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Revenge of the Office Women
By Lucky Luke

Sandra was a beautiful twenty something that had landed a job in the accounts receivable department of a corporate headquarters of a medium size company. She joined a group of 12 women who ranged in age from 35 to 50. All had been with the company for over ten years and had survived technology changes, downsizing, near buyouts and other events that bonded them together. Especially due to several bouts downsizing and forced early retirements, Sandra was the first hire in over five years. The other women were suspect of her based on her good looks and attitude.

To make matters worse, Sandra flaunted her beauty. She was a flirt with the guys in the office and stole attention away from the other ladies. She was both beautiful and smart. She mastered all the office processes quickly and even suggested some changes. She loved to strut her 5'4” slender but stacked frame of 110 pounds to her male supervisors. She wore junior sized, body hugging business suits that were both tasteful but exhibited her well built tight body. Her blond hair was constantly being restyled.

The women in the office were obviously jealous of sexy little Sandra. It was just snide remarks though until Helen, the 45-year-old informal leader of the office women, was told by one of her co-workers that she had overheard Sandra say to a friend on the phone, “You would not believe all these old cows I have to work with. They are all fat and set in their ways. Their asses are huge! We need some more young blood in here. We need to get rid of these old maids and fat mothers.”

“Old maids, fat mothers, cows!” thought Helen. Helen was furious. Because the job was sedentary, Helen knew some of what Sandra said was true. All the women wore at least two dress sizes higher than they had been in their prime. All were 20 to even 100 pounds overweight, but they all tried to keep up with their appearances. Many were raising families too. Also, eating was part of the office culture.

Helen came up with a plan to get Sandra on the fast track to getting out of those junior sizes and into some larger sizes. She got the girls together secretly after work one afternoon and laid out the plan. So she would not suspect anything, each woman had a part in the plan. Helen couched the women to get friendly with Sandra and include her in all the little social events. Sandra had spent most of her time with the good looking or powerful guys in the office and had not bonded with the women.

The plan goes into action (co-worker includes all the other women in the office except Helen):

Co-worker, “Sandra, I didn't realize that we didn't invite you over for our morning snacks. Come have a doughnut with us.”

Sandra, “Okay, I don't usually have fattening snacks, but I'll have this one”

Co-worker, “How about some coffee, I made you one with cream and sugar.”

Sandra, “Fine this time, but usually I just have it with a sugar substitute.”

The co-worker imagines how long Sandra would fit into her navy blue with white double-breasted two piece suite jacket and skirt and smiles inside.
Helen, “Sandra, some of us girls would love to have to come to lunch with us.”

Sandra, “Well, I'm busy. I was going to skip lunch and get caught up on this project.”

Helen, “Well, it is my 15 year anniversary. I was hoping you could come.”

Sandra decides to come. It is a buffet style lunch. All the co-workers attend this lunch and push food on Sandra. Sandra somewhat complies.

Each day, one co-worker or another pushes early morning and mid morning fattening snacks on Sandra. Someone else will convince her to come to lunch with them; another will provide a salty afternoon snack. At least once a week some occasion like a birthday or work anniversary for someone in the office occurs and the women make sure Sandra gets a big slice of cake. At least one evening a week, Helen gets herself and some of the others to go to a happy hour. They play on Sandra's vanity and insist they need a good looking girl to go with them. They then buy her calorie filled drinks. Helen gets some of the office reconfigured to make it less likely that Sandra will need to get up during the day. A fax machine that also copies is put in Sandra's cubicle.

After a few weeks of this treatment the co-workers comment to each other:

“Did you notice that Sandra's business suits are getting tighter?”

“Sandra told me that she is mad at the dry cleaners for shirking her outfits”

“Sandra, did you notice, has more of a butt shake when she walks. You don't think it's some extra pounds? Her face seems fuller too.”

“Sandra seems to be getting in just barely on time after the nights we go out.”

