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By Sasha Steele


In 1968 the Puntite Orbed was unearthed at a dig site 200 miles south of Luxor near an area that in ancient times was known as the Land of Punt. The joint expedition of the Royal Museum, and University of California that found the Orbed was no more than a group of amateur geologists, professors, and students whose families were rich enough to cover the expense of a summer of fun in the Sahara dessert. Josh Wright was a student among that group at the time. On an athletic scholarship, Josh was more interested in the slightly overweight Veronica Stewart than in the archaeology field trip, but nonetheless proved to be a hard working member of the team.

At first it would seem odd that it would be Josh Wright who should be the one ending up as the one most fixated with the Orbed. But given the circumstances of what happened out there in the desert and what Josh found out afterwards, coupled with the obsession that he had secretly harboured since he was a boy, it all begins to make sense. They had been working for over a month. With the permits they were issued, the dig was not really expected to turn up anything of value; it was more or less an exercise in the practical side of archaeology. So far they had found a few items of interest, nothing spectacular.

Josh was working with Veronica in a trench, taking more notice of how her khaki shorts cut into her belly, and how they stretched taut across her round bum, than anything that they unearthed. That is when the trench that they were in gave way. Veronica and Josh tumbled ten feet into a chamber under the ground, shaken, but uninjured they saw that it was a tomb, solid stone walls, low ceiling, quite small, and containing one lone object. What had they found? Excitement arose in the group of eight, wild and crazy, then died down when they realized that their team would be pulled off of the dig as soon as they reported it. In the end they decided not to.

The Puntite Orbed in the tomb was a sphere six feet in diameter weighing 250 pounds. It was metallic grey with a smooth outer surface. The stone walls were caved with pictograms of an extremely obese woman and hieroglyphs that Professor Ryan worked to decipher. Josh Wright had never before seen a woman as grotesquely fat as the one depicted on the walls of the tomb and was surprised by his reaction, although he should not have been.

They took pictures and notes, copying down everything from the walls. The hieroglyphs were ancient, but Professor Ryan was able to decipher them. The Orbed contained the essence of Mammoth, the Puntite Queen who ruled the Land of Punt in the fifth century BC. Her mass was the embodiment of beauty, preserved for all time in the Puntite Orbed. According to Professor Ryan, Queen Mammoth had weighed in excess of 3000 pounds when she was interred alive into the Orbed.

Josh's immediate reaction upon seeing the depictions of the 300 pound Queen Mammoth was that he got an erection, and hearing what the professor had found out about her, it wasn't about to go away. When he was young, Josh had developed an obsession for extremely fat women that were impossibly huge, and though he exercised it from time to time - the heaviest girl that Josh had ever dated weighed over 400 pounds - if anything his obsession had grown. That night, Veronica resistant to Josh's advances, he masturbated as he fantasized about the gargantuan Puntite queen.

Josh had never cum so desperately in all his life. He had to get inside the Orbed, had to see her with his own eyes. The camp was quite, everybody asleep when Josh climbed down the ladder into the tomb, the Orbed glowing in the light from his torch. Josh had brought his pickaxe. They had already examined the Orbed closely, a very strong unknown type of metal, not easily, if at all, penetrable. But when Josh lifted his pick axe, and brought it down with all his might, the Orbed shattered like it was of glass into a million pieces, and Josh was shocked by what he found inside.

(To Be Continued)