Weight Room Title Bar

Scott and Jennifer
By Stuffa

Jennifer was just licking the last traces of honey cruller off of her fingers when she heard the voice from the front of the store. Husky, sexy, familiar. "Is Jennifer working today? I'd really like her to help me with my purchases."

Jennifer stood up and brushed herself off. She made sure that there were no traces of the donut on her clothing. After all, this was an expensive men's clothing shop, and when a customer asked especially for her, she was delighted to oblige. She stepped into the shop proper in time to see her colleague Amy reaching for the intercom, which she put down as soon as Jennifer swanned into view.

"And here is Jennifer now!" said Amy, pointing in her direction. The man at the counter turned, displaying an immense belly and cherubic face.

Jennifer broke into a smile as she walked towards the customer. "Scott darling, it's been ages! I thought you had forgotten me. Are you too busy for coffee and a chat before you look at clothing?" Jennifer embraced Scott, enjoying the feel of his belly pressing against her body. He returned the hug, pressing his cheek against hers.

"Never too busy for coffee with you, my dear," replied Scott.

Jennifer took his arm, and led him to the room reserved for visiting with favorite clients. She waved him towards a low, wide sofa and walked to the coffee bar. "What's your pleasure, Scott? Latte?"

Scott was reaching for the plate of pastries on the table in front of him. His legs were spread to either side of his rounded belly as he leaned forward, grunting slightly with the effort of pushing past his enormous stomach. Finally retrieving the recalcitrant treats, he sank back into the sofa with a grin. "Latte yes, but none of that low-fat milk. Could you make it with cream instead?" He placed the plate of pastries on the shelf of his belly and grabbed one, biting into it rapturously.

Jennifer smiled. "Your wish is my command, darling. One special latte coming up." Jennifer operated the espresso machine expertly, steaming the cream slightly and then adding the shot of coffee to the cup. "How many sugars, sugar?" she asked, grinning at the large man on the sofa.

"Oh, three or four. Plus that chocolate on top, please, said Scott. "After all, who's scared of a few calories?" Scott grinned at Jennifer, rounded cheeks showing a dimple. He knew she could never resist an opportunity to flirt with him, especially when he came in after a large gain. Today she would not be disappointed.

Jennifer brought Scott his coffee, sitting on a low ottoman next to him. She balanced a pad of paper on her knee and twirled a pen expectantly. Scott took a sip of the coffee and smiled at her. "Jennifer, this is definitely heavy cream. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to fatten me up."

"Oh never, Scott. As much as you could do with gaining a pound or a hundred, you know I'd never try to make you fat without your permission. Unless you hadn't been shopping in some time and I desperately needed the commission, of course. Like today. Have another pastry. Have ten. You're too skinny, look at you." Jennifer leaned forward and poked one finger into Scott's ample belly. It sank into the flabby mound, and she smoothed her hand against his flesh, rubbing it gently.

Slowly, she slid her hand to the waistband of his jeans, probing with her fingers. "You really have put on a lot of weight this time, haven't you? These jeans are far too tight, and yet you didn't come and see me. What am I supposed to do with you?" Jennifer continued to stroke Scott's stomach gently as he shrugged. She supposed he would have answered her with more than a gesture, but he was busy eating another pastry.

"When you're done with that one, stand up so I can get your current measurements." Jennifer stood up and walked to the door of the room, locking it. Then she walked to the coffee bar again, opening a small drawer which she pulled a tape measure from. She looked at Scott and then dropped the tape measure back into the drawer, pulling out another, larger one. Then she leaned against the coffee bar twirling the end of the tape measure as she watched Scott try to rise to his feet.

Even as Scott fought to heave himself upwards off of the sofa, he knew that he enjoyed having a woman such as Jennifer watch him struggle under his own weight. After all, she thoroughly approved of every pound he put on, and not only because it meant he bought new clothing from her. No, she had discreetly made it clear before that she would welcome a pass from him, and he was becoming more and more tempted. After all, she was a stunningly beautiful girl, and she liked it when he gained weight. Which made it all the better, from his point of view.

Finally, Scott made it to an upright position. "Ta-dah! And the mountain will come to Mohammed." Scott grinned and shook his hips in a bad (fat) Elvis impression, and waddled toward Jennifer. She watched him, smiling, and held out the tape measure.

