Weight Room Title Bar

Roll Reversal
By Amanda

Eve Stark impatiently waited by the phone, hoping to get a call from Burger Heaven, the local diner in need of a new waitress. Her mother encouraged her to get a job so she wasn't sitting in front of the TV after school eating endless bowls of cereal. And those after school binges were starting to show up in her figure. The size 13 Tommy Hilfiger jeans her mother had bought her at Christmas were getting too tight, showing more belly on her than had ever hung there before.

Eve was a popular girl. She had long brown soft ringlets framing her porcelain skin. She had a traditionally pretty face, and when she looked in the mirror she knew she was very attractive. But her weight was starting to become a topic of conversation among her friends. Even her ex-boyfriend made a crack the week before; they were talking at his locker when all of a sudden he tapped her expanding tummy and said, "Evie, you're really putting on the pounds!" But while Eve blushed, she was not hurt and just laughed. Strangely, she kind of actually liked the attention.

The phone rang, "Is Eve there?" the man on the other end of the receiver asked.

"This is Eve!" Eve breathlessly answered.

"Hello Eve, this is Brian McKay, the manager at Burger Heaven. I wanted to let you know we would like to hire you, starting next Sunday. You'll train for a couple of weeks and then we'll have you waitressing right after that."

"Oh, great! I'm looking forward to starting!"

Monday came around and Eve entered Burger Heaven with a smile on her face. She was really looking forward to making some money of her own. She asked for Brian, the Manager.

Brian walked up to Eve and shook her hand. "Wow!" she thought, "he really is a great looking guy." He looked mid 20s, fairly tall with dark brown hair and eyes and a strong, muscular physique. She had been very impressed with him at her interview, but quite nervous, feeling like a chubby wallflower next to him.

He smiled, "Come on back, Eve, let's get you started." She followed him back into his office, and he had her fill out some forms. Then he asked her, "I need to get you a uniform, what size do you wear?"

Eve blushed, "Well, how do they run, like small, medium or number sizes?"

"Number sizes," answered Brian. "I'd say you're what, maybe a 14 or 16?"

Eve blushed and stretched the truth, "Actually I'm closer to a size 12."

"Okay," Brian opened a closet door behind his chair, and rummaged through the shirts and pants, "Here's size 12s, but they run a little small so if you need a larger size, I have them."

Eve went to the ladies room and tried to get her new uniform on, but the shirtsleeves constricted her plump arms and the pants could not be pulled across her thickening belly. She knew she'd have to try a size 14. Red faced, she went back to Brian's office. "I, uh, need the size 14 uniform I think."

Brian smiled, "I figured, don't worry about it," reaching into the closet, handing her two uniforms, "and here's the 16s also. You may need them too," with a wink and a smile. Eve barely got the 14 pants to zip up over her belly but she managed to suck in enough to do it. The shirt fit fairly well, but tucking it in those tight pants made a small but noticeable roll of fat emerge above the waistband. One more big meal and she would have to go up to the size 16 uniform.

Eve's training went quickly, which was easy with Brian's help and friendliness. She was starting to develop a serious crush on him. He was really nice to her and sent her home each night with a double bacon cheeseburger, fries and a malted chocolate shake. And that was over and above the full dinners they got while on an evening break. Within days she was far more comfortable in the size 16 pants.

One night, a couple of weeks after her training finished, Eve cut herself on a broken glass that gave her a small cut on her index finger. She ran back to Brian's office to get a bandage. Before she walked in she heard voices from his office, first Brian saying, "Come on Christie, you can eat just one more burger, I've seen you eat plenty more before," and then a female voice, "I'm trying, but I'm getting so full."

Curious, she peeked through the crack of the door and saw her co-worker Christie, standing in front of Brian, wearing only a too short t-shirt and her big underwear, her belly hanging out. She was biting into a burger while Brian knelt before her stretching a tape measure around her very round bare belly. Then Brian said, "Oh Christie, you're definitely still getting fatter; let's put you on the scale and see how much weight you've now gained since Christmas."

