Weight Room Title Bar

Rich and Tina
By Raider X

At work, Rich has a big smile on his face. “Boy, I can't wait to feed Tina again,” he thinks to himself. Because of medical reasons, he has to take care of his weight, diet and exercise properly. Tina made sure that he would take his vitamins, his shots, etc., because he would forget too which is fine since she's a nurse. When he buys food for himself at McDonald's and she sees him with it, she takes it away from him and eats it. When work's done, he goes to a fast food restaurant and buys McDoubles, Big Macs, and Quarter Pounders with Cheese knowing that he wont eat them. When he arrives home, he sees and greets his wife with a kiss.

Hello my beautiful one, how was your day?

“Hi, baby! Rich, you know what the doctor said.”

“Yeah, I know, but I miss eating this stuff.”

“Yeah, I know you do. Now give the bag over to me.”

Rich pretends to complain about it. “Do I have to?”

Tina's smiling, “Yes, because I want to see you become an old man. And besides, high blood pressure and everything else runs in your family.”

“Martina, I'm already an old man,” Rich replies.

“You're not that old, Richard Raymond Jones! I'm only seven years younger than you are. Besides, I don't want you to go the way your uncle did four years ago.”

“Yeah, as soon as he and his wife got home, he collapsed and died.”

“Come on, Ray, and give me the food. I'm hungry now.”

“Tina, you called me by that name I hate. And if I don't?”

“I won't let you see me eat and I know you like to see me do that.”

Rich knows Tina has him over a barrel, but that's okay by him because this is what he wants her to do. No food, no sex after. “Alright then, here it is.”

And Rich gives her the bag of food and she walks to the table. She takes the food out and begins eating it; meanwhile Rich is getting turned on. She finishes two each of Big Macs, McDoubles and Quarter Pounders with Cheese. Rich gets up from the table and walks toward the refrigerator.

“Hey, Tina, I got you a surprise. I bought your favorite dessert….”

“You don't mean - ”

Rich brings out this large cherry/banana chocolate cheesecake. It is about sixteen inches wide, and four inches thick. “Rich, that's my favorite. Thank you.”

“You're welcomed, Tina!” Richard considers himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. It was about five months ago when Tina realized that her man liked looking at other short, cute fat Latina women when she stumbled onto Dimensions Online by accident. It was then that she decided that she'd put on weight. What really clinched for her when she caught him looking at BBW's at the Pleasanton Mall. That's when she decided to gain the weight and make sure that he would look at no other women but her.

Another hour passes and she finishes her cheesecake. “Rich, can we sit on the couch and watch Frasier? And please help me up.”

“Okay, baby, I will.”

This is the part that she likes after dinner. They would go to the couch, and snuggle up, while they're watching TV.

“Ohh, Rich, can you massage my stomach with me?” she moans.

“Yeah, baby!” The phone rings and Rich answers it.

“Who is it, Rich?”

“It's my sister, Teresa. She just told me that you were over her house and ate four plates of her black-eyed peas, okra, ham hocks, and cornbread. She told me that you and my niece Tereva were having an competition.”

“Yeah, I would've beat your niece too,” she replies. “She had seven.”

“Yeah, but she's only 15, and still has a lot of growing. I'll tell Teresa you said hello, okay?” He says his good-byes to his older sister and hangs up. He looks at his little potbelly and sighs. He continues to rub her growing belly.

“What are you sighing about, dear?”

“Well, I've always wanted a woman do to me what I'm doing to you. I always wanted a large potbelly. But I have to watch my weight though.” Rich begins playing with her fat belly.

“Hmm….” He continues to knead it.

“Like I said before, I want us to be together when we're old. Trust me Rich, this is the right thing to do,” says Tina. “I don't mind being fat for you.”

“Are you sure?” says Rich. “I mean Mama Lopez wants you slim.” Tina has gained over fifty-five pounds in five months. Before then, she was 5'4” / 130 lbs. And her mother wants her to lose the weight.

“You don't mind? Really?”

“No, because more of me and less of you is a good thing.” She turns around and they kiss while he's rubbing her stomach. Rich has to nod in agreement; more of Tina is a great thing. “Now, are you ready for some exercise?”

“Yeah, I'm motivated,” Rich replies with a smile.

They both get up and walk to their bedroom to “exercise.”