After a month, Helen picks up the pace of the nights out. Sandra has become a social smoker with the girls that smoke. During work, to lower Sandra's productivity, Helen platoons the smokers to ask Sandra to go on smoke breaks with her. More co-worker comments:
“That red business suit used to be just a jacket and skirt two-piece. It looks like she added the white blouse because she can no longer button the jacket. Her belly is really growing.”

“Sandra's butt seems to make her skirts ride a little higher.”

“Did you notice that Sandra was 10 minutes late again today? Ever night she is out with some of the girls; she is late the next day.”

“I looked over the boss' shoulder and saw the productivity report. Sandra is no longer number one with volume and her error rate is up!”

“Did you see Sandra in that sleeveless blouse? Her arms are getting bigger. And it is not muscle. I guess she has stopped working out since we started to take her to happy hours.”

At about the same time, a couple of the women overhear Sandra talking to an out of town friend, “I'm so popular here. The old hags here want to be seen with a good-looking girl. Half of them look like they should be wearing muumuus. The dry cleaners here are so bad. They shrunk my wardrobe. I'll have to buy more outfits.”

After her second month, Sandra continues to gain weight. Her rude remarks only motivate the women in the office to continue their plan. Co-worker comments:

“I noticed her clothing size is up with her new wardrobe and it looks tight again!”

“Well, I noticed that Sandra has to use her hands and arms to get up from her chair. She used to just spring up when she first got here.”

“Well, I noticed that Sandra is not walking as fast as she used to. She used to walk right by me and now she can barely keep up with me.”

“I can hear her breath more, too, when she is walking. She seems to sit down at the first chance she gets, too.”

“When we go out, we don't have to push those salty snack and sweet drinks on her anymore. She just goes right to town. She can really put them down, too.”

“This is the second day this month Sandra called in sick for the morning. Just like before it was after a night with us girls. She still looked rough in the afternoon.”

After the fourth month of Helen's plan, the office goes out to a professional baseball game after work. It is a hot humid evening. Most of the women had dressed down that day, but not Sandra. Co-workers comments:
“Did you see what Sandra wore to work today? She wore a three-piece skirt, blouse and suit jacket with heels and hose. Didn't she know we were going to a game? And it looks so tight on her. It is at least one size too small, especially in the rear.”

“Sandra was already sweating on the way to our seats. I think she was shocked when they were not inside an air-conditioned suite. Just box seats. When she took off her jacket, her sleeveless button down blouse showed off her sagging fleshy arms, I couldn't believe how flabby her arms have become. She usually has them covered in the office.”

“Sandra was so hot; she kept drinking every beer we put in front of her. They went well with every pretzel, hot dog, fries, onion rings, peanuts and candy we gave her.”

“I guess when Sandra went to the bathroom in the third inning; she took off her panty hose. I haven't seen her without her legs covered. Did you see how much cellulite is on her legs?”

“Sandra seemed to be panting the entire game and sweating too. She was just melting in her seat. I know it was hot, but she was out of control.”

“Sandra looked so pathetic near the end of the game. Half of her perm had collapsed. Her make-up was a mess. Her blouse as no longer tucked in. And she looked like ever step she had to take when we left was going to be her last.”

“Sandra told me that she thinks her scale is broken at home. It says she weighs 203 pounds!”

“Sandra called in sick today. Everyone else that went to the game made it to work on time.”

Ending Number One (Down in the Gutter):

After six months of Helen's plan, the now 290 pound Sandra is summoned to her boss' office. Bob, a middle-aged man, a little on the heavy side, is sitting behind his desk. Sandra is wearing a black full-length skirt and a white ruffled front-buttoned blouse. Her hair is tastefully up; however, she knows she smells of perfume and smoke. Her nails are too long; she has on too much make-up and too much jewelry for a respectable company.

