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Plumping Pauline
By fatluvr

We had been married a long time. My wife Pauline had always had a tendency to be a little plump, but she hated being fat. I liked her plump and encouraged her to gain weight. Gradually, over the years, she piled on a few delightful pounds, but she still resisted growing to fit my fantasies of her. And she was always talking about dieting and about exercising. It was very tiresome. To hear her talk, no man would want anything but a female body-builder with less than 1% body fat. I continued to encourage her to gain weight and she continued to resist.

Then my company sent me on a trip down South for a week. It was not big deal. I had been on similar trips before. I'd even taken a couple of them with my wife, but this time she was busy and didn't want to go. There was some fitness thing she wanted to go to. I didn't pay a lot of attention. I'd rather she went to the annual food fair and stuffed herself with scrumptious goodies, but I didn't say so. Any guy who's been married a month knows that telling your wife what she ought to do is the best way to see it doesn't happen. So, I went on my trip. It went well. I called home a couple of times and spoke with my wife and all seemed normal. She didn't go on and on about the fitness thing, for which I was grateful, but then she knew how I felt about her obsession with fitness. I finished my business down South and came home.

At first, everything seemed the same, but gradually I began to notice that some changes had overcome my wife. Her eating habits changed. She'd always been a finicky eater and never ate everything on her plate. Now she was getting larger portions, eating them all and asking for seconds. Then she started snacking between meals - and I don't mean celery. She started buying cupcakes and doughnuts. She'd go down to the warehouse store and by 4 or 5 dozen muffins, especially the chocolate ones. I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed the change. She started to gain weight, slowly at first and then more and more. We started having better sex more often as she got plumper. At first, I tried not to make a big thing of her new fat, but as she added pound after pound, I found myself unable to keep from kneading her fat, kissing it and caressing her more generous curves. And after a little while, I found she was encouraging me, without saying anything.

Two months later, I had to take another trip. I left her at the airport, contentedly eating a cinnamon roll as I went through security. I didn't know what had come over her to change her attitude, but I was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. The trip went well and a week later I was back home.

When I got out of the taxi, my wife came out to meet me in front of the house. She was wearing a flowered print dress that was several sizes larger than she was. She was eating a jelly doughnut. She took me into the kitchen where I found she had baked several cakes and pies "to celebrate my coming home," she said.

"Do you like my new dress?" she asked coyly. I said I did. She got some ice cream from the freezer and put it down next to a pie. "Want to feed me 'till it fits tight?" she asked.

"You bet!" I said and got her out a large piece of pie and a large scoop of ice cream. I fed it to her and she asked for another piece and then another, pausing only to ask me about my trip in between eager bites.

"Do you like the new me?" she asked, then she'd eaten the first pie and most of the quart of ice cream.

"You know I do!" I replied with enthusiasm. And I meant it, too. She was 5'4" and had been hovering around 125 lbs. for years, but now I'd guess she was easily 180 lbs.

"Come with me, lover," she said in a low sultry voice and led me to the bedroom. I followed her to the bedroom and in the corner by the bathroom door was a large industrial-type scale. She got on it and weighed herself. She weighed 202 lbs. "Like that number, lover? Or do you want me fatter still."

"Fatter," said I truthfully, "a lot fatter."

"Good, cause I'm hungry!" she said, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me deeply. Her body felt so good now that she'd gained that weight. Her belly pressed against my and her large full breasts challenged me to fondle and caress them. "Go get me a snack, please, I'm starved," she said and opened her embrace.

I went into the kitchen, got one of the cakes, a box of sugar coated doughnuts, another pie, some ice cream and an éclair I found in the fridge. Also in the fridge, I found a large plastic jug labeled "weight gain shake, so I grabbed that and a large glass. While I had been in the kitchen rustling up her "snack," she'd undressed and gotten into bed. I put down the tray of goodies on the middle of the bed.

"Oh yeah!" she exclaimed, "give me some shake!" So I poured out the thick liquid into the glass and handed it to her. She drank it back and handed me the glass for more. Not waiting for me to fill the glass, she started in on the cake with a fork. When half the cake was gone, she had a couple of doughnuts with another shake and then finished the doughnuts. I watched her eat, loving everything I saw. She ate the éclair and asked me for some soda. I came back with a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi. She finished off the Pepsi with the last of the cake and ice cream.

