Weight Room Title Bar

By Zarbon

The group was just boarding the plane and took their seats. They were heading off to America for the start of a yearlong tour. They had said their goodbyes, got their dance routines ready and their outfits packed; they were ready.

Rachel was sitting with Jo, Hannah was with Paul, Bradly was with Jon and Tina was all on her own. The plane soon took off, and in no time the in-flight food was being served. No one really liked it, but they were quite hungry so didn't complain. But when they got through the main meal, they just had their dessert, which was chocolate cake. Jo took a forkful and spat it out into her napkin.

“Here, Rach, want this?” she asked the 21 year old girl next to her.

“Let us have a try, then,” said Rachel, taking a forkful of Jo's unwanted pudding. She took a bite and was in love. She took the pudding off Jo and started to wolk it down. She soon finished Jo's and then ate her own. After that, she still had a hunger for it and asked if she could have anyone else's. She took the 4 puddings from her friends (Hannah had eaten hers) and resumed her meal.

She was wearing a pair of turn-up jeans and a black vest top, which was a loose fit when she boarded the plane but now was starting to stretch over her bloated stomach. She had eaten all 6 of the desserts and was now really feeling it. The next hour for Rachel was spent moaning and groaning as she started to digest her dessert.

A few hours later, they all got off the plane and went to their exclusive hotel. They would stay there a week before they boarded their touring bus and started the tour. It was deep into the night when they arrived, and they went to bed to sleep off the flight and get used to the American time difference.

It was 11AM when Rachel got up to pass the plane's food. But after she was showered and clothed, she found she was ravenous and decided to go down to the hotel dinning room and have something to satisfy her hunger. She soon found herself in front of the buffet bar, filling her plate with sausage, bacon, toast, fried egg, beans and some scrambled egg to finish it off. She took her plate to a private table and started to eat.

In a matter of minutes, she had eaten the whole plate and felt a lot fuller. She got up to put her plate back when all the others came down for their breakfast. They saw Rachel in the line, not knowing she had already eaten, and joined her.

“Morning, Rachel, let us in here. What do you guys fancy for breakfast? I don't know about you, but I want to indulge a bit and have a fry-up,” said Hannah, taking a plate where Rachel was standing.

The others seemed to agree and soon all carried plates, standing in the queue with Rachel. Rach didn't know what to do say; she had already eaten. Should she let them think she was up for seconds or not tell them and push herself into having a second breakfast? After the pudding incident on the plane, they might think she was turning into a bit of a porker, so she finally decided to suffer having a second meal of the day.

She stood behind Hannah, so she would know what to put on her plate. She put on the same things as she did but had a fried egg where she didn't the first time. They all took their plates and went to a table to eat. The conversation was about the oncoming tour, and they were all excited. As they talked, they eat, and before Rachel knew it she had eaten all of her food. She looked around at the others' plates, and luckily they weren't far behind. She gave her plate to the waiter, who soon came, and left with the others. She had to really push to lift herself from her chair, but when she was up she was ok. On their way to the lift they talked about what they would do that day. The boys said they were off to the pool, but Rachel couldn't do that or they would see her bloated stomach. So when Jo suggested the beauty parlor, Rachel was only too happy to accept.

So the boys enjoyed a swim in the pool while the girls had facials, pedicures, manicures and a body wrap (except for Rachel). Soon, it was dinnertime, and the group again went down to the restaurant and had a meal. They ordered a variety of things, and Rachel decided to have the lobster.

The food soon came, and Rachel was surprised at the sheer size of it. It was served to her on a platter, and it almost covered it. The skin had been taken off for her, and it was swimming in a pool of butter. The others too were shocked at her portion, but it turned out that everyone's food was of equal size. They started to eat, and when her fork went into the white flesh, butter came shooting out. Rachel wasn't discouraged and started eating.

