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The Secret Feedee
By Rosie

Rosie had been overweight for much of her life, although as a child she had been very trim. But years of marriage and a couple of kids later had helped to put the pounds on, and she was so miserable. She would look at herself in the mirror, her purposely chosen, baggy clothing hanging off her like old sacks, leaving only a hint of the plump body underneath that it cleverly masked. Oh why had she let herself go the way she had? she thought sadly, and sighed deeply. All her Mother would say was, "Well dear, we've always been a big family; look at your Aunt Donna or your Uncle Harry!"

But Rosie had been brought up in a society that she felt frowned on fat people, even laughed at them sometimes, and she was certain that it was impossible to be sexy or attractive to the opposite sex if you were any larger than a size 10 dress size! As a child, however, her very large Mother, Aunts and Uncles had fascinated her - with their huge bodies and massive clothes - and she'd often wondered what it would be like to be that fat.

Sometimes, when she was sure that she was alone, she would sneak one of her Mother's size 24 dresses from the laundry, put it on, and push pillows up the front of it, pretending that she too was as big as her Mother! She would parade around her bedroom in front of the full-length wardrobe mirror, rubbing her newly acquired fat belly. To add even more excitement, she would find something really fattening from the kitchen - like a large donut - and watch herself eat that at the same time, in a really gluttonous manner. Or she'd lie down on her bed and then attempt to sit up again, struggling to do so because of all the extra bulk.

As she grew older, she became aware of the sexual stimulation that these secret games gave her, as her pussy would become very moist and wet, and the only way to relieve her frustration was to masturbate to orgasm, whilst still dressed up in her Mother's huge clothes! Then she would feel very guilty, almost ashamed of what she'd done, and very quickly put her own skimpy clothing back on and carefully place her Mother's dress back in the laundry as if nothing had happened.

She had continued to play these padding games in solitude, right in to her late teens, until sensibility took over, and she decided she must be some kind of a freak or weirdo to find such activities a turn-on. After all, she thought to herself, no one else does these sorts of things, do they?

She got married to Max at 25, and over the next three years she gave birth to their two Daughters, whom they both adored. After which, she began a fight with her weight that continued relentlessly: gaining a couple of pounds then dieting and losing a couple pounds then gaining them back again then losing them again - and so on and so on. The whole ordeal had caused her a great deal of misery, and still did, as she gazed once more into the mirror. Max never mentioned her weight, whether she was 140 pounds or 160. But she couldn't believe that he never noticed, so she assumed that he was just being discreet by saying nothing. Sometimes, when her weight was at its highest, Max even seemed to cuddle and pat her belly, almost as if he actually LIKED it, but that was a ridiculous notion, of course.

Then something happened that would change Rosie forever, both the way she felt about herself, AND the way she looked. It all started when she was out shopping; she had been out for around an hour, fighting her way through busy shops and sidewalks, carrying her heavy bags of shopping, that made her arms feel as though they had stretched another 6 inches. She started to pass a new shop, one that she hadn't seen before, called "Your Wildest Dreams."

Well, the name caught her attention straight away, but then she noticed that all the windows of the shop had been “blacked” out as well, and there was a large sign on the door that read, "This shop is for adults only!" She giggled to herself, and remembered the “Marital Aid” parties that her friend Shelly used to invite her to; they had always been a good laugh. She hesitated, and then, after glancing around quickly, to make sure no one was looking at her, she opened the door to the shop and stepped inside. It was a small shop, and to her dismay, she was one of only two customers in there. She suddenly felt very vulnerable, but the other customer, a tall lanky guy, just glanced at her briefly, and then turned back to the six or seven dildos of varying colours and sizes on the counter, and continued to discuss them with the shop assistant, also a man, of Asian background she guessed.

Along one wall was a row of magazine racks, and since the other wall was covered with everything from bondage gear to double ended vibrators, she very quickly made the decision to look at the magazines. Even this proved to be a little on the embarrassing side, it was certainly an eye opener, she had always considered herself to be broad minded when it came to sex, but some of these titles were beyond any definition of broad! Then she spotted a magazine that immediately took her interest; it was called Dimensions. On the front cover was a very fat women, about her age, bedecked in an equally large and very short, red and black silky “baby doll” negligee.

