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The Fattening Quest
By Drax5903

Chapter One:
The First Weight Gain Quest

It had been a long night, and Jen went to sleep with a hangover and stomach ache - too much beer and free food. She had fallen asleep in her clothes and didn't bother to put on her pajamas. She awoke the next morning with a tightening feeling in her waist. So she stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom to look in the mirror, and she had shrieked in horror. Jen normally was a pretty fit girl and had a flat tummy, but she noticed that her once flat stomach had a small roll of flab, hanging over the waist of her jeans. At first, she thought that her belt was just too tight, and so she unbuckled it, but the flab still hung over the waist of her jeans. Her face also was a little puffy as well; she had noticed that she had started to develop a double chin. Walking over to the scale, she realized that she had gained 8 pounds from the night before. How was that possible?

So forgetting her figure, she changed clothes and got ready to go see her boyfriend. She didn't bother to try to hide the flab, so she just wore one of her favorite midriff shirts and hip hugger jeans. When Jen met with her boyfriend at his house, they sat on the couch; they just wanted to talk for a while. It only took a few minutes before Ryan, her boyfriend, to notice the change in her figure. Right in the middle of a conversation, he reached over and poked at the flab on her tummy and said to her, "Looks like you finally started to put on a little weight." She rubbed the place where Ryan poked her and tried to hide her tummy by closing her leather jacket up and then said, "It is only temporary, it will be gone within a few days." Ryan shook his head and said, "I think that is kind of cute that you have a little belly forming; how much did you put on to have this little tummy?" "Eight pounds," she replied. Then he suggested, "I think that you would look really sexy with a little round tummy." "You think so?" she asked. Ryan just nodded his head. So then Jen opened her jacket and once again revealed her small round tummy.

The next day, Jen had taken Ryan's advice seriously and started to eat the most fattening foods she could find. In one day, she ate 3 tubs of ice cream, 4 boxes of Twinkies, 2 bags of chips and 3 boxes of devil dogs. By the end of just that first day, she had gained 5 pounds. By the end of the week, she had gained 30 pounds. One day, after finishing off a box of fried chicken with her Ryan, the buttons on the bottom part of her shirt popped off, revealing her enlarging stomach. Pretty soon, by the time school had started again, she had weighed 170 pounds, and even her new school clothes had started to get a little tight.

One day, while listening to the professor lecture about some boring event during the Civil War, Jen leaned down and pulled out a Twinkie from her bag, unwrapped it and then ate it. Near the end of class, she didn't feel so well; her clothes were getting really tight. As soon as class was dismissed, she ran right to the bathroom.

Relieved that nobody was in the bathroom, she started to splash her face with water, hoping to make herself feel better, but that was when she heard a popping noise, and suddenly her waist didn't feel so cramped anymore. But when she looked down, she realized why. All the buttons on her shirt had popped off, along with all the buttons on the front of her pants, revealing her large, pale tummy. All she could do then was just run out of the bathroom, and she ran back to her dorm and started to eat from depression. Ryan had come by later that day to see Jen with a big surprise. He had gone out and bought her some new pants and cute shirts that would reveal her belly a small amount.

They had gone out to eat that night, and Jen's appetite had enlarged more than Ryan's appetite. She had seconds on everything that she ordered. This concerned Ryan; the more she ate and fatter she got, the less attracted he felt to her. A little weight was good. But if she kept eating like this, she would weight at least 300 pounds, right now she weighed 185 pounds, almost as much as he weighed. Even the clothes he bought her that afternoon seemed to fit well when she first got them on, but when they left the restaurant, she had to unbutton the top button of her jeans, just to be comfortable, and a large roll of fat was seeping from the bare torso that was revealed when she wore that new shirt. She was completely bursting at the seams. He felt that she should either cut back on the pounds, or he may have to leave her.

When they got back to Jen's dorm, she went right to her fridge and got a bucket of fried chicken and started to practically inhale the chicken. "Jen," said Ryan. "What is it Ryan?" replied Jen between mouthfuls of chicken. "Well, I love you and all, but I just think that you have been going a little overboard with this weight gain and everything. I thought that you would look cute with a small tummy, not a large, flabby gut. This is just concerning me a lot. If you truly love me, you will cut back on the food and try to lose weight." Jen just dropped a chicken drumstick from her hand, and tears began to stream from the corners of her eyes. Then, without hearing her reply, Ryan stood up and left the dorm. Jen still sat there and then jumped up and threw the fattening, fried chicken out the window. Following the chicken, she went to the fridge and collected all of the unhealthy sweets and put them in a big trash bag and threw it out the window as well. That was when she vowed to lose weight and get back to her normal weight.