"I can't measure you in those tight clothes, darling. You know you have to disrobe. I'll turn my back." Jennifer turned around, hoping to catch a glimpse of Scott's form in the shiny surface of the espresso machine when she felt a hand on each shoulder. Scott spun her around to face him, and then pressed up against her, taking her hands as if to dance.

"My dear, I shall need your help in undressing today, as I can no longer reach far enough down to unzip my jeans entirely." Scott took her hands and placed them on his stomach, palms down, and slid them to the waistband of his jeans. "And as you can feel, these jeans are so tight that I have a hard time getting in and out of them anyway."

Jennifer ran her hands up and down against the flesh swelling out of Scott's jeans. It was obvious to her that the jeans were entirely too small for him. And it was equally obvious that Scott was flirting more than normal. But still, the man had the ability to drive her wild. Feeling him pinning her to the coffee bar with his stomach had made her dizzy. And the chance to help undress him would make her insane.

She pushed him back slightly and slowly slid one hand, then the other under his too-tight waistband. Looking him in the eye she struggled to bring the top of the jeans together enough to release the button. Her fingers were pinched as Scott inhaled, puffing out his stomach further.

"Now, that's no fair," she said, feeling her fingers sinking deeply into the flab of his stomach. He pushed out his stomach further, truly trapping her fingers between his soft belly and the tight denim.

He grinned at her devilishly. "What would happen if I walked over to that sofa now and lay down?" he said, running his hands up her arms to her shoulders. "It seems to me you'd have to go wherever I walked." Scott swung his belly back and forth gently, feeling her hands move with him. He loved the feeling of her hands on his flesh.

"You're a terrible tease, Scott," said Jennifer, turning weak at the thought of being dragged onto the sofa by Scott. She would love the chance to press up against him, snuggle with him, run her hands and mouth over him. Having her hands trapped by his big belly would probably be as close as she got though, she thought ruefully. Scott had previously turned her down when she made a little pass at him, although she wasn't absolutely sure if he had known that she was interested. Still, she was happy that she hadn't frightened him off, especially as he hadn't come back to her store until now.

Scott abruptly eased the pressure off of her hands by sucking in his belly. His stomach didn't move much, but just enough that she was able to free her fingers. She shook her hands, and looked at the denim imprints on her fingertips. "Now Scott, we still have to get those jeans off. Will you help me this time, or are you going to try to squish my fingers again?"

Jennifer reached for his waistband again, and Scott held out one hand to stop her. "Allow me to assist," he said, wrapping both arms around his own stomach. Jennifer watched in amazement as he hugged his upper belly, pulling it upwards. Quickly she slid her hands under his waistband again, this time finding enough slack to unbutton the button.

With a sigh of relief, Scott released his hold on his stomach. His freed belly bulged even more provocatively over the top of his jeans, pushing the zipper downwards an inch. "That is so much easier with someone to help," he panted. "Now, if you would do the honors with the zipper, I would be much obliged. It's a bit sharp you know."

Jennifer quickly reached for his zipper to wrench it down and found that it was stuck. "Scott, I hate to say it, but I think our little maneuver has caused a problem. I can't get the zipper to budge." Jennifer continued to yank on it, hoping to free Scott from his jeans.

She knelt closely before him, pulling the little metal tab up and down, trying to work it loose. Finally she was rewarded as the zipper suddenly dropped, causing Scott's belly to cascade out of the tight garment. She was stunned by the size of the drooping apron of fat that the jeans had encased, and watched it jiggle and sway slowly to a stop.

Scott laughed. "That's better," he said. "Are you okay down there? You didn't get hit by the fallout, did you?" He pushed his stomach slightly to one side, trying to peer over it. "I have to ask, because I can't see you over my gut. Come on up here."

Jennifer slowly stood, bemused. Scott had definitely gained weight, lots of weight. And she was even more attracted to him. So much so that she was working to control her reaction to him. She decided to joke. "Well, after that exercise I need a cool drink. Can you get out of your shirt yourself, Scott?"

Scott smiled to himself as Jennifer busied herself behind the coffee bar, pouring water and then hugging herself as she drank it. He had seen the flush on her cheeks, her dazed look and knew that she was still interested in him. He unbuttoned his cuffs and shirtfront, and shrugged out of the constricting clothing. He wanted to have his shirt off before she turned around.

