Weight Room Title Bar

By Ned Fox  

Jan had finally caught the man of her dreams, but there would be a price to pay as she would soon find out.

Jan had grown up on the wrong side of the tracks. She was from a poor family, but they were also not among the most honest families either. Jan's mom had pushed her to find and marry money, no matter what. She had Jan diet since before puberty and wear only the most revealing clothes she could find. She also made Jan work at places where she was most likely to run into the “right kind of boy” as her mother put it.

It finally paid off two years after Jan graduated from high school. She was working at the country club, first as the hostess and then as a waitress. She got to know one of the families there very well and especially their only son Brian.

Brian was overweight, as was the rest of the family. He was not the brightest guy in the world either, but he was a nice guy and had always treated Jan politely when she waited on them at the Club. They started to date secretly as Brian's mother would not approve of him dating so far below his “station.”

One thing led to another, and Brian fell in love with Jan. Jan didn't really love Brian, but he was nice and especially very rich. Brian asked Jan to marry him; she accepted, Brian's mother had a fit, but she finally agreed, though with one big condition, that Jan sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Brian and Jan agreed, thinking that it was the only way to at least gain his mothers grudging approval.

Brian's mom, Ann, knew exactly what Jan and her mom had in mind. She knew that Jan was primarily marrying Brian for the money, not for love and it drove her nuts. But she did have a plan.

She knew that Jan and her mom felt that Jan's only real asset was her looks, specifically her slim figure. So Ann had a wonderful idea, Jan could not marry her Brian if she did not gain weight. She would get no alimony or any support if she did not maintain her weight either.

Ann went to her attorney's office with a draft of her specific clause for the pre-nuptial agreement:

“Jan Toomey, being of legal age in the said State, shall agree to, perform and adhere to the following conditions and stipulations:

  1. She will weigh at the date of the nuptials 140 lbs. Her present weight, at the time of the engagement being 110 lbs. with a height of 5'3".
  2. She maintain a minimum weight of 160 lbs. from the first anniversary until the dissolution of said marriage or death.
  3. She shall not lose any weight what so ever during her marriage. Should she lose any weight do to illness, she will regain said weight as soon as possible. Should she deliberately lose weight, she must regain the weight and an additional 10% of her total body weight prior to the loss.
  4. If during the marriage, her weight exceeds 200 lbs. Should there be a subsequent dissolution, she would receive a minimum payment of $3000.00/monthly plus a one time payment of $1,000,000.00. Said monthly payment would continue only if her weight remained at 200 lbs. or more.
Needless to say Jan and her mother were stunned. Jan cried for a while but then thought about never having to “diet” again. Her mother was upset for a while, but she too thought that it really wasn't that bad a deal after all. Brian's family was very rich and she knew her daughter would be well taken care of.

The only problem was the wedding was only four weeks away. Jan needed to gain thirty pounds to meet the first clause of the prenuptial agreement by her wedding day or it was all off!

Jan's mom, Sally, said, “Honey pie, you need to do some serious eating these next few weeks, child.”

Jan, replied, “Oh, mom, they're not really going through with this are they?”

“Yes, child they are. When you signed the agreement this morning, didn't you see the look in Ann's eyes?”

“Well, yes, momma I did,” she replied.

“Well then, darling, we had better get started!” Sally said. With that, she had Jan strip down to her panties; she gave her a t-shirt to cover herself. She packed up all of Jan's clothes.

“Momma,” Jan protested. “I can't go anywhere dressed like this!”

“You're not!” answered Sally. “You are going to sit in this trailer and stuff yourself.”

“Momma,” Jan shrieked, “I'll get FAT!”

“That's the point, child; you have to gain 30 lbs. in less than a month,” Sally said.

Jan sulked for awhile; Sally had her eat a package of cookies and a couple glasses of milk while she started cooking a large heavy meal for her daughter. Jan finished the cookies before her mom had finished cooking. Jan protested that she felt she would pop if she ate another bite. Sally told Jan to lie down on the sofa and watch Jerry Springer; there happened to be a show on a guy's girlfriend gaining one hundred pounds, which did seem to perk Jan's interest.

By the time her dinner was ready, a huge casserole of macaroni and cheese weighing nearly six pounds, plus eight brats, Jan appetite had returned. Sally sat her down; she then told her, “Now stick out your belly as far as you can and hold it.”

Jan protested, “Why, Momma?'

