Weight Room Title Bar

by Tomcat

When they met, she was impressed. He was tall and thin, and very kind. A real gentleman. He held the door for her, held her chair at the table. And he didn't rush things romantically. Movies, dinner, shows. Things they both enjoyed. This could be the real thing, Jennifer thought.

She was slender but shapely. A very pretty face and nice proportions. Dave thought she was really cute. (Don't rush things, he thought. Don't scare her off. She has real potential.)

It was the potential that Dave liked, because she was obviously too thin for his taste. It was the potential that always got to him, the potential to chase her, gradually reel her in, trap her in his web and make her belong to him. (If only she knew her potential and my big plans for her, he thought to himself with an inner smirk). He knew the signs - she really liked her food, but resisted it for the sake of her figure. When he met her obese mother and two overweight sisters, he knew he had a live one on the line. But it was her personality - sweet, very sweet, and gullible, and dumb. Here was one with potential - she would let him make her fat, and be too dumb to even know it was happening. God, how lucky could he be? He just had to be cool, not scare her off.

He hoped he had learned his lesson from the last time. Carol had been a little too smart - she had seen his plan coming and run. He never saw her again. This time, with Jennifer, things would be different.

They dated for five months before they became sex partners. She was in heaven. He was big, and she had never had such fulfilling sex. For him it was tolerable. He could do it with her if he closed his eyes and fantasized about her potential.

They were both off from work for the summer, and he invited her to his family estate in the country. This is the real thing, she thought. A sweet, sweet man to marry. Now for phase two, he thought. And she'll never know what happened.

In the country were his mother and two sisters, all overweight. All ready to help him get the big fatty he always wanted.

Dave's mother and sisters befriended Jennifer. At their home, every meal was large, and Jennifer felt she had to eat everything she was given or she would offend Dave's mom. She wanted to marry Dave, and she wanted to impress them all. After dinner, Jennifer and Dave would watch TV in their bedroom, and he would lovingly feed her. Small pieces of candy, or nuts, or pieces of fruit. (She always takes it without a word, he thought. I'm stuffing her little tummy, but she thinks I'm just being loving. Gullible.)

“Honey, if I keep eating this way, we both know that soon I'll be too fat for you and you'll lose interest in me.” “Don't be silly. I could never lose interest in you.” (No matter how fat you get.) “Besides, if you gained a little weight, you'd be more voluptuous and sexy.”

“But I won't gain a little weight. The way you and your family have treated me, and the way I'm eating, I could gain a lot of weight.”

“You could never gain a lot of weight, honey. But a little more wouldn't be bad.”

“But if I started to get too fat, well, you would help me lose it, wouldn't you?”

“It would never happen, but remember, you're always in control, it's always up to you.” (She felt reassured. He felt so clever. She was in his web and didn't know it.)

“Thank you dear, you're always so sweet to me.” (She's so beautiful and sexy, but so gullible and dumb. Perfect.)

“How about some ice cream for desert?” he said. (He watched her reaction carefully. Don't push too hard, don't scare her off.)

“Another dessert?”

“For the sake of a little more cleavage. Come on…”

“Ok, if it turns you on, I've got a little more room.” (Ha ha, she has no will power. Perfect.)

The next week, in the evening after a large dinner, they sat out on the porch. She wore a dress that his sister had lent to her. She looked into his eyes.

“Dave, I've gained ten pounds since we're here.”

“That's not possible, honey. It must be the scale.”

“No, Dave, it's the same scale I used when we first came here two weeks ago. I really have, and I'm concerned.”

“I don't know about you gaining weight, but you look beautiful.”

“Dave, I'm worried. I don't think I want to get any heavier.” (Slack off, he thought. Don't scare her.)

“OK, honey, tomorrow you can start eating less. But I think you look really sexy, and with a few more pounds you would be a knockout.”

“Do you really think so? But I'm so afraid that if I'm not careful, I will be big like my sisters, or really big like my mom.” (He smiled inwardly at the thought.)

“Don't worry, Jennifer, I love you.”

He gave her a hug.

“Don't squeeze me so tight, I'm stuffed.”

“Look, here comes my sister with some homemade doughnuts. You're not going to turn her down, are you?”

“How can I,” she said half heartedly.

Between her eating, and his feeding, she finished five of the six fattening treats.

“Oh, I'm so stuffed, I can hardly breathe.”

“Lie back, let me massage your tummy.”

He noted with glee that it was now thick, deep and soft.

The next day, she forgot about eating less. In fact, each day his family and Dave made sure she ate more and more. She had no will power. And each time he told her she looked more sexy, and wasn't fat, she believed him. And as his sister gave her larger and larger dresses, it was as if she didn't even notice that she was getting as big as her.

Now Jennifer ate seconds or thirds at every meal. Dave fed her larger and larger snacks. Three or four slices of cake or pie while they watched TV. A malted or ice cream soda before bed.

Now she was fat. Jennifer was bigger than Dave's sisters, or her own. One evening, on the porch after a very big dinner, she confronted him.

“I know that I'm starting to get fat,” she said with a tear in her eye. (Not starting, Dave thought. Very fat and getting fatter every day. And not one thing you can do about it.)

“Honey, you're not fat.”

“I am, Dave, and I don't know what to do.”

“Well, honey, it may just be that you were meant to be fat. I mean, think about your sisters and mom, after all. It's just your nature, nothing to worry about.”

She thought for a moment. (Gullible and dumb, he thought and crossed his fingers for luck.)

“Do you really think so?” she said.

His sister, who could no longer share dresses with the much larger Jennifer, brought out a tray of homemade doughnuts.

Jennifer greedily grabbed one, stuffed it in her waiting mouth.

“I love you just the way you are,” he said.

“Well,” she said with her mouth full of doughnut, “if I am ever getting too fat for you, will you help me lose weight, Dave dear?” (It will never happen, he inwardly smirked).

“Remember, darling, you're always in control,” he said.

She felt reassured, and stuffed another doughnut into her fat face. (Beautiful, sexy, gullible and dumb, he thought.)

Potential fulfilled.