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Tanya vs. Tiny
By J.P.

With a tremendous thud, the mammoth gray beast fell to the scorched grassy plains. Tanya smiled in satisfaction from her vantagepoint under the shade of the tarp. She saw her men rush to the downed elephant with chainsaws ready to carve out the ivory tusks, which was all this elephant was worth to them.

“Benma? How much do you think those tusks will be worth? That was quite a specimen,” asked Tanya as she took a sip from her iced tea, then resumed tending to her manicured nails with an ivory handled emery board. The chair she sat on had ivory hand rests, and next to her was an ashtray that had been made from the foreleg of an African bull elephant. Since Tanya didn't smoke, it was serving as a receptacle for orange rinds and cherry pits as she enjoyed her lunch.

“Hard to say,” the dark, dusky servant said as he looked at the progress from his binoculars. “They're close to 100 pounds each I'd think.” He chewed thoughtfully upon a long blade of grass. “Biggest I've seen in a long while, especially on a female.” He was about to put the binoculars down when he turned suddenly to his right; not so far off a fast moving jeep was heading directly toward the downed elephant. “Tanya, get up. Get up!” yelled Benma, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her to her feet.

“What?! What is this, Benma let me go!” yelled Tanya slapping at his hand, then clawing at it when he didn't let go.

“We have to go! They've found us!” hissed Benma as he dragged her toward their own waiting jeep. He stopped when he saw more than six men armed with shotguns on and around their jeep.

“Who?” she hissed back, finally seeing the dust cloud approaching the elephant; she also could hear the first reports of gunfire carrying over the distance.

“The police,” Benma said slowly, letting her go and raising his hands in surrender. Tanya froze, her worst fears coming to pass. She'd been poaching elephants since she turned twenty, and after six years she'd amassed quite a few. She was also wanted by most of the authorities in Africa, and they were not kind to poachers. Not at all. The oppressive heat, her sudden fear, made her dizzy and she passed out at Benma's feet as the men approached. The last thing she heard was, “You're going to wish we were the police.”

Tanya felt cool air on her head and neck, and she started to come to. Her eyelids were sticky and crusty and resisted her efforts at first, but finally she was able to see. She expected to be in a shithole jail cell; instead she was on what looked like an expensive Lear jet. The cramped cabin was lavishly decorated with thick carpet, and the leather seats were comfortable. She rubbed her eyes and found that her hands were loosely cuffed, and her legs were also secured to the base of the chair. Next to her on the small coffee table was her entire assortment of ivory-laden jewelry and personal effects; the emery board, her hairbrush, necklace, earrings, ankle bracelet. A fortune in illegal merchandise: unfortunately, right now it was witness to her crimes. The door from the rear of the jet opened, and a somewhat short man in an immaculately tailored cotton suit stepped in and took a seat across from her. He had an attaché with him that he opened up as he sat down. He looked to be in his fifties, his features slightly pinched, his receding brown hair turning gray.

“Tanya Willems. Parents moved from England to America when you were three; your father had a lucrative business in imports and exports, plus an excellent family name and reputation; mother descended from royalty, a distant relative to the royal family they say. Raised in a boarding school until just before your graduation when the crash in the 80's cleaned out your father. No more presents from mummy and daddy, no more summering in Mexico, no more ski trips in Vermont. Dad had to get a job as a foreman at a dock shipyard; mother crawled into a bottle.” As he read her tale Tanya sank deeper into her chair. “Tanya was faced with the actual prospect of finding a job like everyone else. Then found a way to make easy money with the people you had met through your father's business; you found a way to move rare and exotic merchandise, specifically ivory.” The man gestured at the table and her personal effects. “With the payments from your first delivery you managed to start one of the largest ivory poaching syndicates in all of Africa; you even poached them inside of protected lands. It's hard to say how many your organization took down; some say close to fifty. Fifty of the largest, most majestic animals on the planet, so you could make these trinkets. You heartless bitch!” He spat as he slammed the attaché shut.

“Where are you taking me? Are you with Interpol?” asked Tanya through trembling lips.

“No, unfortunately for you I'm not. My organization is called 'The Pride,' and we protect animals from filth like you. Your men that we didn't shoot were turned over to the authorities. Justice is fast in that area; I bet they're swinging right now from a tree with barbed wire nooses, left there to rot until scavengers pick them clean. You would be right there too, hanging with them, only we have something far different in store for you. That last elephant you killed was pregnant, you know. It takes close to two years for an elephant to come to term; she was due to give birth in a month or two.” Tanya was on the verge of a break down; tears welled in her eyes as she pulled at her bonds.