Eve was shocked. She had never seen anything so strange in all of her life. Brian was trying to get Christie, who had been the fattest girl at Eve's school until she graduated last year, to eat even more. Is that why he was sending the girls home with so much food? To get them all fat? Yes, she thought, they were all at least plump, weren't they?

She continued work silently, wondering if what she had seen was real. At the end of the evening, when Brian handed her the evening "to go" meal. Eve turned it down, "No, Brian, I don't feel like it tonight."

"Oh, Eve, what's the matter? Are you feeling okay? You usually like to take your dinner," Brian looked very concerned.

"Naw, I'm okay, just not hungry," she said.

"Well, take it home anyway, you may be hungry later," Brian smiled.

"Uh, okay," Eve said, not wanting to drag it on. She couldn't sleep that night and went to the kitchen to eat the bag of greasy food Brian had given her earlier. As she munched on the onion rings, she started to realize that before long, Brian would manipulate her into becoming as fat as Christie.

She threw away the rest of the meal and decided things between her and Brian were going to change.

The next evening at work, a pretty petite blonde walked in, walked up behind where Brian was sitting and covered his eyes with her hands, "Guess Who?"

Scott smiled and played along, "I know that voice anywhere, Kara?"

She took her hands down, and Brian turned around, "Yep!"

Instead of looking excited and happy to see such a gorgeous girl, he looked shocked, "Wow, Kara, you… look… different."

"Yeah," she smirked, "I got away from you for a year and lost over a hundred pounds."

Brian just kind of shrugged his shoulders with an "Oh," seemingly not knowing what to say.

Kara looked around the restaurant and whispered to Brian, "So, I see you've found yourself a new group of pretty girls to fatten up… seems as though you've been having lots of success… or did they come to you already tubby?"

Brian just smiled and said, "Kara, why don't you sit down and have something, on the house? I still remember your favorite was the deep-fried chicken sandwich smothered with extra mayo with a big order of chilli-cheese fries, and a jumbo cherry Coke, right?"

"Yeah, right Brian," and with that she winked at him.

Brian walked up to Eve and asked her, "Eve, would you wait on the blond girl sitting by herself over in the corner? That's Kara, she used to work here. Whatever she wants to eat is on the house."

Eve went up to Kara to take her order. "Brian says it's on the house, so fire away."

Kara smiled, "Actually, I'll just have a garden salad with raspberry vinagrette and an unsweetened iced tea."

"Okay, you got it!"

Eve continued to wait tables as Kara watched the waitresses from the mildly plump Eve to the very obese Christie, taking orders, clearing dishes, filling up water glasses. At one point she glanced into the kitchen and saw Brian with one rather hefty waitress, one hand on the thick roll of flab on her waist, the other hand putting a piece of bacon into her mouth. "Nothing's changed around here," Kara thought.

After about ten minutes Eve brought out Kara's salad and asked her if she needed anything else.

Kara replied, "No… but I do want to ask you something. Does Brian still give you guys a ton of food to eat and take home?"

Eve got very red, considering what she had seen in Brian's office the night before. "Yeah, I guess…"

"Have you been here long?" Kara asked.

"Um, about a month," Eve answered.

"Yeah, you don't look like Brian's gotten to you too much yet, but be careful," Kara warned

"What do you mean?" Eve wanted the scoop on Brian.

"Well, let's just say that I worked here for two years and during that time I gained A LOT of weight," Kara whispered.

"Well, yeah, I mean the food here is good, it's hard to resist it sometimes," Eve smiled.

"Um, it was more than that, I think. Brian and I had a, well, relationship also. I guess you could say he made my appetite his priority," Kara soberly stated.

Just then Brian came over and gently scolded the chubby girl, "Eve, I know Kara is a great conversationalist, but I need you to clear a few tables."

Eve smiled and went back to work.

Brian sat down with Kara and started to grill her, "So what were you talking to my new waitress about?"

