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The Plumper Room
by Rick Jordan

Except for the small hand lettered sign on the door proclaiming "Nude Dancers," the Pumper Room looked more like a typical neighborhood workingman's bar than a strip joint. A few strokes of graffiti decorated the glass brick window, and a few more added a crude L to the name, making it PLUMPER ROOM--someone's idea of a joke.

Ordinarily I pass up strip joints, especially seedy ones like this, but something about it intrigued me. I was in town for a couple of days on a sales trip so I decided to check it out after my last business appointment across the street.

All through the appointment, I found myself thinking more and more about the Pumper Room. As soon as I finished, I hot-footed it over, leaving my car in the company parking lot.

I opened the door to a typically dark bar smelling of too many cigarettes and too little fresh air. The middle aged Asian woman behind the bar took my money, handed me a ticket stub and plunked down a watery nondescript soft drink. I took a quick look around. At 4 in the afternoon most strip clubs are pretty quiet, but there wasn't a single customer besides me.

I grabbed the drink from the bar and wandered over to the stage and sat down in front of a very plump woman swaying to the music and holding her massive tits in her hands. To be honest, I had never seen such a large woman working as a stripper. I looked around the room at the four or five other dancers sitting together to talk or vacantly watching the woman on-stage. They were all fatties--all of them! Sure, I've been to strip joints before to admire the female form, but that form had always been, well...slimmer.

I was about to gulp down my drink and leave when one of the women, very pretty and very young, made eye contact. She was as large as the others, but her smile riveted me to my seat as she walked over to me. Without talking, she stood behind me and began to massage my shoulders which were tense from the business day. I could feel her large fleshy breasts pushing against the back of my head. With each squeeze to my shoulders she would push those huge pillows into me, covering my ears at times. Both of us silently watched the dancer who smiled vacantly back at us.

My voluptuous masseuse leaned down and whispered, "Let's go over in the corner." Before I could object, she grabbed my hand, and led me to a long vinyl L-shaped bench in probably the darkest corner of this already dimly lit club. We sat down side by side and she introduced herself as Angie. I never really had much to do with fat women before, but she aroused my curiosity. Actually, she aroused more than curiosity. Angie gently laid her hand on my thigh with the edge of her palm grazing the tip of my hopelessly hard dick. She began to kneed my thigh as she had done my shoulders, the edge of her palm rubbing back and forth against the head.

Angie asked me if I would like a couch dance. I thought, well, here comes the commercial, but by this time I would have gone along with almost anything. The thought of all that bare flesh squirming and pulsating against me was making me crazy. My mouth like cotton, I squeaked out a "yes." Angie smiled at me and said I should first go in the men's room and put on a condom.

"You know, so you don't cum in your pants and make a mess," she explained. I didn't really think it was possible in the space of a song and fully clothed, but I was thankful for her understanding and dutifully excused myself to put one on.

I returned to her in less than a minute and she climbed on my lap facing me with the grace and ease of a much smaller woman. She kneeled on the seat cushions to hold her weight, and pushed those huge melons in my face until I almost gasped for air. Angie leaned back, grabbed one of her tits firmly and shoved the nipple in my mouth encouraging me to suck on it or smother. Her nipple swelled to the size and firmness of a grape.

I reached around and held Angie's ample buns in my hands, squeezing them and pulling her crotch hard against my throbbing cock. She rocked back and forth gently to the music. I could feel her hot pussy through our clothing. Her costume bottom was as thin as panties. She worked her swollen snatch over my imprisoned cock with a frenzy that told me she was getting more out of this than the customary $20. Before long, her pussy juices soaked the front of my pants. She grabbed my neck from behind, pulled my head between her giant tits and began to shudder. She bore down on my cock very hard and held it there for a while, then she relaxed and nuzzled her face against my neck, obviously very content.

This was clearly more than I had bargained for, but I offered her the $20. "No way," she said. "I should be paying you for that one. In fact, I think I will." She expertly pulled down my zipper and freed my swollen cock. I was a little concerned that someone would see, but a quick look around convinced me that nobody was really paying any attention to us. In one motion, she turned around on my lap with her back to me, pulled her sodden panties to the side and slid my latex-encased dick into her dripping cunt. Though she was very tight, my cock buried itself deep in her slippery hole. I began to appreciate one of the joys of fucking a large woman; her size easily masked what we were doing from view.

Angie squirmed back and forth, and side to side sliding my dick in and out of her glorious hole. Though I tried to thrust my hips upward, her weight prevented it. After a short time I didn't even try. I just laid back and let her work her tight full pussy lips around my cock.

