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The Baron's Memoirs: The Picky Eater
by J.P.

This fattening episode of life on my island happened some weeks after Lisa the sleeping (giant?) beauty had woken up and really began to put the weight on. By now a trend had started among the remaining girls. They were slowly losing the battle to keep off the weight. Maybe they started realizing that I liked heavier girls or they were just becoming lazy and not exercising, but all of my girls began to put on weight. Not much mind you, but most of the girls' weight started creeping up from under 120 lbs. to around 140 to 150 lbs. There was only one girl that seemed to avoid this inevitable gain. Her name is Michelle. The only reason she was staying thin was because she was a picky eater. She wasn't the most attractive girl on my island but she was beautiful. Brown hair, delicate facial features and a thin, almost fragile looking body.

It didn't matter what was served she would turn her nose up at it. I don't think I ever found a food that she truly liked. She certainly would eat like the rest in order to avoid my anger, but I would often see looks of distaste and even revulsion on her face as she ate the fare that my very talented chefs offered. One day during dinner this pickiness got the better of her.

Perhaps it was because I had a bad day. I had been through some intense negotiations through most of the day. It seemed my island was to be visited soon by a human rights analyst. All of my girls were very happy, but obviously an outsider would have a hard time seeing that. It took several calls, some to Interpol, some to senators that I knew, and even to the FBI, before I managed to grant some clemency for myself. It cost me quite a bit of money, and became a unique tale in its own right. At dinner I was accompanied as usual by my bevy of beauties. Most could see right away that I was not in a good mood. As we started on the goose liver pate I could see Michelle picking at her food, chasing it down with large gulps of water. I watched her for several minutes as she managed to eat a mere three bites before the servants came to take the dishes and start the next course. On any other night I might not have noticed, tonight I was already angry and this behavior began to really annoy me.

"Wait" I told the servants. All eyes looked upon me as the servants froze. "Do we have any more of this delicious pate?" I asked nonchalantly. Some of the girls began to look at each other nervously, whenever I broke up the routine at a meal it could be cause for some concern.

"Yes Baron." One of them finally said.

"Good. Hold off on the other courses for now. Bring a large plate of pate for Michelle." Michelle's eyes suddenly opened wide as she realized I was focusing my attention on her for some reason. The plates were cleared and a short minute later a heaping plate of pate was set before Michelle. "Michelle since you seemed to enjoy the pate so much I thought you might like some more. Finish eating that before we start the next course." Michelle's eyes dropped to the pate and she had a look of obvious distaste etched on her face. Her sandy brown hair fell in front of her eyes, partially obscuring the grimace she made as she contemplated eating the entire plate. The other girls were looking at each other with slight smiles knowing that there was a good chance that Michelle would join Tina and Lisa as another fattened concubine. Michelle looked up at me as if she wanted to speak. I decided to indulge her to see if she would dig herself in any deeper.

"Yes Michelle? You do like pate don't you?" I inquired. Michelle hesitated before answering.

"Of course Baron, I love pate, but" she stopped obviously thinking of an appropriate answer.

"But what?" I asked.

"But if I eat all this, I won't have room for the next courses." She heaved a sigh as she came up with the excuse. She was a clever girl the other girls nodded their approval. I myself was impressed that she hadn't said anything stupid that would get her into more trouble.

"You have a very good point Michelle, but you know how I like to watch a girl eat. Finish that plate for me and then you can be excused from the rest of dinner." She looked down at her plate like it was covered with slugs and then looked over to her half glass of water. As she was about to reach for the pitcher to get more water I whispered into a servant's ear who immediately took the pitcher and her glass from her. No need for words now. The stakes were literally on the table. Could she force herself to eat this?

With a slightly trembling hand she picked up her fork and dipped it into the plate of pate. With more than a little hesitation she brought her fork shakily to her lips and deposited a small portion into her mouth. With undisguised disgust she chewed and swallowed with great effort. The second and third bites were no easier for her as the rest of the girls and I watched her intently. The fourth pathetic bite was all she could take, and she bolted from the table to vomit over the porch railing. The other girls had concerned but amused looks on their faces wondering what I would do next. I didn't want to disappoint them. I signaled for two of my men to fetch her when she was done and bring her to a secure chair at the table. These are chairs of mine that are ideal for holding unwilling guests. Still weak from her slight ordeal she didn't resist at all as she was strapped in.

