.

As I was getting towards the two-month point, my breasts had developed to the point where I had little boobies. Kristi and I had gone back to Target to buy me teen girl bras. I had looked at all the styles and picked out two different styles. Kristi recommended that I buy just one of each until I could wear both and see which style fit and felt best. I went home, and tried on each style. I was in complete heaven as I put the bra on, and put my little boobies in the 36AA cups. I adjusted the straps and kept adjusting everything until the bra felt just right. Everything was just right, until I put my shirt back on. My little boobies that I was so proud of disappeared under my shirt. I told Kristi that I was disappointed. She opened the shirt, and played with them.

The next day, when I came over to her house, she told me she had a surprise for me. She told me that since I had teen breasts, I should wear teen clothes to show them off. She said, "Why do you think teen girls wear such tight clothes? They have to wear them to show off what curves they have." Because I was thin and not very muscular, I could fit into size 11 clothes. Kristi bought a bright red tight sweater, and blue jeans. She told me that since I was getting an hourglass figure, women's clothes would fit better sooner or later anyway.

I put on the clothes that she had bought me. This was the first time that I had worn anything feminine other than my bras. I didn't feel too strange since they were pants and a top. Although there was no doubt they were feminine, especially when the top was so tight it showed my entire developing breasts. I was lucky that I worked at home, and I could wear them most of the time without anyone commenting on my clothes or figure.

The doctor had been increasing my hormones, since my tests came out well. I had been wearing the clothes that Kristi bought me, and some similar items when I was with Kristi, and when I was home alone. My breasts were consistently growing. After another two months, it was time for an A cup. Kristi came with me, and we had a lot more bras to look at since I could choose bras in the women's department or in the teen's department. I was so proud and happy to be in my A cups. I know I had a long way to go for my breasts to be as large as the balloon filled bra. But I was happy to be on the way.

I could tell that Kristi liked my new expanding figure too. Now that my nipples were a little less sore, she was always touching them. But she was also enjoying touching my breasts through my woman's sweaters as much as she did touching them with my top off.

One night at Kristi's when we have our quiet affectionate time sitting on the couch, Kristi pulled out a catalog. It was a junior size catalog. She opened it, and showed me all the styles. She was asking my opinion on different styles. We not only looked at the tops and jeans that I had been wearing, but jumpers, dresses, and culottes. Kristi then got very affectionate, and said, "You know those clothes we looked at tonight? I'd really love to see you wear those."

I had not told Kristi how much I enjoyed wearing the pants and tops. I thought that I was getting to weird for her. I was getting very excited knowing that she liked me wearing junior clothes. I don't know if it was the hormones making me like feminine things, or if it was my expanding breasts that made the clothes more enjoyable, but I was really into the changes, and luckily Kristi was too.

Rather than ordering the clothes, we went to several stores to look and buy. We hit our favorite Target, but also shopped in Fashion Bug. This was the first time we were shopping in women's stores. We bought a couple of tops and pants. But we also picked out a couple of dresses and a jumper. I did not feel comfortable trying the clothes on in the store, so I tried them all on when we got home. I was very excited, and Kristi encouraged me even more. She was touching my breasts and pinching my butt as I tried on each outfit. They fit very nicely. I tried on a dress last, and kept it on. Kristi made me very happy as we sat down together and cuddled ad watched TV.

My breasts were still growing, but it was becoming very apparent that even if my breasts grew to B or C cup, it would be nowhere near what Kristi's breasts looked like. I really enjoyed wearing her bras, but I would never be that big. It upset me and I was quiet when I met with Kristi. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her that I realized I would never be the size I was when I wore her bra and balloons.

She told me that the only way she got breasts that size was by being a BBW. "If I hadn't gained weight, I might be a B or C cup, D at the largest. By gaining, I went all the way to a G cup." "So, the only way I could grow large breasts is to be a BBW," I asked. She told me yes. But then she told me that she liked the way I looked in my A cup bra. She said that my junior size clothes turned her on. I was wearing a dress at the time, and she started to touch my breasts and dress as we talked. I told her that I liked her curves, and that I wanted them, too.

She then told me that she would like for me to have curvier curves, but she realized that I was relatively small framed, and probably could not be as curvy as she is. I told her that I gained weight at times in my life, and could do it again. She started to give me a lecture that it is hard being a large person, and there is a lot of discrimination. I told her to look at me. You are talking to a male in a dress wearing an A cup bra because he is purposely sprouting breasts. Being fat is pretty normal in comparison. She laughed, and told me that I was right. She then put my hand on her breasts, and said, "You really want breasts this big?" "MMMMMM," I said. "Yes, I do."

I guess at that point, that made me a feedee. I wanted to gain weight, so that my breasts, as well as the rest of me would grow and become very large. I had heard about it, but never thought I'd be doing it. Kristi looked up "feedee" on the net. We found several sites, and I was getting turned on looking at the big women with big breasts. We looked into the mechanics of being a feedee, including weight gain foods and methods. There was also a section of very large clothes, but I doubted if I would need them.

We went shopping at the grocery store, and stocked up on fattening food. I think that everyone looked at Kristi's size and assumed they were for her. As spring was coming, I didn't wear my coat. My female pants and top did not look all that unusual, but my full 36A breasts did attract some attention. But I was so involved with food shopping, I didn't give it much thought. We looked at the calorie contents of the food, to be sure we got only fattening food. We left with lots of bags of chips, cans of cashew nuts, and ingredients for weight gain shakes.

I opened up a can of nuts and finished it by the time night was done. I hadn't been much into eating, but I was starting to enjoy it. I was constantly eating, and Kristi was making me fattening meals when I visited.