Though some men might think that fat women are out of shape, the way Angie's strong tight pussy milked my cock, she gets plenty of exercise where it counts. Sometimes she would stop moving her hips and just suck on my imprisoned shaft with her talented love muscles. Just when I thought I could stand no more, Angie would relax her grip so that I wouldn't cum. I needed all the help I could get at that point.

We continued fucking for what seemed like forever, but in reality was five or six songs. Not that I had the presence of mind to count them. I knew from watching each of the other Rubenesque dancers come up to the stage and dance two songs while I imagined what it would be like to fuck each and every one of them. All the while, Angie wiggled and milked my throbbing cock in a way that nobody before her had ever been able to do. She began to bear down on my cock harder and more insistently, grinding that huge ass into my thighs. Without warning, I felt her throbbing, vibrating orgasm clench my dick with an intensity that instantly made me cum. The warmth and the wetness pouring back on me were evidence that no reservoir tip could have contained that load. It gushed past the rolled end of the condom and soaked my balls as if I hadn't even worn one.

Turning back around to face me, Angie smothered me once more in her creamy tits while carefully putting my wet cock into my pants and zipping up the fly. She kissed me and climbed off. I retreated to the men's room to survey the damage.

Pussy juice and cum soaked my pants. I had no hope of cleaning it up, but I didn't care after having the most fantastic fuck of my life. I came out of the men's room, thankful for the dim lighting. Angie came up to me and kissed me. "Don't be a stranger," she said and went on stage to dance her set. I left to go back to my motel room and change clothes.

After a quick shower, I changed clothes and flopped down on the bed to watch the news on TV. Same old shit. My mind kept wandering back to Angie. I turned off the TV, put on my shoes and said to myself, fuck it, I'm going back. The Pumper Room was only about a mile down the road, but enough time to daydream about my "dance" with Angie.

I opened the door to a now pleasantly familiar bar. "You have ticket?" the Asian woman asked, recognizing me. I pulled the stub out to show her but she waved it away and set another watery drink on the bar for me. I threw down a fiver and walked over to the stage. This time I felt more comfortable, almost at home.

I looked around for Angie but didn't see her. It didn't take long for one of the other girls to come over. She introduced herself as Cheryl. We shook hands gently. "Rick, my name is Rick," I said over the loud music.

"Have you been here before?" she asked.

"Yea, I was here earlier today. Is Angie is still here?"

"Angie works day shift. You just missed her. She left about 20 minutes ago," she explained.

I was a little disappointed, but I began to wonder what it would be like to fuck Cheryl like I had Angie. Cheryl was a little older and much heavier, with a more mature beauty than Angie's baby face.

"OK, that's no problem. Maybe we could go over to the corner and talk," I said casually.

"Sure, baby."

We talked while a couple of songs played and a girl introduced as Debbie danced her set. Though large, she was graceful as a cat. She was fascinating to watch and I could feel my dick getting stiff. I suppose the fact that Cheryl was resting her hand on it might have had something to do with it. At this point, it didn't matter. Debbie finished her set, and disappeared into the dressing room. I watched another dancer while Cheryl continued to kneed my hard-on through my pants.

"Hey, you think you could go next door to the Liquorama and buy me a bottle of peppermint schnapps?" Cheryl asked. I agreed, adjusted the massive hard-on in my pants and went out the back door to the liquor store.

Debbie was standing just ahead of me at the counter dressed in a wrap-around dress she had quickly thrown on for the trip to the store. "Hi, I saw you in the bar with Cheryl. Is that for her?" she asked looking down at the bottle of schnapps.

"Yea, well, what the hell," I laughed.

"Well, don't feel bad. She always finds someone to buy her a bottle," she said smiling. She paid for her purchase, then waited for me at the door.

"I'm working a double shift. Could we go sit in your car for a few minutes? I have to get away from that place for a little while."

"Sure, why not." I walked her over to my car and opened the door for her. She reached over to unlock my door and I climbed into the driver's seat.

"Could we move the car to the back of the lot?" she asked. "I don't want the owner to see me here if she comes out."

I started the car and we backed up to the edge of the lot under some large overgrown trees. I told her I had been at the bar earlier and had a good time with a girl named Angie.

"Angie? Yea, she's sweet. She's my roommate. Did she give you a good couch dance?"

"No...actually she gave me the best fuck of my life right in the bar." Debbie laughed, but didn't seem surprised.

"Well, the reason you think she was the best fuck of your life is that you have never fucked me!"

"There's no way I could know that without having the chance."