Sally explained that her grandmother had said it helps make more room for a good meal. Jan obeyed while Sally shoveled mac & cheese and brats onto her plate. “Now eat as fast as you can, honey; I don't want you to fill up too soon by eating too slowly.”

Jan did a pretty good job of stuffing herself. She finished four plates full of mac & cheese and all of the brats. She didn't finish the whole casserole, but Sally planned to feed it to her later that night. She had Jan lie on the sofa, where she soon fell asleep.

Sally then went out and nearly filled the pickup truck with food. The agreement provided an allowance for Sally to pay for the food she would need to fatten up Jan.

On arriving home she unloaded the food into Jan's bedroom. She moved Jan's bed into her room. She felt it only fitting to store her daughter's future “girth” in her own room.

She woke Jan up for another feeding. This time it was a huge ice cream sundae. She knew Jan's weakness in the past had always been ice cream. Jan's stretched-out stomach readily accepted the rich treat. After making sure that Jan was stuffed to capacity with grams of fat and calories, Sally helped her to bed. She marveled how bloated her daughters once flat belly had become.

The next morning a now bloated Jan got up and used the bathroom. She smelled the wonderful smells of bacon, sausage, eggs and sweet rolls coming from the kitchen. Sally promptly sat her down and made her start eating the massive breakfast feast before her. She managed to get five platefuls of rich food into her before she was afraid that Jan might gag. She sent her back to bed to rest and digest.

The same routine at lunch, this time cheeseburgers, cheese fries and onion rings - all nice, hot and greasy. Jan protested that she was still full from breakfast, but as soon as the wonderful aromas hit her, her stretched-out tummy growled for more food. She ate with abandon as Sally insisted that she eat as fast as she could. Sally topped her off with another ice cream sundae, even larger than the previous night's.

Sally helped her stuffed daughter over to the sofa to sit and watch TV, while she planned a huge dinner for her.

Dinner was a huge plate of pasta and several rich sauces. Jan marveled at the flavor and devoured everything put in front of her. A large cheesecake for desert. Snacking and nibbling in front of the TV and then “a little night cap” from Sally and to bed.

This was the daily routine for the first week. Sally weighed Jan on Saturday morning, before going shopping for another load of groceries. Jan weighed 116.5 lbs. She had gained only six and a half pounds in a week of gorging. Jan looked heavier: her once flat tummy now bulged out from her chest; her once firm butt, now was a round bottom and her thighs nearly touched. Sally, though, was worried; all her planning and conniving going to waste because the little idiot could not get fat fast enough! Well, she was going to see about that!

She filled the back of the truck this time. She bought a case of weight gain shakes from the health store, doubled the amount of ice cream she bought from the week before. She decided to increase the number of meals from three a day and snacking to five meals a day and night feedings.

Jan at first protested the constant onslaught of food, but soon she became used to it. Sally had to marvel at her daughter's new capacity. She was impressed how Jan could pack in the food and then be hungry again only a few hours later. She and Jan were starting to notice and even enjoy the changes the fat and calories were having on Jan's once slim body.

Her tummy now bulged out four inches from her boobs. Her small breasts now rested on her tummy bulge when she sat up. Her bottom was now very pronounced and round, straining the leg opening of her panties. When she was stuffed, Jan loved the warm feel of her tummy lying on her thighs. Sally almost had to drag her out of the shower; she loved rubbing her now plump body with lather.

The next weigh in was a lot better Jan weighed 128.5 lbs. Sally felt some relief but knew she could not let up on the feedings and calories. She went to the store and loaded up with rich foods for her growing daughter.

Sally continued the same schedule the next week. Jan, for her part, was now not only used to the large feedings, but was really enjoying being fed so much wonderful and fattening food. She loved to walk around the house in her now tight panties, and feel her body jiggle with her newly gained fat. The t-shirts now rode up on her pot belly. Sally had Jan start to lie outside to get a tan; she didn't want her plump daughter looking pasty in her wedding dress.

The next weigh in was a bit of a shock, Jan had plateaued at 132 lbs. Sally started to panic that with her goal so close, she might lose out. She instituted night feedings, and six meals a day. Jan marveled at the extra feedings and food. For her part, she dutifully stuffed herself and shunned any exercise.

Well, it did pay off. The morning of the wedding, Sally loaded her now nicely fattened up daughter into the pickup and headed to the church. Jan, dressed only in sweats, waddled into the bride's room to gasps of her friends. She was now a certified plumper.

