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Rachel's Gain
By FatboyBrian

Rachel Johnston was a simple senior in Lyons High school. She loved her school, her friends and most importantly, her body. She had always been fascinated with gaining weight and often tried it when she was younger. She loved to see her body grow fat, but the one person who didn't was her mom. She hated to see Rachel in any size larger than a 6. Rachel had only 180 pounds packed onto her 5'7 frame.

After a harsh week of school and training at the gym, it was time for vacation. Her aunt was letting her stay the week during her two-week spring vacation. She was so excited, especially because her friend Tiffany was coming with her. Tiffany was a stout, pudgy girl with a cute hourglass shape. Her 220 on a 5'4 frame greatly out-did Rachel. But all that was about to change.

Later on the phone that night...

“Hey girl, ready for this weekend?” Rachel asked.

“Oh yes, are you really sure you want to gain?”

“Girl, I've been waiting for this all my life. I can't wait to see and feel the results.”

“I'll be with you all the way.”

The two departed on the phone and prepared themselves for the weekend. Rachel was packing for the best time of her life. She had packed three pairs of stretch pants and baggy t-shirts, which she planned to fill by the end of vacation. She brought all of her sports bras and not the wire ones because they don't stretch. Finally, she was ready. It was around 5 o'clock when her aunt Andrea arrived. Rachel saw Tiffany in the back seat. She quickly got in and buckled her seat belt. Tiff was wearing some skin tight sweats and a t-shirt that may as well been a baby's bib!

“Hey, Are you ready for the time of your life?” she eagerly asked.

“You bet, I can't wait to do it with ya!” They both started to giggle.

“What are you two laughing about back there?” Andrea asked.

“Oh nothing, sorry,” They drove away, happy and ready for the best weekend ever.

When they reached Andrea's home, they were almost ecstatic. They ran to the front door, opened it and ran to their room. They had both gone together when they were younger, and fatter. Inside their room was huge. Big enough for a king. It was perfect. They quickly unpacked and modeled some of their clothes for each other. It was quickly time for dinner. Andrea took it upon herself to ask the girls what they had wanted to eat. They answered with an entire list of things. Pizza, cookies, pies, cakes and pasta were among the popular items. Andrea went out to fetch their food while the girls were free to roam the house.

Rachel was in the bathroom doing her duty when she noticed a small bottle in the corner of the bathroom sink. She read it as it said, “GainFast2000.” She didn't know why her slim perfect shaped aunt would have these, but quickly set the thought aside. She opened the bottle, sort of knowing what they did. She took two of the little green pills and waited. All of a sudden, she felt her stomach gargling. In the next instant, it started to bloat! It widened as she felt it fill with what felt like fat! Her rear began to spread out and her thighs plumped up. Her breasts began to fatten as well. She was fattening all over until it stopped. She couldn't believe what had happened. Her shirt was stretched taut and her pants had ripped because of her gigantic rear. She stepped onto the scale as the numbers spun around. 160, 190, 210, 230! She had gained 50 pounds of fat in about 2 minutes! She couldn't believe it! She quickly waddled out of the room to find Tiffany. “Here, you have to try these! They're great!”

“What are they?”

“They make you fatter, look at me!” Rachel spun in a circle.

“Oh my god, you're beautiful! Gimme those!” She snatched the bottle from Rachel. She took a handful of pills. Instantly, she began to fatten up. Her gut jutted out even farther than it already was; her breasts widened slowly, her thighs filling ever so slightly and her butt, jutting out inch after inch of soft, jiggly flesh. She kept plumping for about 5 minutes. Rachel slid a scale under her feet and it read 410 pounds!

The girls screeched in delight as they began to gorge on all the pills they could find. Rachel's weight skyrocketed to around 900 and Tiffany to around 1,500. They continued to fill the bedroom with their massive bodies. With Tiffany at 2,000 and Rachel at 1,600, they were immobile and ended up staying at her aunts' house, being fed everyday from then on. The walls of the room creaked in pain as the girls spread wider and wider through the room. As Rachel slowly crept past 2,000, she wondered, “What's Mom gonna say about this?”