Weight Room Title Bar

Roxanne: From Plump to Rotund
By Lucky Luke

The Encounter

"Brad is a great guy. I just met him last night. What a hunk! I hope he calls me."

"Roxanne, this girl I met last night, has a beautiful face and plump sexy body and knows how to dress. We were both a little drunk when we met. She was with a couple of her friends. Nice girls, nice looking but too skinny for me. I wonder if this is a real or fake phone number. I think I'll give her a call."

The First Date

"Brad just called. We have a dinner and movie date today. I don't know what to wear. I've put on some weight (again) and everything nice I have is so tight."

"Roxanne looked great last night for our date. She looks like she is already on the path of gaining weight, or she is in denial as to her real clothes size. She is chubby already and obviously she likes to eat. My next date with her is at my house. I'll cook up a huge meal for her."

"Brad is such a gentleman. He would not let me lift a finger last night during our date. He got the car door every time, helped me up and got me everything I needed. I usually try to hide my appetite with dates but he insisted I get the largest Porterhouse steak on the menu and then a huge dessert. I hope Brad wasn't put off by how much I ate. My outfit sure felt tight even before we went out. After the dinner, he got me candy, a large soda and buttered popcorn at the movie and then we stopped at an ice cream shop after dinner. I had to loosen my top pant button after the dinner, the second one after the movie and the third after the ice cream store. I pulled my blouse over my pants so he wouldn't notice."

Dating and Gorging

"Roxanne doesn't need a lot of encouragement to stuff herself. Usually girls will hide their appetite or talk about dieting. Not Roxanne. She just keeps eating and drinking. Like our first date, her blouse was not tucked in. I could see her fat belly hanging over the top of her pants."

"I ate and drank so much last night. It was a food orgy. Not only is Brad handsome, a gentleman and lives in a nice house, he can cook. I did not stop eating or drinking wine. My skirt was so tight, I was gasping for air."

"These last two months have been great with Roxanne. She takes all my suggestions. Now she is moving in with me. I will be able to get her not only eat everything I put in front of her, but she won't have to lift a finger."

Moving In

"Since I have met Brad, my weight has gone from 160 pounds to 220 pounds. I have had to buy new clothes again and again. Brad says not to be concerned with the weight gain. To save money for more clothes, I'm moving in with him. He tells me I wont have to lift a finger."

The Deskbound Job

"That new job I have is all thanks to Brad. He wrote my resume, selected the company and even purchased a new business suit and paid for me to get my hair done. I didn't realize how much I had to get out of my chair in my last job. This new inside sales job doesn't require me to get up at all. Everything I need is at my desk. And it pays more than my old job."

"The job I got Roxanne is really sedentary. I met women that worked at that firm before and that is what they always said. They would put on weight because there is no activity."

Looking Good & Living Large

"Brad is so smart. Because we live together now, I have enough money for new outfits and all my beauty appointments. I love to dress up for him and he really appreciates it. We can even afford domestic help. In the morning Brad goes to the gym before work while our maid waits on me hand and foot. She prepares a huge breakfast every morning as Brad instructs. Then she cleans the house during the day. After work and weekends, Brad takes care of all my needs. I never lift a finger. It has been six months since we first met. I've gained a lot of weight and I've enjoyed every minute of it."

"Roxanne weighs right at 300 pounds. All that sexy blubber looks great on her 5'5'' frame. Not bad for six months work. Roxanne doesn't know it but I've tied her weight gain to a bonus plan for our domestic. That is why her weekday breakfasts are so filling. Roxanne's fat is our domestic's extra money."

Dress for Excess

"Brad only lets me wear either sharp business attire, sexy casual or evening wear or naughty type night wear. He won't let me wear real casual clothes or tennis shoes. I don't even own a set of workout clothes. And why would I need them?"