“Who the hell cares about some fat stupid animal! Or her fucking baby! You have no right! Take me back to America! I want my lawyer! You can't do this to me!” She tried standing up, only to fall right back into her chair from the bindings on her legs. She slumped into the chair sobbing: “It's not fair! It's not fair!” she kept crying over and over. The man stood up and walked over to her; he lifted her chin with his hand and looked into her eyes. His own steel blue eyes were cold as ice.

“You are soon going to find out how unfair I am,” was all he said before he turned and went back to the rear of the cabin.

Tanya had fallen asleep again, but woke with a start when a large man in camouflage clothing strapped her seat belt around her slim waist. She vaguely remembered seeing him near the jeep before she passed out. He looked her in the eye as he did so, and she tried to shrink away from him. His eyes were even colder than those of the men she hired to butcher the elephants with chainsaws for their tusks. Once she was belted in he grabbed her chin roughly and forced her to look at him.

“We're landing soon, whore. Don't want you to get hurt,” he snarled, then smiled as he sat across from her. Tanya knew this was no 'Earthfirst' weirdo; this was a man who'd kill her as easily as swatting a fly. He looked like he could play professional football, and definitely didn't protect animals with peaceful protests and awareness raising. He buckled himself in as well and tilted his chin towards his left shoulder, where a radio mouthpiece was perched. “She's secured.” Tanya heard the man who was there earlier respond, “Excellent, we're almost there.” The jet began to tilt and list forward and to the side, as it made its rapid descent. All of the windows were shuttered, so she had no chance of figuring out where she was, and she had no idea how long she'd been flying. After another ten minutes the plane touched down. The hulking man sitting across from her got up and undid her belt, then the bonds on her legs. He grabbed the chain between her wrists and roughly pulled her to her feet, putting his large face to within inches of hers.

“At some point you might think to try and escape. I hope you do, in fact. I want you to know how it feels to be on the run, to know that someone is out there who wants to kill you and cut you up before you die. Just give me the excuse bitch, just give me the excuse. I'd even let you have a head start. Give you more of a chance than those elephants ever had.” He leaned in again, his breath actually heating the tears that were squeezing out of her eyes as she struggled not to faint again.

“Now, now James. Like I told you before, my plan will be far more satisfying. It just won't be as quick. Come now, bring her along; it's almost time for dinner, and I'm sure our little poacher is hungry.” Even though Tanya was hungry, famished actually, she felt a stab of dread at the way he said that.

Tanya was brought into a large hangar, where the Lear jet was now parked. The hangar looked as if it was set in preparation for war. There were perhaps fifty men, all in camouflage or dark uniforms and armed to the teeth, there were also jeeps, hummvies and other ATVs parked all over, bristling with machine guns. Towards the far end was an office portioned off from the rest of the hangar, with a large window. Huge boxes were stacked nearby, and more were being moved into place with forklifts. She could also smell hay, and the unmistakable smell of elephants. God, she hated that smell, the filthy beasts. Most of the activity stopped as she was led closer and closer to the office, and the men and women stared at her, making no effort to hide their hatred and disgust. Tanya felt very small and frightened.

As they drew closer she could see that some sort of construction was under way with a large steel beam that was balanced across a solid steel archway; the beam had been passed through some kind of bracket to hold it in place like a kind of huge see-saw. As she was forced closer she could see that some men on ladders were hanging thick chains from either end of the beam; men on the ground were taking the other end of the chains and securing them to huge iron plates that were set on top of metal blocks which kept the plates roughly 3 feet off the ground. She was led towards this strange construct, and the rest of the people there gathered around it also. As she got up to it, she decided it looked a lot like an old-fashioned style scale.

The assembled men and women were smiling at Tanya's discomfort and shame as she was led up and onto one of the plates. There was a steel ring in the center of it, and the man from the plane led her up to it, then pulled her handcuff chain down, forcing Tanya to bend over into a squat. He pulled the ring up and then attached a lock through it, and then Tanya's chain, snapping the lock shut. He tugged once on the chain and then hopped off the plate. The small man in the suit then separated himself from the crowd as he stepped forward.

“Do you know how much an elephant weighs, Tanya? They're the largest living land animals on the planet. How much do you think an adult one weighs?” Tanya said nothing, trying to hide herself by letting her hair fall over her face. “Come on now, how much?” Tanya still said nothing. “Oh well. Bring in Tiny.” From another large freight door to the side of the plates Tanya could see a burly, bearded man walking beside the largest elephant she'd ever seen. She could tell by the large flapping ears that this was an African bull elephant. He had on no chain or leash, and the man easily led him towards them with just a few words, and hard pats on his massive flanks. The people stepped out of his way, and the elephant, Tiny, showed no fear as he was led right up to the other plate.

