Weight Room Title Bar

By Ned Fox

It is now the year 2050. Medical science over the past fifty years has determined that high birth weights for infants is now essential for the long term health of the child. This comes at the sacrifice of the mother's wishes in some ways regarding her pregnancy. To guarantee a high birth weight, 12 to 14 pounds, the mother must gain as much as 100 pounds during the pregnancy. This has had a profound effect on American and European societies. With high weight gain in the child bearing age women of industrialized countries. There now is no such thing as “fit pregnancy” that existed during the late 20th century. Most babies are now delivered via C-section, due to the high birth weight of the baby. It was also discovered that C-section deliveries were far less stressful on both mother and baby.

It is in this setting that our story begins.

Katy and I had been married for a couple of years. We had been trying to get pregnant, but not very hard. If she got pregnant, great, if not, we would get over it.

I arrived home from a short business trip. I had taken a cab, because I didn't want to hassle Katy with picking me up our national hub airport.

I walked in the kitchen door, to find bags of groceries all over the counters and on the table. I was not a usual line up of groceries either. I noticed lots of cookies, pies, ready-made dinners, pasta, sauces along with chips and dips. I called out, “Katy I'm home.” “I'm upstairs,” she called, “I have great news, I'll be right down, Honey.” I looked around at all the food, it was certainly not our usual healthy fair, most of the stuff was quite fattening.

She ran into the kitchen and into my waiting arms. I could smell on her breath, chocolate, she had been eating a candy bar. She screamed, “I'm pregnant!” I was shocked but delighted. “How far along are you?” I asked.

She said, “Nearly four weeks; I went to the doctor the day you left on your trip.” The doctor and the nurse practitioner were upset that she was that far along and had not had a check up or any tests. They were concerned that she had not gained any weight, which today is a big deal in obstetrics. I noticed that she only had on bikini panties and a t-shirt. She lifted up her shirt to show me her tummy, which was still pretty flat. The doctor had put her on a strict diet high calorie, high fat, several meals a day, and no exercise. He wanted her to eat five meals a day with frequent snacking between meals. She was to go in for a check up next week.

I was stunned. My health and figure conscious wife was going to have to get fat! I could hardly believe my ears. What really surprised me, was Katy's reaction, she was delighted! She said, “I want to see every ounce I gain; I can't wait to get a huge belly and have to waddle around the house.”

She said that was why she was wearing only panties and a t-shirt. I was so turned on by this news, I just grabbed her; we kissed and went right upstairs.

We fell onto our bed, she nearly tore off my clothes and we held each other close. I could feel her cheeks around the leg openings of her panties that she had gained some weight. Her bottom was softer and her thighs fuller. Her belly was just starting to show a bulge. The waistband of her panties cut in ever so slightly into her tummy. We made love and fell asleep for an hour or so.

When I woke up, Katy was looking at me and rubbing my stomach. She said a bit teary eyed, “I don't want to go through this alone.” “You won't,” I said, “I'll be right here for you, honey” “I know that,” she said, “I mean the gaining weight, the getting fat part. I don't want to turn into a blimp with this pregnancy and you staying slim and fit. I want you to get big and fat with me.” I was stunned, she went on, “I have seen you stick out your belly in front of the mirror and you always buy your bikini briefs a size smaller than your trouser size.” She had a point; I did enjoy sticking out my paunch, though it was not very large and I did like the feel of tighter underwear. I never wore boxers. She asked, “Who are you staying in shape for?” I had to think about that. I had stayed in pretty good shape before I found Katy and got married. That is a societal thing - who wants to marry a fat guy? The more I thought about both of us gaining weight, the more turned on I became. Katy said, “We won't be the only ones either, you know Steve and Mary Wilson, down the block”? “Oh yea,” I said, “she got pregnant last year. We saw them at the pool this summer; they both are huge.” Katie looked at me. “Well,” she said. I smiled and stuck out my little belly and patted her tummy, “I think it is time to fill these up, what do you say?” Katie got a little teary again and smiled, “I love you so much, Ned.”

We went down to the kitchen; Katy had stocked the house well with goodies.

There were ten packages of her favorite cookies, several half-gallon containers of ice cream. It looked like thirty pounds of beef, hamburger (60%) lean kind, pork chops, pork lion and pork roast. I didn't see any chicken or fish. I asked why all the red meat and pork; she said the diet from her doctor didn't have either one on it. They were not calorie dense enough, she said. There were several packages of prepared foods also, I picked up a large pan of frozen lingini in alfredo sauce. “Let's have this,” I said. She cooed, “Oh, Ned, that's perfect.” I popped the pan in the oven and got out a large can of parmesan cheese.

