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The Younger Sister
By Norseman.

Rebecca was living in a Norwegian family in the southern part of Norway. Her father was a Norwegian married to an Italian girl. He was blond and tall like many other Scandinavians. Her mother was beautiful with black hair and tanned, but with a powerful frame. Rebecca had an elder brother and an elder sister, named Anita. The boy very much like his Dad, Anita blond as her father, but with a body frame of her mother's. Rebecca, the youngest one, was very much like her Mom but slim. Her father was educated in the US and during her childhood he became a successful businessman in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. It was a happy family living in the southern part of Norway in a large house and with their own summerhouse and a sailboat. During winter they loved skiing. They were all very sporty.

In the years following her latest birth, their mother slowly grew somewhat heavier. As a young girl Rebecca could remember her as the most beautiful person in the world - with big breasts and a bulging tummy on a full- figured frame. The young Rebecca did not look at her mother as fat, although this she was more and more. However, she followed her children and husband in all their activities.

As a teenager, something happened with her sister Anita. Her young body started to swell, initially the upper parts. Her somewhat broad and powerful frame slowly grew in all directions. Her nice and open face was the same, but her arms, back and sides became bigger. Her chest was particularly fuller, and her waist swelled out from the breasts and down to her thighs.

The only one to bother about Anita's weight gain was Rebecca, and she was really terrified when she saw her plump sister in the bathroom and in a bikini onboard their sailing boat. Sometimes her mother told her not to eat too much, which Anita in fact did not.

Although she ate normally, exercised and managed a sporty way of living, her sister continued to put on weight. Their mother took Anita to a medical specialist to check her weight gain. After an advanced medical examination the doctor concluded Anita suffered from both genetic and growth hormone failures. He told there was nothing modern medicine could do for her. Most certainly she would have weight problems all her life. Anita was upset and had many nights of crying asleep. They all promised to help her and comforted her through long talks about her situation. At the age of 17 her breasts were more than full and her waist started to look like a fat sack hanging from her shoulder and breasts. Looking at her, both from the side and front, she was really big.

Rebecca, now 15, had turned into a real beauty. She had inherited the Italian look of her mother: black hair, dark eyes in a beautiful, clean cut face and tanned skin. She was tall and very slim. At 15 she felt the development of her breasts to be a little slow; they were hardly visible. She loved her older sister and she was her best friend. She was worried because of her weight gain and plumpness, but at the same time she had hoped to develop some of the size of her breasts. Larger tits would make her body perfect in her own eyes.

Early in spring next year, she started to think about the summer and bathing season. Her slim body was still the same with very tiny breasts. The more she thought about it, the more she wished her small breasts filled out the bikini top a little bit more. In secret she started to eat more and exercise less. She lived in a family where the mother loved to cook and serve delicious meals. To keep her body slim and fit, Rebecca always ate less than she wanted to do, and her plump mother quite often encouraged her to eat more.

After a few months, with secret eating, she could feel her tits swelling out. She went to buy a new bikini. When trying bikinis in the dressing room she had to put on larger sizes, not only because of her breasts, but also due to a somewhat rounder figure on her torso and around her lower waist and butt. That was new to her, but it did not matter as long as her small breasts were fuller. Looking at herself in the mirror she felt the proportions of her young body to be perfect.

At home, she did not eat in secret any more. She'd gotten used to larger portions of food and loved all the food and meals her mother was making. Slowly, her body swelled out.

One summer day the whole family was on board their sailing boat. They were all sunbathing on the deck, and the boy in the family was looking at his parents and sisters. His father was very healthy and very Scandinavian with a look like a Viking. His mother was a stunning sight with her tanned skin, beautiful face and raven black hair. Each year she'd gained weight, and now she was really huge. Her whole body had grown with layers of fat. She had big fat shoulders and upper arms, massive breasts with stretch marks and two immense fat folds forming her waist. The layers of fat made sacks along her sides and the back, and the fat went down and formed heavy hips, buttocks and thighs. She had grown to 305 pounds. When sunbathing with lotion on her skin it looked like her whole body was made of fat. Sitting up, her front made several tremendous rolls of fat. Sitting like that, her breasts and belly looked incredible. When she walked the whole body jiggled and shacked with fat. He knew she had big problems following her husband, Rebecca and himself in their activities. She wished for another type of boat because her huge body had problems squeezing through the opening into the sailing boat and through the narrow doors inside.

His oldest sister, Anita, was a stunning young girl of 18 with her blond hair, beautiful face and eyes, and a more than well-developed body. She had gained 20 pounds the last year, all of it going to her torso. Her breasts were now fat and swollen and still pointing straight out on top a barrel-like waist. Looking at Anita, both from the side and front, she was really big. She weighed 210 pounds. She was wearing a new one-piece swimming outfit and looked more than well fed in the tight suit. The seams and sides pressed deep into her bloated skin and made rolls of fat. When sitting on the deck he saw two big sacks of fat forming her belly beneath her ponderous fat breasts floating and spilling over the upper part of the suit.