The Price of an Indulgent Lifestyle

"Roxanne's butt is huge. I get dizzy when I see her walk (which isn't too often). I purchased her a special chair that helps get her to her feet. I love watching her eat. Her flabby face and double chins quiver as she munches down her fatty diet. It's a pleasure to watch her front button blouses being pressured by her every growing waistline. She is truly a beautiful bundle of blubber. While I won't let her show off her flabby arms in public, she looks terrific in a sleeveless outfit. I make her put something over her sleeveless tops when we go outs. Her melon size arms are all flab and no muscle."

The Hired Help's Bonus

"The domestic Brad hired sure is pushy. She keeps making bigger and bigger breakfast meals for me. Every morning I'm stuffed and my arms are just too tired to lift any more food into my mouth. She will start feeding me herself. If I refuse, she will take my cigarettes away. I've told Brad but he thinks I should not waste the food she has prepared. Now when I go to work in the morning, she has a milk shake for me to take to drink on the road."

"Roxanne's domestic help is getting more aggressive in pushing food on Roxanne. Roxanne eats so much on her own. Roxanne will go beyond the full stuffing point on her own. Then her domestic pushes even more food on her. Roxanne's domestic is greedy for more bonus money. The more Roxanne grows, the more bonus money I pay the domestic."

The Girl Can't Overheat

"Brad is great about keeping the house just the right temperature for me. I can no longer go outside when it is warm or hot. I'll start to sweat. Brad has an air conditioned garage so I'm not exposed to the elements. I still have to walk from the parking lot at work to my work area and back at night. That is the only physical effort I make all day."

"Roxanne is so fat now, I have to make sure she doesn't exert herself too much or she will start to pant and sweat. I keep the house somewhat cooler than normal so she can wear nice clothes and not perspire. If I'm not careful, even the slightest effort will cause her to sweat. I saw her get all out of breath the other day. She was seated on her sofa, which looks more like a chair since her butt is so big, and she tried to reach to the coffee table to get more candies. Her belly, so large and already so full, rebelled at her bending over. She had to lean back in the sofa panting for air with beads of perspiration running down her face. I let her calm down and then got the candies for her myself."

Got Beer?

"When I first met Brad, two or three beers was my upper limit. With my weight gain though, I can really put them down. I will easily do a twelve pack or a couple of pitchers at a time. Nothing goes better with beer than sausages, pretzels, peanuts, chips, pickles, French fries, cheese snacks or just about anything."

"Roxanne really ought to be on a beer bikini team. Her figure really represents what beer does for a girl. Since I do all the driving, I let her drink as much as she wants. She can really put them down too. Her belching is even cute."

The 400 Pound Party

"Brad had some of his buddies over with their wives. All the women were large but Brad said I'm now the sexiest (largest) one. All those guys were looking at me like a leg of lamb. They really enjoyed watching stuff myself. Then they took turns feeding me."

"Now that Roxanne is over 400 pounds, I had a party with some of my buddies and their girlfriends or wives. I could tell that the guys were lusting for Roxanne and the other women were jealous. Roxanne looked great in a low cut shapely black dress."

The Fire Drill

"We had a fire drill at work. I thought it was the real thing and I started to panic. I started to hyperventilate. I struggled to get out of my chair and then I started to walk as fast as I could towards to exit. My high heels I was wearing caught on an extension cord and I fell, twisting my ankle."

"I has so happy that Roxanne was okay after her incident at work. When I saw her at the hospital, she was a beautiful mess. Her hair was out of place, her blouse was not tucked in and her ankle was being iced. I think I'll call a lawyer on this."

The Settlement

"Being on disability and having a settlement from the company is great. I get to sleep in, lounge around in silk night clothes, get waited on hand and foot, and eat & drink till I'm stuffed. I have my facials, hair and nails done at home now. With the twisted ankle and my increasing size, I seldom get up anymore. And when I do, I need help. We have hired a couple of extra domestics to help out."

"That settlement will last us awhile. Roxanne has just gone over 500 pounds and is only gaining weight quicker than ever before. She is a shameless, lustful bundle of beautiful flab in all the right places. I could not be happier."