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Shawn's Experiment
By 2thin4u

Shawn was a pretty big guy. He was a scientist for a physical science lab which studied all forms of bodily shapes, sizes, and forms. At age 32, 6'1", weighing 220 pounds, brown eyes, and dark hair, he was slightly ashamed at himself for being slightly overweight. He wasn't exactly fat but you could consider him more muscular than fat. He was never really teased in school or at the office behind his back but he had no desire to gain any weight or lose any more weight. Both he and his wife of 5 years were satisfied where he currently was. Weight was never really an issue between the two of them.

Shawn had been recently working on a project with several other colleagues about sucking small or large amounts of fat from a human body. The procedure is to connect plastic tubes to the mouth, nipples, naval, penis/vagina, anus, and suck a certain amount of body fat from the patient. If used correctly...this could also pump a patient full of fat as well. This project has been used many times on monkey's and other animals which resemble humans with successful results from sucking and pumping fat into the body. For reasons unknown...once the body is injected with fat from the machine, it cannot be sucked out from the body but for natural fat, the machine can suck it out.

For quite some time now...Shawn has had a rival scientist against him named Michael ever since college. Both of them absolutely despise each other. For years they've been competing with each other through science experiments and discoveries. Shawn always bested Michael in almost everything they've ever done.

One night when Shawn was done testing his "fat machine," he heard a strange sound from the computer lab which controls the machine. It wasn't something that disturbed him very much though. He thought it was one of the lab assistants who may have forgotten something or looking over a lab report before they leave. Then again...he heard the same sound except it was slightly louder than before.

"Hello...Who's there?" There was no response. "Do you need help with anything?" Again...there was no response. Shawn waited a few more seconds in silence and then heard the sound again for the third time. Annoyed by the strange noises coming from the computer lab Shawn started walking toward it. He placed the clipboard he was carrying on the lab table where all of the experiments would take place and headed toward the computer lab. When he reached the doorway he slowly walked through it searching for the lightswitch. When he found it, he flicked on the lights and then felt a hard, stinging feeling on the back of his neck and then...darkness...

When Shawn awoke...he found himself lying naked, tied to the lab experiment table. His nipples, naval, penis, and his anus wre all conencted to tubes. It took him a while to realize what had just happened but after several seconds he was fully awake.

"What the hell is going on! Who ever you are, let my go! Why are you doing this?" For a moment there was silence but then a voice came from the darkness and said...

"Hello Shawn. Do you remember me? The voice seemed familiar but it couldn't be him. It sounded so much like Michael but it couldn't be him. He would never do a thing like this...or would he...?

"What do you want from me?" Shawn said. It was still dark and could see nothing. All he could do was just lie there and talk to the man who had done this to him.

"I want to see you suffer Shawn. For the longest time...I have seen you best me at everything. You always got better grades then me in school and I was always jealous of you since I met you. More importantly, you had to get your wife, Sarah. I wanted her. You knew that I wanted her and you took her from me...YOU SON OF A BITCH! And for these reasons...because you have caused me so much pain...you are going to suffer in the end." The lights turn on.

"Wait a minute, can we talk this out please?" Michael was standing near the control panel when the lights were turned on. Michael walks to Shawn and shoves the plastic mouth-tube down Shawn's throat. He then turns to the control panel and presses several switches and buttons. A slight vibration comes from the machine. Shawn could feel these vibrations through the tubes which were connected to him. He then sees a green liquid flowing through all of the tubes. "NO! I don't want to be fat. NOOOO!"

Michael grins and slowly walks toward the door. "NO, wait a minute! Come back here!" But at this time...Michael has already left Shawn all alone in the room with the machine on and functioning.

Shawn felt the warm liquid flowing through his anus, nipples, mouth, and anal, while he felt a stinging sensation through his penis due to the immense pressure. He had to admit, it did feel good, but he didn't want to get fatter. He like the way he was, but that doesn't matter now. He could see his stomach turning into a belly. His breasts starting to sag slightly more and more and more. His fingers were becoming shorter and stubbier. He could feel that he was changing at an alarming rate. He must have gained 50 pounds within the past minute. The scale which was on the lab table read 270 lbs.

Seconds went by and the scale then read 300 lbs.

He looked down at himself and by God he was enormous he thought. The machine kept pumping Shawn full of fat. Minutes passed and the scale then reads 450 lbs.

Shawn was almost completely round! He could certainly no longer see his penis, all he could see was the green liquid flowing through the tube that was connected to his penis. He breast were sagging one foot below normal, his belly was completely round, his fingers were not recognizable as fingers no longer not to mention the fact that Shawn was no longer recognizable as the man he used to be. The lab table scale read 600 lbs!

20 Minutes passed and Shawn was literally a huge ball of fat. The machine had stopped several minutes ago but not before it ran out of fattening liquid. The lab table scale reads 800 lbs! He was no longer recognizable as Shawn. He managed to untie himself and detached the tubes from his penis, mouth, anus, anal, and nipples. Shawn somehow sat himself upright on the lab table with a maximum amount of effort. He was very exhausted after such little work. He stood himself up on his feet and took his first step at 800 lbs. It was tricky getting used to but it wasn't bad he thought. He admired how with every step he took, he saw the ripples of jiggly fat bouncing up and down. His breasts hopped up and down and from side to side with nearly every movement.

"This ain't bad." Shawn said out loud. "I could get used to this." He never knew how being fat would be...now he does. It's amazing. He always did know he wanted to be fat deep down inside. He couldn't wait to show his wife. He couldn't wait to get home to hear her input on his new body. He was hoping she would like it and maybe consider...

. . .being his feedee.