Weight Room Title Bar


Our story begins on the campus of State University, the dorm room of one very beautiful young Sophomore girl named Samantha. Samantha is a beautiful olive-skinned girl with long black hair and a “perfect” figure . . . the picture of beauty. On top of her obvious outer beauty Samantha is also a wonderful human being, helping around campus and in local homeless shelters and orphanages. She is also very sheltered . . . you see, Samantha's parents live in the same town as her school so she lives at home . . . no parties . . . no exposure to new cultures and new people . . . nothing but school and parents. Today, however, Samantha will have the most unique experience of her life . . . and meet the most amazing man she's ever met . . .

Same campus . . . very similar story . . . but this time with a new freshman to school named Rich. This young man comes from again . . . a sheltered home . . . a home he's left almost 300 miles away in the next state. Rich is a husky guy but would still be considered pretty fit . . . why would I mention this, you ask? Well, it's part of the reason Rich was always so sheltered by his parents . . . Rich has always had an odd obsession with “Weight Gain Culture;” after his parents found the stories and pictures saved on Rich's computer his sophomore year in high school, his life ground to a screeching halt. This is where it all changes . . . see, Rich never lost interest in the larger side of life . . . and now that he only has to see his parents a couple times a year, he's finally free!

The school year is now well under way . . . nothing's really changed; Samantha is still the clueless, sweet little thing she's always been . . . and Rich is still chomping at the bit to realize his dream of not only gaining himself . . . but a person of the opposite sex. This day starts like any other . . . Sam gets up early to do her chores then walks out the door down the road to campus for her first class like she does every morning; today, however, halfway through her hike it starts to rain like crazy. Luckily a sweet young man happens by and gives her ride back up to campus.

“O, wow, thanks for stopping . . . this kind of stuff is always happening to me.”

“No prob, name's Rich . . . what's yours?”

“Samantha . . . my friends call me Sam. Nice to meet you, Rich.”

This is where this story really jumps off into what you all really want to read about . . . it's now a month later; Rich and Samantha have become fast friends . . . then fast “more”-than-friends. They can't officially “go out” due to Samantha's controlling parents, but they manage with late night “study sessions” and lots of “sleep overs with friends,” if you see what I mean. Tonight, though, something very special is about to happen . . . you see, Samantha and Rich have gotten to the point of telling each other almost everything . . . and tonight Rich is about to tell Samantha his deepest desire.

“Sam . . . we tell each other everything right . . . I mean, like, say one of us had something that was kind of strange about them . . . and that person didn't really know how to approach the other about this . . . thing . . . like how . . . “ Rich stammers.

“Rich sweetie . . . what is it?” Sam says calmly.

“Well . . . see, ever since I found a few web sites when I was in junior high . . . I've had this kinda weird . . . I don't want to say fetish . . . but that's what it is. I guess it's a life style choice,” Rich continues to mutter.

“Life style choice?” Sam inquires.

“Lord . . . I'll just say it . . . Samantha I'm interested in the Weight Gaining Culture,” Rich blurts out.

“The what?” Sam asks questioningly.

“Just eating . . . enjoying food . . . living life with no hang-ups about your body . . . just eating and eating and watching it grow . . . that's what I want to do . . . I guess this is where you laugh at me and walk out of the room right?“ Rich sighs.

Far from it . . . Samantha simply leans over . . . and kisses Rich lightly on his lips . . . then opens the fridge, pulling out a gallon of ice cream.

“So you're saying you want me to help you?” Sam grins.

“You mean you don't think its weird?” Rich says surprised.

“Rich . . . I would love to help you in this quest of yours . . . I love you,” Sam says thoughtfully.

And that's where the first half of this story really begins . . . over the next few months Samantha follows Rich around, everywhere she could making sure he didn't overexert himself and burn away any fat whatsoever . . . constantly giving him her special mix of candy and encouragement. Rich jets from a measly 210 pounds to almost 270 in a matter of a few months . . .

“Baby . . . this is amazing . . . I feel like a new man! I mean 60 pounds! I'm just one huge pasty ball of pure FAT!” Rich says excitedly.

“And you couldn't be more sexy . . . “ Sam says seductively.

“Samantha . . . babe, mind if I comment on something?” Rich says.

“What, Rich?” Sam asks.

“Well . . . have you weighed YOURSELF lately?” Rich blurts out.

What Rich is so tactfully hinting at is the poundage Samantha herself has picked up over the past few months . . . gone are her tight abs . . . replaced by a small bit of pudge poking over her waist band.

