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Revenge of the Fatties
by The Raven

Melissa was a young girl of only 21 years. She was enjoying her time at college and was also one of the smartest. Like many girls, she had a weight problem. She had been fat all her life but here in college her weight gain had really taken off. She had gained 150 pounds in just 2 years of schooling, bring her weight to a whopping 340 pounds. She tried diets and even squeezed her fat body into Spandex to do jogging or aerobics, but no matter what, she continued to gain. She was the kind of girl with the cute face and innocent look. She looked like a cheerleader that was buried in a blanket of fat. Not only was she fat, but she was also tall. Standing at 5'11" she was one of the biggest girls at college.

Though she knew she was fat and everyone made fun of her, she continued to wear racy outfits. Sleeveless tantops exposing massive amounts of cleavage and flabby arms, short shorts that showed off her fat thighs and flabby legs, shirts that were a little too short and exposed her belly, which had the delightful habit of flopping out every now and then.

Melissa was the blonde tan beauty that any FA would dream of. Unfortunately in California, fat girls are exiled and are not popular. Such was the case with Melissa.

Brad, a classmate of Melissa, hated fat girls. Melissa disgusted him. Couldn't that fat slob exercise or at least hide her ugly body? God! She was huge! Like a beached whale when she sat down at her chair. Brad watched as Melissa sat down and crossed her legs in her shorts, exposing the bottom of her ass and panties. That was when Brad got his idea. He would kidnap every fatty on the campus and take them to his uncle's farm. He would exile them there, and they wouldn't be allowed to leave. His uncle would never know, for he didn't actually live on the farm, he lived in Texas and had workers supervise the farm. That night, Brad and 4 of his football teammates went out and rounded up all the fat cows that were on campus. They injected horse tranquilizer into each girl and drug them into the truck.

Brad saved Melissa's room for last. When they entered, they found her in Spandex laying on her couch, stuffing her fat face with potato chips and watching Richard Simmons. She looked up, startled.

"Brad..what are you doing here??"

"Shut up fatty, we're taking you away. You don't deserve to be here."

With that the 5 men rolled Melissa on her belly and stuck the needle in her butt. She moaned a bit, then was out.

"Ok, now get her fat ass in the truck, we gotta get out of here."

Each man struggled to lift her, but she was too big. She was the biggest girl they had tried.

"Come on damnit, lift her!" Brad was getting frustrated.

They had to drag her by her legs, and in the process they ripped the front of her Spandex workout suit, exposing most of her body and underwear. After that, they were off for the farm.

When Melissa awoke, she was in a barn, and nearly naked. She looked down to see that she was in her pink polka dot panties and bra, a rather old and stretched out pair, how embarrassing. She looked around and saw that there were about 20 other fat girls just the same, all in their panties. She noticed they were tied up, bound by the feet and wrists, and then discovered she was too.

All the other girls were coming to about this time. Just as the last girl had awoken, Brad came into the barn with his 4 buds, and they all had syringes.

"Well well well, looks like the fatties have woken up. Time for your shot."

"What shot?! What are you doing to us? Why are you so mean??"

"Your fat bodies are of no use to us. We don't want to look at your flabby butts or your double chins. So, we're going to make you human cows. Your breasts will produce rich milk, and we will milk you and give your rich milk to the sexy woman, so that they may remain sexy and young, while you are fat and ugly."

After that, they began administering the shots through the buttocks of each girl. When they came to Melissa, she tried to talk them out of it.

"Oh please, don't make me a cow! I'm sorry I'm so fat, I can't help it. I've tried dieting, but I just can't lose any weight!"

"You disgust me. You continue to show off your body even though you are huge and fat. You will be punished for your pride."

Then Brad rolled Melissa over, and stuck the needle in her ass, Melissa moaning all the time. After they were done, all the girls went back to sleep, feeling the effects of the cow hormones.