Katy said, “Opps, I need to take my medications.” “What medications?” I asked. “The ones my doctor prescribed,” she said. “Would you get them for me, Ned?” “Sure, honey,” I said. I picked them up off the counter; I was startled there were four bottles, large ones too. The first was an appetite stimulant; the next was topical muscle relaxant; the next was a drug to modify Katy's metabolism and the last was a vitamin. “You have to take all of these?” I asked. “Yes, I do,” she said, patting her tummy. She gobbled done the pills and washed them down with whole milk. “Why?” I asked. She said, “This one is to make me eat more; the next will let me eat more and these will let me keep more of what I eat,” she giggled, again patting her tummy. “How much weight does the doctor want you to gain before the next check up?” I asked. He said around fifteen pounds, Katy replied. Just then the timer bell went off. Katy cried out, “I'm so hungry, Ned, hurry.”

We sat down; Katy's medications kicked in and she stuffed herself silly. I had never seen her eat like that since we have known each other. She had four huge servings, it almost seemed she could not get the rich sauce and pasta into mouth fast enough. She leaned back in the chair, rubbing her tummy, which now had a nice bulge to it. She wiped her mouth, burped and said, “Oh, Ned, that was wonderful, I can't believe what a pig I just made of myself.” I had three servings myself; I was only wearing bikini cut briefs and a t-shirt; my belly was also bulging with rich food. I got a cheesecake out of the fridge and a bottle of caramel sauce, which I heated up in the micro wave. Katy cooed, “Oh, Ned, this is so wonderful.” We ate the whole cheesecake and bottle of sauce. I helped Katy into the den and turned on the TV for her. She lay back on the couch and rubbed her bloated tummy. I went back in and cleaned up the kitchen, I too had quite a bulge around my waist.

I brought in a package of cookies and a big glass of whole milk for Katy to snack on. The medication really was working. I sat down next to her. She reached over and patted my little paunch and asked, “How big do you want to get, Ned”? I thought for a moment, “Well, honey, how about I match you inch for inch, pound for pound.” “Oh, Ned,” Katy cried, “you are so wonderful, that would be fantastic; we can just eat all we can hold and watch each other get big and fat.” I reached over and patted her bulging tummy, “I will need to see my doctor, too.” “Why, are you OK, honey?” she said. “Oh, I'm fine dear, but I need some help, too,” pointing at the counter where Katy's medications were sitting. After snacking for a while watching TV, I fixed Katy and myself a nice rich snack to “top us off” for the night and we headed off for bed.

The next morning, I went downstairs and fixed Katy a huge breakfast and served it to her in bed. I told just eat and go back to sleep, I will take care of the dishes later. I got dressed noticing my trousers and briefs were just a bit tighter; Katy giggled as I got dressed. I called our doctor's office from home and amazingly she could see me on the way into work.

Katy and I share the same GP physician. I arrived and was shown into an examination room by a pretty nurse. She said to stripe down to my underwear and Dr. Andrews would be in, in five minutes. I got undressed, noticing I was still a bit bloated from the huge dinner Katy and I ate last night and a little to much breakfast this morning. Dr. Andrews came in. She was plump, having had a couple of children herself in the last few years. She looked at me and my little paunch and said, “Mr. Fox, you look as if you have gained some weight recently - why don't you get on the scale and let me take your weight?” I got on the scale and I indeed had gained five pounds since my last physical. She asked why I had made the appointment.

I told her why I was there. She was a little surprised, but understood; she was also the Wilsons' doctor, too. She gave me prescriptions for medications similar to what Katy's OB/GYN had prescribed for her. She told me to schedule an appointment in two months; she wanted to check my weight gain to see if I would need any additional medications for obesity. (In 2050 there are now drugs that cure many of the complications associated with obesity and weight gain that existed at the turn of the century.)

I got to work, after picking up a box of donuts. I called Katy while munching down the donuts; she too was home eating. She got up around 9:00am and fixed another big breakfast. She did a few light chores (remember only minimal exercise) and was now munching some cookies watching TV. She asked my what I was going to do for lunch, I said I would pick up two or three quarter pounders with cheese, a large order of fries, a chocolate milk shake and a large sundae for desert. She giggled her approval and said she was going to bake one of the frozen pizzas for lunch.

