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The Report
by 2thin4u

Joe was a regular guy in most ways like every other man on this planet...except for the fact that he was only 16 years old and was quite fat. He was an average sized man...about 5'9" with blue eyes and brown hair and weighed 190 pounds. He was never really concerned about his weight because he was too lazy to go on one of those diets. He also just never felt the urge to lose weight. He thought he was just fine the way he was. He actually never cared about gaining weight either but never really tried to. Of course he was teased but not on a regularly basis and not by a large group of people. During the times when he was teased which wasn't often was the only times when he felt fat and wished he could lose weight. He wasn't the most popular kid in school but people did know who he was because he was a junior. He didn't have many friends except for a select few which have remained his friends for quite some time.

For the longest time, Joe had a crush on a young girl in his English class named Elizabeth. She was a girl of 5'7," blue eyes, and blonde hair. Judging by her height and the shape of her body, he estimated that she weighed a little over 150 pounds. "God she was gorgeous" he thought time and time again. He did have a liking toward large women. He just loved the ripples of fat and jiggly flesh which bounced up and down with each movement she made. How her breast would bounce with joy when she jumped or walked briskly. Sometimes Joe would stand in the mirror naked sometimes and picture himself with her by his side. He imagined the two of them to be the perfect couple. Two fat people made for each other in heaven.

One day in English, the class was assigned a new project which would take 2 weeks to complete. Just out of sheer luck, Joe was partnered with Elizabeth. The actual plan for the project was for Joe to go over to Elizabeth's house for 2-3 hours a night for 10 days and read and discuss the book they were assigned to. They were to analyze their book and have an oral report held for the class at the end. On the first night of the assignment...words were spoken which would change both of their lives.

"So how do you want to start the project Elizabeth?" Joe walked over to where she had been seated.

"I don't know. I think we should start by reading each chapter and then summarizing the book at the end of that chapter." She reached into her bookbag to retrieve a notebook.

"That suites me...let's get on with it." Joe couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked seated on her bed. Her C-cup breasts looked magnificent as ever. Her hips and rolls of fat gave him an erection so he quickly managed to have a seat on the bed with his back toward her...hoping she didn't see anything. He didn't want her to see a fat guy have a woody right in front her in her own room.

"I'll read half of the chapter one while you read the other half. Here...I'll start." As she began reading he was relieved of the fact that the erection went down. It was very hard for Joe to pay attention because she just looked so radiant. He imaged her as his goddess, his queen, and his ruler. Every couple minutes she would look up to see if he was paying any attention but almost every time she looked up, she saw Joe sneaking peaks at her large hips and breasts. After the 5th incident, she put the book down and asked...

"What do you think you're doing Joe? Are you paying any attention at all or are you just looking at my ugly disgusting fat body?" Her smile turned to a frown when she called herself fat. "How can anyone stand to look at me?"

"I don't think you're ugly. I think you are the most beautiful goddess on 2 legs. Ever since the first time I saw you, I had a crush on you. Please don't tell anyone this but..." he looked her in the eye, "I'm attracted to large women." Joe then looked away.

"Are you serious?" Joe sensed a sound of happiness and curiosity in her voice. "To tell you the truth Joe...ever since I saw you...I had a slight crush on you too. I think you're cute and deserve a person much better than me. And this may surprise you too but...I'm attracted to fat people too." Joe's face lit up with excitement. They both made eye contact while moving closer to each other. The next minute they were making out in her bedroom.

For the next couple of days they were seen together in the hallways, during lunch, after school, and basically every other possible moment they could be with each other. Some of Joe's friends and past foe's were watching in amazement of how Joe finally managed to get a girlfriend. On Thursday night at Elizabeth's house, Joe and Elizabeth were knee deep in work. Since they spend about 3 hours at the most with each other doing work, they decided to spend an hour and a half working and the other hour and a half making out on the bed.

Elizabeth said, "Joe...this thought has been on my mind for the last couple of days. Since you know that I'm attracted to fat men, such as yourself, I want to make you fatter..." Joe was silent for a minute.

"Make me fatter...why? Don't you think I'm fat enough for my age and height? How fat do you want me to be?"

"You know that I love you and that I wouldn't do anything to hurt you...Right?" Joe nodded. "Well...I just think that you'd be more sexy and attractive if you were fatter...maybe another 20 or 30 pounds would be a start. What I'm trying to say is...Joe...I want to be your feeder." Joe sat in his position in silence. He must think of all of the pros and cons of being fatter and fast. He thought to himself for a brief moment. I could be teased even more, I won't be able to do many sports but it's not like I can do any now, it'll be harder for me to move around and run, and...but I'll be with Elizabeth...and that's what I want most of all.

"Sure...why not?" Joe said. Elizabeth's face lit up with a bright smile.

"Let's start now big boy...we have 2 hours left and my parents aren't home for another 4 hours. How about we go into the kitchen and I just bring out the biggest pile of food you've ever seen. Of course, you are going to have to call your mom or dad and tell them you'll be staying for another 3 and a half hours.