His youngest sister, Rebecca, now 16 years old, was taking a shower in open air on the poop. She had a tiny bikini leaving very little to one's imagination. He was aware of the growing appetite of his sisters, and now he saw the result. Her tits were full and swollen and a little too large for the bikini top, though the top was quite bigger than the one she used to have. Lower down she had grown a visible belly and her bottom and hips were somewhat fat together with the thighs. She looks like a pear, he thought, but gosh so beautiful she is!

That summer it was decided Anita should spend a year in the USA as an au pair taking care of a young kid from September on. Anita hadn't been in an airplane for many years and she started to worry about the long flight and meeting new people in an unknown country. A little anxious leaving her safe home, she started to eat more in the months up to the departure. She stayed at home without anything to do, and she packed on the pounds. Rebecca should go to a new school in September, and she too was home together with their mother. In the same months her husband was doing a job in Singapore.

The three ladies stuck together, comforting themselves as best as they could, and that was with food. Their mother taught her daughters how to cook, and they tasted and ate almost all day long. Rebecca joined them and loved all the nice food. She forgot all her intentions of only making her tits a little fuller. They all gained a lot of weight. Anita's skin got more bloated; her upper arms and breasts fatter and her stomach grew out in the upper part like a big fat tyre. The food also went to her hips, buttocks and thighs. It was a huge, young woman weighing 290 pounds leaving for the USA. Their mother, weighing 305 in the summer, now weighed 355, all the weight going to her tummy and breasts. As for Rebecca; she got really pear-shaped; developing big, fat tits hanging from fat shoulders. Her belly grew outward together with her fat bottom, hips and thighs. She weighed 200.

Rebecca started to get worried about her growing weight, but her mother told her not to worry. When the skiing season started in winter, she would lose her weight doing all that cross-country skiing! Her weight, however, did not reduce during winter. Like her mother, she packed on the pounds. One evening, sitting before the fireplace, they talked about weight gaining and dieting. Rebecca wanted to go to a doctor to check if she was all right. But her mother told about their Italian heritage and that most of the women in the family were thick and overweight. Some started to grow as teenagers, others after pregnancy like herself. As for Anita, she suffered from both genetic and growth hormone failures. Rebecca was scared about what her mother told her, and for a long time she thought of what to do. Thinking of her thin and muscular brother, Rebecca felt it unfair the girls and women in the family should be fat. At the same time she worked with herself to get used to the fact that this was an old family weakness and that she may be fat all her life. She really tried to eat less and exercise more. Eating less was not easy, living with her mother's cooking and delicious meals, and exercising made her thirsty and hungry.

When Anita returned from the USA a year later Rebecca was shocked. Anita had exploded to an enormously fat girl. Not more than 20 years old she was incredible and weighing 440 pounds of pure fat. Her whole body was enormous, and one could wonder how her young legs could carry such a burden.

During the same year their mother had been extremely fat and bloated with enormous breasts resting on two incredible fat folds forming her tummy. She completely filled the big chair in the dining room with her mountainous hips and thighs. Her face and neck were fat, but the face still beautiful.

Rebecca had turned into a fat, pear shaped girl of 18 with huge legs, hips and buttocks. In front, she had developed bloated boobs and a plump tummy. The tummy had a smaller roll of fat under her boobs and a big fat tyre consisting her stomach. She weighed 230 pounds.

That summer, Rebecca met the love of her life. John was her age and very sporty. He played golf and did alpine skiing in the winter. She started playing golf with him and loved the game. She was clever hitting the ball and she didn't have to run making her boobs bouncing up and down in the big bra. Playing golf was good for her physique and she was quite exhausted after 18 holes. Her weight gain slowed down a bit, but still she gained.

When winter came she weighed 255, all of it going to her lower parts making her even more pear shaped. The lower parts of her tummy swelled out. She had to bay new outfit for the alpine skiing, which was not easy to find with her body. Initially she was clever doing alpine skiing, but felt a little clumsy due to her fat lower parts.

With no golf during winter, and going to many movies, watching TV and long, happy evenings with John, all followed by snacks and good food, Rebecca gained like never before. Her pear shaped body turned into an hourglass shape with big fat and broad shoulders, plump upper arms, boobs very full and fat resting upon her upper tummy roll. Her lower parts formed by a huge protruding belly, her huge thighs clung together almost to her knees, bottom and hips starting to be tremendous. She reached 300 pounds late winter when going to Austria with John on an alpine skiing holiday. Before leaving she had examined all sport goods shops in town looking for an outfit suitable for her size. She found one, not the kind she wanted, and one size too small. John had to help her getting it on, and her huge tummy suffered the whole week in the Alps. Skiing was not easy and in the lift cabins she filled the space of two. She tried not to fall when skiing, because she had big trouble getting up by herself. But her beloved John was never far away and always helping his fat darling whatever happened.

