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Princess Adrian Diana
by F.A.

A long time ago lived a king named Jonathan. He was a good king and his people loved him. The king's only family was his daughter, Princess Adrian Diana. The princess was the fattest girl in the kingdom, possibly the world. She was so fat, that she had never taken a step in her life, even though she was eleven years old. The only way she could get around was by rolling. And a beautiful sight it was to see the princess rolling around the palace gardens in her gold rolling suit. The princess' birthday was in seven days and the king told his daughter that she could have anything she wished for. When the king done this before, the fat princess always asked for a feast for a dozen men. Then she would eat and eat and eat until she was to the point of bursting. This year, however, the gluttonous girl asked for something more. She wished to be able to eat as much as she wanted, whenever she wanted. The king wasn't sure he wanted to grant his daughter's request. She was already 600 lbs., and unable to walk. To allow her to get fatter worried the king. The way the princess ate, she would gain at an alarming rate. So the king called for his royal doctor to ask him. "The princess wishes to eat anything she wants, anytime she wants. Is it wise for me to grant her wish?" The physician knew Adrian Diana very well. He was always summoned when she ate too much and had a bellyache. "The princess is in excellent health, except for her being so fat. Grant her her wish for a year, and see how much weight she gains." "Excellent." said the king, and rushed to tell the princess the good news. During that year, Adrian Diana ate so much, the king had to get more help in the royal kitchen. The princess would even wake up in the middle of the night to eat. As the year was coming to an end, the king had his daughter roll onto the scale used for weighing the royal cattle. The king's eyes nearly popped out of his head. Princess Adrian Diana weighed 800 lbs. "You are too fat Princess." he said " l can not allow you to get any fatter. l am putting you on a diet!" The princess rolled back to the palace in tears. She truly loved being fat and wanted to be fatter.

Around this time, a young boy named Jason was wondering around the kingdom. He had heard stories in his homeland about the world's fattest girl, and wished to see her. As he was walking along the path, he heard sobs coming from behind the hedges. When he poked his head through, his quest came to an end. There was the princess, looking like a giant human beach ball. "Hello" he said "Is there anything wrong?" Adrian Diana looked up, startled. "Who are you?" she asked. "Someone who came from far away just to meet you." Jason replied. "But l did not expect you to be so sad." "It's my father, he says l am too fat and must go on a diet. But l don't wish to go on a diet. l want to be fat. fat. fact, l wish to grow fatter than l am now." "I'll help you." said Jason. "Show me where your window is, and at night l will sneak food in to you." The princess could not believe her ears. "You will? That would be wonderful!" So she showed Jason which window to sneak in to, and he told the princess he would see her that night.

That night, the princess rolled back and forth waiting for Jason. She was famished, not being allowed to gorge herself at the dinner table. A few minutes later, Jason came through the window. "Hello Princess, l sure hope you're hungry!" He laid a huge bag on the floor next to Adrian Diana. "I'm starving!" she said. "Tell me what you brought." Jason opened the bag. Inside were pastries, chocolate, and cookies. "This will get you started." he said "I'll be right back, there's more outside." The princess hardly heard him, she was already stuffing her face. He came in with some boxes this time. "Here are some cakes and pies for you princess." Adrian Diana never looked up, just kept eating. "l have some more to bring in." Jason said, "Be right back." He climbed through the window a third time, bringing in another bag and a gallon of cream. The princess ate like there was no tomorrow. She ate five dozen pastries, six big bars of chocolate, six dozen cookies, an apple pie, a cherry pie, a chocolate cake and a carrot cake. She was feeling quite full, but being a glutton, wanted to know if there was any more. Jason ran out the window one more time and reappeared with a giant box. "l was hoping you could get to this." Inside was a 7 layer black forrest cake. It was big enough to for 20 slices at least. The princess looked at the cake and said "l don't know if l can eat all of it. I'm feeling quite full." Jason looked at the fat princess and said "I came all this way to see the fattest girl in the world eat, and now she tells me she's to full to eat anymore. l can't believe it." "I'm sorry." Adrian Diana said. "Since you were so nice to me, I'll eat it for you." Jason smiled. He hoped he would make the princess feel guilty enough to eat more. About halfway through the cake, the princess said she could eat no more. "How about if l rub your belly to help you hold more?" "O.K." said the princess, not wanting to make Jason mad. "If l don't eat more, he may never come back to feed me again." she thought. As she ate she swore she was going to burst. Her gold rolling suit's seams were stretched to the limit, as was her massive belly. The princess finally finished the cake, and rolled over on her back. She was breathing heavy and groaning due to her gluttony. Jonathan patted her belly. It was as tight as a drum. He picked up the small bag he brought in when he brought the gallon of cream in. "With all the sweets you ate, you must need something to wash them down." With that, he pulled a funnel out of the bag. The weight stranded princess looked at him helplessly. "Oh no!" she pleaded, "Please no more!" But it was too late. Jason had stuck the funnel in her mouth and began to pour. Adrian Diana broke out in a sweat, moaning as Jason continued to fill the humongous princess' belly. Suddenly, there was a loud rip. At first the princess thought it was her belly, finally reaching it's bursting point. But it was the princess' rolling suit. It gave way, looking like a pile of rags next to her fat, pink body. Finally, Jason poured the last of the cream. When he took the funnel out, the princess screamed out "PLEASE, NO MORE! l AM GOING TO BURST!!!" When he heard his daughter scream, the king ran to her room. He threw open the door to see young Jason standing over the nude princess. "What's going on in here?" the king yelled. Jason looked at him calmly and said "I just wanted to see if your daughter could pass my test before l marry her." "Marry her?" the king replied, "I'll throw you in the dungeon for this!" He ran over and knelt beside his daughter. "Look what you've done to her!" Adrian Diana was still breathing heavy and groaning. "Your highness." Jason said, "l am Prince Jason from the kingdom next to yours. l have heard stories about your fat daughter and have always wanted to see her. She is more beautiful than l imagined. l wish to make her my wife. Correct me if I'm wrong, but next year she will be thirteen Sire, and ready for marriage." The king looked at the young prince. Then he looked at his helpless fat daughter. "What do you think Princess?" the king asked. Between heavy breaths, Adrian Diana asked "Will you always feed me like this?" Jason looked at her and said "For as long as you live." "Then I'll marry you." she said Jason was delighted, as was the king. "But, your Highness" Jason said to the king, "No more dieting for the princess. O.K." "Agreed" said the king.

When the next year finally came for the young couple to wed, Princess Adrian Diana had gotten so fat that she could no longer roll by herself. She was now 1000 lbs., and four guards had to roll the princess down the aisle in the royal garden. Jason kept his promise, and made sure the fat princess was always eating. By the time she was 16, she was so fat she could no longer be rolled. She weighed one ton, and Jason usually slept on his wife's belly. Every night, Adrian Diana always asked Jason the same thing. "Will you stuff me like the first day we met?" And when hearing this, it always brought a smile to Jason's face.