Half an hour later, they were all done, Rachel more than the others. She must have consumed a pint of rich, liquid butter, and she was totally stuffed. After heaving herself from her chair, they all went to Paul's room to watch a movie. Paul and Jon were on the sofa, Tina on the chez-lounge, Bradly was on a recliner chair, and Jo, Hannah and Rachel were on the bed. The whole group was stuffed and was soon drifting off in no time. As one by one they drifted off, Rachel remained awake. Her full stomach was keeping her up, so she started to massage her bloated tummy to help her digest her dinner quicker. In no time she was feeling better and soon dozed off with the others.

The next morning, Rachel was again awakened by her need to pass her dinner, so she nipped to her own room to relieve herself in private. She then showered and put on some clean clothes as she did every morning and headed back for Paul's room. She found them sill in a deep sleep so decided to go back to her room so as not to disturb them.

She turned on the TV and lay back on her bed as she started her viewing. Soon she felt hungry so went to have a look in the mini bar. She pulled out 5 packets of nuts, a soda and 2 packets of crisps. She then started eating. Without even noticing, she had downed 1 packet of crisps, half the soda and 3 bags of the nuts. She looked down at her tummy and saw it was a little bloated. She just shrugged it off; she could lose any gained weight in no time. She then carried on her breakfast, and soon she was done. She put all the packaging in the bin and went to check on the others.

It turned out that they were all up and had gone to their rooms to shower and change. She went back to her room to wait and snacked on another bag of honey-roasted nuts. Soon they were all ready, and they talked about what they would do that day. The girls were off to the gym, and the boys to do a bit of shopping. Rachel loved her shopping so went with them to pick up some new outfits, which turned out to mainly be sweat suits and other items of clothing with a bit of stretch in them.

They all got back to the hotel in time for dinner, and Rachel had some of the chicken while the others had salads and less fattening dishes. She pushed herself to finish and didn't bother with a dessert, as it was a little too much for her. They then went off to Jo's room and did the same thing they did the night before.

The next 5 days was spent indulging for Rachel. While a few went to the gym she chose more effortless things to do like watching TV, going to the beauty parlor or shopping. In fact, she didn't once exercise except when they had another dance lesson to just go over the dance steps they would be doing for the next year. Rachel decided to wear her sweats to leave her with a little more room for her to do the steps. She had found her normal clothes a little restricting over the last week but thought nothing of it.

She had continued her eating habits, and they even increased; on the seventh night she even had a dessert after her large meal and left the restaurant feeling very full.

But then it was time for their first show. It was in Madison Square Garden, and backstage she got into her costume and found it very tight. She asked for it to be let out for her, thinking the dress designer had gotten her measurements all wrong.

The show went well, but Rachel found she was totally exhausted afterwards. The show was a sell out as the next 5 were, (the ones after hadn't gone on sale yet). They went to the their changing rooms, and Rachel showered and donned her sweat suit to go to the green room. Once there, she consumed several sodas and had a large plate of snack food, then went back for a second and, to the group's dismay, she then had a third.

They then went back to their rooms to sleep off the show after going to a bar and celebrating their show. The next day, they were going to set off on the road. They were sent in a limo to the tour bus that would get them round the USA. The bus was huge; it was as long as a bus, twice as wide as a bus and had all mod cons. It had 2 bedrooms, one for the boys, one for the girls, 4 huge wardrobes for their clothes, 2 bathrooms each with a shower, a large lounge, kitchen with dishwasher, washing machine and a huge fridge freezer with a wide range of snack food and meal food, too. In fact, all the cupboards were full of food; there was also a wide screen TV with cable, and a play station. The group once aboard was exploring the whole thing, opening all the cupboards and starting to unpack and make themselves at home.

They were all soon enjoying the bus as it started to drive off to their second concert. They had their music on loud, the TV on and were settling in quickly. Within 10 minutes of unpacking Rachel was in the kitchen preparing a snack; she came back to the lounge and began eating as the TV showed some sitcom. They had a driver, so they didn't have to worry about that, and they found he was a really nice old guy who joked with them and sung along with their music all the way.