During the days they drank a lot of Austrian beer and Jägermeister and ate big servings of local food. With all the skiing and fresh mountain air, they were very hungry in the afternoons, and Rebecca more than normal. Her waist swelled out during their alpine holiday, and back home most of her hourglass shaped body was gone. Her whole belly started to expand, and it seemed that most of the food she consumed stored in her waist and belly. When finishing school in spring, she had gotten a ponderous belly for a girl of 19, weighing 330 pounds.

Rebecca hadn't thought about it, but on her first day on the golf course that summer her loving for playing golf was ruined. It was impossible for her to hit the ball properly. Her huge breasts and her vast belly were too big, and looking down to the ground she could hardly see the ball. Very disappointed, she and John left the golf course, and she never returned! Although John tried to comfort her, she got into a kind of depression. At first she stopped eating for two days, then she started eating all day long. She waddled between the kitchen and living room, either making food and snacks or eating it. Her mother tried to help her, but looking at her gigantic, fat mother, she had no hope for the future. With the help of her family, a psychologist and John she slowly went back to normal at the end of summer. She had, however, put on a lot of weight. Her breasts grew larger and larger, so did her waist, butt, hips and thighs. The fat thighs jiggled back and forth when she walked and her huge butt swung. Her broad big belly protruded into the air in front of her. It had started to sag down to her thighs.

In the autumn her father rented a flat for Rebecca. It needed renovation and she got plenty to do organising all work and doing some of it herself. John was studying at the university and more or less moved into her flat. Having her own flat and working on it was doing Rebecca well, and she looked at the future with good feelings. After all, she had a strong personality, and more and more she got used to her huge body. A lot of things were not easy for her to do renewing the flat, but she forced herself to finish all she did start.

During winter she started studying at home in her new and nice flat. She was living a very quiet life with much sitting studying her books. In the weekends she and John sometimes made a walk in the cold air for an hour or so. Only once they went for cross-country skiing. As a total she didn't exercise much during the 5-6 winter months. She tried not to eat too much, but the pounds packed on much more than she consumed food. Her fat metabolism had to be very slow. Rebecca got more and more voluminous around her waist and hips, and her breasts continued to swell. She also developed more swollen shoulders, upper arms and on her back two big fat folds drooped from each shoulder.

When spring came she had to buy a new wardrobe of summer clothes. She was tipping the scale of 370 pounds. Her heavyweight figure caused her daily problems. She always had to stretch her arms and bend forward to reach things placed within the length of her arms to compensate for her vast front figure. When bending forward, her ponderous boobs dropped further down. Leaning backward again was a heavy burden. She used to turn around in slow motions to prevent too much jiggling and bouncing of her belly and boobs. Climbing stairs also was a burden. Although her legs were strong after years of sporting activities as a teenager, she got short-winded going in stairs and up steep hills. Sitting down and finding chairs that fit her broad bottom was not easy. In her flat she had large and strong furniture. But in public places she often didn't fit in. Going to cinemas and theatres was out of the question. Instead, she watched videos and DVD at home.

She still loved the sailing boat. Out on the sea or anchored in a beautiful bay without other boats and people, she and her sister could be for themselves without the gazing from strangers. One sunny day in the summer they were on board together with John and their brother. Her sister Anita was sitting in the cockpit with her enormous body of 505 pounds. A vast two-pieced bikini struggled to control her fat folds and breasts. Two gigantic fat folds formed her belly resting on the fat, swollen thighs. Her legs were divided to make room for the belly folds, but they stuck out more than her knees. The lower fat fold dropped from the knees and alongside the thighs. The huge thighs pressed the two belly folds upward into her breasts. They were floating over her belly both in the front and sides. On her back to vast fat folds drooped down to her butt, which formed an enormous fat roll around her at the lowest part of her torso. She was incredible and looked like the Michelin man.

Rebecca was sunbathing naked on the deck. She was leaning her back on the roof on the deck. If lying completely flat on her back, the breasts would almost float into and cover her face. Now she was in a more sitting position and her breasts hang heavily down on each side of her belly. They were like big bloated bags. The lower part of her belly was lightly pressed between her upper torso and the thighs. It made the belly look like a huge tyre pressed up from the rest of her body. She was incredible and wonderful with her tanned skin. After a while she called for John to have new suntan lotion on her body. She tried to lean forward to a more sitting position, but her breasts and huge belly were too heavy. She gave up and rolled over to one side and got into a sitting position. During the manoeuvre her body made several different forms of fat rolls, folds and bouncing flesh. She wanted to rest the breasts on her belly, but they fell down on each side. John started to oil her legs. When coming to her torso she leaned backwards again. John massaged the fat belly and her breasts. They were very bloated. His hands made several rolls of fat as his hands stroke her soft skin. It was like working with dough of bread, but in a much larger scale.