Rosie picked it up and stared more closely at the picture. Even though the woman must have weighed around 300 pounds, Rosie had to admit that she did have a certain sort of "sex appeal." The woman was smiling widely and invitingly, as she bent over a chair, with one leg held up slightly behind her, in a very provocative pose. Her oversized belly hung down beyond her pubic area, with just a hint of a pair of very skimpy black lace panties, most of which were hidden by her mounds of flesh. Her big plump breasts and cleavage danged freely. Rosie was fascinated, as she would never have dreamt of wearing such a risqué outfit, and she was probably only half the size of this woman! She looked at the list of contents, "Fat & loving it!" "Fat girls picnic," "The top 10 most sexy BBW, as voted by our readers." The headings went on in a similar vein.

Rosie thought to herself "BBW" and "our readers." "What were BBW? And who were the readers that had voted for them?" She continued to flick through the magazine, totally gripped and mesmerised by what she saw, from plump young girls, very obviously bursting out of clothes that were far too tight for them, to huge overweight women like the one on the cover. She got sharply pulled back to earth, by a thick foreign accent which said, "Your Husband into that type of thing, is he, Love?"

Rosie spun round, and noted that the tall lanky male customer had left, and the Asian shopkeeper, to her horror, was talking to her! She looked down at the magazine in her hands and back at the man staring at her from the counter, the realisation of being “caught” looking at it hit her, and she flushed with shame. It was as if suddenly, all her years of harbouring a fantasy about being really fat, had just been brought out into the open for the whole world to see! "Sorry," said the assistant, "I didn't mean to startle you."

Rosie made the quick decision to buy the magazine; she rather felt obliged to now after standing and reading it for so long. She paid the man, without saying a word, and pushing the magazine into one of her many shopping bags, left hurriedly. What had he meant, "Your Husband into that type of thing"? Did men actually find large women attractive, sexy even? she thought to herself.

Once home, she quickly unpacked the shopping, and then raced upstairs to the safety of the bedroom, where she sat down on the bed to read some more of the magazine. There were stories under the heading "Weight Gain Stories," and “Personals” columns, where she noted words such as “Feeder” and “Feedee,” and she wondered exactly what they meant - not that they weren't pretty self explanatory already. Then she noticed references to various different websites; all devoted it seemed, to this strange fetish called “Feederism.”

She could feel all those suppressed childhood fantasies welling up inside her once again, and when she reached down between her legs, she found that her vagina had become all swollen, hot and wet from reading the magazine. She swung her legs up onto the bed, and lay down, never taking her eyes away from the magazine or her hand away from her moist pussy. She rubbed and massaged it, as she lay there reading, pushing her fingers in and out, until finally, her whole body filled with an uncontrollable ecstasy, as she climaxed. Exhausted, and with her clothes in complete disarray, she remained on the bed reading, until she heard the front door open.

God, she thought, it was Max. He couldn't find her like this! She got up from the bed, slipped the magazine under the bedside cabinet, and dashed into the en suite bathroom. She was just finishing off washing her hands when Max appeared in the doorway. "Hi'ya," he said, "what you doing up here?"

She could barely look at him, for fear of being caught out in some way; Max looked concerned. "What's the matter, you look awful, like you've just seen a ghost or something?"

"I was asleep until you came home, and I was having the most awful nightmare," Rosie said to him, hoping he would believe her.

"Oh, you poor thing; it's just as well I woke you up then, eh?" He took her in his arms and cuddled her lovingly. Rosie clung to him, not daring to say anything.

After awhile, Max let go and said, "So there's no tea then, I guess?"

“Tea!” Rosie had totally lost track of the time, and she hadn't prepared anything!

"Don't worry," said Max, “We'll go get a takeaway, shall we? What do you fancy?" Rosie considered the question, and the thought of food, after reading the magazine, just made her feel horny again! She quickly dismissed the feeling as best she could, and suggested Chinese.

Inside the Chinese takeaway, Rosie ordered the biggest meal that she'd ever ordered in her life; Max looked at her in amazement, "Hey baby, what's up; you're not pregnant and craving are you?" He smiled and prodded her.