Well, a week after they set off, they were doing their first show; they had to do a show every week, 52 shows. Rachel had been enjoying the bus' junk food and had continued to gain more weight. She now only wore sweats and spent her days going to and from the kitchen, back to her seat with more and more food. She watched a lot of TV and chatted with different members of the band, who were in the lounge at that time. While Rachel gained, the others worked out sharing the limited equipment. When they weren't using it, they were with Rachel or doing something else.

While they were performing, the cleaners were on the bus, cleaning up their mess and refilling the fridge. While this was happening, Rachel was backstage again, asking the dress designer to let out the costume, thinking she hadn't received her real measurements from the first show. The case was that she had Rachel's sizes from the New York show and now had to make it even bigger. Well, Rachel went out on stage with the others and was winded by the end of the show while the others were just tired. She went and showered and changed back to her sweats and again went to party with the others in the bar.

Rachel woke up the next morning with a huge hangover and found she was still in the bar. She saw the others asleep on the floor, chairs, and tables. She woke them up, and they all slowly got on the bus with a huge hangover. That day, they didn't play any music loudly; they just watched TV and chilled in the couch.

The next day, Rachel was fully recovered and went to have her breakfast; she had a round of toast covered in butter and a large bowl of cereal with whole milk, as they had run out of semi-skimmed. She ate it on her own in front of the TV and put her bowl and plate in the dishwasher as the others got up.

“Who fancies a fry-up? I am starving from not eating much yesterday,” said Jo to the others looking in the fridge. They all agree, including Rachel.

The fry-up was huge even for 7 people, and they all consumed as much as they wanted, leaving 4 sausages, 5 strips of bacon, a fried egg, and some beans.

“Who wants this or shall I just throw it out?” asked Paul with the leftovers in his hand.

“Here, I will have it, save it going to waste, hey,” said Rachel, taking the plate off Paul and extending her breakfast. The others watched her force down the leftover food, and soon she was done and stuffed. She sat back rubbing her bloated tummy under her top. They all left to do various things like work out, shower, keep up on music or play the computer while Rachel went back to bed to have a little nap and sleep off her breakfast.

She soon got up feeling a lot better and came back to the kitchen and picked up a family bag of chips and commenced eating them in the lounge.

The rest of the month carried on the same, Rachel sometimes having 2 large breakfasts and continuously snacking throughout the day. She never once worked out, but just watched TV and ate. She had her outfits let out all the time when she did a show and grew more tired after each one.

After a month of this, Rachel had put on a lot of weight. She was 127 when she boarded the plane but she now clocked in at 153 lbs. Her already large chest had grown, leaving her bras obsolete. Her ass, hips and gut took the weight gain. Her ass was a lot bigger after she spent most of her time on it. It jiggled and the start of cellulite was forming. Her hips were a lot broader, leaving any of her clothes (apart from her sweats) out of use. She had also grown a nice potbelly that would poke out from under her tops when she was full after a large meal.

The group had noticed her weight gain and so too had noticed a slight increase in body mass. She had planed to wear a girdle in the next show to keep her out for the press. It meant she could move as well, but she had to do it to keep her out of the news. She had also decided to get some new clothes. After getting the girdle she bought some new sweats and some new underwear. She purchased some bras first and then some knickers. She got some stretchy ones, as she loved to be comfortable. She put her new stuff in the wardrobe and went down to the kitchen for something to eat.

The next 2 months left them a quarter way through the tour, and they were all tired of the bus. They needed a break out of the bus, so they booked a week in a hotel to chill out away from the bus. The hotel was a lot similar to the one they first stayed in, and they were going to do the same things. Rachel now clocked in at 198 lbs. She gained in the same places but her bust. It didn't go up much, but it was a little larger. Her thighs took a lot of weight with her hips, ass and gut. Her thighs were rubbing when she walked, her ass shot out even more and now hung down the back of her thighs bit, and it now had more cellulite than ever. Her hips were softer and wider, and her gut was a lot bigger than a potbelly. When she sat, it formed a large spare tire that went all around her front and sides. It hung down to the rim of her pussy and wobbled as her ass chest and thighs did.