Kara smiled, "Oh, just girl talk. I warned her about how dangerously good the food was here."

Brian smiled, "Now don't discourage my girls from enjoying their work; you know I like happy waitresses."

Kara smirked, "Uh yeah, I can see that you're making Christie incredibly happy these days."

"Christie is a very good employee," Brian smiled, "and she's compensated well for her hard work."

Kara rolled her eyes, "She gets her bonuses in food payments, I'm sure."

"And in specially made uniforms," Brian smiled, "Christie is pretty special. She really enjoys getting fatter and enjoys her body. Sometimes she reminds me of you. Remember how much fun we used to have, spending late nights feeding you pizzas and chicken dinners? You were always so hungry and so willing to let me assess your progress," she noticed that look in his eyes he used to get on weigh-in days.

"Yes, Brian, I did enjoy my time with you, but I got so fat I couldn't walk up a flight of steps. Once I started college, the weight just fell off and then some."

"I can see that. You're thinner than you were when you first started here," Brian sighed. "Well, I better get back in the kitchen and make sure that someone is eating the profits," he winked.

Eve cleared Kara's dish and asked her if there was anything else she could get Kara.

"No, I'm fine, but I would like to talk to you about something. Here's my phone number. I think you'll be very interested in what I have to say. I'll be home every night this week, so call me, okay?"

Eve took the number and agreed to call.

A couple of nights later, Eve's curiosity got the best of her and she picked up the phone to call Kara.

"Is Kara there?"

"This is…"

"Hi, Kara, this is Eve… Eve Stark, from Burger Heaven."

"Of course, Eve. I'm so glad you called."

"What's up? You wanted to talk to me about something?"

"Yeah, I do. I'm not sure how open you are to the topic, but remember when I asked you about Brian's generosity with food?"

"Uh, yeah…"

"Well, you seem like a really nice person. You remind me a lot of myself when I first started at Burger Heaven and I just wanted you to know what you could be in for."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I'll just lay it on the line. The reason I got so fat working for Brian wasn't just that the food was so good. I'm sure you can see what a great looking guy he is, and I had such a crush on him. Brian made me feel like a beautiful goddess and in return I felt I needed to please him. It didn't take long for him to begin to take me into his office with platefuls of food and encourage me to eat incredible amounts of food."

"Why?" Eve was shocked. "Why would he do something like that?

"Brian is into fat girls. Brian likes to see chubby girls like I was… like you are… and turn them into Christie-sized. He's passionate and loving but you must eat to please him. He becomes very demanding and insatiable. One night he gorged me full of pasta alfredo and fried eggplant. I ate so much I started to feel lightheaded. He spent some time with a measuring tape, checking my waist, hips and thighs, arms. All over my body. Then he weighed me. I was 249! I was shocked at the number but he wouldn't let up. He told me if I ate just a little more I could hit 250 and he would take me shopping for new clothes. But I did it to please him, not to get the new clothes. That night I hit 250 for him."

Eve was shocked but Kara's story, but slightly aroused and not entirely surprised after she had witnessed Brian's dalliance with Christie the week before.

"Eve? Are you still there?" Kara asked.

"Yeah… I guess this kind of explains what I saw the other night between Brian and Christie."

"Oh? What happened?"

"Well, I went back to Brian's office to get a bandage when I heard Brian asking Christie to eat more. Then I peeked through the crack of the door and I saw her in her underwear eating a burger while Brian measured her belly."

"Wow…" Kara murmured. "That sounds familiar. I remember those days."

"You mean he did those things to you too?"

"Oh yeah, and he also has calipers so he can measure body fat; he loves to pinch and grab bellies. He used to come up behind me in the kitchen and tickle my bottom of my belly where it started hanging down. He also used to slap my belly and whisper things in my ear about how beautifully fat I was getting."

"Should I leave the restaurant? Am I doomed?"

"No, I know he'd love to see you get fatter, too, but I think it would be so much more exciting to stay there and turn the tables on him."