She still stood facing the wall, but was no longer sipping her water. Scott cleared his throat. "I'm done, shirt's off. Ready for my close-up, Ms. DeMille." Scott struck a pose, hand on hip, belly pushed out. Jennifer turned and stared at him, enraptured. She approached, measuring tape in hand.

"Scott, you have definitely put on a few pounds - look at you!" Jennifer waved her hand at his body, taking in the increase in his size. "Your belly is poking out of your undershirt and hanging out of the legs of your jockeys. We are going to have to outfit you totally, from the skin out. Not that it's not lovely skin. Still, let's look at your old measurements, and see where you are now."

Jennifer consulted her pad, and read off a number. "Okay, previously your neck size was a 22, and now it's a ..." She draped the measuring tape around his neck. "It's a 25 and one half. Quite a jump."

She moved her hands to his chest. "And previously your chest was 60 inches, and now," and the measuring tape slid from his neck and down his back. She drew it up under his arms, standing closely to him. "Now you are a 68." She looked at him appraisingly. "You have grown, big boy."

Scott beamed at her with pleasure. He took such enjoyment from being measured by Jennifer. She was always careful to make sure he knew not only how big he was but how much he had grown. And unbeknownst to her, she was saving the best for last.

"And now let's get your waist. Previously you were a 55 inch waist, and now you are," and she slid the tape measure further down, and ran her hands around his waist, drawing the tape measure together. She looked at the numbers and readjusted the tape measure, wondering if it was twisted. No, it was accurate. She stared at the numbers, and announced hoarsely, "Scott, you now have a 69 and one half inch waist."

Scott smiled. For once, he had managed to totally shock Jennifer with his gaining. He feigned disappointment. "What a shame," he said. "If I had only had a few more pastries, I might have had a 70 inch waist for you to measure."

Jennifer laughed weakly. "My dear, you can have all the pastries you want from me. You know that. But you've still had quite a large gain."

Scott ran his hands over his belly contemplatively. "You're not saying I'm too fat, are you?" He smiled at Jennifer as she immediately shook her head.

"Oh no, you're not too fat Scott, no. You're just very fat, but you could be bigger. I mean, you'd be very, well, bigger is good," Jennifer stammered to a stop.

Scott decided to press his advantage. "So, you're saying that you like me fat, but you'd like me even more if I gained weight. And that I could have as many pastries as I want from you." He smiled as Jennifer nodded, mouth open.

Scott slowly waddled to the sofa and sank into it, stomach spilling over his thighs and to both sides. "Well then Jenny-my-dear, get on with it. You want me fatter, and I want some more of those pastries. Come over here and peel me a pastry."

Jennifer's head swam. Scott, an incredibly fattened Scott, was lying on a sofa in front of her demanding to be fed. By her. A dream, it must be a dream. She sank back onto the ottoman next to him, and reached for the tray. "Which one do you want?" she asked, indicating the pastries.

Scott smiled. "It doesn't matter, because I'm eating them all. Every pastry you've got." He opened his mouth in anticipation.

Slowly, Jennifer picked up a pastry and held it up to Scott's lips. He took a large bite, and then another, and another, eating with a ferocity that made her shake. When he finished the pastry he captured her hand and gently directed one finger after another into his mouth, sucking them clean of sugar. His tongue teasingly swept her fingers clean, and then he released her hand. "More," he said, running his hands over his stomach. "Feed me all of them, and with the hand you're not using to feed me, rub my belly." He slipped her hand beneath his undershirt to the warm soft flesh of his gut and pressed it into his fat. "That's right, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So feed me and rub me."

Jennifer complied, feeding him pastry after pastry, sweeping her hand across the expanse of his belly. His undershirt was pulled up to expose his fat chest now, belly mounded high and pink. Fresh stretch marks showed that today was not the only time he had binged recently. Suddenly, the tray of pastries was empty.

Scott looked at her quizzically. "That can't be all of them. I'm still hungry," he said, petulantly. Jennifer lurched to her feet.

"No, that's not all. Let me get the others." Unsteadily she walked to the coffee bar, disappearing behind it to open the refrigerator set into it. Triumphantly, she reappeared with a large white box and crossed to where he lay. She set the box down on the table next to him and smiled. "Are you sure you want all of them?" she asked impishly.