Rosie quickly said, "No, I'm just starving I guess, that's all." When they got home, they opened the containers of food in the kitchen, and Rosie piled her plate with far more food than she normally allowed herself to eat; again, Max looked on in disbelief.

"You'll get real fat if you eat all that," he said. His words gave her yet another tingling sensation in her genital area, as she pondered the prospect of getting really fat! She struggled through everything on her plate, with a little difficulty, but then went out to the kitchen and helped herself to what was left! This second plateful, although not quite as large, took her twice as long to eat, as she found herself literally forcing each last mouthful down.

By the time she'd finished, her belly felt very swollen, and the waistband of her skirt was cutting into it, she took her plate out to the kitchen and went and changed into her nightie for more comfort. When she came back downstairs and sat on the sofa, Max came over to sit next to her, he slipped one arm around her shoulders, and then, to Rosie's horror and excitement, he began to rub her belly with the other hand. She tried to pull her tummy in, but it was useless - she was just too bloated and full.

Max continued to massage her belly, and then seemed to run his hand around the outside of it, as if gauging its size, he lifted up her nightie and bending down, he kissed her bulging, aching stomach. He'd never done that before, and the very action made Rosie feel horny all over again. She couldn't believe it; she felt as if she were in a constant state of sexual arousal! Max pulled at her panties gently, and in no time at all, she had helped him to remove them, and they were making love on the sofa, something they hadn't done since their days of courting!

Over the next couple of days, Rosie couldn't get food off her mind, and as such, she seemed to be always eating something. She found her way onto several of the websites that had been advertised in the magazine and learned a whole bunch of new things. The main one being that she wasn't a freak or a weirdo, as she had once thought; there were literally hundreds of other people out in the world that all shared her strange fantasy, both men and women. Her favourite pastime, was to join in some of the chat rooms, where she could actually get to talk to other Feederism fetishists like herself. She enjoyed their unrestrained use of words such as “fat,” “belly,” “plump,” etc., and often found herself masturbating in front of the computer.

As time went on, and she found out what the terms “Feeder” and “Feedee” meant; she decided that she would rather like to become a “Feedee” and gain a little extra weight; the very idea was so inviting that she just had to give it a go. She went shopping, and bought a whole load of really fattening snack foods that she hid in the study within easy reach of the computer. She logged into one of her favourite chat rooms, and in no time, found a guy to talk to who called himself "FeedUgood.” They struck up a conversation, and she told him that she was a new “Feedee,” trying to gain a little weight, and with this, the guy went into action.

He asked her what she had to eat, and she ran off a list of various snacks. One by one, he told her to eat them, encouraging her as she went. By the time the two of them had finished, her belly was a tight as a drum! He asked her to describe the feeling to him, which she did with delight, and after another 10 minutes or so of idle chat and rest, he started the “feed” her yet again - crisps, biscuits, candy bars - until she was sure she'd be sick if she ate anymore! She and “FeedUgood” then arranged to meet up in the chat room the very next day at the same time; Rosie could hardly wait!

That evening, she cooked a huge meal for the family, and again, helped herself to a massive sized portion of everything, Max just watched in disbelief, but didn't say a word. She also started to take sugar and full cream in her coffee, and whilst watching television in the evening, she had a large portion of buttered popcorn close by, which she managed to polish off before bedtime. By the time she and Max climbed the stairs to go to bed, she was again in a full state of arousal, and they made love in such a physical, passionate way, that Max couldn't believe his luck!

Rosie met “FeedUgood” in the website chat room again the next day, as arranged. He proceeded to “feed” her again, just as he had done the day before, and she obediently ate everything she was instructed to, until once again, her belly was swollen and bloated; she'd also had one orgasm and was well on the way to a second! In fact, she and “FeedUgood” did this every day for the next three weeks. She also continued to eat massive meals in the evenings and loads of snacks in front of the TV each night, until, to her amazement, when she weighed herself, she discovered that she'd gained 12 pounds, almost a stone in weight!

All her skirts and pants had become very tight, and she loved it! She no longer felt depressed by her weight, as she had done, and the strangest, most exciting thing of all, was that Max seemed to like her new fuller figure! He even suggested that he take her to the mall to buy her some new, larger clothes! He had also started to bring her little “treats” home from work, and Rosie was sure that he seemed to enjoy watching her eat them, too!

