Weight Room Title Bar

By beerbellyfan

Caroline, was a real spoiled brat. She came from a very rich and high standard family. She was the only child and had everything a 16-year-old girl could desire. She had a lot of very popular friends, good marks in school and a body to die for.

At 16 she was 5,6 and 115 lb. She had a big B-cup breast and a perfect flat abdomen. Her hips had grown when she was 15, but she had a firm ass. Not big at all. She was looking like a beautiful 16-year-old should look like. With her long blond hear and her cute but arrogant face, she was popular with the boys, too.

She never had to do anything to keep her tight body into shape. She always did do a lot of sports and she was blessed with a high metabolism. She could eat anything and never gain a pound. Because her parents where rich, she really could eat anything. She only would have to ask their personal chef to make something, and within a half hour she would have it steaming on her plate.

When she reached 17, it wasn't cool to do sports anymore. Sweating was something you really shouldn't do. That was for the working-class. So instead of exercising, she went to the city with her girlfriends. They would go shopping or drinking on a terrace. This meant that they where eating in the city, too. Always having something like ice creams or French fries. This went on, and nothing happened: she didn't gain much, maybe a pound or two but nothing drastic. Her high metabolism was working like never before, and was getting tired.

Around her 18th birthday, she learned about partying and beer. So she went to lots of parties, drinking beer and having fun. This was the drop for her metabolism; it had to shift into a lower gear. At that point she still was looking great; she was at 118 pounds and trim as ever.

After a couple of weeks, there were some slight chances noticeable in her body. Instead of seeing muscles on her legs and abdomen, there was some softness. Caroline didn't notice a thing. She never had watched her weight and was not aware of her metabolism had shifted gear.

The first time she noticed anything was when she felt that one of her jeans was getting snug. It wouldn't pull up as easy and was harder to close. But she blamed it on the laundry lady. The poor Mexican woman was fired instantly. But after a week of partying and feasting on what ever she liked, most of her pants were getting snug. Some even didn't fit anymore. So she had to face the facts. This wasn't the work of the Mexican laundry lady. She had to have gained some weight.

So she went to the bathroom and stepped on the scales. The needle stopped at 127 pounds. She stepped off and walked over to the big mirror. She was only wearing a bra and a string. She slowly investigated her body; her thighs had grown a bit and her string was cutting into a bit of flesh on her hips. Her tummy was soft, and there was a bit of a pouch noticeable. Even when she sucked in her tummy, the little pouch would be visible.

The only good thing she saw was that her tits spilled out of the top of her bra.

Caroline blamed her extra pounds on the partying, so she decided to stop drinking beer; she would only drink wine and cocktails on the parties. She figured that this should bring her back to her old figure in no time.

So her life didn't change a thing; she just didn't drink beer anymore. Of course, her plan didn't work. At the parties was enough food to feed a small African country, and she didn't change her eating habits at all.

A couple of weeks later, she stepped out the shower and saw a glimpse of her ass in the mirror. She had a shock. She turned to the mirror and noticed some significant changes. Her ass had grown and her tights were touching each other. On her abdomen was a real noticeable potbelly, and her tits had grown to a large C-cup. She stepped on the scales and her shock was complete. It stopped at 137 lb.

She decided to go on a diet - because summer was coming and she had to be cute in her bikini. She told the chef to make low-fat stuff, and she started to drink water when she was home. But she couldn't let her friends know that she was on a diet. This was something beautiful people didn't need. So, when she was with friends, she still would eat and drink with them. So her gain didn't stop; it went on - until the point that some of her friends really started to notice the changes. And made comments on her weight.

After a month of her so called diet, she stepped on the scales. She now was 145 pounds. And it was noticeable on her whole body; everywhere was a layer of fat. She couldn't cover it up anymore. So she hired a personal trainer, to lose the extra pounds. But she was a lazy person, and the trainer saw a little goldmine. He trained her till she was 140 pounds and kept her on that weight.

And all boys liked the extra flesh because she was still beautifulů..