Anita didn't drink too much during the day because she knew it was impossible for her to fit through the opening from the cockpit and down into the boat to go to the toilet. But Rebecca had to. She got up slowly and went over the deck to enter into the boat. Like every real seamen she turned around to go backward down the stairs. She pushed hard to squeeze her broad bottom, hips and thighs through the opening. Carefully she put her feet on the four steps on the stairs below, and holding on to the rails on each side of the opening. Her hands were still greasy after the suntan lotion, and suddenly her right hand lost its grasp.

She lost her balance and with her weight of 380 pounds the other hand couldn't hold on to the rail. She fell heavily down on the floor of the boat. At once she could feel something was wrong with her left leg. All but Anita got into the boat to help Rebecca. After examining her leg they found out it was not broken, but she had a severe sprain in the ankle. It was not as painful as a broken leg, but needed more time to heal. They got her into a seat, and while John helped with her clothes, they sailed back. Rebecca wanted a thorough examination of her leg, and they called for an ambulance to meet them. Arriving the harbour the paramedics were waiting. They got on board to help Rebecca. She could not stand on her bad leg, but because of her size it was impossible to lift her through the opening. She was too heavy to hobble up the four stairs by herself. After several attempts she got up and out with the help of two persons pushing her from behind. Simultaneously, one was standing in the cockpit holding her hands pulling and lifting her up through the opening. She got out with much pain and very embarrassed. At the hospital the doctor found a minor rupture in her ankle and a severe sprain. She was told not to stand on her leg for several months.

This was the worst thing that could happen to Rebecca. She was sitting at home with her bad leg stretched in front of her for weeks. When the pain was over, she could have the leg down to the floor, but still she was sitting all day long only with a few visits to the toilet and kitchen. Several months later she was able to stand on her leg and walk with the support of a stick. But she was afraid of loading her leg with her heavy weight, and she was still sitting most of the time. She had nothing else to do than eat and watch TV.

A year later she had packed on a tremendous lot of pounds. She weighed 445 pounds and she had gained all over. Her butt and hips were extremely huge and bloated. But most of all her tummy and breasts were enormous. The breasts were flabby and hang down over and alongside her tummy. The tummy itself was like a vast, voluminous bag of fat in front of her and hanging down on her fat thighs. When sitting the tummy protruded out and over her thighs like a vast ball stretched out into the most incredible fat roll around her waist. Her circumference was enormous.

Finding clothes that fit her and moving around was more problematic than ever. She got tired of squeezing the doors and openings and not to find chairs that didn't fit her. She didn't fit probably in cars and taxis. As a whole she was most comfortable at home together with John or by her parents. When lying down to sleep it was difficult to find the best sleeping positions. It was impossible to lay with her front down. Lying on her back was not good at all because of the heavy weight of her breasts and belly. She had to lie on her side and she always started to sleep on the right side. She arranged her arms and breasts in the best position. Further down her belly floated in front of her on the mattress. She had to use a soft mattress due to her shape. Still her back was bent in an unhealthy position because of her enormous hips.

Several times during the nights she turned to lay on the other side of her body. Turning her enormous bulk of a body on the soft mattress was not easy. She had to do it with some speed in one single motion. When turning she could feel the bouncing of all the fat and the heavy pressure of her gigantic belly. In the morning she had developed her own technique to get out of the bed. Her big legs had to be halfway out of the bed, then she pressed herself up on her arms and halfway turned up in a sitting position. She leaned back and pressed herself forward and up.

Each morning she waddled into the bathroom to have a shower. The shower was designed for her enormous circumference. She showered for a long time feeling the hot water on her soft fat body. When out of the shower she dried herself with a big towel. Drying herself made large waves in the fat body and her belly shacked from side to side. John helped her with her enormous bra and to dress. When dressed she started to prepare breakfast. She was always hungry in the morning and she longed for a big breakfast meal with lots of food. During the day she got more food in large servings and the pounds packed on and on and on ……..

Now Rebecca weighs 475 pounds and her 5'5” body looks like a mountain of fat. Her once hourglass shaped body has reached incredible proportions around the hips and belly. Around the waist and stomach she looks like the tyre of an airplane. Her breasts had become colossal hanging sacks of fat resting on or alongside the gigantic belly. Every movement she makes, she suffers from the enormous and heavy breasts. She can only walk very slowly and every part of her jiggles and bounces with every shuffling step.