The first day they were all going to the pool, and they wanted Rachel to come for 2 reasons. They enjoyed her company, and they wanted to see her in a swimsuit to see just how fat she was, as they couldn't under her sweats properly. She didn't have a swim suit that fit, but Jo had gotten her one from a nearby store; it was a black 2 piece that was near enough her size. Rachel was reluctant to put it on. She knew she had gained weight over the last few months, but she didn't know it was that much. She thought she was only 20-30 lbs heavier, not 70.

The others wouldn't let her stay in her room. She slowly undressed in her room and first put on the top. It was a little tight for her large chest; she had to tie it up under her tits then lift it up and stuff each one in. She soon had it on and then tried for the bottoms. They were a little tight, too; she pulled them up her thighs, over her hips and then pulled them up a bit. She didn't bother to look in the mirror and just put on some sweats over the top to wear to the pool; she was soon in there and a little shy to take off her suit.

“It's ok, Rach; it's only us. We have booked the pool for just us today so you can come in if you want,” said Tina from inside the warm water.

Rachel looked around and saw nobody there; she then decided to take off her top and then her Jogger bottoms. They all watched in suspense as she wobbled and jiggled out of her sweats. They were all shocked to see how fat she really was. She quickly got into the pool to hide herself and had a lot of fun with the others, who decided not to say anything about her weight.

The remainder of the week, Rachel spent in the pool (when she wasn't eating). She woke up and had her breakfast, sometimes 2, then changed and relaxed by the pool so she wouldn't cramp and then frolicked in the water or by the side of the pool for the rest of the day, well until dinner. After no lunch, she easily ate her huge dinner and 1 or even 2 puddings. She would then snack in her room while watching TV with the others.

At the end of the week, Rachel was really struggling to squeeze her fat body into the bikini, but she only needed to for the last day of the week, as there wasn't a pool in the bus.

On the last day, the group hadn't reserved the pool to themselves, and there were around 20 people using it. Rachel wasn't so sure about going in but finally decided to. She took off her sweats and lay back on a sun bed; her stomach was a little bloated after her 2 fry-ups and round of buttered toast, and after a few minutes a small child walked past holding the hand of his mother.

“Look at that fat lady, mommy; she looks like a beached whale,” said the kid, pointing at Rachel.

“Don't be mean, David; it's not her fault she is so fat; you wouldn't like it if someone poked fun at you because you were as fat as her,” said the mother, also in Rachel's range of hearing.

Rachel blushed as the mother dragged off the kid; she looked down at her bloated stomach and realized just how fat she was. She put on her sweats and ran/wobbled back to her room, crying.

She opened the mini bar and started eating. She ate everything she could get her hands on, and when it was totally empty she just lay under her blanket and drifted off to sleep.

She woke up later that afternoon and then and there decided to get back into shape. She put on a new set of sweats after taking off her bikini and went to the gym; none of the band was there, which was a good thing as she began to start working out.

She found it hard but persevered, and 3 months later she managed to shift a lot of the weight and was down to 159 lbs. She was still not back to her thin self but a lot slimmer. Once the others found she was losing the weight, they gave up their gym time to her. In fact, it turned out only to be the girls who gave up their time to Rachel; in fact, they were now not working out at all. They had taken over Rachel's position of eating. They now had nothing better to do then sit around and fill their faces with all the junk food they could get their hands on and the effects were showing. Tina was now at 182, Jo was at 181 and Hannah, previously the smallest in the group now the largest at 187 lbs. They wore the fat person's uniform, sweats, and just ate and talked all day.

Tina took the weight to her wide thighs and gut, Jo had hers spread all over and Hannah took hers right on the gut. They were all wearing girdles at the shows and holding in their guts like Rachel was, too.