“O wow . . . I haven't even noticed!” Sam says with revelation

“I think you look amazing with a little extra padding, Sam,” Rich says seductively.

“Really?” Sam asks.

“Yup . . . “ Rich says matter-of-factly.

Samantha grins slyly . . . and reaches over to a nearby bag of chips, grabbing a handful stuffing them in her mouth. Then slowly taking off her shirt and slowly leaning against the head of the bed in a sitting position.

“Let's see if we can make me any more amazing . . . “ Sam says grinning.

Good so far, eh? Well, read on, it gets way better . . . Again, a few months pass . . . it's the end of the school year and everything is in full bloom . . . I mean . . . everything is buzzing . . . o to hell with segues . . . Rich and Samantha have gained weight, ok? Rich has jumped from 270 to 320 . . . not a huge gain but enough to classify him as major obese man in most people's eyes. As for Samantha . . . the tiny little girl we knew is . . . well still pretty tiny but has packed on enough fat to shoot her up to about 180. Sam has a nice little belly that pokes out from under her little t-shirts; her arms and legs have filled out and wiggle when she walks; she's even starting to show the signs of some nice stretch marks and cellulite on her belly and thighs, respectively. The cutest thing is . . . her beautiful little double chin starting to form; her entire face is unchanged but she now has a small bit of pudge right under her chin. We join the couple in the midst of a passionate “feeding” one beautiful star filled night in Rich's dorm room . . .

“Rich baby . . . “ Sam says pitifully.

“Yea?” Rich asks questioningly.

“I . . . what's wrong with me?” Sam stammers.

“What do you mean?” Rich asks.

“Well, over the past few months you've seemed to be gaining at breakneck speed . . . but I've seemed to have topped out right before 200 . . . I mean, I really want to be a big beautiful woman . . . but right now I seem to be stuck,” Sam says.

“We could try . . . no you'd never want to go that far, forget I said anything,” Rich says.

“No WHAT!?!” Sam cries.

“Well . . . listen get dressed, we're taking a little trip.”

Rich and Samantha take to the street, trekking out across campus . . . heading straight to the science building . . . down to the basement where we find a small lab filled with the typical bubbling formulas and lots of tubing and beakers and such . . . and one huge blubbery looking stoner over in the corner toking on a huge bong.

“Hey, Rich dog, what up man?” Craig says through lungs filled with smoke.

“Craig . . . this is Samantha . . . it's that time man.” Rich says.

“O wow really . . . you haven't told her though have you?” Craig sighs as he exhales.

“Pardon me boys but . . . what the hell's going on?” Sam inquires.

Rich laughs and grabs hold of Samantha's hand . . .

“Babe . . . Craig here . . . despite his favorite pastime . . . is a brilliant chemist. He and I also share the same fascination with the weight gain culture . . . so he came up with a formula that . . . well, Craig, you explain,” Rich says.

“See, this stuff does a few things to your chemical make up . . . it one lowers your metabolism to a point where almost every bit of fat passes straight through your system and into your fat cells . . . second it increases your . . . ummm . . . well, like hunger levels to like ultra muchified regions . . . that and it gives you like this super erotic feeling all over your body when you eat . . . like a little orgasm when you swallow a piece of food,” Craig explains.

Samantha garners a huge grin . . . and holds out her hand . . .

“O like . . . wow you really want to take it?” Craig inquires.

“What it's never been tested?” Sam asks.

Rich and Craig each laugh out loud . . .

“Babe, Craig used to be 100 pounds soaking wet . . . “ Rich says.

“Yea, I've indulged a bit, trust me it's completely safe.” Craig explains.

So with that, Samantha downs a vial full of the liquid . . .

“O also . . . when you drink it, it has a funny side effect . . . it sorta like 'gives' you 40 pounds,“ Craig says.

“Yea we forgot to mention that,” Rich mutters.

Samantha looks down at her body now jutting forward . . . her belly flops over her jeans striped with stretch marks . . . her arms and legs inflate and garner a cellulite look to them . . . her cute little double chin becomes a full fledged roll of fat . . . and her breasts grow almost a full size . . . such a big gain in fact that she reaches around and un snaps her bra letting her now quite saggy breasts fall to their natural position.

“This . . . is . . . AMAZING!” Samantha cries.

“I knew you'd like it . . . “ Craig grins.

“Have you taken this stuff?” Samantha asks.

