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Sandy--The Beached Whale
by Raven

Part I - Discoveries

Sandy was 20. She'd always had dreams of being fat, but never really lived them out. She was too afraid of the pressures of society to live them out, so she was stuck living in a size 6. That was until one day, she went in for her physical.

"Sandy, we have some bad news," her doctor said.

"Yes?" She replied.

"You may want to sit down for this. Recently, we prescribed you with a medication called Staber-16, for an impotency problem did we not?"

Sandy nodded her head, not knowing what was going on.

"Recently, a college in New England did a study on Staber-16 and found that when mixed with women who have your genes, those who possess blue eyes, blonde hair, who are sexually active, and have a rare defect in their genes, such as you have, will...how can I say this...become fat."

Sandy gasped. "Is there anything I can do about it?"

"I'm afraid not. Nature has its ways. You will begin your transformation sometime next week. We don't know how big you will get or if you will ever stop. We'd like to use you as a candidate for our study, we'd be willing to pay you millions-"

"No! I will not be used as a guinea pig so you can poke and prod me. This was your fault, you fix it or I'll take you to court."

"Sandy, you are the second case of this incident. The first woman who had this happen transformed into a 600 pound woman a few weeks ago. It is because of her we know what will happen. The pharmaceutical company that sells Stabler-16 paid her $2 million not to tell anyone. They will pay you the same, 4 more if you will be a study candidate."

"I'll think about it", was all she could say.

"I know this is hard for you, but you'll have to face the fact that from now on, you will be fat. We happen to have some large size clothes here, size 1X-4X, and some stretch panties. We also have bras that go into the E cups. We'll give you these clothes to start off, seeing how once you start gaining, you might not stop for hours, and it'd be bad if you did it in public now wouldn't it? So I suggest you stay indoors for at least 3 weeks."

Sandy took the clothes and left. She arrived home, and thought about the idea. She was going to be fat! She was so excited. She couldn't wait. Though she didn't show it in the doctor's office, she was happy. Her fantasy was about to come true.

Part II - First Changes

Sandy woke up the next day feeling tired and as if she'd been running all day, or night. She also felt weird. She stood up and then caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

"My god! I'm fat already!"

She had gained about 80 pounds over night. Her breasts where no longer perky, more round, like badly overfilled water balloons, her tits were as big as the dials on her car radio. Her belly had begun to grow round and smooth. Her thighs were softer, thicker, and they pushed together when she sat, and rubbed when she walked. Her ass was wider, it shook when she walked. It jiggled and thundered and bounced. She looked at her panties and how the where transparent, and thin. So stretched out, that they begun to form holes.They also rode up her crack, and tight around her pussy. She also noticed that her pussy was hairy. A nice womanly bush had formed. She decided to leave it, it made her resemble a Greek Goddess.

After admiring herself with her hands for 20 minutes, she decided to take a shower. She ripped the panties right off. "No sense in wasting time pulling them down my fat thighs she thought." Washing herself was a wonderful experience. She got to grab every new inch of soft thick flab and massage it. She almost had an orgasm right there, but she decided not to just yet. She was saving that for later.

She got out and dried off. Her blonde hair hung at her shoulders. She looked a little fatter still...had she gained weight in the shower too? She decided to weigh herself. 280. Wow! 140 pounds in 24 hours! Not knowing how much further this would go, she decided to just wear the stretch panties, and nothing else for now. No sense in tearing some more clothes. The panties were big, and fit around her large waste nicely, and they did stretch to conform to her new girth. She waddled downstairs and decided to get a bite to eat and watch TV. "Food...no wait bad idea. I'll just watch TV, she thought." The walk down stairs was tiring, and soon, she was asleep on the couch again.

Part III - Massive Growth

Even before she opened her eyes she felt heavier. Sandy opened her eyes and screamed. her scream was muffled by something. She couldn't breathe! She jumped up at once. It wasn't for 5 seconds until she realized her massive bosom was in her face while she was asleep. She also felt soft..When she looked down, she couldn't believe her eyes! She was huge!

Her tits were the size of shot glasses. Her breasts where as big as watermelons. They hung down to her gaping belly button. They were big soft, and bounced. Her belly was big and round. It was so warm and soft, yet so tan. Her thighs were 40 inches around, and her legs were long and shapely. Her ass must have been 70 inches big! She was so turned on. She decided to weigh herself.

400 pounds! She was a hippo! A fat cow! Her breasts were full of milk she discovered soon afterward. She wanted to play around with her fat. She ran as far as she could before tiring out (about 20 feet). She began panting and sweating. This turned her on. She fell to the floor and laid on her fat ass. She spread her fat flabby thighs and reached for her clit, fingering herself viciously. She soon discovered that not only was she huge, but she had the ability to create massive body fluids. She sprayed 10 cubic feet of cum on her wall. She shuddered for 4 minutes. her fat jiggled like jello, her breasts flopped back on her face. She was so happy, and so sexy. She decided to share her body with the rest of the world.

Part IV - Sharing Flabulous Experiences

Sandy waddled her fat ass upstairs. She was going to wear the tightest, lowest cut dress, and sexiest lacy bra she could find. The hospital took the liberty of buying her sexy clothes in all sizes. When she got in her room though, she really had to go to the bathroom. She hadn't thought of this before.

Being her size, she dwarfed the toilet. She would make this an erotic experience too. She sat down on the seat, but her ass was closed from all the fat. So, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart. Then she squatted. Once that was done, she let her ass stay open by straddling the sides of the toilet with her ass. Then, she lifted up her belly and cleared her hairy pussy of any obstructions. Finally she became relaxed and let it go. She had never shit with so much ass meat before. It felt so good. As she peed though, it got on her big thighs. "Oh well, I'm taking a shower anyway."

After finishing the toilet she took another erotic shower, this time she had more fun playing with her fat and trying to clean under her belly and under her legs. After she was all dry, she chose a pair of cotton panties that looked comfortable. She had to sit down to put them on. She plopped down on the floor and spread her legs. Then she put one foot in, then another, and then stood up. As she bent over to pull the parachute-like panties, she caught a glimpse of her huge round tan ass, and begin to get wet again. She pulled the panties up her shapely legs and around her soft big thighs. After that, she got the lacy bra, and had fun tucking her titties in the huge bra. Then she put the loose fitting one piece skirt, past her thighs. She noticed that if she ran or jumped, it revealed the bottom of her ass, hanging out of her parachute (panties), and her hairy twat from the front. She was ready to show the world, who she was. A fat cow, or a beached whale. Too bad though, she forgot the doctor's advice. She was about to be the freak attraction of the town.

-To be continued.