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Pizza Parlor Afternoon
by Rebel

It was her last day of work at a job that she wasn't sorry to lose anyway. The guy that she was meeting for lunch was sexy as hell, but he was really just a friend. One of those men that are just fun to be around with the added bonus of not being hard to look at. Besides, he had the worst reputation for being a slut, and she didn't need that kind of trouble right before she left the state for a dream job up north. Sure he was lean and dark and single, with chocolate killer eyes and a little-boy grin, but there would be lots of those in her new town. She hoped...

He had eaten lunch with her before, and he was really looking forward to doing it again. She was absolutely gorgeous, tall and voluptuous to the point that it was distracting. But they were just friends, recently promoted from being acquaintances. As it happened, she was also one of the smartest people he knew, and he didn't want to blow this new friendship by making a move on her too quickly. Oh well, even if he never did touch her it was still somehow enough to just look at her soft golden hair and bright green eyes, not to mention the outrageous curves she wielded. Even the politest hug from her was thrilling

The noise of his bike caught her attention. Somehow he had found a spot right next to the pizza parlor where she was waiting for him. It let her watch him secretly as he locked up the Harley, unknowingly giving her several good ass shots. He walked into the place with a casual swagger dressed in jeans and a tee shirt that made him look like a macho character in a comedy skit. The shirt was tight and black with some sort of biker design on it, and his jeans were snug enough to prove that he didn't wear underwear. He smiled as soon as he saw her, and she thought for an instant that maybe it would be nice to be more than just friends with him.

Most of the pizza place was dark, done in rich paneling to give it that Old Chicago look. But sitting next to the window was the rubenesque blonde he had come to see. The sunlight was angled just enough to shine on all of her, making her seem to glow. She was wearing a dark blue business suit, conservative but completely unable to disguise the fact that she was blatantly feminine. The pale blouse that she wore was only tight enough to hint at the fact that her impressive bust was on the verge of popping out of the sturdy bra she wore. When he looked up to her face, she was already smiling at him. He noticed that she had really sexy lips, and he wanted to do more to make her smile.

They had a nice conversation over coke and tea. Deeper than just polite banter but nothing truly soul baring. The salads came and were eaten. She pushed the little plate away, saying apologetically that she should really just stop eating at that.

He didn't mean to, but he steered the conversation that direction. Soon they were talking about eating and weight exclusively. She loved to eat, but had always been careful about gaining too much. He loved big women, and was never at all shy about letting a big woman know it. After a little while she seemed fascinated by his ideas of how erotic it was to watch a woman eat and gain. How each new pound became a new erogenous zone. How every time she added a new bulge or roll, it was like making love to a different woman. How after a woman had gotten plump enough, that sex was like a threesome between her, her lover, and her fat. They carried the conversation on until she noticed that her whole single pizza was gone, and she wanted more.

Without asking, she reached for his last piece. He smiled inwardly, and felt his cock shift positions a little. She had been listening to what he said about how sexy women are when they eat without asking him why he thought that. It was as though she had felt the same things without ever realizing it, never given those feelings words. And now that he thought she might be agreeing with him that a fat woman is sexy and so a fatter woman is a sexier woman, he wasn't about to argue over a slice of pizza that he didn't want anyway.

He called the waitress over and asked for two more single pizzas, both of them with extra meat. After that it was really easy to talk her into blowing off the last couple of hour at her dead-end job and just sit here and talk with him. The next two pizzas arrived and steered their meandering conversation back to the erotic aspects of food. The same was true for the next two. He would set one of the pizzas at his place at the table until she finished hers, then she would switch her empty plate for his full one. No one but the two of them noticed as she ate her fifth pizza, then called the waitress over herself to order a large serving of lasagna and one more single pizza.

By the time she had finished that order, they didn't talk about much else besides the fact that her stuffing herself was really turning them both on. Her tummy was full, and her skirt was devilishly uncomfortable. At this point even her jaws were tired from chewing. But she was still so excited, and now it was more than the fact that she had the totally undivided attention of a good looking man. She was turning herself on by gorging herself this way. It was an alien feeling, but there was no denying that something made her even hornier when she ordered four more pizzas.