“Up, Tiny up, up!” said the man, and then stepped onto it rather gingerly. The frame of the entire structure shook under the enormous weight, but the chains still stayed slack. The man that led Tiny in stepped off the plate and was handed a large sack of potatoes, as he stood in front of Tiny he handed him potato after potato as he placidly ate, not at all nervous that the one time ivory poaching princess was only about 10 feet away. “OK, let them go,” said the man in the suit. Another man nearby pulled a lever, and there was a loud hydraulic hiss as the metal stands that the plates were perched on lowered into the floor, allowing the plates to be claimed by gravity and the balance of the scale. The stands didn't drop away quickly, but nevertheless the movement startled Tanya, and she fell from a squat to her butt as her plate rose. To no one's surprise Tiny's plate never lost contact with the metal stand until it had actually receded underneath the floor. Tiny, who had been on this scale many times before wasn't even startled by the sudden screeching hiss of the hydraulics and merely kept munching on whole raw potatoes.

“An adult elephant can weigh anywhere between three and a half to six and a half tons. That's 7,000 to almost 14,000 pounds. Tiny here might be the largest elephant in the world, certainly the largest in captivity. He was last weighed in at 14,789 pounds. OK, hoist them up and get her down. Bring in the jeep just for a comparison.” The same man that brought her onto the plate came forward and yanked the lock, shoving a key into it so that it clicked open. He then grabbed the chain and pulled her to her feet and then off the scale. At the same time the lever was pulled again, and the metal stands rose, raising the gigantic Tiny, and lowering the other plate as the scale balanced.

Tanya was held firm by the man as a ramp was moved into place on the plate Tanya was just on. One of the men then drove a jeep, fully loaded with four other passengers onto the scale. The ramp was moved away, and again the lever pulled, and again Tiny's plate sank to the ground as fast as the metal stand was receding, almost as if the other plate was empty. The small man walked onto the plate with Tiny and patted his sides and then tugged on his ear. Tiny paused between potatoes and curled his huge trunk around the man in an affectionate hug. “Good boy, Tiny, good boy.” Tiny responded by tousling the man's hair with the end of his trunk. “Thank you Tiny, you're so good.” The man stepped off the plate, and the scale was reset, and both the jeep and Tiny got off the plate. Tiny was led out the side door where he came on, eating the last of the potatoes as he walked out.

“Well, Tanya, I'm sure you're wondering what this was all about. We've done our research on you. That was probably as close to a live or dead elephant you've ever been. From what we know you can't stand the sight or smell of them. We also know that you're completely ignorant of the complexities of elephant society, how they have emotions, that they mourn their dead, and protect their children and adopt orphaned calves. To you they were just fat smelly animals attached to ivory. We voted on what to do with you. We spied on you as you spent time on Caribbean cruises, shopped at the most exclusive stores, bought designer evening gowns and swimwear. We saw how you played with a new boy-toy at every country you went to, had millionaire lovers at your beck and call, hoping to get a moment of your time. You're very beautiful, Tanya; you work out and exercise a lot, eat little more than a mouse, staying thin and attractive, able to grace any fashion magazine. We were initially just going to kill you, having an elephant trample you to death was a popular idea. Another was selling you to some organizations that do to people what you did to elephants; they're called snuff-film producers. We also thought about giving you to the authorities in Africa. Undoubtedly you would have made it to CNN, a tragic story of a young American woman caught up in ivory poaching, sentenced to die, and hanged by the neck with barbed wire.

"It wasn't until after we had raided a drug testing facility that we came up with our current plan. You see this company was testing a drug to make pigs and cows even fatter than they were forced to become on farms. You should have seen them: those pigs were four times the size of any hog I'd ever heard of, healthy as can be, and the scientists fully expected to be able to get them even bigger. Given more time, they might have rivaled Tiny. Ordinarily on such a raid we'd destroy the research and the drugs, and expose what we could to the media and the uncaring world. This one time we thought it would be wasteful to destroy all their hard work, wasteful when we could try it out on a human instead.” Tanya had been trying to ignore what he was saying, think of something she could do, until that last part. She slowly looked up at the man, not quite comprehending what she just heard.