Before, going to bed that night, Jen strolled into the bathroom and hopped up on the scale. After eating the chicken and a double helping of pork chops at dinner, her weight had shot up 3 pounds. She could hardly wear her normal pajamas; she could only button up the shirt halfway, and she didn't even bother to try to tie the front of her pajama bottoms - she just left them open. She hoped that she would be able to fit into them comfortably soon. The next morning, she awoke to the growling of her enormous stomach. To save the hassle of finding clothes that fit, she put on the clothes that she wore the night before. While slipping on the shirt and jeans, she thought they seemed a little more tight than usual. She couldn't remember eating anything since Ryan had left. She struggled, but she was able to button her jeans all the way, but left her shirt partially unbuttoned. She had decided to go for a jog, just to lose a few calories.

While out on her jog, she had passed a local diner and smelled the wonderful fragrances from inside, and her stomach roared. "Maybe just a little something to settle my stomach," she thought. She wandered inside and gave the waitress her order. She had ordered something that was far beyond small. The waitress returned with a huge stack of pancakes, dripping with butter and syrup, with a slab of ham and bacon. By the time she finished, she didn't feel so good. Her jeans could no longer fit comfortably, and she felt like she was going to pop. She paid for her meal, and continued on her jog, which didn't last very long; all she did was return to her dorm and passed out on her bed. She awoke to the knocking on her dorm door. It was Ryan; he didn't even bother to look down to see how much weight she had gained from that day. "Jen, I am sorry that I hurt your feelings last night, I am just really concerned about you now," he explained. "Well, there is really nothing to worry about, I went out for a jog this morning to lose some weight, I will look better in no time," she said. As soon as she finished her sentence, the top button on her jeans popped off and flew right in Ryan's eye. Looking through his good eye, he had noticed that her figure had worsened, and he noticed that syrup stains on her shirt, and her shirt now revealed each roll of flab on her upper body. "You lied to me Jen; you said that you had lost some weight, and those clothes weren't as tight on you last night as they do now. I think that we better go our own ways," he said and then closed the door.

Still standing at the door, tears streamed down her face. She then walked into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Her belly, once flat and toned, was now a big ball of jiggly fat. Her face was once bony, yet pretty, was now bloated, and she had at least 3 chins now. She was too depressed to attempt to lose all of this weight. She wandered into the kitchen to find something to eat, but all she could find were 2 unopened containers of lard. Taking the lard to the table, she emptied both cans within an hour, and she could feel the extra weight just loading on when she stood up. But when passing the mirror and seeing lard on the corners of her mouth. She knew that she had to do something; she loved Ryan and wanted him back, and that meant, giving up eating! Later that day, Ryan had called and said that he was going away for a few months, to give her time to think about herself, and he hoped that she would make the right choice.

She had spent 2 months exercising, dieting and any other activity to melt off all of this weight. By the end of the 2nd month, she had gone from 210 pounds, to 153 pounds. She felt a lot better about herself. She then spent another month, toning back up again, but remembering what Ryan had wanted, a small tummy. So by the end of the month, she was 10 pounds heavier than her original weight: the perfect amount to at least have a small tummy for Ryan's enjoyment, yet thin enough to flaunt her belly around in midriff shirts. But all her good thoughts had ended with one phone call.

Chapter Two:
The Second Weight Gain

It had been a year since Jen had purposely gained weight for her boyfriend's acceptance. But even though she had lost all of that weight, Ryan had left her to go for his dream career, which was on the other end of the country. So, all Jen could do was cry and hang around her dorm. But one night, one of her friends set her up with a fraternity guy at a party one night. They both were drunk at the time, and they kept having drinking contests and seeing who could eat the most hot wings and other fatty foods.