It came to the halfway stage for the tour, and Rachel wasn't feeling up to doing the show. She was allowed to stay on the bus while the others did the show. She wasn't really up to working out, so she went to chill out by the TV. She soon found herself at the fridge, looking for something good to eat. She then saw Jon's birthday cake. It had been half eaten by the others that day, and Rachel had it on a platter on the couch. She was soon digging in, stuffing the chocolate cake into her awaiting mouth. She hadn't had junk food for 3 months, and now she was just hit with the whip back and making up for the lost time. She was watching TV at the same time, and soon she had eaten the whole thing.

She felt a lot better, but what would she do? The others knew half was left, and they would know she had eaten it all to herself, so she had to replace it. She put on her trainers and went to a nearby area shop to get another cake. Luckily, they had one, and Rachel joined the line. While she was waiting, without even noticing she had eaten 5 chocolate bars from the display. She paid for every thing and went back to the bus.

She could have thrown away the other half of cake, but she found herself eating it. She soon had it down her neck and felt a hell of a lot better.

From then on she decided not to bother with her diet and eat what she wanted. After the cake, she cooked a large pot of pasta swimming in cheese. When cooked, she took a folk and ate right from the pot on the couch. The pasta was rich and she had to struggle to get it down. After it was all gone, there was a good half-liter of liquid cheese at the bottom. She decided to drink it down to finish.

After she was done, she drifted off to sleep with her hands on her bloated gut.

Well, the next 3 months the girls ate, and did they eat a lot. Tina now weighed 246 lbs of fat and took it in the same places, Jo was 251 and this time she took some more to the ass, Hannah's hips, ass and thighs took a lot of her weight and her gut grew more, she was now 253. But Rachel, who was the smallest 3 months ago, made up for lost time and was again the heaviest at 265 lbs. Her thighs, gut and ass took her weight, leaving her with a huge waddle. The press was all over them about their weight, but they didn't really care. The dance steps for the shows had been cut dramatically as the girls were really unfit. They even sat in a few and only did a few moves each song, which still left them covered in sweat.

They were buying new sweat suits all the time and the girls' wardrobes were just filled with them in different sizes.

Well, another 3 months were gone. It was the end of their last show, and they were back in Madison Square Garden. They'd all gained weight but not as much as they previously had. Tina, the lightest, was now at 276 and her gut took the brunt of it. Jo had been in competition with Rachel, trying to eat as much as she did and now she was 297 lbs, with her thighs ass and hips growing and giving her a waddle. Hannah, too, gained a lot and was 303, and her thighs again took the weight, making crossing her legs impossible. But Rachel retained her title as the fattest and clocked in at 319 lbs; her gut took almost all the weight and it hung down onto her thighs.

With the last show out of the way, they were going home. They all planed to see their parents, Rachel's mom was a vicar at a country church and she was always happy to see her daughter. When Rachel was a girl, she was fat; her mom gave her all the leftover cakes from the weekly church bake sales, but she lost the weight before joining the band. Rachel couldn't wait to get back.

They got onto the plane and took their seats, but they were quite tight on their asses. The girls lifted the armrests, which gave them a bit more room to breathe. They practically ate everything on the snack bar and had 3 dinners. Rachel had all 15 of the group's desserts and was quite full afterwards. The flight was soon over, and they all went their separate ways. Rachel got a taxi to her mom's place and knocked the door of the vicarage and waited for her mom.

Her mom, a very tiny woman, gave a big smile and tried to wrap her arms all the way around her daughter but failed. Rachel came in and unpacked.

“Come on, Rachel, get your purse; its time for the bake sale,” said Rachel's mom to her daughter.

Rachel heaved herself up, grabbed her purse and jacket and went out with her mom. They saw tables full of cakes and started to buy, buy, buy. She filled her arms up with cheap cakes and took them all back to the vicarage; she then slowly bought cakes, ate them on the spot and then moved on. She kept to muffins and tarts, but she consumed a lot.