Her belly rested on her thighs and her double chin moved seductively as she ate. I moved around behind her on the bed and fondled her fat as she ate. She felt so damn good. It was no wonder our sex life had been getting better and better the past few months. I still wondered why she had changed her mind and decided to become what all my fantasies wanted her to become, but I didn't need to know. She'd eaten everything I had brought her and asked for more. That was more than enough for me to know.

"Mmmmm," she said, leaning back against me as I kneaded and fondled her big belly. "Bet you wish you knew why I decided to give up that fitness stuff," she said teasingly.

"When you want me to know, you'll tell me," said I. "Just being with you like this and enjoying your beautiful body is more than enough for me."

We made love slowly and deliciously. Every luscious part of her newly fat body was a delightful discovery. She encouraged me to play with her fat - pressing out her belly into my lips and murmuring sensuously as I caressed the rolls of fat at her sides. Her legs, which had always been thin and muscular had blossomed into soft, thick pillars of pleasure for me. She wanted me to admire her fat and tell her how seductive she was and how much more beautiful she'd be when she got twice as big as she was now.

When I was finished, for a while, she said, "I just have one more surprise for you." She put on her robe and went out of the bedroom. "Close your eyes," she called from the hall. I closed my eyes. I lay in the bed under the covers, interested but patient.

"OK, now. Open your eyes," she said in a very sexy voice.`

When I did, I got the biggest surprise of my life. Standing at the foot of the bed beside my wife was a hugely fat naked woman. Her enormous body glistened with lovely mounds and rolls of fat. Her huge belly hung down almost to her knees in a gorgeous orb of cellulite. Her thigh fat hung down on her calves and swayed just as little with the effort to keep her tremendous bulk upright. Pauline had removed her robe and, standing beside this enormous woman, she looked almost thin. She was about my wife's age, maybe a little younger even and maybe two inches taller. Her huge breasts hung down across her gigantic belly to her waist. Her huge nipples pointed to the floor. This woman personified all my fantasies for my wife: this is what I wanted my wife to be like.

"This is Betty," said my wife and she and Betty embraced and kissed passionately. The sight of their bellies rubbing and tits caressing one another - all that lovely fat wobbling and stretching with their passion gave me an instant erection. "I met her when you were out of town a few months ago and, well, I just fell in love with everything about her. So, I understood how you felt about wanting me to be bigger, and besides, I wanted to be just like her."

"I don't understand," I stammered, "do you mean you're leaving me?"

"No, my love," said Pauline, "but it would give me great pleasure to share you with Betty."

"Don't feel like you have to," said Betty in a very husky, sexy voice, "I know how most men see me and I would not want you to feel like you had to do anything, just to please your wife."

I got up from the bed and approached them. "No, not at all, Betty" I said, "you are a supremely attractive woman and nothing would please me more than having Pauline become just like you."

"Good," said Betty. She lifted up one of her enormous breasts to me and said, "then come, suckle Betty" I looked at my wife and she seemed full of encouragement, so I gladly took the huge nipple into my mouth and began to suck. To my surprise, almost at once, milk flowed into my mouth, a delicious sweet milk that tasted better than anything I had ever had. With every mouthful I felt better and handsomer and more manly. And with every mouthful I wanted another mouthful more. I opened my eyes to see my wife sucking Betty's other breast, her eyes shut, a look of total bliss on her face. Betty moved to the bed and got onto it. We followed her, still sucking at her massive breasts.

Gently but firmly, she removed her nipple from my mouth. "Kiss your wife now," she said and Pauline and I reached over Betty and kissed deeply. Her mouth tasted so good with Betty's milk on it. I wanted more. When we stopped kissing, I looked at Betty and was on the verge of asking for more, when she said, "Not yet, but you are very hungry. Here have this pie." And she was correct. I was very hungry. I tore into that pie like I hadn't eaten in days and ate the whole pie and half a quart of ice cream Pauline got for me when Betty asked her to. "Good boy!" Betty said. "Now you can fuck me. Pauline will help you."

I climbed between Betty's massive thighs. Pauline took my cock in her hands and guided it into Betty's vagina, as though it were a dildo. The feeling of her enormous belly against me was so good. She held her breasts in her hands in a very provocative pose. Then, as I thrust into Betty, Pauline caressed my legs and buttocks, fondled my body and made it very hard indeed not to come very quickly. "It's OK, you may cum," said Betty and I did.