“Nah . . . don't need it, I mean please I'm like over 300 pounds . . . I gain any faster and I'll be bedridden.” Rich says

“O god Rich I'm . . . I'm so hungry lets go to IHOP or something please right now . . . please!” Samantha begs.

“Craig, man . . . thanks, I'll see you tomorrow in class, dog.”

With that Craig and Samantha make their exit and head towards IHOP . . . where they spend the next few hours engorging themselves with almost everything on the menu. Samantha has almost morphed into a food vacuum, eating and eating and eating some more. After a few hours Rich poops out and simply sits back and watches his beauty do her thing. At this point Samantha's 210 pound little belly (due to that little '40 pound' thing earlier) is pulled tight with food, pushing her t-shirt right under her breasts like a tube top. Syrup and butter cover her face like a little baby in a high chair . . . the look on her face is like pure ecstasy . . . due to the formula's effects obviously . . . but you can tell that's only part of it . . . this girl loves this. Rich leans over and kisses her on the cheek once she finishes and helps her to her feet and leads her out of the restaurant.

The next morning Samantha awakes in her bed at home with a huge smile across her face and a few extra pounds on her frame . . . she swings her legs out of bed and walks over to the full length mirror next to her dresser. She strips off her sleep shirt and stares at herself with a huge smile across her face . . .

“God, this is the best thing EVER!” Samantha cries quietly to herself.

Samantha pulls out the little scale from under her bed and steps on . . . 230 pounds! That's a 20 pound gain just from one trip to IHOP! Samantha is so thrilled she flops onto her bed buck-naked and starts to explore her new body. Slowly running her hands across her big flabby belly . . . feeling the now bumpy pale texture of her once flawless tan skin . . . grabbing huge rolls of fat on her thighs . . . then begins to explore her 'lower regions' . . . just as this happens the door to her room opens and in walks her mother.

“What the HELL!” Samantha's mother cries.

If you read back you'll realize when Samantha last left her house she was a mere 180 pounds . . . a long way from the now 230 pound girl masturbating naked on her bed.

“Samantha . . . we had noticed this bit of weight gain . . . but this is ridiculous . . . how you gained this much this fast is beyond me . . . but needless to say you're going to start a diet and major counseling starting tomorrow . . . “ Samantha's mother demands.

“Wrong mom . . . this time I have to take a stand . . . “ Samantha exclaims, reaching for her night shirt.


“Mom . . . I'm moving out . . . “ Samantha says.

“WHAT?!?” Samantha's mother cries.

“Mom I'm in college . . . I can take care of myself ok . . . I love you but let me make my own decisions.”

With that we fade out . . . it's later that night . . . at Rich's apartment. Samantha has just come over and the happy couple has just begun a major feeding. They begin slowly . . . sensually feeding each other but after a few minutes each begins to simply pig out . . . literally. Samantha especially just zones out spilling food down her shit and spearing icing and what not all over her mouth. Once again Rich peters out and simply sits his now 350 pound self back and watches Samantha eat . . . when the phone rings. Samantha is in such a food orgasm she doesn't even skip a beat as Rich picks up his cell.

“Rich, speak to me . . . “ Rich says.

“Rich dog . . . this is major, man . . . super major.” The out of breath Craig gasps on the other end.

“Craig . . . what's wrong man you sound like you just ran a mile,” Rich inquires.

“Rich . . . the formula . . . it has a flaw, man . . . it has this side effect . . . “ Craig gasps.

“Dude what is it!?!” Rich quietly asks as not to disturb Samantha.

“Man . . . I weight 500 pounds . . . “ Craig says.

“What? How?” Rich asks franticly.

“The formula has one effect I didn't know about . . . it adds that initial 40 pounds every day at the same time the formula was taken . . . I just found this out a couple days ago . . . I was hoping I could find a fix for it before it started happening to Sam but . . . well, I can't,” Craig says.

“O god . . . “ Rich gasps.

It's at that moment the clock strikes 7:00 and Samantha explodes once more . . . her 230 pound frame once again goes through the transformation. Belly juts forward . . . legs and arms inflate . . . thighs and but garnering more cellulite expanding outward . . . cheeks and chin puffing out . . . an amazing sight. Samantha is in such a haze though she doesn't even notice . . . she just continues to eat. After another hour of gorging Samantha sits back against the bed and lets out a little sigh . . . and after a long explanation on what Craig told her things got a little more clear.

“So every day at 7:00 I'm going to gain 40 pounds?” Samantha inquires.

“Looks that way babe . . . “ Rich says.

