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One Phat Picnic & Romance
(A.K.A. Lisa and Jim's Metamorphoses)

By ~Jim~

Lisa was a voluptuous girl who lived an apartment all alone; she had no one to sleep with, have dinner, take her out to places and live with her. In her dreams, she wanted to be the heaviest woman in the world. She was so depressed; when she went to her favorite restaurant, she had only $1O in her pocket. She sat next to a man, who was slurping his coffee and waiting for his supper to be served. While she was playing with her water, the man asked her, “Is anything wrong?” and Lisa answered, “I am so lonesome, and I have no one to live with to keep me company.” Jim had no one to live with either, so he said, “I will think living with you.” The two talked and ate their suppers, then they shook hands, and Lisa handed him her # to take her out on dates.

After four months of dating, Jim was ready to live with her. Minutes later, Lisa sat him down, and she had a big idea that would impress her and him. “Jim, I have a big idea for you and me. I am tired of living like this, and I want to be the world's heaviest woman.” Jim was surprised, “I wanted to be the world's most obese man, and I want to grow with you.” Lisa was dazzled, and the two hugged each other.

That same evening, Jim drove her to Denny's. The waitress came to them, and Lisa talked about the plan that she had with Jim to get large. The waitress (Lisa's Friend) said to us, “I have something that's going to transform you two.” She reached into the pocket of her Apron and produced two yellow pills. “These pills are for each of you; they will make you grow to 45O pounds and will not wear off. They will keep you ballooned for good; you will never remove the excessive fat.” The two were excited, and they took one pill each. She even said to them about the instructions, “The morph won't take affect until 12 am, and I will be your Guardian Angel.” The two ordered a chocolate milkshake and washed the pill down.

After it was done, they went to get fattening foods and fill them in the pantry, fat clothes, pajamas and nightgowns. They ordered 2O pizzas and put a sheet on the floor for a fat picnic. The two then went to bed, with fat pajamas on, and weren't awakened until the transformation. Then, a pain in belly awakened Lisa, and Jim groaned in pain as well.

Lisa ran to the bathroom, and she looked at the mirror; nothing was happening. When the clock hit 12 am, her neck blew up like a balloon, and her stomach roundedout perfectly.

Jim, still in the bedroom, turned on the light. Viewing himself in a full-length mirror, he started to inflate from the pill that he took along with Lisa.

Lisa and Jim started to kiss fervently, since they were expanding. Lisa asked Jim, “Are you having fun, growing with me?” Jim said, “Yes, I love it!”

Lisa took Jim by his hand to the living room, sat him on the sheet and brought out 1O bags of potato chips. They both opened them and started munching. They were still growing, as they opened the bags and kept munching. After the potato chip bags were empty, they started eating the pizza. They have 1O boxes each, and afterwards they were still hungry. After they finished the pizzas, they check their weights: Lisa 6OO lbs.; Jim 59O lbs. They each got 1O boxes of Little Debbie Swiss Cakes and shoved them by two in their mouths, downing them with 1O Gallons of chocolate milk.

The two took a break, and they started to make love. Jim started to lick the crumbs off of her big belly, and Lisa started to moan. “Awww, I needed that, Jim, and you can pet my giant breasts.” Jim even managed to pet her giant breasts that were like watermelons, and he even lapped his tongue on her third chin. Then Lisa turned Jim's big fatty body flat on his back. She also licked his big flabby tummy, and she pushed his blubber a little and massaged his hard penis. She also managed to put it in her mouth, and he gave her little pushes on her head. Jim started to moan, and the two loved each other. The two went to the bedroom, and Jim went on top of Lisa. Then, the two locked together, moaning, and while the scene was still going, Jim managed to lap his tongue on her huge breasts very gently. And when they finally stopped, Lisa tummy gurgled, and she was so hungry, and Jim even loved her becoming a blimpy, and he was glad that he joined her from the beginning.

Now, they each had 2O boxes of Ice Cream Sandwiches. They started to eat them like it was nothing. Next, they start to eat 4 three layered chocolate cakes and grabbed big hunks, stuffing them in their mouths. Finally, they checked their weight again: Lisa 877 lbs. and Jim 845 lbs. They wanted to stop at 1,000 lbs, so the couple went back and continued eating sweets and drinking a lot of Chocolate Milk.

Lisa had a question to ask Jim that would change his life forever, “Jim, I am so glad that you are keeping me company, by joining me in being giant gluttons, and I love you. Jim, will you marry me?” Jim's round face lit, and he agreed to the question, “Of course, I will marry you. But I don't know if they have a tux big enough to fit a 9OO pound man,” he finished, laughing.

Finally, the two were married, and their final weights were: Lisa 1,15O lbs. and Jim 1,O92 lbs. They lived in a very peaceful home and continued having gigantic meals. It was one Phat Picnic and Romance.