“That's right, Tanya. You'll be trying out those drugs, and when we're done, there'll be a new record holder for largest land animal in the world. Tanya versus Tiny - I can't wait.” The man's words no longer reached Tanya; she fainted again.

Tanya woke again sometime later. Some strong looking women were undressing her as she lay on a plastic coated mattress that had been placed onto the plate she had been on earlier. “Wh-what are you doing? Leave me alone!” Tanya tried to slap at them, but her hands were tied down through plastic loops that came up through the mattress. One of the women's hands lashed out and slapped her hard across the mouth.

“Shut up cunt! Be quiet if you know what's good for you.” Too stunned to say anything back she tasted a bit of her own blood, as she began to cry again. “Oh the little baby's crying. Baby elephants cry, too, you know! Especially when they're starving to death because their mother's been hacked up and turned into fucking ash trays, dog food, and a goddamned emery board, for Christ's sake!” The woman balled her fist again, and Tanya turned away, trying to bury her face into the plastic coated pillow. The blow never landed. Tanya's feet were attached also to loops that came up from the mattress. The women used knives to carefully cut away the light clothing she wore, Tanya could see that a good portion of the people were still around, leering at her as she was stripped naked.

“At least let me have some privacy!” she yelled when they began to use scissors on her panties and bra.

“Test animals don't get privacy!” said the woman who then tore off Tanya's bra, revealing her tanned athletic breasts. Her panties were just as savagely removed, then the women stepped aside, as a man in a lab coat came onto the plate, snapping on a pair of latex gloves. He was carrying a black leather bag, from which he took out a strange assortment of tubes and bulbs.

“You'll have to unlock her legs again and hold them up.” Both women smiled broadly as they undid the loops on her legs and then grabbed Tanya's ankles, lifting her legs up towards her head, exposing her completely.

“Stop! Let me go! Please!” shrieked Tanya, only to have laughter echo back at her. Meanwhile the man with the bag leaned in now and examined her vaginal opening. Finding her urethra with his probing fingers he plunged the small tube he had into the opening, catheterizing her. Tanya screamed from the sudden pain and humiliation. “Lift her higher,” said the man. Tanya's legs were pulled back further as the man spread some lubricant over a tube that had two bulges towards the end. Despite her screaming protests and frantic movements he inserted the bulbous tube into her anus, just the first bulb went in, the second stayed out just touching her anus from the outside. The man then began squeezing another bulb that was attached to the tube, and both bulbs began to expand, preventing any chance of the tube slipping out and bringing new screams from Tanya. The man then took both tubes and used a zip-strip to secure them together and nodded to the women who put her ankles back into the loops. The man trailed the tubes off the plate to a thick plastic bag, and duct taped the tubes to the openings of the bag.

“She's all taken care of,” said the man as he snapped off his gloves. Tanya buried her head into the pillow again as the assembled men and women clapped. Another man stepped onto the plate, bearing a hypodermic and also wearing latex gloves, the man with the cotton suit from the plate followed right behind him. The women took a wedge-shaped plastic pillow and levered Tanya up into a somewhat seated position as the man with the needle swabbed alcohol onto Tanya's arm.

“No. No!” Tanya yelled as the needle slid in, and the contents were introduced into her veins with a slight burning sensation. The needle was removed and the man left the plate.

“Yes. Yes, Tanya,” said the man. He was holding what looked like a harness for someone's head; it had straps and soft looking plastic. He handed it to the women who began to secure onto Tanya's head. Tanya shook her head as much as she could, but once part of it was on they attached it to the back of the pillow she was on and it held her steady as they put the rest on. Her yells of protest became muffled and garbled as her mouth was opened and the soft plastic put in. It looked a like the bit and tackle from a horse; a bar went across her mouth and was pulled back, preventing her from closing her mouth, and the plastic bit was pushing down on her tongue, effectively gagging her. “In case you're wondering, Tanya, this is a modified version of the bit and harness used on the pigs to force feed them. It's been modified for use on a human being, but in your case it should work fine, also.”

The man laughed at his own little joke as the last part was put on: plugs that were inserted into her nose, preventing her from breathing through it. Her head was tilted back some more so she was looking at the ceiling and was then secured again; she could hardly move her head at all now. She could hear but not see more people getting on the platform, and a loud metal clang, as some kind of metal container was put by her left shoulder. “The only drawback to this system is that with your nose stopped up, you can't really taste the laboratory strength pig slop we're going to be feeding you. It's composed mostly of oils, lard, eggs, and synthesized milk. Incredibly high in fat, I assure you. It should really put some pounds on you in no time.” Tanya made garbled sobs as one of the women dipped her hand into the pot and came out with a handful of grayish white slop which she then shoved into Tanya's unwillingly opened mouth. Tanya's air supply was immediately cut off by the glop as it stayed in her mouth settling towards the back of her throat; she refused to swallow though.

