Weight Room Title Bar

By Zarbon

This is a true story, and all characters are real people in my office at work. Some of the dates and weight maybe a little bit off, but not by very much. I have decided to write this story using English weight, stones, instead of the American lbs. But the conversion is easy; there are 14 lbs to every stone, so 10 stone is 140 lbs, etc.

I started working in my office just under two years ago. The company is small, but growing fast. There are about 30 people in the main off and then about the same amount in other smaller offices and the warehouse.

A few days after I started work, so did another girl, Sarah. She was 21, five-foot-six, white, short red hair and bright blue eyes. She was really quite slim back then; I am not sure of her weight, but I estimate it to be about nine-and-a-half stone. We didn't work in the same team, but our desks were near to each other, and us being in the same age group we got on, as we each did with other younger members of the office.

Over the next few months, nothing really happened, but we both were the two new ones to the office and got to know people, and each other a bit better, having the odd drink after work and going to the pub for lunch with a few colleagues. But nothing was really happening between us as she had a long-term boyfriend, and I was having a few on and off relationships.

It was about now that I started to notice Sarah's clothes were starting to look a little snug on her, and by early December she had definitely gained a few. I would estimate her to be about ten-and-a-half stone. Just a little thicker around the belly and thighs, and her clothes were starting to look very snug on her.

But a few days later, I used up loads of my holiday time and booked off all of Christmas and the New Year until January 4th. The next time I saw Sarah was at the Christmas party on the 20th. It was the first time I had seen her in casual clothes, and she wore some really tight jeans and a top that exposed her midriff. Her stomach now had a layer of flab flowing over the waistband and some thick love handles resting on her sides. I was surprised to see the new flab on her, and we all enjoyed an entire night on the free bar; I was very glad I didn't have to work the next day.

By March, the company had grown even more, and both me and Sarah were getting promotions in our separate departments. It meant longer hours and little more responsibility, but the pay was good and I got to work more closely with Sarah. By now she had let herself slide up to about 12 stone, and her belly had grown even more, along with her thighs. It was clear the stress of the job and the hours were affecting her weight. She used to work in a bar, which meant she was on her feet all night and doing some exercise. She wasn't happy about getting fatter and decided to start dieting. At this point Sarah began her diet, which was the first of about a dozen over the next nine months; she tried the Atkins Diet, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers and many, many more I hadn't even heard of.

Every lunchtime she would discuss her new diet and the fluctuations in her weight. Her record low in this time was ten stone, but she was now at her highest weight since I have known her: 14 stone. She now had rolls of blubber around her middle, a wide and sagging ass, and blubbering thighs. She was feeling down about being so fat and we got to talking over lunch as I joined her on her last day before she took off a long Christmas break like I had the year before. She was eating a salad, and I was just having a sandwich as we both drank a pint of lager. We soon got onto her weight, and she told me how low she was feeling about being so big, but she also mentioned that she used to be bigger then she was now. She told me when she was a mere 13, she weighed 16 stone. This was down to her living next door to a fish and chip shop and her always having the leftovers at the end of the night on top of her normal food, which she admitted was very fattening. But when she moved and started puberty, the weight fell off and she got slim.

So I had to ask why she thought she had gained weight again, and she put it down to her long hours of sitting, being too tired to cook and just eating out. She also admitted since she had started earning good money she went out at the weekends and drank a lot, and all she tended to drink was beer. I tried to be supportive to her and told her he looked great - which she did to me - and she did look more happy with herself as we went back up to work. I watched her body jiggle as she walked.

Over her time off I thought what the Christmas season would be doing to her body, and when she didn't turn up for the Christmas party, people started to wonder why. But when she turned up back after her holiday it was clear she hadn't been dieting. She must have been about 15 stone, and her clothes looked very tight on her. Her rolls were visible under her clothes, and the top button on her trouser was undone. Her top didn't hide it as it rolled up her stomach a bit, showing a bit of flab.

Nobody dared to say anything to her as it wasn't too smart to tell a woman she looks fat, but a few days later she bought up the topic of her weight. She said she just didn't care anymore and wanted to just see how bad it would be if she did get a bit fatter. She was officially off her diet, and this was clear as she started bringing packs of sweets daily for her desk. For lunch she had a large pack lunch consisting of chocolate bars, crisps and sweets. She would also go to the chip shop and have a bag of chips or a kebab or a large pub lunch, anything she could get her chubby little hands on.

Her weight climbed almost daily, and by April she had passed her old high and was now 18-and-a-half stone, which she admitted to me on the day after April Fools, so I knew she wasn't lying. I was amazed how fat she had gotten; her arse jutted right out and was deep with cellulite, as much as it was wide and flabby. Her thighs clearly were too wide to part anymore as she waddled when she walked and struggled to cross the thick chunky legs. Her breasts didn't seem to grow too much, but were fuller then ever before along with her face. She had a nice double chin on the go and chubby checks. Then came her belly; her rolls and rolls were so big they had to sag down over her pussy and it wasn't a rare thing to see her overhang from under her tops and above her trousers.

But with her weight came happiness. She was the happiest I have seen her since she first came to the company. She happily ate all day and was glad she didn't have to bother dieting anymore.

Sarah didn't slow down over the next few months; if anything, she sped up her eating. It wasn't a rare thing to see Sarah having two bags of chips for lunch or having two pub lunches. She was snacking all the time, and didn't go ten minutes without something in her mouth. As of yesterday, the 10th of July, Sarah now weighs a whopping 22-and-a-half stone. She is unrecognisable to the girl she was just two years before as she's more than doubled her weight.

Her huge paunch makes her circumference huge as her belly flows outward, all over the place and way down to cover a good few inches of thick, deep thigh fat, that contain almost as much cellulite as her tremendous arse. It was truly huge when I last saw it as she walked off home in her new 'fat girl clothes' as she likes to call them. She's recently admitted to me that she shops at a fat person's shop. She has now grown hugely over weight, and I am loving it, every second of her growth, as she struggles to squeeze her wide arse into her office chair, and the struggle to stand from all the weight she is carrying and her arse being wedged into the chair itself. But I can tell she is reaching her limits. She is now constantly sweating, partially due to the heat in the office, but mainly down to her insulating blubber. She is also really unfit now and by the time we get down to the pub for lunch she is panting, sweating more then usual, and she flops right down into a chair before we even order.

I just wonder what the future holds for her. Dieting doesn't work for her quite clearly, and she is happier then ever, apart from having to rest when she has to go upstairs to Accounts and the other problems that arise when you are well over 20 stone of fat.