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Sara Gains A Little Weight
By s3rebel

As Sara walked down the street, she had just bought her 5th burger in an hour.

Sara weighed 185 pounds and had just turned 15. Her mother and father worried about her weight problem, but didn't bother her about it. She was walking on the boardwalk and went into the magic shop and found a "weight-gain" potion. Sara was always dreaming about getting even fatter than she was now.

Sara bought the formula and went home. She was wearing tight jeans that were starting to rip a little and a bikini top that covered her 13BB breasts. Sara got many stares from the guys in her class during the summer because of her bigger breasts.

Sara's parents were on vacation for a second-honeymoon, so Sara decided to try out the formula. She drank about 1/4th of the formula. After about an hour, she felt her bikini top and jeans get tighter. She got up and the button off her jeans popped right off. Sara ran to the bathroom and weighed herself. She now weighed 200 pounds. She had just gained 15 pounds in an hour.

Sara couldn't believe it! As she thought that, her bikini top unbuttoned itself and her now 20BB breasts fell out. Sara quickly noticed her bigger breasts and was amazed by their new size. Sara decided to go and put on a full body suit instead of a bikini, so she could grow. Sara went and tried to put on the suit, but her belly and butt had both gotten a little rounder then before. After about 10 minutes, Sara got it on and headed to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

She first picked up the phone an ordered two extra large pizzas with the works. After 20 minutes the pizzas arrived and the delivery boy knew Sara and asked if she had put on weight since he last saw her. Sara told him that she was on a new diet. Then he asked why she was eating two huge pizzas. Sara told him that the diet wasn't to lose weight but to put on a lot more. He wondered if her parents knew about it and Sara said to not tell anyone that she'd gained weight. He agreed and as he left watched Sara's swimsuit get a little tighter and her body get a little bigger.

After that conversation, she was starved and started to dig in on the huge pizzas. Sara's swimsuit was getting tighter by the minute and after both pizzas, Sara couldn't move her big belly and breasts. After a struggle, she finally got up. She couldn't run, so she walked over to the bathroom scale and weighed herself. Sara's new weight was 220. She couldn't believe that she had already gained 35 pounds. Sara's body was getting bigger by the second.

Sara took off the swimsuit and put on a sweat suit and went for a walk. The shirt didn't cover the bottom of her belly and the pants couldn't either. As she walked, she ran into her FA boyfriend, Mark.

Mark was about 150 pounds and was in love with the same thing that Sara was, her body. When they met, Mark asked what she had done to her body. Sara explained it to him and told him not to worry because she would keep it up.

Later, as she walked, some of the more popular kids noticed that Sara had put on a few pounds. They went over and teased her about how her belly stuck out. Sara ignored them and continued to jog. After about an hour, Sara realized that she had grown again and wondered how much more weight she had put on.

She went over to visit Christina, her best friend, at her house. Christina only weighed 124, but had about 19BB breasts. Sara knocked on the door and when Christina opened it she saw that Sara had to have gained about 50 pounds already - and it was only the end of June.

Christina asked Sara what she had done to her body. Sara told Christina to come over and she would explain. So they went back to Sara's house. When they got there, Sara showed Christina the "weight-gain" potion and asked if Christina wanted a sip. Christina didn't know whether to look like Sara or to stay thin. Christina took her 1/4th of the potion and noticed her breasts getting bigger. Sara told Christina to put on a swimsuit, so she could grow. After two hours, the girls weighed themselves. Sara now weighed 245 pounds. That was 50 pounds in one day. Christina now weighed 150 pounds. She'd gained 26 pounds.

They admired their new bodies: their fuller boobs, bigger bellies, wider hips, bigger butts. Sara had now grown a triple-chin and Christina was working her way on to a double.

Christina called her parents and told them that she was sleeping over that night. They both slept in Sara's parent's bed, because Sara's wouldn't support their weight. They couldn't find good enough clothes to wear to bed, so they went nude. Except that Christina wore one of Sara's old bras and panties and Sara wore her mother's. They talked about what they thought their bodies would look like after the potion took full effect.

When they woke up, they went into the kitchen and made a huge breakfast. Sara ate at least 15 plates, but Christina ate 20. After breakfast they weighed themselves. Sara was up to 285, so she had gained 100 pounds since yesterday. Christina weighed 194, so she had gained 70 pounds in about 13 hours.