"You're right!" Debbie put her left arm behind me, pushed a huge tit into my arm and reached down with her right hand for my cock. I was way ahead of her. I already had a raging hard-on. She expertly yanked my zipper down and freed my throbbing cock. After a few strokes, she leaned her head down into my lap and engulfed my swollen dick in her soft warm mouth. I could feel her firm melons squashed against my thigh as she sucked my cock. Without missing a stroke, she undid my belt and pulled my pants down around my ankles.

"Fuck me," she begged and turned around on the seat on all fours, offering that gorgeous big ass to me.

"Not so fast. I want to check this out."

Her ass was large, round and in the light from the street light looked like a huge dimpled moon. However, this moon had a crater surrounded by puffy soft lips. I poked one finger into her pussy and she moaned. I slowly slid my finger in and out of her pussy, then inserted another finger. Again she moaned and pushed back towards me to swallow my fingers with her cunt. I inserted another finger. She pushed even harder. Then four fingers! She rocked back and forth slowly but firmly against my hand. With each thrust backwards, my fingers would disappear into that gapping cunt. What the hell, I thought, and inserted my thumb as well. She pushed back against my hand, and moaned loudly as my hand spread her pussy wide.

My hand worked in and out of her slurping pussy and the juices began to dribble down my wrist. She reached underneath and rubbed her fat juicy clit in unison with her thrusts against my hand.

"Oh God, I'm cumming," she cried. I could feel the contractions in her cunt pulsating like a suction pump almost drawing in my whole hand. When she stopped, I pulled out my dripping hand and looked at it glistening in the street light. I could feel her juices all the way to my elbow. I reached down and smeared her warm slippery cum all over my cock.

"Now it's my turn," I told her. She remained on all fours on the seat and I plunged my cum soaked dick into her pussy. After taking five fingers, I expected her pussy to be loose. I was wrong. Her pussy was not as tight and talented as Angie's, but it was tight enough and very hot. She reached underneath to grab my balls as I plunged in and out of that plump pussy. Each time I plunged in, it sent a wave through her fleshy ass. By timing my strokes, each plunge met the wave rebounding back, doubling the sensation.

"Cum on my tits, cum on my tits," she yelped and turned on her back. I climbed onto her belly with my legs barely around her huge tits glowing in the dim light.

I stuck my well-lubricated dick between those enormous mounds, pulled them tightly together with my thighs and fucked the cleavage faster and faster. When I could stand it no longer, I grabbed my cock and shot a white hot stream of cum out across her tits and onto her face. She grabbed my still spurting dick and aimed it at each of her nipples, covering them in cum as well. With one finger she pushed the cum on her face toward her mouth and with a flick of her tongue, it disappeared. She swallowed greedily and began rubbing the cum on her nipples until it covered her ample breasts.

I rolled off of her into the driver's seat, exhausted. "I'll be right back. Stay here," she insisted. She wrapped the dress around herself, tied it and jumped out of the car. I watched her run across the parking lot and disappear into the back door of the bar. Within minutes she re-emerged and ran to the car.

"Here, let me help," she said cleaning my cum glazed cock with a paper towel moistened with warm water. She leaned down and sucked my clean but limp dick, then wiped it dry with a clean dry towel.

"How was that? Did I make you forget about Angie?"

"Well, for the moment," I teased, "but it would be a better test if I could try both of you at the same time. What do you say?"

"Maybe...I'll talk to Angie when I get home. How long are you going to be in town?"

"Long enough, if you can arrange that." I don't know for sure which was the best fuck, but they had definitely been the best two of my life. Yet the thought of fucking both of them together was giving me a hard-on again.

Debbie ran into the bar as I locked the car. I saw the bottle of schnapps sitting on the dash and remembered Cheryl. Oh shit! I grabbed the bottle and went into the bar by the back door.

Cheryl sat in one corner alone. When she saw me she looked a little miffed.

"I thought you ran out on me," she chided. I told her I got tied up, and handed her the bottle still in the small brown bag.

"Tied up? You mean you were fucking Debbie in the parking lot!"

"Yea, OK, so I was, so what?"

"So nothing. I can't believe you would pass me up for her. I can out-fuck Debbie any day of the week!"

It was beginning to dawn on me. These women compete with each other for tips every day. Angie had raised the ante by fucking me. The others couldn't let her beat them, but I was the only winner! It wasn't costing me a dime! I decided to gamble a little with my good fortune.

"Well, look, Debbie had to work under a handicap. I had already fucked Angie pretty hard a little earlier. It took a really hot woman to get me up like she did. It wouldn't be fair to expect you to get me up again after fucking two great women!"