It was a lucky thing that we had such a big, sturdy bed, because we went to sleep right there in the bed with Betty between us, our little bodies cuddling up to her huge form. Although I wanted to feel Betty's huge nipple in my mouth and drink some more of her milk very much, somehow I felt that I could not ask or demand it. Somehow I fell asleep without it.

The next morning I awoke to Betty fondling my dick, which was a very nice way to wake up, I can tell you. I looked for Pauline, but she was not there. "She is making breakfast," Betty told me. It was pure heaven to feel Betty's huge rolls of fat against my body. Her forearms were bigger around than my thighs and her fat fingers felt so good on my cock. I moved to caress her and kissed her. Her belly was so huge and beautiful. She had the most adorable rolls of fat on her legs and back. "Come, help me from the bed," Betty said and I did. We went over to the scales and she weighed herself. She was about 5'6" and weighed 742 lbs. Then she weighed me. I am 5'10" and weighed 175 lbs. Panting a bit from her exertion, Betty sat down on the bed again and brought me to kneel at her feet. Then she brought one of her huge breasts to my lips and said, "Drink, honey."

If anything, she tasted even better than the previous night. My body was filled with passionate longing and vitality. I could feel the warmth from her breast milk coursing through my veins. It felt so good. I never wanted to stop. "You're too thin," she told me as I drank. I agreed. "You need to eat more. I want you to eat as much as you can as often as you can. Pauline will help you." I felt so hungry. She took her breast from my mouth and I looked longingly at the other breast, but Betty said, "when you're bigger. Now, help me to breakfast."

We went into the dining room, where Pauline has prepared a mountainous breakfast. There were hot cakes, sausages, toast, scrambled eggs, a mountain of hash browns, ham, biscuits, bacon, four more boxes of doughnuts, and two coffee cakes. I was famished. We all three sat down and began to eat. I loved to watch Pauline eat. The food was so good. It was the best breakfast I had ever had. Betty ate a few pieces of toast and five or six links of sausage. Pauline was on her third plate of hot cakes and had eaten a dozen doughnuts before she ate most of the hash browns over which she poured a cup of melted butter. I felt full, but I wanted more. I kept eating until I couldn't eat another bite. Pauline kept going. When she was done, there wasn't a scrap of food left on the table.`

"Time for you to go to work, lover," said Betty. I got up slowly from the table and went to the bedroom to shower and dress. When I came back, Betty met me in the hall with a big cinnamon roll. "Eat this, so you don't get hungry on the road," she said. I felt renewed hunger stir in me and I ate it easily, despite my huge breakfast. "You'll need to get off work a little early tonight, Pauline will meet you at work. She wants to go shopping for clothes."

"OK, I said. "Where is Pauline?"

"She's lying down after her big breakfast," Betty pressed her huge naked bulk against my rock hard erection and kissed me. "You'd better go or you'll be late. Don't forget to eat a good lunch."

I drove to work. On the way, I felt a little hungry. So I stopped into Wendy's and got 3 burgers and 2 large fries. I ate these through the morning and then went to a local Indian restaurant that has a buffet lunch. I ate three or four times what I usually ate there and then went back to work. About 4:00 Pauline dropped into the office. She looked radiant. I embraced her and felt her full, heavy body against me. I thought of Betty and hoped that Pauline would soon be her size. We left the office to shop.

When we got to the car, Pauline asked, "Care for a snack?" She brought out a big box of Danish pastries, and she and I ate them before leaving the parking lot. She poured us each a shake. I had not realized how good they were. I felt so good. On the way, we stopped at a KFC and bought six big buckets of chicken. It smelled so good, we could not resist eating one of them before we got to the mall.

Once there, Pauline went to a store that sold clothing for big women. She picked dresses that were much too big for her to model for me. "Think I can fill this out?" she'd say and I would agree. This was the most fun I'd had shopping with her ever. She bought 8 different outfits in 3 sizes, progressively larger. Then she said, "Now it's your turn."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We need to get you some clothes, too," she said with a giggle.

"I've got plenty of clothes," I protested.

"You're going to need some new ones," she replied. "Come on."

We went to the big and tall store and she had a few words with the salesman. He showed us to a set of racks containing suits and sport jackets. Pauline picked out three suits for me to try on. The first was rather roomy but it felt good. The next was larger and the last was larger still. I came out and said the first suit was good and Pauline again had words with the salesman and then we went to look at casual clothes. By the time we were done, I had a wide variety of different clothes in assorted sizes, some of which almost fit me now and others that fit like tents.