The two got dressed into Sara's mother's bikinis and went for a swim in the pool. Sara got in and sank to the bottom, while Christina was about half-and-half. After the pool they decided to take the rest of the potion, but then Sara suggested that they go buy some more of it.

They agreed and walked down to the magic shop and bought 6 bottles for each of them. The storeowner warned them about overdosing on the formula. She had already noticed Sara's bigger body and Christina's plumper belly and breasts.

The girls didn't listen and went home to continue their weight gain. They both drank about two bottles and then waited to see what would happen. After 15 minutes, Christina felt her clothes get really tighter, as did Sara. Then they started to get fatter and fatter until they must had gained over 125 pounds. Sara could barely walk, but she got to the scale. It read 410. Christina could walk slowly, but she read 319. Sara had about 6 chins now, while Christina had 5.

They saw their new bigger boobs. They must have been in the FF range for Sara and in the EEE for Christina. They got upset and called the storeowner for an antidote. She came over and gave them a "weight loss" potion. It put the girls back down to about 200 each.

The owner told them to use the potion in small portions, instead of all at once and then they would gain weight, but not so much.

Christina didn't know how to tell her parents that she'd gained 76 pounds overnight. Sara suggested that Christina stay over for two months, so her parents wouldn't worry. Christina called her parents and told them to pack all her underwear, some shirts and about 5 pairs of jeans and shorts.

Her parents agreed and would be over in 10 minutes. Sara told Christina to go take a shower, so when her parents arrive they can't see your new belly.

Christina rushed upstairs and got in the shower. Her parents arrived and told Sara to make sure that she doesn't blimp up. Sara agreed and they left. Sara took off her clothes and went upstairs and got in the shower with Christina.

They noticed that they hadn't gained any weight since the owner came over. Christina realized that they hadn't drunken any of the potions yet. They got out of the shower and went downstairs and grabbed a bottle each. They drank about 2/5 of the potion each. After about 2 hours, they realized that they must have gained about 60 pounds. They weighed themselves and they both weighed 260 pounds. Sara's breasts were about 25CC and Christina's were about 28CC.

They both were hot and sweaty. They were getting tired so they went to Sara's parent's room and fell asleep on their bed. They woke up after gaining about 30 pounds overnight. They went over to the scale and it read 290 pounds for each of them.

Sara told Christina that it was going to be a long summer of weight-gain for the two of them. After that, Sara and Christina kept on gaining more and more weight each day. The day went on checking on their weight hour after hour.

After 10 hours, they both weighed 345 pounds. In 10 hours, they'd gained 55 pounds. There was a nude beach for girls at the high school, so they put on the biggest clothes they could find and went.

They then walked to Christina's house and saw that her parents weren't home. When they got back to school, most of the girls stared at how fat Sara and Christina had gotten.

Beth, one of the heavier girls, was even in shock at their big bellies and breasts. They sat down next to Beth and she asked what have they done to their bodies. They told Beth that they were drinking a "weight-gain" potion and they were constantly gaining weight. Beth asked them how much they weighed? She was amazed when she heard that they weighed 345 pounds.

Beth asked Sara if she could join them? Sara agreed and they went to Sara's house and Beth drank about 4/5 of her bottle. In only 10 minutes, she saw her breasts, butt and belly at least double in size. She walked over to the scale. She now weighed 345 pounds, as well. Beth's old weight was 245 pounds. In 10 minutes, she'd gained 100 pounds.

They went into the living room and measured each other's breasts. Sara's were 34DD, Christina's were 37DD and Beth's were 45DD. They all felt really huge after the entire potion drinking, so they decided to stop for a while.

The girls rented a hotel room and went to the gym daily. After about a week, the girls had slimed down to about 200 each. The potion had a weird effect on their breasts, though. Their breasts stayed the same size. Once school started, the three got many stares from guys and girls at their bellies and breasts. They agreed that every summer they would drink the potion and plump over 345 pounds. By the summer, they had made it to 250 pounds only by eating.

Summer came and they were now 16 and the potion had a greater effect every year after the first. After high school, they rented the same hotel room and continued to drink the potion and exercise each year after drinking the potion.