Rosie continued her secret “Feedee” activities for the next month, still meeting “FeedUgood” every day for her daily “stuffing,” until he suggested that it might be an idea to actually tell Max what she was doing. Rosie was shocked. "I couldn't," she told him.

"Why not?" replied “FeedUgood,” as he told her to open another candy bar.

"Well, he'd be mad at me, wouldn't he, I'm sure?"

"I don't see why. After all, you've already said that he's noticed your weight gain, and he hasn't told you to diet or anything has he, maybe he actually LIKES the idea of you gaining weight."

Rosie hadn't really considered this possibility at all. But it was true: she'd now gained close on 30 pounds and was already wearing clothes two sizes larger than before. Max hadn't really shown any real objections; in fact, when she thought about it, he'd even been encouraging her a little with the treats and takeaways that he'd bought for her. She thanked “FeedUgood” and said she'd maybe tell Max that evening.

Max was late home because he'd stopped off at an all night deli to pick up some donuts for Rosie. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek as he gave them to her and promptly started to eat them, one after the other greedily, as she wanted to see what Max's reaction would be to this blatant act of gluttony and overindulgence. She noticed him watching her, but only out of the corner of his eye, as if paying no attention at all. But Rosie noticed a swelling of a different kind beginning to form in his pants. She finished all 12 donuts, and then reached over, and began to unzip Max's pants. His cock leapt out as Rosie released it, she rubbed the thick, hard shaft slowly and gently, then cautiously asked, "Have you noticed that I've gained a little weight recently - you haven't mentioned it?”

Max moaned slightly and shifted in his seat, "Yes, I've noticed; of course I've noticed. I just, well, just didn't know if you had realised how much weight you were gaining?"

Rosie was shocked; he'd noticed and not objected. Things were looking good, she thought.

"Doesn't it bother you that I've gained so much?" she asked.

"No, in fact, I like it on you. I think you look great!" Max managed to say just before coming all over himself and Rosie. Rosie was really beginning to get turned on herself by now, so she went and fetched some tissue for Max, and continued to ask, "Would you like me to gain any more weight?"

Max looked at her, searching her eyes to see if she was for real or just playing, when he was sure that she was sincere, he said, "Yeah, I'd love it of you got even fatter."

"Really!" Rosie said in disbelief, “but I thought you liked me slim!"

Max felt a little awkward, unsure of what to say; he didn't want to blow it by saying something really stupid. "You're the one that kept on about being slim, not me. It never bothered me; I've always liked big women ever since high school, when I dated this really large girl called Sophie." He pulled his pants back up, took a deep breath and added, "Hell, Rosie, I'd love it if you got real fat, not just a little bigger, but huge, maybe another 100 or 200 pounds or more. I think big women are very sexy, and if you want the truth it's been a real turn on for me, watching you get fatter over this last couple of months!"

Rosie was shocked; she'd had no idea! True, their sex life had improved no end, but she thought that was mainly due to her own heightened feelings of sexual stimulation, since she'd become a “secret feedee.” Now she realised that her steady weight gain had also been turning Max on too, but both of them had been afraid of what the other might think if they admitted to actually liking it!

They continued discussing the subject, on into the night, whilst Rosie devoured a strawberry cheesecake and two large bags of crisps. They finally went to bed, and made love in a way that they had never done before; there was a new openness about it because their inner most secrets and desires were finally known to each other.

Over the next couple of years, Max became Rosie's Feeder, and would often feed her chocolates or cakes whilst they made love, and then rub her swollen, soft belly. He loved to massage every part of her expanding body, and delighted in weighing and measuring her ever-increasing dimensions. He always bought her something home after work and never tired of watching her eat. Rosie, of course, with all this dedicated feeding and attention to her growth, became very fat indeed, way beyond the original target of 200 extra pounds. The last time she spoke to “FeedUgood” in the chat room, she reported her weight as being a massive 523 pounds and still gaining!

So Rosie finally found true happiness, in a way that she would never have thought possible, and by so doing, she had also enriched her husband's life, too, beyond his wildest dreams.