"Your mother and father were far too indulgent with you Michelle. Its a wonder you've lived so long; you barely eat anything that I provide. That will change now. I'm going to toughen up your palette and expand your culinary habits. Michael?" I said to one of my men. "Bring me the feeding apparatus we used on Lisa." Michelle's eyes widened and she began to cry.

"Please Baron! Ill be good! Ill eat whatever you want me to. Don't do that to me!"

"You had your chance Michelle. Perhaps this wont be a long lesson. Maybe you'll start appreciating my wonderful food after only a short time. Bring the rest of the pate, and have the chefs prepare some more." I said to one of the servants. He scurried off to get more pate as Michael returned shortly after with the tube and a funnel. He had also brought the nurse with so she could help insert the tube. Michelle began to struggle and cry harder, but to no avail. Her mouth was easily pried open and the nurse pushed the tube down with some effort. Once the tube was secured the funnel was attached to the tube with some duct tape.

The cold pate was brought over and a small portion was spooned into the funnel despite Michelle's head shaking and tears. Unfortunately it was too thick to go down the funnel and tube. After a few moments of thinking we tried mixing some water with the pate to thin it out. That worked. It sluiced and slurred its way down the tube and into Michelle's tiny belly. More pate was brought over and thinned out with water and then spooned into the funnel. Michelle was shaking her head and clutching the handrails with furious strength but more and more of the pate was delivered into her reluctant and spoiled stomach. This was great fun for me as I watched her stomach bulge and stretch with the contents of it. Finally to really add something shed remember I had them bring out some raw liver and a blender. Despite the discomfort in her belly Michelle perked up when she heard that and then saw a servant bring the blender and a generous portion of raw liver. The liver was put into the blender and then whipped into a bloody brown shake. Despite the straps keeping her to the chair, she put up an impressive struggle to get free as the brown sludge was brought to the funnel.

"Down the hatch!" I said as I dumped the muddy mixture into the funnel. Despite the grotesqueness of the mixture she really needn't struggle so hard, after all she couldn't taste it. Her belly was taut and over stuffed, and after letting her relax a bit she was untied and left to go about her business. I gave her strict warnings though that if she tried to lose the contents of her last meal in any way other than letting nature take its course, she would dearly regret it. She promised she wouldn't and stumbled off to the bungalows.

Despite her promise, she purged the meal late that night. Naturally I have hidden cameras throughout my island.

She received her surprise at breakfast that morning. The table was set as normal, and the serving cart was brought out this mornings breakfast would be eggs. Michelle hated eggs. The serving trays were lifted and much to everyone's surprise the eggs were still in the carton. Dozens of eggs were brought out to the table. It dawned on some of the girls that another lesson was at hand but Michelle didn't realize until my men laid hands on her and quickly secured her to the chair. As the feeding tube was brought out I spoke to her in my most condemning voice.

"More than I anything I hate being lied to. I had hoped that last nights lesson would be enough, but apparently it wasn't. Since you have such a hard time eating on your own, Ill have to take responsibility for you. From now on you will eat whatever I provide you, willing or not, and at whatever quantities I deem appropriate. Maybe sometime in the distant future Ill allow you the luxury of choice but for now you must be tube fed like an invalid." She screamed and cried but to no avail. The tube was again forced down her throat and the funnel was re-attached. "Today's meal will be eggs." I said as I gestured to the cartons on the table. "If you would be so kind as to serve the eggs?" I asked to one of the servants. Nervously he took a carton of eggs over to Michelle. He opened the carton and took out an extra large Grade A egg and cracked it into the funnel. Michelle's eyes were held shut tight with disgust. He was about to throw away the shells when I said "No, keep the shells, well need them later." Giving me a strange look he put the shells neatly back into the carton and took out another egg. After cracking four eggs into the funnel I said "Come on girls help out, its fun! Just be sure to save the shells!" With a little trepidation, and then more and more enthusiasm the girls began to eagerly crack eggs into the funnel attached to poor Michelle. They giggled and laughed at Michelle's indignation and betrayal.