I asked if she needed anything, she said to pickup three more gallons of whole milk and some heavy cream.

I had taken my medication and did some work in my office. I started to feel very hungry after about a half hour. I went to the break room and bought some snacks and gobbled them down. Finally it was 11:30AM, I went out and got four quarter pounders with cheese, two large fries, two shakes, and three sundaes. I started eating on the way back to the office; I was so hungry. I finished the rest in the break room and went back to my office, finally full.

The feeling only lasted about an hour and I was ravenous again. I went over the super market and loaded up cookies, chips, pretzels, twinkees, ding dongs and other assorted goodies. I headed back to my office with three shopping bags filled with fattening goodies. In the hall one the girls in the office saw me come in and was shocked by all the food. She asked, “Ned, is there an office party today?” “No,” I said, “this is for me.”

She was stunned; she said, “How can you eat that stuff - you have kept yourself in really good shape?” I looked at her and said, “Katy's pregnant; we made a pact, that I would gain and get fat along with her.” “Oh, that is so sweet of you, Ned; my husband would never do that for me. That is probably why we don't have any kids. He doesn't want me to gain any weight.” She looked at the slight bulge at my waist, which up until recently had been flat and hard. I said, “Well, that's not the case for Katy and I.”

I went into my office and stashed my goodies within easy reach. I snacked and worked the rest of the afternoon. By 5:00PM I was bloated and lethargic; I got up, loosened my belt to the last notch to ease the pressure a bit. I went out to the car and drove home.

I put the car away in the garage and went in through the kitchen. “Katy” I called, “I'm home.” No answer. I went into the den and there was my beautiful bride asleep on the couch. She only had on panties and a t-shirt and her belly was bloated pushing up the t-shirt. Judging by the wrappers and dirty dishes she had been following her doctors orders to the letter.

I got undressed; my pants were very tight around my bloated belly. As I slipped them off I looked in the mirror at my belly sticking out over the waistband of my briefs. I got quite turned on just standing there sticking out my belly. I grabbed a t-shirt and slipped it on and went down to rouse Katy for a sumptuous dinner feast.

I decided not to wake her until dinner was ready. I cleaned up the dirty dishes and empty wrappers ascertaining what she had eaten during the day. I thought one of her favorites was in order. I fixed a huge casserole of macaroni and cheese, using nearly a pound of cheese and whole milk to make the sauce. I thawed out a dozen brats and started to grill them on our kitchen range.

The wonderful cooking smells woke up Katy. She slowly got up, scratching her tummy came over and from behind put her arms around me. She giggled, “Ned, there is more of you tonight!” she said. Pinching my belly and butt. “What's for dinner, honey?” she asked. “One of your favorites, that you never wanted to have to often before, macaroni and cheese with brats,” I said. She rubbed her tummy, “Oh, Ned, that sounds so wonderful - let's eat!”

I got out our largest dinner plates and heaped servings on them, poured large glasses of whole milk, some dinner rolls and butter. We dug in with abandon; it took us an hour to eat everything. The medications we both were now taking were in our systems and stimulated us to gorge ourselves. We giggled and laughed at each other as we both ate as fast as we could. It was one of the most erotic things we had ever done to that point in our marriage.

When we finished all the food, we both sat back rubbing our distended bellies. It took me awhile to get motivated enough to get up and clear the table and get desert ready. Katy sleepily looked up at me and smiled, “Oh, Ned,” she said, “the next eight months are going to be so wonderful; I'm so happy.”

I leaned down and kissed her, patted her bloated tummy and started to feed her half of a large cheesecake. We fed each other the cheesecake. We were now so stuffed and bloated and the medication made us feel very lethargic. I helped Katy up to bed and cleaned up the kitchen.

I woke early the next morning, fixed breakfast for Katy and left for work. Even after only two days of bingeing, I could not fit into my trousers. I wore a pair of sweats to the office. This raised a few eyebrows, but my boss was glad I was going to continue to come into work until my weight gain made it too difficult. (Maternity benefits in 2050 are very generous for both spouses.)

This routine continued for the week. Katy snacking and eating large meals during the day, me bingeing the day away at my desk. Several of my female co-workers were VERY encouraging toward my “mission.” They would leave wonderfully fattening treats for me at my desk or would bring unsolicited meals back for fast-food restaurant runs. With my now medically induced raging appetite, I couldn't get enough of them!