After she had sat in front of him and eaten more than ten little pizzas and a big plate of lasagna, his hard-on was becoming one hell of an annoyance. He knew that she couldn't still be hungry, and he knew that she didn't normally binge this way. That meant that she was eating just because she wanted to feel her belly swelling out with food. She wanted to feel that indulgence, that complete satisfaction that comes from going all the way to your limits. Whether she was doing this as a kind of peep-show for him or not didn't matter a bit. The sight of her eating and eating the most fattening foods available was becoming more than he could stand. This was a fantasy he had always had, and now just a short time after he had mentioned it to her, she was living it out. He thought that it couldn't get any better than that.

He was wrong. She politely excused herself and tried to slide out of the booth. She had sat down on the tight bench seat as a big curvaceous woman. She was now much bigger across the middle and her muscles were getting lethargic from the massive meal she carried in her bloated stomach. Standing up wasn't easy for him either as his throbbing erection suddenly had to adjust in his jeans to the new position, but he rose to help pull her out of the booth. She was wearing a skirt that matched the dark blue coat, but the slit up the side of her long sexy leg was much less businesslike. The blouse that tried to hide her impressive bust was losing the battle against her newly enhanced belly. The buttonholes were starting to gap over the point where it was tucked into the cinching waistband of her skirt. The way her tummy was bulging above and below the band was terribly exciting, but nothing to the crease he could make out below that. She was wearing a garter belt that was biting into the relentless swell of her fattening belly. Oh, this woman could really be a goddess!

She almost let herself get embarrassed by needing help with standing, but there was something about being so over-fed that she needed help to move that sent tingles of pleasure between her legs. Besides, any embarrassment she may have had left over was erased by the detailed bulge she couldn't miss in the front of his pants. He wasn't lying about this feeding stuff, he really was getting at least as horny as she was over her binge. She walked slowly to the ladies room, being certain to not do any of the things that she had learned to do to keep her broad rear from jiggling. Let him enjoy it as much as she was learning to...

She was only in the ladies room for a minute. She had only gone in long enough to check her already light make-up and long blonde hair. Well, that and do something about that unbearable skirt! After coaxing her blazer off, she tried to pull the zipper around from the back to the front so that she could get at it, but after ten of those delicious pizzas and the lasagna and whatever else she had eaten in the past two hours it wouldn't budge. She sucked in a big breath along with as much of her stomach as she could and tried again, nothing happened. Frustrated, she blew the breath out and let her belly relax and fall suddenly.

It relaxed further than she had expected. The button popped away and clattered to the floor. That was more than the fine nylon zipper could handle, and it fell apart also. The skirt wasn't totally destroyed, but it was going to be a trick to make it work for the rest of the day with no button and a busted zipper. But the worry over a little clothing emergency didn't begin to compete with the relief she felt when her bloated stomach suddenly gained its freedom. She pulled her blouse up and assessed herself in the mirror.

She had always been a big girl, sturdy Northern European stock and all that. But now, in this pizza parlor mirror with a ruined skirt and a struggling blouse framing her massively swollen belly, she looked fat. This was the first time that she had ever thought that she looked that way. A few times she had decided that she looked plump, and her mom had given this jumpsuit that made her look down right chubby, but she had never actually thought that she looked FAT before. And the surprise greater than that was that she liked it. Pulling the strap of her black lace garter belt down, she took a moment to admire herself in this new way. She looked good as a fat woman; unmistakably feminine, pampered, luxurious, and powerful. Her hands slipped under the swell of her full tummy and hefted it gently. One hand raised a bit above the other, and she rocked it playfully back and forth a few times. Even though her fair skin was stretched tight across the it, her new belly fell with a satisfying bounce when she dropped it back down and pulled the elastic of her garter belt back over it. Yeah, this was a good look for her, and wouldn't that guy waiting at the booth for her love this.