3 hours, 2 hamburgers, 3 sandwiches, and 2 pizzas later, they were finally finished eating for the night. Joe left feeling bloated and stuffed. He went to bed feeling different and strange. The next morning Joe got up for school at 6:00 AM. He still felt slightly different but wasn't bloated anymore. Instead...he just seemed to move slower and have slower actions. He knew he gained weight but how much weight was the question. He walked to the bathroom and stepped on his scale. The reading was 200 pounds! WOW he thought...he gained 10 pounds in just 3 hours. That's good he thought. He couldn't wait to tell Elizabeth. As he finished his shower and was putting on his jeans, he noticed that they had gotten tighter. They wouldn't button up at easy as they used to. To solve the problem quickly, he put a belt on and thought, problem solved.

Friday night would be the 5th night together. They did the regular routine. They worked on their project for an hour and went straight to the kitchen for a 3 hour binge. Again...Joe left Elizabeth's house feeling bloated and filled up to the max. The next morning Joe slept in. When he finally awoke it was 10:00 AM. He felt the same way he did the day before. Joe walking into the bathroom and weighed himself. Today he weighed a whopping 210 pounds! He noticed himself becoming more round. He felt different because of the immense weight gain. His breasts were beginning to sag down more than they used to, his belly became more round, his love handles were becoming more and more soft and jiggly, and it was becoming harder and harder to see his dick because his stomach blocked his view of it. Also he felt a definite change when he was running down the steps. He felt a soft, warm, and funny feeling as he was coming down. His breasts and belly were bouncing up and down and beating back and fourth with every step. His family started noticing his weight gain but didn't want to say anything to lower his self esteem or hurt his feelings.

Saturday and Sunday night was spent at Elizabeth's house. Elizabeth would keep feeding Joe as long as he remained a guest inside the house and as long as her parents we not home. When Monday came along he weighed 240 pounds! There was absolutely no way he was going to fit into his jeans. The last 2 nights he had to use a belt to hold his pants up. The button would not reach far enough to fit into the hole and the zipper was never coming up with him in the jeans. He had to wear long shirts which covered the open zipper and unbuttoned pants over the weekend but today...there was no way in hell he was going to fit into those jeans. He was going to go shopping with Elizabeth after school today before they go back to her house. Instead of jeans, he was going to have to wear a pair of grey sweat pants which were elastic and had plenty of room for growth.

Most of the kids at school were beginning to notice a big change in Joe. Anyone who saw him immediately knew that he wore sweat pants for a reason. Rumors and jokes started to float around but they were of no meaning to him and Elizabeth. As long as they had each other they would be fine. After school Elizabeth and Joe went shopping at a nearby mall. They both went to a men's clothing department and searched for something together. Elizabeth held up a colossal pair of pants and said...

"These will do just fine. Go try them on." All Joe could do was just star at the size of them. He slipped them on with slight difficulty but they seemed to be what he was looking for. Elizabeth looked at him and the pants. She put her hand down his pants and said, "Ahhhhhhhh...room for growth." They both chuckled a bit and then picked up 5 more pair like them.

As the final days of the project came so did the weight. By the 7th day...Joe weighed 270 pounds! He could no longer see his dick, his clothes were getting tighter, the love grew more and more between them, and Joe's appetite grew with the love as well. The time came fore the project to be handed in. His classmates were in shock to see how much weight Joe has gained but they did pay attention to their oral report. The other students also noticed a slight difference in Elizabeth too. She must have been gaining some weight too. She must have gained 15 pounds because her butt looked more jiggly and softer and in general, she looked more rounded.

They finished their oral report and handed in the final copy to the teacher. At the end of the day Joe and Elizabeth met up together. "Don't think that just because the report is over I'm gonna stop feeding you." Elizabeth said.

"Oh don't worry. You can just feed me until I'm immobile and can't move without you," Joe said. That Friday night, Elizabeth and Joe spent the entire night and the entire next day with each other just bingeing, eating, stuffing their faces filled with fattening foods. The next year when the two were finally seniors in high school, Joe ballooned up to 400 pounds and Elizabeth weighed 250 pounds herself. Joe's self image really has changed. He hasn't seen his dick in a year, his breast sags down 4 inches, and his belly flops over his belt 6 or 7 inches. His back is much much more broader, his love handles are almost pure fat, he can't type on computers because his fingers are too stubby, and he can't fit into most chairs. When he needs to wear a belt, if he ties it too tight then there's a pressure point where there is a lump under and over the belt but if he makes the belt too loose then it won't do it's job of holding the pants up. Sometimes he'll wear suspenders but he cannot wear suspenders to school everyday.

Elizabeth has become sexier than ever in Joe's eyes. She now has D-cup breasts, her butt wiggles whenever she walks, her legs rub up against each other when she walks, her belly has rounded even more and wobbles and bounces around with almost every motion she makes. That's just what Joe always wanted and that's what Elizabeth wanted about Joe too. Whenever they get the chance, they try to have hot steaming sex in bed and in the kitchen. Sometimes Elizabeth likes for Joe to wear tight clothing just to watch buttons pop off or the material to be ripped to shreds. We know one thing for sure. Their love for food and for each other will never die.