Scott opened and closed his mouth, and rubbed his belly. "All of them, baby. You're supposed to be fattening me up, and that little snack you just gave me won't help much." He smiled at her serenely.

Slowly, she lifted the lid on the box and then picked up a pastry. "Well then, open wide. Because there are 35 more where this one came from." Fat cheeks spread in a smile, Scott opened his mouth for the pastry.


"Darling no, I'm not giving you any more," said Jennifer, looking at Scott in concern. "You've already eaten more than two dozen of this box, and almost a dozen from the last platter. There are limits, even for a fat, handsome man like yourself."

Scott looked at her resentfully from lidded eyes, but admitted to himself that she was correct. He was utterly, utterly stuffed and now unlikely to want to move for a few hours. In fact, the only movement he could contemplate was making love to the beautiful woman in front of him, the woman who had hung for the last hour and a half on his every bite. The thought of her body sliding up and down his overstuffed belly drove him wild, and he wondered why he hadn't taken her up on her offer the last time. He rolled slightly towards her, and licked his lips.

"Jennifer, do you know what would make today absolutely perfect?" She leaned forward, eager to hear. "A kiss. I want a kiss, so that you can taste the pastry on my lips and know that you have stuffed me to my limits, that at this very moment all that gorgeous food you just fed to me is making me even fatter."

Jennifer hesitated for a full half second, before dropping to her knees by the side of the couch and cupping his fat cheeks in her hands. "Oh God, yes. I want to kiss you, knowing that I've been making you fat. You're so fat, Scott." She leaned into him, dropping her face to his and kissed him, tongue teasing him, licking his lips, lips stroking his. And while she did that her hands traced the curve of his cheeks, slid into the folds of his chins and ran down his body to stroke his bulging stomach.

Scott moaned against her mouth as she touched his belly and reached for her body, pulling her half onto the sofa and on top of him. He broke the kiss briefly and looked up at her. "Do you want to? You've got me so turned on. You're so beautiful, and I'm feeling so full because of you. I want to make love to you, have you straddle my fat body and grab my belly. Do you want to Jennifer? You don't have to, you don't."

Jennifer silenced him with another kiss, pressing herself against his beautiful, swollen body. "There is nothing I would like more than to have your naked, flabby belly quivering underneath me. Your fat stomach pressing against me as I make love to you. And maybe, just maybe, I'll feed you another pastry while we're having sex. But only if you're very good."

Scott sighed his pleasure. "I'll be good. I'll be so good you'll want to feed me two pastries." He helped her as she grasped the waistband of his jockey shorts, heaving his body upwards so she could draw them out from under him. It took several tries but she got them off of him, leaving his belly free, and then she stood and quickly undressed herself. Then she moved to the sofa and slid onto him, slowly pushing his belly upwards on his body, working herself underneath the apron of fat. She reached what she was aiming for and settled herself on him, writhing against his belly which now pushed against her. Panting, she spoke.

"Darling, I couldn't reach your mouth to feed you now if I tried. Your belly is in the way." She continued her motions against him as he reached out and snagged the box of pastries from the ottoman where she had left them.

"I'll feed myself, he moaned, quickly losing control of himself. She felt so good, kneading his belly beneath her hands, pushing against the fat of his stomach. He quickly grabbed a pastry and brought it to his mouth, biting enough to almost fill his mouth entirely. Around the mouthful of pastry he spoke. "I'm going to get so fat for you, Jennifer." He took another bite, and the sight of him stuffing his fat face was enough to make her totally let go. He lost control seconds later and they slowly drifted to a stop, with Jennifer draped over his huge form.

"Am I dead?" she enquired, weakly.

He stroked her hair and face, pillowed as they were on his gut. "No, but you've nearly killed me. You are incredible."

They smiled weakly at each other. "Do you think we can do that again?" she asked.

"Oh, God yes," said Scott. "Tonight, if you want. Every night. I'm not letting you go Jennifer. You're so sexy, so beautiful, so hot."

Jennifer smiled at Scott. "So are you, so sexy. And so fat. But we'll get you fatter still."

Scott closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure. "I know you will baby. And I'm counting on it."