Thinking of him brought up the greatest surprise of the afternoon. She noticed that she still felt hungry.

After a quick readjustment of her skirt she walked back out into the dining area. No one seemed to notice that the slit now ran up the back of her skirt now, and she looked casual and relaxed carrying her blazer folded over her elbow. She was certain that nobody could tell how she was battling to keep her clothes on.

As soon as she rounded the corner, he noticed that she was having to hold her skirt closed with that hand under her jacket. While she had been gone, his hard-on had faded to a slightly more comfortable size. But now, seeing that she had outgrown her skirt, his cock leapt up harder than it had been before. He could almost hear his own zipper start to separate. The double bounce of her bust above the majestic sway of her new belly as her strong wide thighs shoved it to from side to side was hypnotic to him.

She squeezed by him and started to get back into the booth. It was no easier than getting out had been, and he wasn't able to help her this time. She could move more freely now with her loosened skirt, but now she also took up more room in the seat. When the struggle was over, she allowed herself a small sigh.

He sat down on the edge of her seat and told her that he had just asked for the check. They would be leaving in a few minutes, unless she wanted to stay for a little while longer. His eyes glittered for just a moment with the hope that she would say yes.

Her mind ran through a list of pros and cons in seconds. She was already breaking out of her clothes, she should get back to work sometime this afternoon, there would be no way to fool the waitress into thinking that she wasn't really gorging herself, she had already eaten enough for a week, all this food was going to be expensive, and did she really want to eat this much in front of a man? But the skirt was already broken and roomier now, she was quitting that job anyway, this waitress would never see her again, she still felt a little hungry, he had a credit card that he liked to use, and yes she sure as hell did want to eat this much in front of this man! So she scooted over a couple of inches and motioned him in to sit beside her.

The waitress came back and handed him the bill from the first round. Then she ordered another two plates of the lasagna with extra garlic bread and a small bowl of cheese on the side. Also a couple of beers, lite for him and she wanted a real one, all on a new tab. She looked at him and grinned devilishly, then flashed her eyes demurely down at his crotch. It made her feel even hungrier when she saw his pulse clearly though the tent in his jeans.

The beers arrived quickly, and the lasagna was close after that. Without the lunch crowd around, the service here was excellent. The servings also seemed to be a bit more generous now, and just getting halfway through the first plateful made her think that she had really overestimated herself by ordering two of them. She pushed both plates away and leaned back, closing her eyes for a second. When she opened her eyes, he was offering her mouth a fork full of the scrumptious Italian casserole. She took it, closing her shapely lips over the shaft of the fork as she did. A drink of beer, and she took the next offering from him. After a short time, she would just keep her eyes closed and open her mouth for the next delicious morsel. She could tell when he added a bite of the buttery bread, or sprinkled some extra cheese on the lasagna. Occasionally she would open her eyes long enough to look into his, absorb the pleasure and the lust she saw there, then close her eyes and take the next bite from his fork.

His voice was deep when he asked her if she wanted something else. She opened her eyes and saw that now both plates were empty except for a few orange stains and a bit of stuck-on cheese. It was that voice, the worshipful tone of it, that made her say yes. The waitress showed up with more beer and two more of the pizzas. She felt herself grow moist between her legs when he told her that he had ordered pizza so that he could feed it to her by hand this time.

Each bite was wonderful, pepperoni and extra hamburger with who knew how many extra toppings on the first, Sausage and peppers and olives with extra cheese on the second. He held the slice each time so that she could control the size of the bite that she was taking. She got into the habit of taking large bites so that she could feel his fingers brush against her chin or her lips. The moisture in her panties soon grew to wetness, as the ecstasy of his touch and his feeding overcame the tightness in her belly.