It took me only a couple of days to outgrow my clothes, since I was wearing mostly tight teen style clothes to show off my growing breasts. My growing breasts still fit in my tops, even though the flesh hanging out of the top of the bra was very obvious. But I could barely get my pants to button. Kristi and I made plans to go to Target the next night.

The next night, we saved a lot of time to shop. It took a lot of time to think out the strategy of what I was going to wear. We looked at bras. I was in between a 36B and a 38B, but since my weight was going up, I bought several 38B's. We decided that I did not need tight clothes to show my figure off any more. I could have gone back to wearing only men's clothes, but we both enjoyed me in women's clothes. We bought both plain style pants and tops, and a few dresses. I then told Kristi that I needed to look at the men's department. I told her that it was a bitch to have to replace both men and women's clothes because of my weight gain. She asked me if I could wait a few days, and I told her I could.

The next day, I was at her house. She cooked a nice meal. After dinner we sat on the couch for our quiet time. She was touching my breasts, and I was touching hers. She then asked me what men's clothes I was planning to get. I told her that since I worked at home, and spent a lot of time with her, I probably didn't need too many things. She then said "How about getting no men's clothes?" I asked her what she meant. She said that maybe I could wear women's clothes all the time. I told her that I would look like a freak, being a man in women's clothes in public. She then asked me if I thought I would look normal with large breasts wearing men's clothes in public. She then reminded me that men's clothes wouldn't even fit right. That either my boobs would be bursting out of my shirts, or that they would be so big, they would be very baggy in the arms and waist. She said that the same would be true of pants. I knew what she meant, because my butt had grown quite a bit already, and my pants were tight around the butt.

She told me that she would know what to do. She told me I needed some more clothes, such as nylons, shoes, etc. She also told me that I either needed a wig, or to let my hair grow out. And that eventually I should look into getting jewelry and cosmetics. I was a little concerned, because I thought I was just growing breasts. I hadn't planned on changing myself into a woman.

I told her my concerns, and she reminded me that I was wearing women's clothes most of the time anyway. She said that it was just for the short times I was out in public. She told me that if I decided to maintain a woman's only wardrobe, and go out in public only as a woman, she would help me transition as slowly as I wanted to go. She also reassured me that I was a male to her, and that would never change.

I agreed, since I not only enjoyed my developing breasts, but enjoyed wearing the women's clothes I had been wearing. I remember that I was hesitant about wearing those at first, but it became a source of enjoyment. The first thing I did was cancel my plans to get my hair cut soon.

The next day we decided to eat out. We stopped at several stores on the way home. I bought some shoes at Kmart, where I did not attract too much attention. Kristi helped me pick out some nylons. I bought a slip, and a nightgown. We then went to the cosmetic department, where Kristi picked out everything. I didn't know much about cosmetics, especially colors. When we got home, I tried on everything I bought. Kristi then did her nails, and showed me how to do mine. It was hard to admit that it was really a lot of fun.

Over the next few months I gained a lot of weight, eating as much fattening food as I could. I had grown into a size 20. My breasts had grown a lot, both from the hormones and the eating. I was now into a 40C. Kristi was very patient in showing me how to dress and act like a BBW. We had cosmetic lessons. My hair had grown quite a bit, but still was not long enough to style. The hormones were changing other things too. I didn't have to shave as often, and my butt had grown quite large. I had quite an hourglass figure.

These were a very enjoyable several months. I was sure that I was doing the right thing, and Kristi enjoyed it as much as I did. She was constantly touching me, and I was touching her. She was a great teacher. My breasts had grown so much that they were sagging now. I enjoyed that, since it meant that I was no longer a perky teenager, but rather a mature BBW with breasts that defied gravity. I really enjoyed buying bras that were support bras. Kristi told me all about the features of support bras, and I was able to choose bras that made me look and feel my best. I loved the thick straps and wide backs of my new bras. Kristi had a small privacy fence built around her above ground pool, and when it was warm enough to swim, she helped me pick out a bathing suit that fit my growing body. Also Kristi and I had become so close, that I moved in with her.

The fall brought more changes. My hair was long enough to style. I wore it in a long straight style with bangs. I let my hair grow out, and it was quite feminine. But the biggest change was my body. My doctor did not know if it was the hormones or the weight gain, but I had grown into a full D cup. First it was a 42D, but my weight gain brought me up to a 44D. I went from misses to women's sizes. From 20 to 22W to 24W to even 26W in some things. I owned no more men's clothes. They would not fit. I had been wearing men's shorts at times, but even they did not fit over my huge butt. So I was now wearing panties.

As Christmas came, I felt very confident about going out in public. As a matter of fact, I wanted to go out in public, something I had avoided. No one knew I was really a man. Even people I used to know did not recognize me. I did not tell anyone. The holiday season gave me plenty of time to eat, and eat I did. I was pushing a size 32W. My breasts had become huge. When I needed to get a 46, I also had to increase my cup size to DD. I loved being that size. By the time eating season was over, I had graduated into a 48DD. While the hormones did subdue my male sex drive, putting on my 48DD gave me a special thrill.

By the time spring came, we decided to become married. We kept putting it off, because we did not know how we could find someone who would marry a woman and a man who looked like a woman. Kristi had done quite a bit of research and found a Justice of the Peace who was active with the transgendered community. While I did not identify with the transgendered community, there was no doubt that I had developed the body of a BBW.

We both ordered our wedding dresses from on line. After seeing many women wearing wedding dresses, I never thought I would be wearing one. But then again, what else would a BBW who just became a 50F cup size wear on his wedding day?