Weight Room Title Bar

By Suda Nym

Jake looked around the room. It was perfect. Perfectly furnished, perfect sized, just perfect for his needs. Now all he needed was to obtain the perfect occupant. Jake had fantasized for years about kidnapping a young beautiful girl and fattening her up. With his recent coming into wealth, he wanted to make it a reality. He had an underground facility built under his spacious home. This facility was larger and more lavish than many people's home. His home was several hundred acres of land and miles and miles from anywhere. All the preparations were made, it was time to get the perfect girl. He had been watching her for several months. She was a beautiful 20-year-old student at the local college in the nearest town. Though she was breathtaking with her shapely figure, green eyes, and long curly auburn hair, she would be even more beautiful with the extra 200 or 300 pounds he would pack on her.

Jake followed her from her part time job. As she was about to get into her car, he jumped out and used ether to subdue her while he dragged her in the van. His plan was starting to come together. He continued to plan as he turned the van around and began the long drive home.

Shelly awoke groggily. She barely remembered what had happened. Slowly it came back to her that she had been abducted. She tried to move but she was tied to a chair. Her mouth was taped shut too. She began to struggle.

“No need to struggle,” said a voice. Shelly looked over to see a large, muscular man speaking to her. “I will untie you and take the tape off of your mouth soon. I just want your attention to explain what is going on. The tape and restraints are really unnecessary as no one can hear you or will ever find you. You can't escape, and if you ever should, you would starve to death or freeze to death before you ever found your way back to a town.” Shelly began to cry. “Don't cry,” Jake cooed. “I am not going to hurt you; I am going to make you more beautiful than ever.” Shelly looked confused. “You are going to spend all of your time from now on eating and getting fatter and fatter, until I decide you are fat enough. Do you understand?” Jake asked as he leaned over and pulled the tape off of Shelly's mouth. Shelly began pleading. “Oh no please. I gain weight so easily, I have to work so hard to keep fit.” Jake chuckled, “Well, sweetie, you don't have to work any more.”

Behind Jake was a large table filled with fattening dishes. Creamy soups, cheese dips, Mexican dishes smothered in guacamole and sour cream, pizza, and many sinful desserts. “I hope you are hungry,” Jake said as he began to stuff Shelly. He stuffed Shelly for hours, through her tears and begging. When he thought she couldn't take any more, he began to massage her bulging tummy. “I just can't wait,” he told her. “Your body is going to change so much.” Shelly drifted off to sleep, hoping she would awake safe in her dorm room.

Shelly awoke, but she was certainly not in her dorm room. Jake stood before her. “Good morning beautiful, ready to have more fun?” Shelly tried to get up, but her belly was still bloated from the forced gluttony of the night before. Behind Jake she saw that the table was filled with sausage, bacon, eggs, and ham, smothered in cheese sauce and gravy. There were several boxes of doughnuts as well.

The feeding went on for six months. Jake spent most of the day preparing food and feeding Shelly. Shelly had learned that her crying and pleading fell on deaf ears, and saved it for when she was on the verge of pain from overeating. Jake managed to put 150 pounds on Shelly, bringing her weight up to about 270. When Shelly had gained her 150th pound, Jake had a little “celebration party.” On top of her usual gorge, he brought out a chocolate cake. He forced most of it down her mouth, only stopping when her silly tears began. He brought out his tape measure to measure his little piggy. After charting her gain, he began to massage her stuffed tummy.

“You have gotten so fat,” he said as he rubbed her belly. “Look how your body has changed. Your waist has disappeared under these soft rolls of flab. You have gotten so flabby so fast; look at these thick stretch marks on your tummy. Your slim little hips have really spread, too. Did you have any idea that those muscled, toned thighs would get so fat? I love all that cellulite. Remember those perky, firm breasts? Boy they have changed. They are bloated and saggy now, with those nipples pointing down. That pretty little face of yours is so round now. Those big chubby cheeks, that double chin, so beautiful. Oh, yes, I have a little present for you.” Jake brought out a string bikini. “I know how you college girls love to show off your figure." Tears were rolling down Shelly's face as she struggled into the scraps of material.

Another 6 months passed and Shelly's weight shot up to 420. Jake was delighted. He could really tell a difference in how easily Shelly gained when he added the shakes. Three times a day he would funnel weight gain shakes into Shelly. The weight gain shakes made with cream, really helped blimp her up. He loved to taunt her while stuffing food in her chubby face or while rubbing her growing paunch. “Shelly, you are so very, very fat now, no, you are obese. Look at this huge tummy; it is drooping between your legs. Oh, silly me, I forgot you can't look down for all those chins.” Shelly cried a great deal as her weight was heading for 500 lbs. “What's the matter, sweetie?” Jake would ask as he feigned concern.

“I can't believe I am so fat. How fat are you going to make me? This is my worst nightmare come true. I always worked so hard not to gain weight,” Shelly would sob. Jake would answer with an éclair in her mouth. “But you are so beautiful now, you are going to get even more beautiful. Besides, you know your metabolism is ruined now. Even if you did diet, you would have to diet and exercise continuously and probably never get under 300 pounds. You should just enjoy eating,” he would croon as he held up the next pastry.

Fortunately for Jake, Shelly's 22nd birthday and her reaching the weight of 500 pounds came around the same time. Shelly had two large cakes to celebrate. After Jake had finished gorging Shelly with the two cakes, Shelly lay back on the bed moaning and breathing hard while she tried to rub her distended belly, which by now she could not reach much of. Jake came over and began rubbing her tummy and breasts. “Let me help, chubby. I was not sure what to get you for your birthday. I began to think what you would be doing if you weren't here. Maybe dating, going to school, cheerleading, worrying about the 'freshman 15.' I think you gain the 'Freshman 15' in each breast per week,” Jake laughed. “So I got you this; put it on!”

Shelly struggled to get up and look in the bag. In it was an enormous, custom made cheerleader outfit. Jake loved it. Her massive belly roll completely covered the front of the little pleated skirt. Her wide hips made the little pleats stretch out. The halter-top barely covered her heavy, sagging breasts. “Come on baby, give me a cheer. Oh, I forgot, you can barely walk, let alone cheer.”

At 500 pounds, Shelly's mobility was becoming hampered. The next 75 pounds confined her to the bed. Jake was delighted as he watched Shelly struggle to sit up and get out of bed, then collapse, exhausted in a failed heap. He wheeled up the tables of food and told Shelly, “Now the fun really starts.”