He wanted to touch her now, to feel how big her belly was becoming, to see if she was as excruciatingly aroused as he was. Now that he was using his hands to feed her, every time she slid one of those voluptuous lips across one of his big fingers it made it aching dick jerk expectantly. He fed her and he watched her, in erotic awe of the way that she could indulge herself this way. This was his fantasy, sitting beside a gorgeous woman who would let him feed her until she burst through her clothes, and then still be unsatisfied. So even as his balls got increasingly more painful, there was no way in hell that he was going to stop as long as he could coax one more calorie into those seductive and busy lips of hers.

The waitress had stopped trying to conceal her interest, then jealousy, then arousal at the show that these two people were putting on. Instead she felt as though she had finally been invited to join them. Her role was to supply the handsome man with everything he desired, so that he could please the lucky woman he had chosen to serve. His wordless gestures were eloquent to her, and she went off to get his next order, wondering if she would ever be as fortunate as the heavy blonde that she was helping to feed.

The pizzas were gone again, and she didn't meet the waitresses stare when the beer and two more plates lasagna arrived. He fed these to her with his hands this time, wonderful! She could feel an occasional drip or crumb drip down her chin or her cheeks, and then fall to her blouse, but didn't care in the slightest. There was no way that anything was going to break the spell of this sensuous over-indulgence. Since she had nothing to do with her hands as he fed her still more, she touched her self. First her thighs, feeling the way that her expanding tummy pushed them apart. Next to her broad hips, enjoying their softness and responsiveness to her touch. Silently she wished that she could make them grow the same way that her belly was growing right now. There was no telling how much he had fed her now, her mind was far too focused on the symphony of ecstasies from her mouth and hands and belly and every cubic inch of her body as she imagined it growing fatter and fatter with every mouthful he lovingly offered her. But now she had distracted herself for as long as she was able. She couldn't control herself or her hands any further.

A shiver coursed through her as her hands finally came up to the massive bulge that her tummy had become since noon. She could still feel that it was soft to the touch because of the layer of fat she had carried there for years. But now, with more food than she would ever believe filling it, the skin was stretched tightly over it, and there was almost a solid, bouncy core inside. Gently, afraid that it might hurt, she gave it an experimental squeeze with her left hand.

Oooh.. That's new. The skin was so taut over her belly that even the most delicate movement pulled at her most intimate place. She squeezed again, this time a bit more forcefully and with both hands. Her clit nearly shocked her and began to fill out instantly. She smiled like a mischievous little kid and looked into her feeder's eyes. She gave herself another squeeze, this time using her shoulders to push her hands closer together when she did. Just before her eyes drifted closed with the thrill of the sensations, she saw his eyes drawn down by the motion. Better still that he was watching her play with her new self now.

He put the bite of lasagna down and watched her for a moment. This must be the same way that treasure hunters feel when they finally make that one mother lode strike. He hands were just on the sides of her distended belly, massaging slowly at the naked flesh peeking out from her inadequate clothes. Her fingers would press gingerly into the fat she had there, then they would squeeze closer together. He heard her breathing getting deeper and faster, just a little but enough to let him know what she was doing to herself. One of his hands, he finally noticed, was stroking through her hair. The other one he placed delicately on the front of her belly.

Her pussy was finally really wet, soaking into the cotton crotch of her panties. The feeling of her hands on her sides, tugging her clit against the fat at the top of her thighs was amazing. The luxuriant laziness from being stuffed so extremely full was even more enticing, as was the sinfully indulgent heaviness stretching out her swollen stomach. And now that his hands were finally on her, she was pushed to the point where the decision was made for her. Her breathing came faster, and she had to actively try to remain quiet. She got rougher with her belly, bouncing her firm clit around and using every inch of her fat to masturbate. Her heavy tits in their sensible bra, the flab on her upper arms, her big strong calves... Every part of her body was pushing her toward cumming in a way that she had never known before.

Only one thing was missing, and only one thing was wrong. She wanted to still be eating, and right now she didn't want to share her newly fattened body with anyone just yet. She whispered, nearly gasped that she wanted him to go back to feeding her. She didn't mention that she didn't want his hand on her magnificent gut right at the moment. She didn't want to hurt his feelings and she didn't want to waste the energy.