The day for Katy's next check-up arrived. I left work early to pick her up to and go with her for her first weigh-in since starting on the medication. She dressed in a light shift, with just bra and panties beneath. I had on a polo shirt, and a pair of slacks with an adjustable waistband I bought from the local formal wear outlet. We arrived and the doctor's office and shown into an examining room. Katy was told to disrobe to her underwear and put on a gown. I helped her undress, admiring her new plumpness. The nurse came gave us both an appraising look. She asked Katy about her diet, how many times a day did she eat and if she did any exercise. She approved, then weighed Katy; she was at 138#; she had gained at least the minimum weight. I was surprised she had not gained more, the way we were eating. The nurse looked at me and asked if I was gaining with my wife. I said I was. She asked how far are you going to go? I said all the way! She smiled, “Let's weigh you Mr. Fox.” I slipped off my shoes and stood on the scale, I had gained 22# and was now at 215#.

Katy's OB/GYN came it introduced himself to me. Looked over Katy's chart, he was not pleased. He said she needed to gain weight quicker. He asked about meals. Katy said she ate until she was stuffed. He asked about between meal snacks and she went over what she usually ate during the day. He said he would not change the medication, but Katy's stomach was not stretching out as fast as they would have liked to see. He said we need to do night feedings and make sure the last large meal of the day was right before going to bed. He too approved of my joining Katy in gaining weight for the pregnancy. After setting up our next appointment we headed home.

On the way we passed a Farm Kitchen Buffet, we pulled right in. I quickly paid the lunch fee and we broke for the buffet lines. Katy heaped her plate with mac & cheese, an alfredo pasta, spaghetti and meat sauce. I piled on several brats, mac & cheese, several sweet rolls, a couple cheeseburgers and fries and rings. We headed for a close table and started gorging ourselves. We stayed for nearly two hours, just eating for the pleasure of it. Katy after being ordered by her doctor to gain weight - when she thought she might be over doing it before the check-up - just unleashed what any inhibitions she had left. She smiled and giggled as she stuffed mouthful after mouthful into herself. I was so turned on watching her and after all the encouraging words from Katy's nurse and doctor I couldn't hold back.

Two waiters had to help us out to the car, we were so engorged. They said we were the cutest couple that had ever been in their restaurant; the manager wanted us to call first before we came back again. I couldn't believe what we had done to our bodies. We were huge. Katy's shift, which when we arrived was loose fitting was now tight and the buttons were barely keeping Katy's modesty. I looked like I had swallowed a watermelon. My belly was threatening to burst out of my pants any minute. I started the car and we continued our journey home.

That day was our enlightenment. We never looked back; I loved the way the calories stuck to Katy's once lithe frame. Her bottom grew round and soft; her thighs thickened; her breasts grew plump and her tummy became a glorious round dome. She loved to waddle around the house with only panties and a t-shirt on, constantly nibbling. We added several mirrors so she could watch herself grow. The next checkup the doctor was very pleased with. She had gained 27#; she treated each checkup and weigh-in as a challenge.

I, too, loved the effort it took to keep up with her. That was part of the bargain. I gave away all of my old clothes, Katy at first asked why, I patted my bloated belly and told I didn't plan on EVER being able to fit in them again! She shrieked with delight and fed me a 10# box of chocolates. My encouragers at work redoubled their efforts after they met Katy at the company Christmas party. They thought we were so cute with our big round tummies all dressed in holiday cheer.

The time came for the delivery. Katy entered the hospital as nearly 280 delightful pounds. I had ballooned up to nearly 375 pounds myself. Our next-door neighbor was so impressed by my gain, I was asked to coach the local boys' Sumo team. Katy delivered a beautiful 16-pound baby boy by C-section.

After I returned to work from maternity leave, I noticed several other guys in the office seriously gaining weight. One of them came up to me munching a donut, poked my huge belly and said, “Ned, you set one heck of an example. My wife saw how happy you and Kay were at the Christmas party. She got pregnant last month while you were away.” I looked down at his once flat stomach now sagged over his tight belt and threatened to burst the buttons on his shirt.

Several years have passed since that year we had our first child. I now weigh a relatively slim 450#, down from over 500# with our third pregnancy.

Katy is a wonderful mother and weighs now 310#. Our boys dominate the Sumo club; both are very big for their age. Our daughter is round little miniature of her mother, whom she loves to emulate, especially at meal times!