That night, she once again had too many beers. She was soooo hungover. But she did meet that nice guy at the party. She felt so bloated from the mixture of fried chicken, beer, hot wings and so many other fattening foods. She was bloated enough that both her shirt and jeans were tight. She stumbled up to her room, unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her jeans and shirt, but couldn't finish undressing and just passed out on her bed with her clothes still on. The next morning, she woke up with a beam of sunlight in her face. She stood up, rubbing her eyes and headed for the bathroom, but got her foot caught in the sheets and stumbled to the floor to see a large bag on the floor, next to her bed. She looked inside the bag to find empty boxes of fried chicken, ice cream and snack food boxes. These were some of the most fattening foods she had eaten in the longest time. This really concerned her, she felt much fatter. So, she walked into the bathroom, to see if she looked any different. She looked in the mirror, and she just seemed a little puffy in her face and belly area, she then felt a lot better.

A few days had passed, and Jen once more started gaining small amounts of weight; pretty soon, when she would sit down, a roll of flab would roll over the waist of her jeans, which now were feeling pretty tight. So, she went to the doctor the following week, and within that week, she had gained 15 pounds to her figure. Her doctor asked her if she had done any serious weight gain within the past few years, and, of course, she remembered what she had done last year. From gaining all that weight, it had slowed her metabolism 20% the usual average. So, eating small portions of fatty foods would cause her to gain weight faster.

While returning home, Jen felt really depressed from what the doctor had told her, so she stopped at a local fast food restaurant and ordered 2 cheeseburgers. After finishing those, she could feel the weight absorbing into her once-fit body. As soon as she got home, she weighed herself. She had gained 5 pounds from those 2 cheeseburgers; the waist on her jeans was now skintight, and as soon as she stood up, the top button popped off. This was going to be a real problem.

The next month, she ate any food that she could find and packed on more weight every time she ate. She would practically have to go buy new clothes every week, because she had gained so much weight. The last time she had weighed herself, she was 280 pounds. She stopped buying new clothes and just would squeeze into the biggest clothes she had; her pants wouldn't zip all the way up, and her shirts wouldn't button all the way down, and she had become isolated in her room. But in order to try to control her weight, she would do simple exercises. After working on that for 2 months, she had dropped 20 pounds and felt much better about herself.

Now that she had more control for her eating, she now ate the healthiest stuff she could find and continued to exercise. A year later, she had shed 120 pounds and no longer had a large, flabby tummy. But she would have to keep at the exercise and the proper diet. But from time to time, she would slack off and put on about 10 pounds, but would then work hard and lose it. But a practical joke by one of her friends would seal her fate for her poor metabolism.

While attending a party, all of her friends were asking her how the hell she was able to shed all of that weight twice. She would just say that she worked hard and patted her flat tummy. She went into the kitchen and filled a glass up with beer and went back into the living room. Some of her friends were thinking about a funny practical joke that they could play on her that entire week, so they had gone to a pharmacy the day before and purchased a small container of weight-gain powder. So in order to get her to drink it, they would dump it into her drink, it dissolves instantly. There was a guy at the party that was doing free piercings, and Jen's friends persuaded her to go over and have her navel pierced and that would give one of them the time to put the powder in her drink.

So, Jen took off her leather jacket and hopped up onto the table, she was wearing a midriff shirt, so she didn't need to roll it up, and within minutes, she was pierced. So they all went back to the couch, and they urged Jen to chug her beer just as a contest. After chugging her beer, Jen said that she didn't feel so well, what she didn't know was her friends had dumped the whole package into her drink. So, she stood up to go to the bathroom, and the top button on her jeans popped off, and everyone started laughing. She then was handed the package of weight-gain powder and in bold letters, it said "FAST RESPONSE."

While walking to the bathroom, Jen could feel the pounds packing on with every step that she took. When she made it to the bathroom, the front of her shirt had begun to tear, and all the buttons on the front of her jeans had popped off. She stumbled into the bathtub, with every breath, getting harder to inhale and getting further apart. She crawled to the scale and she had gained 150 pounds within 30 minutes, and she was still gaining weight. She struggled to stand up, and by the time she did, she had a huge pain in her chest and collapsed, and within 5 minutes, she stopped breathing. But no one found her until the next morning, by then she was dead. Her clothes that she was wearing that night had fit perfectly at the party, but not knowing about the powder in her drink and had gained all of that weight, her shirt and jeans were now rags.