Ann came in, she was surprised that Jan had managed to gain the weight, when they weighed her in the bride's room she was a plump 144 lbs. Her belly now bulged out in front of her, giving her a pregnant appearance. Her round bottom and thighs stretching out the fabric of the sweats to the point the seams strained.

The bridesmaids helped her change into the white lacy panties and camisole that went with the wedding dress. The dress had been Ann's and, to her surprise, it fit Jan perfectly. The dress only accentuated Jan's plump figure, showing off all of her new curves; she truly looked beautiful in it.

When Brian saw Jan, he was stunned. The skinny little waitress he had fallen in love with was now a chubby little butterball and he loved it. Jan had been the only girl who had really been nice to him. He did love her, but her skinny little body didn't really do anything for him.

Brian beamed with love and maybe a little lust through out the ceremony. On the way to the reception, Brian asked how Jan had gained so much weight. Jan told him how Sally had stuffed her night and day. Brian almost lost it listening to her descriptions of over eating and being deliberately stuffed. Brian just had to ask, “Did you enjoy it?”

Jan blushed, “At first I was really mad. I had worked so hard to keep my figure and then to be told to get fat, I was confused,” she answered.

“But did you enjoy it?” Brian persisted.

She turned bright red this time. “YES, I did, honey, I love my round bottom and fat tummy. I love to jiggle when I walk and my boobs are even bigger!” She giggled, “Above all, though, I LOVE TO EAT!!!”

Brian grabbed her and gave her a deep long kiss. She pulled away, breathless, “Brian, you mean you like me all fat and chubby like this?” she asked.

“YES,” Brian nearly yelled.

Jan started to cry, “Oh Brian, I was so afraid that your mom made me get fat, so you would not like me any more and ruin our marriage!”

Brian answered, “ I think Mom felt you were a gold digger, and wanted to make sure you would pay the price to marry into the family.”

Jan, still crying, “Brian, I really do love you. I was at first attracted to you because of your money, but, as I have gained weight, I have begun to appreciate your body more. I really, really want you,” she cried.

Brian answered, “ I really want you now too, more than ever. You look fantastic; your body is now amazing; I can hardly control myself looking at you!”

Just then, Jan's belly growled. Brian laughed. Jan blushed again. “Honey, I have been used to eating five meals and a day and snacking constantly! I am SO HUNGRY; all I can think of is EATING!!!”

Brian looked into her eyes and said, “So you shall my precious.”

They pulled up to the hotel where the reception was held. Brian and Jan hurried into the ballroom and headed right for the buffet. They loaded up a plate for each other and started eating right away. They hid the plates while doing the receiving line, then back to the buffet.

Several people at the reception commented on how the bride and groom certainly did like to eat! By the time it came to cut the cake, Jan felt as if she would explode, she was so stuffed. But the cake was fantastic. Brian and Jan stuffed one piece of cake into each other's mouths, then another. They were about to start on a fourth piece, when Ann finally intervened. “That's enough you two; you need to get ready to leave for your honeymoon.”

Brian had to help Jan to the elevator to go up to their room to change. He was rewarded by the most fantastic view of a woman he had ever had. Jan pealed off the wedding dress revealing her fattened body. Her bloated belly stuck out from under her bra by nearly five inches; her tummy bulged over the waistband of the bikini panty she was wearing. Her bottom was straining at the leg openings.

Jan had never seen Brian without clothes either. She was startled but turned on to see he was wearing a bikini cut brief, in black, no less. Brian patted his bloated belly, which jiggled, and asked Jan, “Do you mind me being so fat?”

Jan giggled and slapped her plump bottom, which also jiggled. “What's good for the goose is also good for the gander,” she said.

The honeymoon was a two-week cruise on the Holland America cruise lines flagship. The line was especially known for their fantastic food and serving 24/7. Jan shrieked with delight, “We are going to get SO FAT!!!”

The cruise was all they expected it to be. Jan and Brian never really got dressed the whole cruise. They wore bikinis and t-shirts the whole time. If they weren't in their cabin sleeping or making love, they were lying by the pool being constantly fed by the attentive wait staff.

On arriving home, Jan looked fantastic; she had ballooned to 162 lbs. Her belly bulged out in front of her making her look six months pregnant. Her bottom had grown round and soft straining her panties to the max. Her thighs now rubbed together when she walked around. The t-shirts that had fit before the cruise now rode up on her belly, much to Brian's delight.

Brian had a good job with the family company and a trust fund to boot. He and Jan lived in a fairy tale world. Jan sat around the pool at home indulging herself and being encouraged to do so by her loving husband Brain.