“Well . . . this is both good and bad I guess . . . I mean . . . o man this is getting complicated.” Samantha cries.

“What else is wrong?” Rich asks.

“Rich, I moved out of my house . . . I'm all alone . . . all my stuff is downstairs in your car . . . “ Samantha is starting to cry now. “And now in a matter of weeks I might be to big to even walk . . . what am I going to do? I mean I love gaining and feeling my body grow and change . . . but, my god, Rich what am I going to do?”

Jumping forward yet again we arrive the next day at around lunch time . . . the now around 280 (due to the extra 10 she gained from all the food) pound Samantha is dressed in a tiny red tube top and booty shorts with her black hair down in pig tails munching on a candy bar . . . Rich is finishing up a conversation with a man about . . . an apartment for the young couple. See, Samantha quit school . . . not knowing if she would even be able to make it around campus after a while . . . and Rich talked his parents to lend him the extra money to support an apartment without a time consuming job. Finally the deal was done and Rich and Samantha were finally alone. Rich begins to lead Samantha into a big beautiful yellow room . . .

“Babe this is it . . . your room,” Rich smiles.

“O wow . . . this is much bigger than I expected.”

“Babe . . . . this is where you'll grow . . . even though it's not exactly the way we really wanted to experience the joys of weight gain . . . this will have to do,” Rich says.

“I mean . . . I'm going to miss school . . . and well . . . going outside . . . but now that I think about it, this is every feedee's dream 40 pounds a day! All I have to do is sit around and wait till 7:00 and bang I'm fatter!” Samantha exclaims.

“So you're ok with this?” Rich asks.

“Completely!” Samantha says, embracing her fat lover.

So they begin their life together . . . Rich would leave early in the morning for school leaving Sam to eat her little heart out and be as lazy as she wants to be. Then come seven the two prepare for the big 7:00 time each and every night . . .

“Rich, it's time!” Samantha cries.

“Ok you're 280 now . . . 40 more that's going to be 320, Sweety!” Rich says excitedly.

Samantha lays back and simply sprawls out on the bed and waits for it to happen . . . and happen it does. Her belly explodes forward out of her shorts busting the button and drooping down into her lap . . . her thighs rip the legs of her shorts expanding outward . . . her breasts grow to the point of drooping to either side of her expanding belly, rolling up her tube top and eventually breaking it off letting it fall to the bed. As all of this is going on Rich is slowly caressing his lover . . . feeling her fill up like a balloon. And as the transformation is commencing Rich slowly undresses what's left of Samantha's cloths and begins to make love to her . . . Rich's 350 pound body pounding away at the now near 320 pound Samantha.

Three days pass and Samantha is now a whopping 440 pounds laying naked on the bed . . . belly down between her legs . . . thighs rolling well over her knees . . . arms drooping down over her elbows . . . round fat little face complete with now triple chin . . . her once tan very olive skin is now very pale stretched . . . a beautiful young girl. It's this day that Rich comes in with a surprise for Samantha.

“Babe . . . awesome news! A team of scientists at the university have been trying to undo what Craig did to himself for the past few days . . . and finally today they did it . . . they created a reverse for Craig's formula! Craig managed to snatch me enough to fix you!” Rich exclaims.

“What does it do?” Samantha asks through her now very fat lips and face.

“Well . . . you down the whole vial and it takes you back to the weight you were when you first took the formula . . . half just stops you at the weight you're already at.” Rich explains.

“Well . . . save it, I guess,” Samantha says.

“What . . . you mean you want to keep going?” Rich asks excitedly

“Why not . . . I mean how many feedee's have a window back to 180 pounds . . . to start the whole adventure over again? I say we see how far we can take this . . . then I drink and we can do it the natural way.” Samantha grins.

“God, I love you . . . “ Rich whispers.

And that's how Rich and Samantha lived for a few weeks . . . yes, I said weeks. Samantha got up to 920 pounds of pure fat . . . once there she decided to finally drink half the vial and enjoy the point she had reached . . . the next year Samantha lived as a 920 pound woman, Rich waiting on her hand and foot . . . bathing her . . . exploring her rolls and rolls of fat . . . loving every minute. Until finally she drank the rest of the vial . . . shrinking her back down to . . . 260? Yea all that actual weight she had gained without the formula between the 40 pound marks stayed on her . . . Sam and Rich were overjoyed and went out to celebrate.

Today the happy couple are married and BOTH graduates from State University . . . Rich is a nice healthy 360, and Samantha climbed back up to around 310 all by herself . . .