Bob, “Sandra, your work productivity has really gone down. You have used up all your vacation and sick time. You take numerous breaks and your error rate is up. We are going to have to let you go.”
Sandra, upset, is shaking. She struggles to get up and leaves Bob's office and then is escorted out of the building. Helen and the other girls are elated.

Four months after her termination:

From time to time, Helen hears rumors about Sandra and her misfortunes. The latest is that Sandra is moving out of town. Helen decides to visit her. The next Saturday morning Helen knocks on the door:

After several minutes, “(Cough), I'm (Wheeze) coming. (Gasping as she opens the door). Helen, come on in.”
Helen, who is dressed in a nice casual dress, is shocked at Sandra's appearance. Sandra is wearing a white bra that can barely contain her now totally massive watermelon-sized breasts. Over the bra is a yellow front button sleeveless blouse that can no longer be buttoned. She has on black athletic shorts that are stretched to the max. She also has on slippers. Her once always dazzling hair is now just pulled back in a ponytail. She is smoking with a drink in one hand. Sandra staggers over to the coach and sits (collapses). Helen notices the house or Sandra or both smell of booze, smoke (more than one kind), incense, food and strong perfume. Sandra's face is fat and puffy, her breasts are amazingly large, and her mid-section protrudes out and down while her ass is incredibly huge. In fact, Sandra's ass is so huge the sofa looks like a regular easy chair when Sandra's ass sits on it.
Helen, “Sandra, are you okay?”

Sandra, breathing heavily as if she had just had a long work-out, “Oh (puff), I'm doing okay now. Just need a couple of more drinks to get me going (slurp, burp).”

Helen, “No, I mean your health. You look, well, rough.”

Sandra, “Listen, it's early. (Pausing for breath), I got to get myself together. Can you freshen up my drink?”

Helen gets Sandra's glass and puts more cheap vodka in her glass, hands it back to the fat quivering hand and says, “Sandra, I heard you had a couple of run ins with the law.”
Sandra, “(Belch), well I was picked up for shoplifting and I was put in jail overnight and then again for a week. I spent most of the time in the hospital ward. They tried to put me on a diet while I was there with only salads and no smokes or drinks. It was tough. I had to see a series of doctors for medical conditions. They gave me a bunch of pills to take. I was a ward of the state. Boy, did I take the state to the cleaners.”

Helen, “What do you mean?”

Sandra, “They gave me a physical and said I was in terrible shape. They brought in a special scale and said I weighed 410 pounds. They gave me a bunch of pills to take. Besides the Pill, which I was already taking, I now have to take pills for blood pressure, cholesterol, joint pains, anxiety and seizure prevention.”

Helen, “Seizures? How long has that been going on?”

Sandra, “Ever since I was fired. I also have some pep pills and pot I use when I need them.”

Helen, noting that Sandra seems out of breath just sitting on the couch, “Sandra, don't you think you need to take better care of yourself?”

Sandra, “Helen, I am out of money. My Mom has been forwarding me cash for the last month. Most of my bills are overdue. She will be coming up next week to pick me up.”

Helen, “Has your Mom seen you lately?”

Sandra, “(Gasping), No. I have not seen her in a year. I told her a put on a few pounds but not as much as I have. I'm a mess. Can you help me?”

Helen takes pity and agrees to help, but she still has one or two tricks up her sleeve. She goes out and buys food for Sandra. Helen makes the already drunk Sandra breakfast that morning consisting of two pounds of bacon, pancakes with plenty of butter and syrup, donuts, eggs and biscuits. Helen dips the biscuits in the bacon grease to capture every fat filled calorie. She then leaves a bunch of fat filled snacks for Helen to eat.

During the week, Helen and the other women from the office stop by Sandra's place to say goodbye to Sandra, make her fat filled meals and help get the place cleaned up before her mother arrives. Sandra spends most of her time sitting on her sofa watching TV drinking, smoking and eating. She does not seem to have any clothes that actually fit.