“You see, Tanya, the really beautiful thing about this harness is that it presses down on the tongue and keeps the mouth and lips open, preventing you from spitting it out. At the same time, it prevents you from breathing as long as the food stays in. You have no choice but to swallow, it's a reflexive action that can only be suppressed for a short time.” Tanya could feel exactly what he meant. The stuff had only been in her mouth for a few seconds before she swallowed it in panic, gasping for air, and slobbering some of it down her chin with her loud gasps. “See? That wasn't so hard. Again ladies. We have a schedule to keep.” Both women now dipped their hands into the pot and deposited handfuls of it into her mouth at the same time. Tanya was breathing so hard from panic and stress now, that she immediately swallowed as much as she could so she could keep breathing. “Everybody come on up, take a turn!” said the man as he stepped back allowing the others access to the pot and Tanya. Tears streamed down Tanya's face as she remembered that there were more than fifty people in the hangar when she was brought in.

The feeding went on for hours as the people took turns shoving in handfuls and even double handfuls of the stuff into Tanya's protesting mouth. Tanya dutifully swallowed it all, even when her stomach felt painfully full. The man who had catheterized her would caress her stomach, feeling how full it was and inform the people to slow down so she could make some room, then a bit later another handful or two would be shoved in. It took six hours in total to finish off the entire pot. Most of the people had left by then; they had other matters to take care of. The two women who had tied her up stayed by to make sure she finished, while the man from the plane went into the office behind the scale to make some phone calls. During that time Tanya had uncontrollably urinated and moved her bowels as the food was forced into her, but no one noticed due to the tubing in place, and for that small comfort Tanya was relieved. When the pot was empty, the women actually held it upside down over her gaping mouth to scrape out the last of it; one of them went to get the man again, and Tanya heard her call him Michael. Michael stepped back onto the plate and into Tanya's view as the harness on her head was removed, and she was finally allowed to breathe normally again. The nasty taste of the stuff finally hit her, and she spit onto herself weakly, trying to get rid of as much as she could.

“My, how unladylike,” said Michael, as the two women began to wipe the stuff off Tanya's face and breasts with wet rags.

“Fuck you,” Tanya spat weakly; she could barely hold her head up, she had been straining so hard against the harness.

“Charming. Well, Tanya, you did a great job on the food, I hope it was to your liking. You'll be going through a pot just like that every day, until we're able to cram more of it into you. The drugs should increase your appetite and your capacity; they also make your digestion more efficient. Elephants aren't very efficient at digesting; only about 40% of what they eat, and humans aren't much better. You, though, with daily treatments, will eventually digest and process over 90% of the food you eat. And it will supposedly prevent all the health complications that tend to go with extreme obesity. At least it's supposed to, but, hey, that's what these tests are for, right?” Tanya felt so weak and tired she could barely look at him. “Well, get your rest; we need to build up that appetite," he said as he patted her painfully bloated stomach. Tanya winced in pain and groaned as the women finished washing her, taking away the back rest so she was lying down again and leaving her. The dome of her belly rose so high she couldn't see her feet. Despite her exhaustion, sleep didn't come very quickly. There was still a lot of activity from the people around her, and the lights overhead didn't dim at all. Eventually, though, her eyes closed, and she slept, dreaming that she was pregnant with a baby elephant.

She was woken up the next morning with a loud clang as another pot of the fatty gruel was slammed down next to her mattress. Before she was even fully awake she was being pulled up into a semi-seated position, and an alcohol swab was wetting her arm, moments before a needle was again poked into her. She tried to fight them off but had even less strength than the night before, and the harness was easily snapped into place. This feeding wasn't the spectacle of the night before; the two women that had stripped her the night before merely dipped ladles into the pot and dumped them into her mouth, where she'd swallow just so she could breathe. She wasn't hungry at all when this forced breakfast started, and soon she felt full again. This time when the doctor caressed and patted her stomach, he showed the women what he was feeling for, training them so that they could determine her state of fullness. The feeding was going to go on for awhile, so they brought a TV over for the feeders to watch, and Tanya's head was allowed to be put back into a normal position when they were waiting for her to digest more of the food. Finishing the pot of slop took ten hours that day, and the bag for her toilet needs was replaced by the doctor looking fellow. She was again miserably stuffed from all of the gray gunk she'd choked down, and she wanted to vomit, but was strangely unable to. The women who she now knew as Erica and Natalie cleaned her again and allowed her to sleep.