"Huh? What do you mean, Kara?"

"Here's something very few people know. When Brian was a teenager he was very overweight. At some point, in college, I think, he lost a lot of weight. He's kind of secretive about it, but he does a lot of running and working out. He confided in me that he gains weight very easily."

"Really?" Eve exclaimed.

"Yep, and I always thought it would be so interesting to see him fat again, you know? Beat him at his own game."

"I can see how that might be fun," Eve laughed. "But it sounds like he's pretty committed to staying thin."

"Every former fatty has their weakness. I know I could easily be fat again. It's a constant struggle. Maybe he's not any different. Wouldn't it be worth a shot?"

"I guess it would. I have to admit I kind of like it when guys get a little fatter," Eve giggled.

"Me, too!" Kara laughed. "I'm dating a guy right now that is gaining weight. It's pretty sexy from the other point of view, I'm finding."

"Well, what could I do?"

"I can let you in on some secrets… He loves sweets. Chocolates, Brownies, Cakes, Pastries. Oh! Cheesecake. I bet if you gave him a cheesecake he would eat the whole thing in one sitting. If you made that kind of stuff available to him it might work. I can tell the way he looks at you he thinks you're beautiful, and you are, a really pretty girl…"

"Oh, thank you Kara… but you really think he would think I'm pretty?

"Yes, I know so. Even though he's turned on by a girl Christie's size, I know he's a sucker for a beauty like you. I might be able to help, you know, talk to him about you; plant the seed that you might be interested in him. It might get the wheels turning… Man, I am so excited about this. And I'm so glad you're into it!"

Eve and Kara agreed on some plans and started to set them in motion.

Eve went back to work a couple of days later. She brought with her a Cherry-Chocolate Cheesecake that she made the night before. But she didn't want to give it to him right away. She imagined him picking up handfuls of the sweet treat and shoving them in Christie's mouth instead of his own, so she had to wait for the other girls to leave. At closing time, Eve lingered a little and brought out the Cheesecake she had hidden in one of the kitchen refrigerators. Brian was working in his office. She knocked on his door, "Brian? I wanted to give you something."

"Oh," he smiled at her, "What?"

"Well, my Mom works with this charity that always has bake sales and she has to make and buy all kinds of sweets. She's on a diet and she asked me to give away some of her extra creations so here you go." Eve set the delicious looking cheesecake in front of him.

"Oh, wow, thanks…" his eyes got big and she could almost hear him salivating.

"And I brought you a plate, a knife and a fork so you can dig in," Eve enthused.

"Well, why don't you have some with me?" Brian asked.

"Actually, I have to get going. I have a ton of homework to do. But enjoy!" Eve hurried out.

The next afternoon, Eve came into work with a box of brownies, once again, waiting for much later to give them to Brian. She checked the fridges to see if he had eaten any cheesecake. She was pleasantly surprised to see more than half of it gone. None of the other girls could have gotten to it so it seemed like Brian may have succumbed to the temptation. After closing she walked into his office again and set down the plate of brownies.

"My mom keeps giving me desserts to take to work," Eve sighed. Again, she left in a hurry, leaving Brian alone with a dozen brownies.

She kept this pattern up a few more nights, when finally Brian said, "Eve, why don't you bring your desserts in earlier so all the girls can have some?"

She thought fast, "Well, I don't want to be around all those sweets while I'm working, my uniform is getting too tight. And quite honestly, so are the uniforms of all the other girls too," she laughed. And she wasn't sure if it was her imagination or not, but she started to see a little tiny belly forming above Brian's waist.

"Oh Eve, come on, you look great. All the girls look great. I can always get more uniforms," he smiled.

"Yeah, but doesn't that get expensive? Especially when you have to have them custom made…"

"I just order them from a uniform catalog, they're pretty cheap."

"Well, I heard that's not entirely true."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't mean to be nosy, but I heard Christie has to have hers specially made."