That Saturday, Helen and a couple of the girls arrive to Sandra's and get her up, bathed, made up, fix up her hair and then put on Sandra a purple muumuu. Sandra's Mom arrives and is shocked at her 20 something daughter's obese figure. The once 110 beauty is now a 500 pound obese, boozing, out of shape, helpless, gluttonous, gelatinous figure of fat. Helen and women help stuff Sandra in her Mom's car and wave goodbye to their former office troublemaker.

Ending Number Two (On Top):

Six months after the start of Helen's plan, the now 290 pound Sandra is summoned to her bosses' office. Bob, a middle-aged man, a little on the heavy side, is sitting behind his desk. Sandra is wearing a black full-length skirt and a white ruffled front buttoned blouse. Her hair is tastefully up; however, she knows she smells of perfume and smoke. Her nails are too long; she has on too much make-up and too much jewelry for a respectable company.

Bob, “Sandra, your work productivity has really gone down. You have used up all your vacation and sick time. You take numerous breaks and your error rate is up. We are going to have to let you go.”

Sandra, upset, is shaking. She struggles to get up, goes to the door, locks it, closes the shades and goes to Bob desk. She places her hands on his chair and gets down on her knees. She then unbuttons her own blouse exposing her massive breasts and undergarments. She lets her hair down and then undoes Bob's pants.
Bob, “Sandra, what are you doing? Oh, ah, don't stop.”
Within moments Sandra was done. She gasped and groaned as she got off her knees and began to regain her composure. “There is plenty more of that to come, Bob.” She then opens the desk drawers were Bob keeps his bottle and takes a long swig of bourbon.

“Bob, you are such a bad boy. I have a headache and am taking the rest of the day off. Take care of my timecard,” states Sandra. Sandra buttons her blouse and puts up her hair, and then she struts her enormously sexy body out of the office and the building.

Four months since her meeting with Bob:

Things really have changed in the office. Sandra, since her first encounter with Bob in his office, imposed her massive self on him so much that it transformed the office. Bob was compelled to falsify Sandra's productivity reports, give her a raise, charge off questionable expenses and have her way. It was too much for the middle aged, overweight, smoker, husband and father to take. During one of their encounters at a clandestine hotel, Bob suffers a heart attack. He is now on long-term sick leave. Sandra secretly visits him in his hospital room and again imposes her will. Bob gets Sandra recommended as his replacement, much to the chagrin of her fellow office workers.

Co-worker, “Can you believe that fat bitch Sandra is now our boss?”

Another co-worker, “I think she is definitely around 400 pounds now. She thinks she is hot stuff also dressed up in her tight suits.”

3rd co-worker, “Did you get that email from Sandra? She says no pay increases this year!”

Helen, “Girls, we need to continue our plan. I think we can get her even fatter.”

The girls are not alone in fattening Sandra. She is truly a glutton for foods. She seldom goes five minutes without putting some food or drink in her mouth. She goes out to eat either with clients paying or to buffets when she is on her own.

Six months since her meeting with Bob:

Co-worker, “Did you see Sandra just now? She passed by here on her way to the conference room. She had to stop and rest twice. She leaned on the cubicle wall panting. Then when she got to the steps, she could only take a step at a time. Plus she waddles so much getting one leg around the other. She tries to look so with it wearing that side tied blouse with the flared sleeves. It could barely contain her massive belly.”

Another co-worker, “Have you been in her office lately? She has one of those smoke vacuum ashtrays. I think she smokes a lot in there. Also, there are always candy boxes and salty snacks open. Her nails are so long that she could keep up with us on the keyboard if she had to.”

3rd co-worker, “Did you see her yesterday in that purple, beaded 3-piece pantsuit. Even with the duster, it is clear she is huge. I never seen anyone shake so much as her when she moves. Plus her hair is always so decorative. She must go to the hairdresser twice a week.”

This is all great news to Helen. She knows that the 450-pound Sandra is not long to reaching immobility. Then Helen will finally have her revenge!