This regimen went on for days with no major changes in routine. Erica and Natalie would wake her up with a bang of the pot onto the platform and would get her prepped for the daylong feeding. They even began to administer the shots, and after only five days knew when Tanya was stuffed to capacity, both by feeling her stomach and the groans she would make. The women didn't really talk to her as if she could hold down a conversation, merely saying things about how much she deserved this and a lot more. They'd pinch her waist and arms, checking for any new accumulations of fat, commenting how she may have gone up a dress size or two. They'd watch TV as they fed her, usually feeding her a lot more and faster during the commercials.

On the third day they applied hair remover all over her body to make her easier to clean. Tanya sobbed louder than ever as they threw handfuls of her shed hair into a garbage bag. She was gaining also. The balance she was on didn't need a counter weight; it could also provide a precise measurement. She had been tied onto the scale at 117 pounds, and after only five days was up to 130. The doctor who changed her bag every day let her know that even though her intake was staying the same her 'output' was decreasing, meaning that more and more of the food was going to be converted into fat. It was taking slightly less time to finish off the pot too, nine and a half hours was the time on the fifth day.

On the fifth night she was woken up again, having slept barely for three hours. Erica was there, and she quickly got her harnessed again, and without any further ado began force feeding her again from a large bowl of the slop. Michael stepped up next to her and dipped a finger into the goo. “We need to step up your feedings, push the envelope. I want you to be able to eat two full pots a day in two weeks. Expect to be fed more each day until you can do that. We're making progress, but I want to go faster.” Michael wiped off his finger on Tanya's slightly expanded breast and then walked off the platform and back into his office. So now even when Tanya had finished a pot, she could expect to be disturbed from her rest and digestion to be force-fed another bowl of the stuff.

The next three days it was just one extra bowl; always three hours after the pot was finished, the women would work in shifts, and also began training others in giving her shots, strapping the harness on, and checking Tanya's over all fullness. The doctor reported that she was digesting up to 60% of her meals each day now and that she was completely healthy. After three days a second bowl was eaten three hours after the first. Tanya felt like she couldn't get any sleep any more; she even told them to just leave the harness on, it would be easier on her. Her weight had already jumped to 157 lbs. Erica and Natalie loved bringing a mirror over to show her exactly where the fat was accumulating. Most of it for now was on her hips and butt. Her waist, though, was getting some attention too, and she was six inches bigger around then she was when this started. Her breasts were a little heavier and floppier too, no longer keeping the athletic tone they once had. Her tan was fading also from being inside constantly. She wasn't exercising at all, but her limbs were stretched and massaged twice a day, so she was quickly losing her muscle tone also.

Three more days after she started the second bowl they began to force-feed her at a more urgent rate, trying to shave hours off the time it took her to finish it. They could actually feed her the whole pot in just under five hours, which left her plenty of time to eat three more heaping bowls of the stuff. When the two-week mark was there, they slammed down one pot in four hours and brought out the second pot. Michael was present for this feeding and even dumped a few ladles full into her mouth and down to her bulging stomach as well. Her weight by the end of that day was 203 lbs., taking another ten hours to finish the second pot. She had gained 86 pounds in less than 20 days.

The new routine was started - two full pots of the stuff every day - and Michael promised it would be three pots very soon. Each day brought new fat to her body, as her efficiency increased; so, too, was the amount of weight she gained. Despite the massive amount of food she was eating, she was excreting less and less. She was also actually becoming hungry, despite the fact that she almost never had an empty stomach. Her belly could be stuffed to ridiculous extremes; they even tested with a water hose how much it could hold and they managed to pump in four gallons. At four gallons her bloated sack of a belly was quivering between her legs and distended outward two feet. When she could finish both pots in less than ten hours a third was brought in, and after four days of merciless cramming she could eat three pots of the stuff in one twenty-four hour period.

If any of her casual acquaintances were to see her now they wouldn't recognize her. She was kept bald at all times, and her pink skin was without a single blemish or stretch mark. Rolls of newly acquired fat hung and drooped all over her; her breasts had become large and floppy, resting heavily on her Buddha-like stomach. Her cheeks and jowls were puffy, and her arms were as flabby as half-filled water balloons. Her weight was now up to 509 pounds, just two months after she was brought here, more than four times her starting weight. At this point Tanya was hungry enough to not need the harness for the first pot and a half. She would willingly eat the vile stuff, just to soothe the raging hunger in her vast belly. When she got full enough to be satisfied, the harness was put back on and the rest would be forced down. Tanya could barely think of anything but food when she was even the slightest bit hungry. When she was sated or so full she was in pain, the only thing she think of was how horribly fat she was getting. She hoped that she could be rescued and allowed to eat some normal food - yes, she thought of food even when she was full now.