Soon everyone left, and there was still a whole table's worth of cakes left. She helped her mom take them into the vicarage, and then Rachel began to eat them. Pies, cakes, tarts she ate them all and was soon covered in crumbs and totally stuffed. She then drifted of to sleep and woke up at around dinnertime when her mom called her in for tea. She heaved herself off the couch, and all the crumbs fell to the floor, and went into the dining room to see a huge Sunday dinner covering the table. It could feed 5 people, but it was only Rachel and her mom.

They began to eat; her mom had a normal portion, leaving Rachel to eat 4 people's worth. She had plate after plate of meat and veg, and after 3 she was really full, especially after her cakes. Her mom served her the last plate and encouraged her to finish it off. She was soon done and totally full. Her mom had to go back to the church and give a sermon, so she just left Rachel to digest her food. Rachel ended up falling to sleep at the table, holding her vast gut.

The rest of the week Rachel was stuffed. Her mom fed her huge meals, leaving her fully stuffed, and she was encouraged to eat all the cakes before they went off or the next sale came. Rachel planned to stay a month or 2 to chill out, and she would end up gaining a hell of a lot of weight.

The next bake sale came, and there were even more cakes on offer, and sales were down so Rachel had more to eat. She stuffed herself 24-7, and her mom's meals were growing, too. She knew it was costing her a lot of money, so she wrote her mom out a check for £1000 to tide her over while she was there. Her mom was at church most of the time, so Rachel could relax and eat on her own.

Well, a month had gone since she came back, and she had gained a lot of weight; she was now 349lbs and growing. Her sweats were getting tight and her vast stomach was always exposed from under the top and over the bottoms. She was on the phone to the others all the time, and they were just chilling but not gaining. Rachel decided not to mention she was gaining and just said she too was chilling.

She decided to stay another month, and she pushed her food intake all the time. She still was in her same sweats, and they were getting smaller all the time. Well, the second month was gone, and Rachel was heading back to her place. She now weighted 387lbs and was bursting out of the seams to the once baggy sweat suit. She said her goodbyes and squeezed herself into the cab and went home. On the way, she started to feel hungry, as she hadn't had any breakfast that day and it was 1pm; she saw an all-you-can-eat place and thought, why not? She paid the driver, and she carefully waddled in, making sure not to burst a seam, squeezed into a booth in the far corner of the place and waited for service.

A waiter soon came, and she placed an order for the all-you-can-eat southern fried chicken and fries. She paid him an additional £50 to make up for some of the money they would lose after she left. The first plate came, and she practically inhaled it. She then had more and more bought to her, and she just kept on eating. She went on eating for the next hour, and soon she was really filling up and needed to pass the food. She had needed to shit for about 45 minutes, and things were getting desperate. She tried to hold out for another 5 minutes, but it was coming out.

She tried to slide out for the booth and get to the ladies room on the other side of the restaurant. But she couldn't move. She struggled to get in and now she was full of food; she couldn't move an inch. She furiously struggled and only managed to go a few inches. Then she fell right out of the booth and onto the floor with a loud thud she landed on her gut, which made it come out. It spread out across her ass and onto the base of her back. The place was quite full of people and they just started at the almost 400 lbs woman on her gut. She turned bright red and tried to get up. She rolled onto her back, and the shit spread out even more and it was still coming. She pulled on the side of the booth, and she got to her knees. She then poked her ass out to get to her feet and then right down the seam of her ass, RRRRIIIIIPPPPPP. Shit came out onto the floor and her trousers fell away. She then stood right up and wobbled right off to the bathroom in tears. She took off her top and tried to get into the cubical to clean her fat ass, but her broad hips couldn't get through the door. She then went into the disabled cubical and started to clean herself up.

Once clean, she went to get her top back on, but it was no good. She had been wearing that one for 4 days, and it was almost impossible to get it on then now that she was bigger and full. She just had to wait for the place to close. She went into the disabled stall and waited.