He pulled his hand away from her paunch with only the slightest regrets. There was some nervousness that she was too over-stuffed to have his hand on her anyway, and feeding her was his greatest pleasure right now. So he picked up the next serving of food and presented it to her eager mouth. She bit at it greedily, wrapping her lips around two of his fingers as she did. A slight sucking at them and then she released him so that he could get the next morsel to her. He did quickly, and this time she sucked a moment longer at his thick finger. By now her breath was getting ragged, and her hands were getting more energetic with the ball of pleasure in her lap.

She was so close, so close. Her hands dug at her fat belly and she shifted her broad thighs back and forth to bring even more friction against her swollen clit and dripping pussy lips. And still the food kept being presented to her. The food just kept coming, filling her more and more as long as she kept opening her insatiable mouth. How fat could she get if he never quit shoving the delicious food into her growing body?

An image flashed across her mind, that she was immensely obese, belly impossibly massive and pinning her to a giant mattress, round arms just able to reach the nipples at the ends of her flowing breasts. Trapped by her own body, immobile and pampered, unable to do anything for herself except to eat and eat and eat everything that he offered her open mouth. She imagined the motion of her breathing sending tidal waves across the vast expanse of her bellies, that would tug and tickle at her swollen and hidden clit until just breathing could drive her to crashing orgasms.

Her breath caught suddenly and she bounced her fat savagely. He watched in awe as her boobs danced with the sweeping thrusts of her exertions. Her orgasm had finally laid hold of her, and was racing through her engorged body with complete abandon. Her eyes clenched tightly and her neck arched, little whimpers slipped between her clenched teeth. He could feel the strong muscles clamping her thighs together, and could only imagine what was going on in the crowded space at her crotch. But even as the violent release swept through her, her mouth opened, obviously wanting yet another bite of food.

The image in her mind grew fatter still. She wanted more food in her real body to feed her fantasy body. Thick legs forced further apart as they filled with more fat, ass pushing up at her mammoth bulk and spreading wider beneath her. But mostly it was her belly, a gigantic tide of flab that continued to expand. Nothing else entered her mind as her orgasm peeked except to keep eating so that she could feed the image of her mind's belly getting fatter and fatter and FATTER!!

Slowly the buzzing rush of cumming faded, and she came back into the booth in the pizza parlor in a very public place. Yet for no reason that she could immediately name, she wasn't at all embarrassed. She looked over at her feeder, wondering for a moment when she had started thinking of him in that term, and returned his smile. Hers was content and relaxed, his was excited and somehow triumphant. It was a good match.

They shared a quiet giggling conversation, just as they would if they had just had sex in a parents' bedroom while still in high school. The waitress was a little slow in getting the new check out to them, and when she did she was also carrying a video cassette. While she waited for him to sign the credit card receipt, she pointed candidly up to the ceiling over the booth in front of them. Neither of them had noticed the camera before, and the thought of what it might have caught sent a little thrill through each of them.

Getting her out of the booth this time was a real struggle, and finished off two of the lower buttons on her blouse. At last she stood outside the booth and was shocked at how much her belly actually weighed. After a big salad, more than twelve pizzas, five large helpings of lasagna, and all the Italian side dishes and extras that went with all of that, she shouldn't have been surprised. He helped her get back into her jacket, then walked out of the pizza parlor at her side to help her hide the damage she had done to her skirt. She stepped slowly, not wanting to give her inflated paunch anything to complain about. She didn't feel sick, but why take a chance with it? Besides, that beautiful new belly had just given her a whole new outlook on what her body and her fantasies could be like from now on. She was grateful to it for that, and had every intention of pampering it at any opportunity.

Once he had walked her back to her car and got her comfortably inside it, he tried to hand her the tape. She told him to keep it. Now that she had found out about what an immense pleasure eating could be, she would have plenty to remind herself of this day. More and more to remind herself after each meal as the time passed in her new city. She really hoped she could find someone like him up there. Even if she had to do it herself, she didn't think that would be a problem at all...