Another two months went by, and she was eating the three pots, plus another two bowls each day. She weighed in at 1012 pounds, an almost nine hundred pound gain in only four months. Michael would often attend her, talking to the doctors just out of her hearing, and then he would tell her how much weight she gained in one day (on average it was three or so pounds), and that her digestion seemed to be topping off at 87% of everything she ate. But the day after she weighed in at 1000 pounds, Michael told her she'd be getting a change in her routine. Tanya was by now too heavy to move on her own, and she no longer needed to be tied down, and most of the time would eat without the use of the harness. It took a team of five people to wash her and massage her with special oils to keep her skin pliant. Her shape vaguely resembled that of a woman still; her breasts were enormous and flattened out by their own weight into huge pink pancakes on top of her gigantic belly. Her belly was more than six feet around, and concealed most of her legs, which were bigger around than your average tree trunk.

Michael walked around her, adjusting the mirrors to make sure she got a good look at herself. He pinched and prodded her fattest areas, as she ate shamefully, unable to stop even as he humiliated her. Many of the people were surrounding her again like they did the first day; most of the time they were too busy to visit, but today was another special day.

“Tanya, you're making great progress. Pretty soon you'll be giving Tiny a real run for his money. But I'm afraid we have to step it up a bit again. The ladies are getting tired from feeding your fat ass all day, and if we went to be done any time soon we've got to take some drastic actions. We're going to start by changing positions for you; we want to make you more comfortable. So finish up and relax; we'll try to get you into position as quickly as possible.” While she ate, men and machines were assembling around her, as well as more pillows and mattresses. When she finally finished eating, she was washed off quickly, and they began the daunting task of actually standing her up.

It took eight men and a forklift with a pulley to stand her. Her catheters were checked again to make sure they hadn't fallen out, and then the mattresses and pillows were arranged around her and under her. Most of her weight shifted to her mammoth stomach, which was supported by the pillows and her titanic ass, which was supported by more pillows. Technically she was standing, but her feet which were half covered by the overlapping fat from her calves and ankles, barely felt any of her weight. In all honesty Tanya was more comfortable this way, but she now could see how truly obese she was in the carefully arranged mirrors. She even had a view of her backside, which could have been used as a bookshelf.

“Now I know you're thinking that it's time for a fourth pot of this delicious stuff to be added to your diet, but frankly, that's not going to be enough. You and I both know that. So instead we've rigged up this little machine to keep you full.” Michael stepped away to reveal a huge vat being pulled up to the platform by a forklift. It looked like it could hold a backyard swimming pool. A long hose snaked out from the bottom. Once the vat was next to the platform, the hose was draped through the chains so that it hung about level with her head. Due to the amount of fat now on her face, Tanya's expressions were hard to read. She was terrified at this new prospect, but also secretly relieved a bit. She'd definitely never go hungry now, a feeling which she hated far more than when she was excruciatingly full.

A newly modified harness was strapped on, not to hold her head straight - she couldn't move her head much anymore, anyway - but to keep her mouth open and hold the end of the hose in her mouth. Her eyes widened as much as they could as a lever was turned on the vat and the stuff she'd been spoon fed for months was now going to literally be pumped into her with a hose. The first glops hit her tongue and forced its way down her throat, not waiting for her to swallow. The harness now held her nose open and tubes snaked down her nasal passages, allowing her to breathe without interrupting her eating. The assembled men and women clapped as she downed the first gallon of the stuff, her stomach being pumped full in a matter of minutes. An ultrasound scanner was used to monitor her fullness and would automatically shut down if she got too full. To a certain extent Tanya was happy with the new arrangement, but only to a certain extent - she could almost see herself getting fatter in the mirrors. The people left her to her forced gorging, Michael patting her stomach as he left.

Two years later - though Tanya was barely cognizant of the passing of time by this point - the hose stopped its constant pumping. It had been pumping food into her twenty-four hours a day for the past eight months now, only slowing to a trickle now and then to allow her to catch up a bit. But today it stopped, and Tanya's first thought was panic, that she wouldn't get any more food. She blearily opened her eyes, which was quite an effort for her now. She was greeted with the sight of her inhuman corpulence reflected in a wall-sized mirror in front of her. She hadn't seen herself very well in months, and even she was shocked by what she saw.