A few hours later the place was empty, and a large worker came in with a uniform.

“Here, love, it may fit you; it's the largest they have got so that's all I can offer,” said the woman, putting it over the top of the cubical. Rachel thanked her and put it on.

It was a little restricting but shouldn't rip. She went out blushing, got her money and phone and went out to go home. On the way, she passed Hannah's place, and since the lights were on, she went in to see her.

She got in the lift and was soon at her door. Hannah soon came out and was stunned at Rachel's size. She was almost 100 lbs heavier and only slightly taller. Rachel came in and took a seat. She talked with Hannah about what she had done at her mom's but didn't dare mention what had happened at the restaurant. They then decided to have a pizza or 2. She picked up the phone and asked for 15 double cheese pizzas with 4 bottles of coke garlic bread and 10 pots of ice cream. The man down the phone double-checked the order and soon 2 delivery boys were at the door with all the food. They started to eat.

“Hey, Rachel, reckon you can have 10 pizzas before I can have 5 and my portions of garlic bread?” asked Hannah with a glimpse of challenge in her eye.

Rachel smiled and began to eat. It had been hours since she had eaten and she was feeling very hungry, anyway. She started stuffing slice after slice into her mouth, and Hannah just watched as she took a huge lead. Soon Hannah had only one pizza left and Rachel had 7. Rachel was starting to slow slightly but was a long way from giving up. She soon finished hers as Hannah finished her third piece of garlic bread. Rachel cheered in celebration and then decided to make another bet.

“Here we have 12 pieces garlic bread and 10 pots of ice cream. I bet I can eat 8 of the bread and 6 ice cream before you can have the rest.”

“Go on, then,” said Hannah, rubbing her tummy.

Rachel tore into the food and finished her bread as Hannah got to her fifth. She then went onto the ice cream; scooping huge mouthfuls into her awaiting mouth, she ate more and more and soon finished all of her ice cream, while Hannah was only on her third. Rachel then finished off Hannah's remaining ice cream, as she was really looking full.

They both sat back rubbing their full guts and fell asleep.

The next morning, Rachel showered and then, after wrapping a towel around her vast body, asked if she had anything that fit.

“Just have a look,” said Hannah, preparing their breakfast.

Rachel looked in her wardrobe and found loads of plus size stuff but nothing that would fit. She then saw a sweat suit larger than the others. She put it on and found it very tight. She then came out for breakfast.

“I need some new clothes,” said Rachel, taking a seat and waiting for food.

“I only made something to tide us over. I thought we would get you some new gear and then get the others and go to an all-you-can-eat place and scare everyone with what we can eat,” said Hannah, giving Rachel a huge fry-up.

Rachel agreed, and after eating the little meal, they went off to the fat ladies shop

Rachel was larger than all the women in the shop and thought they wouldn't have anything that fit. She looked around and bought loads of clothes. She got trousers, jeans, t-shirts, vests, blouses, sweaters and some shorts. She put on a pair of jeans and a vest, paid for all her stuff, and they got back in the cab to pick the others up.

They first went to Tina's. They opened the door, and it was clear she had lost weight; she was now down to 247 and wearing some dungeries and a top. They then picked up Jo, who had in fact gained a bit of weight, and was now at 318 and wearing a sweat suit. They got another taxi, as they all couldn't fit into one and headed for a restaurant.

They chose a very full one and all took seats. The booths were small for Rachel but she, with help from the others, squeezed in first and then the others squeezed around her. They all ordered the all-you-can-eat, and each paid an extra £20. The first plates soon came, and Hannah had challenge in her eyes.

“I bet me and Jo can eat more than you and Tina,” said Hannah, waiting for Rachel's approval.

“I don't know if you want me, Rachel; my appetite is much further down than it was. I don't think I can keep up,” said Tina.

“Its ok; I can pack it away myself,” said Rachel as they began.

They all tore off to a great start, stuffing more and more food into their mouths. Half an hour later, Tina was on her last legs as the opposition was warming up, and Rachel was still fresh.