Melissa woke 10 hours later. She looked down at herself and was shocked at what she saw. Her thighs were huge, they were the size of most "normal" size women. Her hips were about twice the size of a normal woman, and her calves were also huge. Her ass was as big as that of a cow, huge and round, her cheeks were enormous. Her breasts also were mammoth. At least a G cup, they were extremely round and saggy, and her tits were the size of a light bulb. She rolled over on her back and squeezed one, and milk shot out at once. She tried to moan, but only managed a "moo". She tried to stand, but she could not. She had to crawl on her hands and knees everywhere. She looked around and saw that while she was nicely tanned and blonde, the rest of the girls had creamy white skin and brown hair. They were also completely naked, while Melissa still had the remains of her panties barely covering her privates.

She tried to cry but could not, and only thought to herself.

Why is Brad so mean to us? I don't like being fat anymore than he wants to look at me. Just because I'm big doesn't mean I can't wear stylish clothes.

She noticed they left her some food, so she ate all that and then laid on her back for a while. After about an hour, Brad and his friends came in with a machine and approached Melissa's stall.

"Well, looks like this fatty ate all her food. What do you have to say?"

Melissa could only moo.

They attached pumps to her breasts and began to milk her. It did feel good Melissa had to admit. She mooed some more.

One of Brad's friend's spoke up. "Hmm, does Missy like being milked? Seems you're wetting your panties there."

Melissa looked down and saw that she was soaked, and then suddenly she had an orgasm right there in front of all those jerks.

"Woah Missy! Looks like you like this!"

Then one of the men went up to her and slapped her on her large thigh. "I know you want me Missy, but your fat cow body will never be pleasured by any man." Then he slapped her ass and thighs some more, and mocked her "moo" sound.

After about 10 minutes, they were done milking her and they left, leaving her with more of the food she ate before.

The milking and insulting went on for about a month. Melissa and the girls continued to gain weight as time went on. One day they decided to weigh all the girls and Melissa was the biggest, weighing 400 pounds. She really did resemble a cow, as all her fat pillowed around her, rather than make rolls or sag. The food she ate seemed to make her fatter, but it also gave her the ability to move more. One day she noticed she could stand up and even walk. She decided to time her attack just right.

Brad and the others came at the same time they always did, ready to insult her and milk her. This time she just stayed there and didn't even move. Just before they put the pump on, Brad approached her.

"So fatty, are you hungry? I got a twinkie here for you. Man, look at your ass, it's huge...I bet I could fit my whole arm between those cheeks and never see it again!"

Brad then stuck his whole arm in between her ass cheeks. He was right, it was hidden from sight.

It was at that moment that Melissa sat up abruptly and smothered Brad under her enormous ass. He yelled for help, but his friends were too shocked and amazed at what they saw to help. Melissa then put her thighs around his face and squeezed. Brad saw huge walls of fat cascade against his face as she suffocated him.

Brad screamed and kicked, but Melissa was too much for him, and she successfully suffocated him. Then she turned to face the four men standing, amazed at what they saw. Melissa didn't give them any time to react. She squeezed both of her large nipples and waves of milk splashed out on them. They were knocked unconscious and fell over. Melissa then went to every stall and freed all the girls. They were able to talk and walk now.

The tall, tan bodied, blonde haired 400 pound Melissa walked around and made sure each girl was ok. Then she addressed them.

"Girls," she said in her normal high pitched voice, "look what they have done to us. They've made us huge. No girl here now weighs under 300 pounds. Look at your breasts, they're huge. We will be forced to live our lives with these huge "udders" and produce milk forever. They were right. We will never feel the pleasure of a man now."

After she said that, two girls came up and caressed her large body. Melissa laid down and allowed the girls to massage her breasts and rub her large thighs. That was when Melissa had the best orgy she ever had, having sex with every girl in the barn. They lived together for ever, all of them creating a whole community in that farm that welcomed fat lesbian girls to come and live out their fantasies. Today there are over 150 fat girls who provide milk for the local town with their breasts, and engage in wild lesbian sex all day.