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Reverse Anorexia
By InvizKing

The score was 87-85 and with only one minute left. All the Spartans needed was a three pointer to win the game. Steve had the ball. The others made a clear path down to the hoop...Steve threw. The cheerleaders were a frenzy of pep and smiles...all but Gia. She was too hungry to do anything but grimace. She kept her cheering up, but as skinny as she became, she couldn't go on with only celery for lunch.

There was a swoosh...Steve made the basket. Cheers went up from the crowd and their leaders. Gia bounced up and down; her breasts giggled and swayed under her gold uniform. Every time she leapt, her thin tummy showed. And that was the only thing on her mind, to get a smaller and smaller tummy. It was anyway...

After the game, Gia went home so hungry her belly could be heard three towns over.

"Hi dear, how was the game?" her mother asked

"Oh..." she sighed, "Exhausting."

"Well I made a huge meal, but your father and Leon came home with McDonalds...so it's all going to waste." Gia took after her mother...skinny. Her mother was slightly bigger than Gia...only 140. But blonde and starving Gia was just a svelt 123...and shrinking.

"No thanks mom...I'm not hungry." Despite the horrendous growls coming from her long empty belly, her mother said nothing, kissed her daughter on the forehead and led her up to bed.

Hunger plagued her sleep...she couldn't stop thinking about the treasures in her refrigerator downstairs. She dreamt of the sweet taste of chocolate passing her lips, the tang of pizza, the fizz of cola. Her eyes snapped open almost as fast as her feet hit the ground. She hurried downstairs, salivating. She had to eat.

Her tummy clung to her ribcage for dear life. And at one time that was the way she wanted it...but now all she wanted was food to fill her belly. She flung open the refrigerator and grabbed the first thing she could get her hands on: a gallon of milk. She nearly poured the lid off and drowned herself in milk, getting more on her nightgown then in her mouth. The milk alone filled her tummy up...but her desire wasn't how full she was...but how hungry she was for so long.

She grabbed her dinner. It was an entire pan of lasagna. She threw etiquette out the window and dug in with her bare hands. She gobbled the pasta down, smearing sauce all over her face and down her milk-stained nightgown. The entire meal found its way down into her tummy. She held it... feeling how much the food stretched it out...how good it felt to eat so much that her belly hurt. And she wanted more. She wanted to see what it was like to have a bigger belly...she wanted to have the biggest belly.

A look of ravenousness swirled in her eyes as she ate apple after apple. In a matter of moments, a dozen apples in her tummy, stretching it out slightly more. She gobbled down lunchmeat and cheese, pouring juice into her maw. She gulped and slurped up food, her belly stuffed with so much food that it literally grew with each passing swallow. She was stuffed so full but wanted more...and more...and more.

She cleared the top shelf, her belly swollen up to nearly twice its size. She grabbed a pitcher of water and chugged it, her tummy expanding more. A jar of pickles here, an entire onion there, a can of coke, a pan of fudge...all were inside of her. Her belly was growing larger with each bite she took, each slurp she drank. Her nightgown was tight to begin with...but with her growing belly jutting out the fabric was stretching to its limits. A button pinged off as she ate a head of lettuce. Another one when she ate a bag of carrots. Another one when the box of cupcakes. Her belly looked like she swallowed a watermelon whole.

It was colossal by the time she cleaned out the refrigerator. She could barely wrap her arms around her beachball-sized tummy. But she was still hungry...she wanted more. She threw open the freezer and ate a tub of ice cream like it was nothing. She was so hungry; she threw back frozen meats, even the tray of ice cubes found its way into her stretching tummy.

By the time she was done, her tummy sagged down over her panties, her nightgown flapping in the breeze. Her belly almost went past her knees; it was so bloated and packed full of food. Her face was stained with what she ate, her hands, her tummy herself. Gia was out of her mind; she was so hungry. She ate out the entire cabinets of cereal and crackers and canned foods. The entire kitchen was inside of her belly. It was so big and round; it flopped down to the floor. She strained herself dragging it out of the kitchen, until she became stuck in the doorway. She pulled and pulled until she fell backwards. Her overstuffed belly was almost as tall as her as she lay there, massaging its sides. She hiccupped, belched and sighed from the weight of her tummy. But she still wanted more inside of her. She wanted her belly to be huge...but there was no more food in the house.

She groaned as she got up, her breasts bounced against her belly, seeming so tiny compared to the mammoth stomach Gia had. She dragged her tummy towards the fish tank. There swam her mother's five prized fish, each one bigger than the next. Gia stuck her head into the aquarium and drank. She drank up all the water...and the fish. She felt them squirm down her throat and land in her belly, only to swim around in their new aquarium.

"My fish!" A voice cried out. Her mother ran downstairs to find her daughter resting on her enormous gut. Gia snapped out of her food lust and looked down. She was six feet of the ground and looked down from atop her enormous belly.

"Sorry mom," she belched. "I was just...hungry..."