Another half an hour gone, and Tina was leaning back, moaning and rubbing her giant belly. She was now in charge of keeping track, and it seemed that Rachel was in the lead.

Another hour, and things were getting tense. Rachel had unbuttoned her jeans and was pushing to eat at her incredibly fast pace. Jo and Hannah weren't planning to give up, as they knew Rachel was wearing down.

More and more food disappeared into Rachel's mouth, and she was now finding it very hard to keep going. She, too, needed to pass her food and had been holding for over an hour. She was worried that the same thing might happen again, but she couldn't be asked to move.

Some more time gone, and Rachel was just in front as her fast pace had worn her out, and her opposition was really feeling the burn. Rachel couldn't hold it any longer.

“I have to go to the toilet; move up, guys,” said Rachel to the others. She was at the end, against a wall and had Tina next to her then Hannah and then Jo.

Jo tried to shift along but couldn't, she was really stuffed, leaving her weak, and her full stomach was pushing hard against the table. The booth was smaller than the one at the place Rachel went to before and she had her gut fully on the table.

“Come on, Jo, this isn't a drill; I have needed to go for ages now, and I can feel it coming out, hurry!” said Rachel, turning red.

“I am trying, but I am stuck fast in this little booth,” said Jo, pushing with all her might.

Some more pushing, and soon Jo had shifted. She got to her feet, for Hannah to get up. Hannah tried to move, but she, too, was stuck and had farther to move.

Rachel was panicking as she began to touch cloth, and Jo pulled and Tina pushed and slowly she inched out. After Hannah was gone, Rachel could feel it coming out. Tina made her way out and then it was up to Rachel, but she was stuck fast. She tried once, twice and then out it came again. It came right out as it did before, and she just went silent.

She then carried on eating, as tears ran down her face; she ate with a new purpose and soon was plenty of plates ahead and the race was back on. Tina was now back in - but on the other team - and all 3 tried to keep up with her but were failing.

Another hour of eating, and they were all truly done. They waited for everyone to leave before getting the table legs unscrewed from the manager and getting Rachel cleaned up. They threw out her knickers, and they all went back to their homes, not daring to talk about Rachel's mishap.

The next day Rachel went to the cash and carry and put down for a huge delivery. She got crisps, chocolate, candy, biscuits, drinks and other junk food; she went home and then ordered some pizza while she waited for her food to come.

Once any food came, she paid and ate it right from the box. She stuffed herself to bursting point that very day and the next day and the one after that. In fact she ate like that for the next 10 months, making it 2 years since the tour began to the day, and she gained loads of weight. She now weighted a huge 738 lbs. Her tits were giant, her ass huge, her thighs as thick as tree trunks and her gut was titanic. It hung to her knees and made walking very hard.

She had the other girls live with her after the second month, and she had eating contests with them all against her. She was winning at first, but as they gained, they started to level up and they were now just in the lead. Tina was now 454, and the one who was least fond of being so fat, then came Jo who was now at 578 and loving every pound, Hannah was now second at 589 lbs.

They had food bought daily, and Tina always signed and paid for it as she could get around the easiest.

They loved their new lifestyle, having sheets to cover them up, and when it came to one of their birthdays, the birthday girl would have to eat how old she was in whole birthday cakes.

More time past, and Rachel was becoming desperately overweight at 956 lbs. She couldn't move and was hand fed by Tina who had stopped gaining to take care of the others.

Soon Rachel past the 1000 lbs mark and just a ball of fat. Jo and Hannah needed more help and decided to lose the weight before they were totally immobile like Rachel. They had several liposuction sections, and so did Tina, to get them all below 300 lbs. They were now all taking care of Rachel, taking it in turn to feed her 24 hours a day. She carried on gaining though and seemed to be suffering from very little breathing problems. She soon clocked the scale at 1500 lbs, and the last I knew she was still around her friends, gaining.