Brian turned pink. "Well, I'm not at liberty to discuss that, but special orders are not too big of a deal."

"So, I suppose in those cases you would have to take measurements to have them made correctly."

"Uh, I suppose, she probably would."

"She would or you would? And how do you address that issue? Would say, if Christie did need to have a special uniform made for her size, would she come to you and say, 'Brian, I need a new uniform,' and you might say, 'well, I can't order anything any bigger, but we can have them make something to fit you,' would she be embarrassed? And then would she measure her arms, belly, breasts and hips for you? Or maybe you would have to measure yourself just to make sure?"

Brian turned more pink. "Eve, I'm not sure what this is all about, but you're asking an awful lot of questions. You don't have to worry about that, though; you fit into the uniforms just fine."

That night she called up Kara to tell her about her latest conversation with Brian.

"Oh man, Eve. What a stroke of genius. Brian gets so turned on when you start talking about measuring big girls and buying them bigger uniforms. He's going to be putty in your hands soon. So you think he might have a little more chub on him? I'm going to have to stop by again one night soon. Maybe Tuesday?"

Kara did come in Tuesday, looking for some hints of progress. She also carried with her a quart of frozen custard ice cream and some mini cheesecakes for Brian. Eve told her he was alone in his office. Kara knocked on his door and found him eating a brownie.

"So, I see you're already eating some dessert and here I brought you some old favorites," Kara giggled.

"Oh, Kara, hi hon, what's going on?"

"Well, I was at that new gourmet bakery on Fifth Street and saw these cheesecake bites and they made me think of you."


"Well yeah, I know you mentioned once you used to really gorge on cheesecake. Plus, I bought some frozen custard for my brother's birthday party and I figured I'd get an extra serving just for you," pulling the quart out of the bag.

"Uh, that looks like more than a serving, Kara!"

"So you want some?"

"Only if you have some," Brian thought he was being sly.

"Oh I can't, I get an upset stomach from dairy. But I'll spoon some up for ya."

Before he could protest, Kara had shuffled out to grab a dish and spoon. She went back in and spooned up several scoops.

"Oh, Kara, that's enough, I can't eat all that."

"I'll bet you can," she giggled.

"What's this about? You know I shouldn't eat this stuff, it's already hard enough to keep my weight down."

"Well, I used to eat for you, you could at least eat some so I don't feel like I just wasted my time and money."

"You're right, thanks Kara. So sit down and tell me what you're been up to."

Kara kept Brian talking for quite some time. He seemed to be eating without thinking and had finished half of the ice cream plus three of the mini cheesecakes. When he finally finished, she stood up to clean up around his desk to put the extra treats away for later consumption. When she walked behind his desk, she saw his little belly and her eyes bulged out.

"Wow, Brian, I think you're starting to get a little pudgy yourself!"

He turned pink, "Uh well, I've been so busy I haven't had time for exercise…"

"Oh, no," Kara said, "Don't get me wrong, I think you look great. A guy shouldn't be too skinny."

With that Kara left his office and shared a giggle with Eve on the way out.

Over the next several weeks, Eve and Kara's plans seemed to be taking hold. Eve still overheard Brian make the occasional whisper into Christie's ear about her fatter than voluptuous size, but his own belly was starting to noticeably protrude.

And all of the girls started to talk about it. Even Christie said something to Eve one night, "I know I'm not one to talk, but Brian is starting to pork out a little. It's kind of cool," she laughed out loud.

Eve giggled too.

That night on the phone, Kara and Eve contrived the next step in their plan.

A few nights later, after closing, Eve knocked on Brian's office door.

"Come in."

Eve walked in, Kara behind her. They shut the door behind them.

"So ladies, how could one man be so lucky as to have two beautiful women simultaneously in his office?"

"Well," Kara smiled, "if you play your cards right you can have us in more than just your office."

Brian's face dropped. What was she implying?

"I know your ultimate fantasy is to be with two women," Kara said.

