Weight Room Title Bar

by EbonyFeedee

Edward gazed down at his watch, with only 10 minutes left for his lunch break he decided on a doggie bag. As he turned to get his waitress's attention, his eyes were drawn to a most wonderful site......

She stood at the restaurant counter waiting to be seated, a supersized bbw, she had to be 350lbs, maybe 5'4", her outfit alone sent chills up his spine, a black spandex bra that seemed to be two sizes too small, her breasts were luscious, he noticed how they spilled over the top edge of the bra, he knew they had to be DDD's, stuffed into a D cup, and there was some massive tension weighing on those seams.

Her flabby upper arms swayed in the wind as she motioned to get the hostess's attention to be seated.

Her belly was a dream, smooth and chocolatey, it stuck out as if she were 9 months pregnant, somehow she had managed to get the black matching spandex pants over it. Her legs were full, from the thighs, to the calves, and looking at the extra wide width of her Nike's, Edward could only guess that her feet were two pudgy pads of fat, matching her other heavenly dimensions.

"Table or booth" the hostess said. "I'll take a table" Renee answered. "Booths are just too small for me."

Edward quickly looked away as they approached, he didn't want Renee to see him staring at her as she was being seated, he could hear the spandex hum as her thighs rubbed together with each step she took. He took a fast look, her breasts were jiggling as she walked, up and down up and down, ohhhh, she was beautiful. Her shoulder length black hair fell atop her bare shoulders, as it was pulled back with a black headband, this only allowed the natural beauty of her fat face to show thru.

"What can I get you to drink" the waitress asked. "I'm so thirsty, I've just come from my workout, how bout a pitcher of tea." Renee replied. "How many glasses will you need, will there be anyone joining you"? "No, just me, and I don't need a glass."

Edward watched as Renee hurriedly took up the menu from the table. "HMMMMM, I'm so hungry!" He heard her say as she rubbed her free hand from the top, to the base of her belly. He wondered what she would order.......

The waitress returned with a big pitcher of tea, Renee immediately began to empty several packets of sugar and stir them into the tea. "I would like to start with a small appetizer, give me a dozen buffalo wings with some extra honey BBQ sauce, and 4 pieces of white bread".........

WoW! Appetizer? Small? Edward was too intrigued to get up now, he knew was going to be late, but he had to see if she really was going to get more food, HE couldn't even eat 12 buffalo wings!!

She grabbed the big pitcher of tea with both pudgy hands and began to gulp it down, she must have been thirsty, some of the tea dribbled down her chin to her cleavage... Ohhhhhhh, to be a droplet of tea! Edward thought. :-)

Her BBQ wings arrived and she didn't hesitate, she began eating with a fury, "mmmmm these are sooooo good" she was licking her fingers as she ate the wings one by one, making them disappear as if she were inhaling them, tossing the cleaned bones to the side like yesterday's trash. When she finished the last one, she grabbed two slices of bread and sopped some of the BBQ sauce from the plate and pushed both pieces in her mouth. Then she grabbed the other two, sopping up the rest and finishing it, she leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes, and patted her belly....

Edward could feel his cock harden as he watched her, he wanted to go rub her belly for her, making more room for her to feast, he could see that big piggy belly sticking out under the table, he didn't care about time, he was determined to stay and watch this goddess of a woman EAT.

Renee placed her order.....Edward couldn't hear what she was saying...he waited in anticipation for the waitress to return....

She brought a family order of ribs!!!! 3lbs to be exact, a quart of potato salad, a quart of baked beans and 6 more slices of bread!!!

"Hmmmm, ohhhhhhhh, this is soooo good, Hmmm, I'm getting so full" Renee was stuffing the food down so fast, licking her fingers, chewing chewing chewing, she was so beautiful. Edward thought, she is such a fine piggy, he wanted her so bad, he longed to stuff the ribs and beans and potato salad into her fat cheeks, making her chew chew chew, making her full, making those seams rip, making that preggo looking belly even fatter and fatter, making it grow grow grow. Making her, his queen piggy.

He wanted her to appear 15 months pregnant, never stopping, keeping her jaws full of the fattening BBQ, he could see the greasy sauce run past her wrists to her juicy forearms.

She grabbed the pitcher, only half full now and turned it up into the air, she finished it. She took hold of her waistband and pushed it down, freeing her sexy chocolate belly, it spilled out, flowing halfway to her knees, a big beautiful heap of warm flesh, she massaged it, jiggled it, rubbed it, grabbed handfuls of it, not caring that anyone was watching her......

She moaned "Hmmmmmmmm.....ohhhhhhhh yes...ohhhhhh I love you belly!! grow belly, grow big, grow fatter, grow to my knees!!!!" she demanded. She could feel her clit bumping as she rocked her fat, spreading hippo ass on the chair.

Edward began to massage his throbbing cock. This woman had his passions on overload. She had finished 12 buffalo wings, 3lbs of ribs, 10 slices of bread, and a pitcher of tea in a mere 20 minutes!!!!!!!

"Waitress.......I really am full, but I just can't leave until I have some dessert, bring me a hot apple pie with a quart of vanilla ice cream, and another pitcher of tea please."

She giggled, "I'm being such a fat greedy piggy today, just a big fat tub of lard."

Renee emptied the quart of ice cream onto the steaming hot apple pie, she could only smile as she noticed the other patrons staring and pointing at her, she was not insulted, she knew this fattening lunch would only enhance her already expanding corpulence.

She consumed the apple pie in minutes, washing it down with the entire pitcher of tea. Edward could see her girth had expanded since sitting at the table, she had pushed her chair back a few inches to allow her sexy belly room to spread even more. She just sat there, rubbing her exposed belly, moaning and rocking in her chair, with her eyes closed and her head back, and Edward knew, he was going to have to make this woman HIS very own Sexy Piggy.....

Edward exited Porky's, leaving his name and phone number for Renee with the hostess...