"Wait here!" she insisted and went over to talk to the Asian woman. I saw the Asian woman shake her head no. Cheryl pulled out a bill from the little purse around her neck. The Asian woman looked at the bill, then exchanged it for a key from the cash register. Cheryl came back to me and said quickly, "Let's go, hot stuff!"

She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to a small door marked OFFICE. She unlocked the door, and pulled me quickly inside. I turned on a small desk lamp while she closed and locked the door. A long dark leather couch sat conspicuously out of place among the cheap office furnishings. Cheryl threw the key on the desk and waved me to the couch.

"Strip, lover boy!" she said in a strong but sultry voice. I'm usually the aggressor in sex, but I was beginning to wonder, maybe even worry a little about what was going to happen next. As I was removing my clothes, she was removing hers. We stood there naked for a second, then she pushed me backwards onto the couch. She climbed onto the couch, put one foot on the back of the couch and shoved her huge catcher's mitt of a pussy into my face. She forced my head against the couch and jammed my nose against her erect clit. I tongued her hole partly to get her to back off a little and let me breathe, but mostly because she tasted delicious! Her massive thighs held my body in place. About the only thing I actually could move was my tongue.

She finally eased back and slid her fully engorged clit down to my eager mouth. I sucked on that two inch lump hungrily, then flicked it side to side with my tongue. Juice flowed from her pussy in a steady stream, cascading over my chin and down my neck.

I freed one arm and pushed my hand up between her legs so that I could stick my finger in her pussy. I sucked on her huge clit and rammed two fingers in and out of her pussy until she finally came. Soft flesh completely engulfed my head. Her juices poured out of her pussy and her huge body shuddered out of control. I thought I was going to drown.

After what seemed like an eternity, she knelt down on the couch, straddling me and holding my head between her breasts to calm down. Though she seemed totally spent, I knew this ride was not over.

She lay back on the couch, grabbed my dick gently but firmly and literally pulled me by my dick into a 69 position on top of her. By this time we were very sweaty and the leather couch was squeaking and making movement difficult, but she moved me over her with ease. My legs barely straddled her huge body as she slurped my cock into her mouth. I leaned my head down to suck on that plump clit again, but her size made it a stretch. We lay there in a 69 position, plastered together by sweat. With my cock fully in her mouth, I could feel her nose nuzzling against my balls. Automatically, I started working my cock in and out of her hot sucking mouth.

"Fuck me!" she panted. It was my turn to take control. I spun around to face her. With her hands behind her knees, she pulled her fat legs high in the air and I jammed my cock into her hungry pussy. Her huge thighs prevented me from entering her completely until I braced my feet against the arm of the couch and rammed my cock into her with the full power of my legs. She scooped her giant tits into her arms and squeezed them. I grabbed those wondrous mammaries with my hands. They were so large, the best I could do was capture her saucer-like aureole. I held each nipple with my thumb and forefinger and began to roll them around.

"Pinch them. Pinch my nipples hard!" Always willing to please, I gave each of them a hard squeeze with my fingers. She cried out with pleasure. I rammed my cock into her unmercifully. With each out stroke, I gave each nipple another hard squeeze. She moaned and writhed in ecstasy. If I hadn't been so firmly sandwiched between her colossal thighs I would probably have been thrown clear off the couch. I continued to ram and squeeze, ram and squeeze. She rocked and heaved on the couch that began to groan ominously from all the action. Cheryl could hold it no longer. Just as I shot my load deep into her cavernous pussy, she thrust up against me, listed to one side shuddering, then rolled off the couch. Unfortunately, she rolled right on top of me. My head ached, my ribs ached, my back ached. There she lay, probably 250 pounds of complete exhaustion. She couldn't move. I couldn't move.

We looked at each other and began to laugh. For me that made it worse. Her whole body shook as she laughed, pinning me harder against the unyielding floor. It hurt like hell, but the situation only made me laugh harder, which made her laugh harder.

I was wondering how they were going to dispose of my crushed lifeless body when she mercifully rolled off me. I could breathe again. We lay there for several minutes gathering strength. I sat up and looked over at her. I realized again how pretty she was as she lay there with her eyes closed, half smiling with satisfaction.

"Now, who's the best fuck?", she asked, opening one eye and grinning at me slyly.

I decided to gamble once again. "Well, it wouldn't be completely fair to say, unless I could try all of you at the same time. Why don't you talk to Debbie and Angie and find out when the four of us are getting together?" I knew I would look at all big women differently from then on--if I survived the night.