Brian was stunned and looked embarrassingly at Eve. "Kara…"

Eve cut him off, "Brian, I know what you want and I'm willing…"

"Are you being serious?" Brian half laughed, afraid it was too good to be true.

"Dead serious," Kara said.

"You just have to do something for us first," Eve proposed.

"I knew there had to be a catch," Brian sighed.

"The way I see it, pleasure is a two-way street, and Eve and I want to get some enjoyment from our offer."

Eve continued, "See, Brian, Eve and I discussed your interest in fattening up young girls and we realized how much we like to see cute young guys gain weight, too," with that she broke into giggles.

"What?" Brian exclaimed.

"Yeah, Brian, Eve and I want you to gain a little weight before we give you what you want," Kara stated.

Brian stayed silent for a moment and then asked, "Are you joking? I mean, is this like some kind of practical joke to get back at me for trying to get you girls to gain weight?"

"I suppose you could look at it that way if you want, but our desire to see you get fatter is not a joke. We like tubby boys as much as you like tubby girls," Kara said.

"So how much weight are you talking?" Brian wanted to know what he was in for.

"Well, we've got a proposal. We weigh you tonight, and then each fifteen pounds you gain after each weigh in, we will, well, reward you," Kara laid it out.

"Fifteen pounds? That's kind of a lot…" Brian worried.

"Oh, not like the eighty I gained for you?" Kara asked.

"Alright, I guess that's fair," Brian murmured.

"So, to seal the deal, Eve and I need to weigh you and then we'll give you a little taste of what you're in for."

Eve got out Brian's scale, and Brian stepped on it.

"You have plumped up a little already haven't you, Bri? You're starting out at 188," Kara smiled. "203 will be the first magic number for you."

"I guess all those fattening treats you girls have been bringing me weren't just a coincidence, huh?"

"No," Eve giggled.

Brian sat down in his chair and Kara climbed up on his lap, and gave him a long, wet kiss, while Eve stood behind him, running her fingers through his hair and kissing his neck.

The next week at work, Brian was constantly eating something. A few times Eve caught him snacking and she would smile at him knowingly or give him a wink. With new motivation, his old appetite from fatter days reappeared and his metabolism gave way to the extra calories. He weighed himself almost every night to measure his progress. He was eagerly anticipating sharing a night with Kara and Eve. What did weight matter when his greatest fantasy could be fulfilled?

After three weeks, Brian told Eve to call Kara in that night because he had met their first goal. Eve and Kara met Brian in his office after hours and sure enough, Eve and Kara weighed him in at 204 pounds. His belly was softening up much to the excitement of both girls. The girls shared their pleasure orally, promising him more after another fifteen pounds.

He continued to gain, and his belly began to show the slightest hanging shape. The other waitresses also noticed and were giving Brian belly pokes and taps, teasing him about his burgeoning middle. Christie even caught him finishing a whole pie and laughed, "Brian, you're going to be as fat as me soon!"

It took him another three weeks to gain the next fifteen pounds when Eve and Kara weighed him in at 220 even. Not only was his belly getting bigger, but his arms were softer and his butt was noticeably rounder. Only his legs remained defined. Kara teased him that his legs needed extra muscle because he had to carry all that new weight around.

The girls shared another evening of lovemaking with Brian, much to his enormous pleasure. They promised him more fun when he hit 235. This time it took him four weeks to reach the goal. But again, the girls came through with their promise to compensate his gluttony with intense sexual pleasures.

But the agreement came to an end. Summer was winding down and Kara, Christie and the other plump waitresses were going back to school. Only Eve was left of the formerly chubby group of waitresses Brian surrounded himself with. And even Eve had slimmed down a bit more, saving all of her fattening treats for him rather than herself.

One autumn night, Eve approached Brian and whispered in his ear, "Do you think you could continue to be my Fatboy? I would love to reward you for your plumpness, whether you gain any more or not," she smiled.

And so Brian stayed fat for her, and at times got a little fatter. And she rewarded him every night for it.