On the way to the car we stopped at the Cinnabon and we each had three cinnamon rolls. Driving home, we finished off another bucket of chicken and then arriving home, we found that Betty had been busy making us a feast.

A delicious array of succulent aromas assailed us as we entered the house. Betty was sitting in the kitchen. She was delighted to see us and insisted on seeing what we had bought. We modeled the different clothes for her. Then she set us before her and gave us exactly what both of us had been yearning for all day, a long fulfilling drink from her beautiful breasts. We felt so proud and so happy. Betty certainly knew how to reward us.

"Now, come to the table," she said at last, putting her breasts back in their enormous brassier. "I know how hungry you both are. Be sure to eat everything up. Pauline, be a dear and bring everything in from the kitchen, my feet hurt after doing all that cooking."

I sat down opposite Betty as Pauline brought in dish after dish: mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, gravy, dumplings, roast beef, the remaining fried chicken, glazed carrots, several pies, three large cakes, fudge, and two large pitchers of creamy shake. Everything looked so good, I could not wait to begin. Pauline and I started eating and hungry as I was, I could not keep up. I wanted to eat everything up and every bite I ate I enjoyed more than the last, but I could not stuff another crumb into my face. I loved watching Betty and Pauline feed each other two three layer German chocolate cakes, cramming slice after slice into their eager mouths.

After dinner, the three of us retired to the living room where we watched TV, ate fudge and doughnuts washed down with weight gain shake. Then we retired to bed, and I was delighted to be in the middle with a lovely fat lady crushing me on either side. They each caressed my body and complimented me on how handsome and sexy I was looking. They fondled and caressed me until I came between Pauline's newly fuller, firmer breasts. Then I fell asleep.

The next morning, Betty weighed me and was delighted that I now weighed 183 lbs. She let me suckle at her gigantic breast and told me again and again how she loved my changing body and how it delighted her to feel me larger against her. And all too soon, it was time for me to go to work again. I worked diligently all day, when I wasn't snacking or gorging, but I kept thinking of Betty's breasts and longing for another drink. Of that I didn't think I could ever get enough. It was filling and fulfilling both. Nothing I had ever done was the equal of feeling that warm hot sweet ambrosia flowing into me, making me better, stronger and more confident.

Three idyllic months flew past like this. I was in heaven. Pauline continued to grow larger and fatter day by day. By this time, she'd grown to be 330 lbs. of glistening gorgeous fat and looked so scrumptious from any angle that I could barely believe how lucky I was. The largest set of clothes we'd bought me was beginning to feel tight now that I weighed 275 lbs. and I felt better than I had ever felt.

Then one evening I came home from work and found my beautiful wife alone. Betty had gone, Pauline explained. She'd introduced her to my boss's wife Helen, who had been coming over several days a week for a couple of weeks and now Betty had gone to live with them. I was very saddened by Betty's sudden departure.

"But I have a surprise for you, lover," she said with a happy smile and led me to our bedroom. She undressed me and herself and we got into bed. "Do you like my big fat body? Cause I'm going to keep getting bigger and bigger. The fatter I get the fatter I want to get." On her knees next to me lying in bed, she squeezed and caressed her fat for me in a most enjoyable way. When she turned sideways I marveled at the deep folds of fat on her back and the mounds of cellulite her ass and thighs had become. Her breasts had been growing bigger and bigger as she grew larger and now they hung down near her waist, almost as large as Betty's. She placed her nipple in my mouth and I was astonished to find her as full of warm, sweet creamy milk as Betty has been. "How's that?" she cooed. "I just love your big fat body and we're going to keep you getting fatter and fatter, too, What do you think of that?"

I let go of her breast and looked deep into her eyes adoringly, saying simply, "I'm starved, what's for dinner?" I was consumed with hunger, hunger for her, for her huge fat body, for whatever she wanted me to eat. I needed to please her and to make her happy. By the end of my drink of her second breast, I did not care that Betty was gone. Pauline was all I wanted.

Two months later, when I got home, Pauline introduced a young woman to me when I got home. "This is Janet and she will be helping me around the house." She'd been complaining that is was hard to get about the house to cook and clean all day, when all she wanted to do was sit and eat. Janet was about my height, but only about 100 lbs. If she'd been fatter she'd have been pretty - as she was now, she looked like one of those women in the cosmetics ads. She looked emaciated almost to the point of being unhealthy, but there was some way that she looked at my wife that made me think that she wouldn't remain skinny very long.