The first was her face. She still had no hair, but her face seemed almost featureless. The harness was taken off, but the nasal tubes remained to help her breathe easier. Her cheeks were literally so huge and drooping with fat that they hung to her shoulders, and forced her mouth into a perpetual pucker. Her eyes were half closed as well by her cheeks, and her nose had turned slightly upwards. Her whole head just seemed to meld into the rest of her body, with no neck at all visible underneath her seven chins.

Underneath her head the rest of her body simply exploded into view. There was no remnants left of a human form. Her skin had stayed resilient and supple due to the treatments, and she seemed to be nothing more than a pink hill of flesh. Her arms and hands weren't visible, hidden underneath literally tons of fat and pink skin. Her breasts had long ago become so big that they flowed past her belly and onto the platform floor, and would have overlapped even further over the platform, and then to the three foot drop to the hangar floor, had they not been suspended in soft canvas hammocks draped between the chains. Her stomach resembled a pink weather balloon; almost no description could do it justice. To actually fill her stomach required an hour for the hose to pump in enough food, and it could go on another hour at full power, stretching her out, before she was in any danger or even discomfort. Her hips, thighs, and ass were consumed by the sheer enormity of her stomach, they all just merged into one tremendous mass of fat rolls on top of fat rolls, on top of fat rolls, on top of still more fat rolls. There was no sign that she possessed legs at all.

All of the pillows and mattresses had been pulled away, almost all of them, some were lost forever in her massive folds; her own fat kept her upright and was soft enough for a baby to sleep on. She filled up most of the platform now, roughly a foot or so of space was around her that wasn't taken up by her folds of flesh. She couldn't speak just yet; it had been more than a year since the hose hadn't been in her mouth. All she wanted to do was get back to eating and maybe a nap after that. She was dimly aware of Michael standing next to the mirror; she finally realized it was him, and not more of her fat, when he began to speak.

“Well, Tanya, I've been away for awhile, but it looks like you've kept up with that strict regimen we put you on. I think we're about ready to call Guinness! At any rate I think the experiment is over now; there's just one more test.” Michael stepped aside and allowed his men to turn the mirror a bit so that Tanya could see what was to her left, for there was no way for her to turn her head now. On the other platform was the hulking elephant Tiny, as big as she remembered. He was picking up and eating whole cabbages out of a crate that was just off the platform he was standing on. On her second look though he didn't seem quite as big - maybe it was because she was able to see both herself and Tiny at the same time in the huge mirror. He didn't look that much bigger than her at all.

Tears squeezed out of her eyes for the first time in months as she came to fully comprehend what they had done to her. “OK, let's find out who's the biggest!” yelled Michael, as he himself pulled the hydraulic lever by his side. There was a screech of hydraulics as the metal stands receded into the ground, and Tiny was surprised because he had to actually maintain his balance. Every other time he'd been on this platform, it just lowered to the ground. Now, though, the platform didn't lower with the screech; instead it stayed up and swayed in lazy circles. Tanya was crying harder as she realized that not only was the elephant not lowering to the ground, but she was actually sinking! The assembled animal protectors were holding their breath in awe as Tanya's platform slowly and inevitably dropped until it was flush with the ground. Michael pulled the lever again, sensing that the free hanging Tiny was about to panic, and in a few seconds the platforms were righted again, and Tiny was led away with the promise of more cabbages.

“Well, it's official. We weighed Tiny this morning; he was even heavier than last time, 15,076 pounds. You, however - well, we'll get the official weight in just a few more seconds.” The doctor that had been attending on Tanya the entire time whistled in appreciation of the staggering number the scale was showing him. Ten of the heaviest people of all time put together wouldn't equal this unbelievable number. He wrote it down and handed it to Michael. He, too, lost his composure momentarily when he read the number. He shook his head slightly and cleared his throat. “15,203 pounds. More than seven and a half tons!”

The rest of the people cheered and clapped as Tanya blubbered uncontrollably. They walked away as the hose was hooked up again, this time for maintenance feeding only - she wasn't going to be putting on much more weight. She gladly sucked on the hose, drawing what comfort she could from it. As Michael walked away from the unbelievably fat Tanya, one of his men handed him a file in a manila folder. Opening it up he saw a photo of a strikingly beautiful young Asian woman.

“Ah, Takiko Meishima, the whaling queen of Japan. Tanya might not hold the record for much longer - or the whales for that matter…”