"Serves you right you know!" one of them said as she cracked two eggs in at once.

"Yeah, you should know better silly!" said another as she went so far as to use Michelle's forehead to crack the egg.

"You're gonna be fatter than Lisa!" another said when it was her turn.

After only a few minutes a full two dozen eggs were in Michelle's aching stomach. She was pleading with her eyes for us to stop.

"Michelle you get a twenty minute break and then its back to the eggs." I turned to the servant. "See to it that she eats at least five dozen more before dinner." I turned to see Michelle's reaction. Her eyes bugged out then she slumped into her chair in despair, the funnel sticking out of her mouth ridiculously. Throughout the day eggs were cracked into her mouth. We had to be careful not to overstuff her yet. It would be difficult but not impossible for her to throw up. If she were to vomit with the tube in her throat it could be dangerous. By evening when the girls and I had finished our own dinner I headed back to Michelle. There were several cartons filled with eggshells all about the table. I counted; there were seven cartons. Excellent. I walked over to her and patted her swollen tummy.

"Are we not such a picky eater anymore?" I asked, speaking as if to a small child. She nodded her head piteously. "Unfortunately trust is hard to gain, and easy to lose. I've lost my trust in you Michelle. Maybe one day Ill trust you again, but for now this," I gestured to the funnel "will be a way of life for you. Bring the blender and the egg shells and a carton of orange juice." I said to the servant who had been with her all day. He set off immediately to get what I asked for, as Michelle stared at me in horror. "I hear egg shells and orange juice make a very nutritious drink." I said smilingly to her. The blender was brought out along with a quart of orange juice. I poured the orange juice into the pitcher and then began adding eggshells. I was able to get in fifteen whole shells before I had to start breaking them up and crushing them. I was able to fit another 9 this way. Then I turned the blender on and started adding the shells one at a time as the blender liquefied them. After ten or so minutes of constant blending all of the 84 shells had been ground up into the orange juice, while Michelle watched apprehensively the whole time. The pitcher was full to the brim as I brought it over to the funnel. Michelle was too weak to offer much resistance as I slowly topped off her huge daylong repast with a rather vile concoction. Afterwards she was allowed to go to sleep.

From then on Micelle was tube fed for every meal. Most days it would be the table scraps and leftovers from previous meals, and considering that every meal was a banquet, this meant for huge quantities for Michelle to consume. Some days she would match Tina or even Lisa for the sheer amount of food that was forced down the funnel. We also began modifying the apparatus. Rather than go through the trouble of blending up solid foods, we added the equivalent of a garbage disposal unit to the top of the funnel. Her chair would have to be tied to a post when we did this, for the unit was quite large and heavy. Then you just threw in whatever food you wanted. It would grind it up, mix it with water and send it to her stomach. The girls had a lot of fun with this. Sometimes they would dance around her throwing whatever food was handy into the hopper poised above her head. They'd make a game of who could come up with the most disgusting combination of foods to send into her gullet. They would even feed her things like dog food on occasion. The winner was the girl who dumped a fish bowl with no less then ten fish into the funnel, water and all. Oh how Michelle struggled and fought as she saw those wriggling fish flop and writhe as they were sucked down the tube and into her belly!

The natural consequence of such constant feeding was that Michelle gained weight by leaps and bounds. After only a month she had put on more than one hundred pounds and weighed a fine matronly 256 pounds. She averaged one hundred pounds a month for the next three months. The other girls took great delight, perhaps more than I did, in making sure she met that quota. They'd weigh her every other day and step up her feedings if they felt she was falling behind. Three and a half months later she weighed more than 600 lbs. I decreed that her punishment was over. The other girls were disappointed but dared not voice it for fear of taking her place. She was not so picky anymore. She was still afraid to be put back on the feeding apparatus, which I kept always in good working order, and her appetite was too great to allow her to be picky. So contests were still held to see what Michelle would eat, and the girls still tried to keep her on a steady weight gain. She did keep gaining, and there were very few things that she would refuse to eat at least once.

She's coming close to a thousand pounds now and is attended by four girls who eagerly want to see her surpass Lisa. They have to settle for her trying to beat Lisa's weight, for they know they haven't any chance of getting her to weigh more than my heaviest girl