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Shroud of Illusion
By Sasha Steele

Everything has its limit, including the loyalty of even the most ardent fans. And as the Candy Apple band found out the limit was when their lead singer's weight hit one hundred eighty five pounds. Rising from obscurity in a blinding flash, they felt that it was all over when the most important gig contracted thus far in their short reign was cancelled out from under them. Oh, sure, there were a core of diehards whose fantasies were still fueled by Candy's sensual antics both on video and on the stage, magnificent breasts bulging out of short-skirted costumes and all.

Lead guitarist and back up vocals Tommy Stitch took most of the heat. After all, it was he who had recruited his girlfriend in the first place and even then at a hundred and eighty pounds or so she was overweight. Rumor had it that back in high school Candy was a huge four hundred pound porker and the band was worried that she was heading that way again. With Candy having gained a hundred pounds in the last six months, it was a legitimate concern. "Either Candy goes on a diet or she's out, was their consensus, and a six-month break was agreed upon.

Back in their hotel room Candy was in tears. Diets had never never worked for her; the only reason she had lost so much weight was due to an illness. Now that she was a healthy growing girl again with such an enormous uncontrollable appetite, the stress of a diet was the last thing she needed or wanted. Holding Candy in his arms to consol her, Tommy said, "It's okay baby, I have an idea that just might work and it doesn't include any damn diet." It took some convincing, but finally she agreed - it just might work at that. Happy again, Tommy took his love to an out of the way bistro to celebrate, and that she did. He had never seen Candy eat so much as plate after plate piled high with pasta disappeared into her watering mouth.

Sometimes things do not work out as planned. In the face of reality hard choices sometimes have to be made, and so it happened that a little over six mouths later a video was sent to the band of Candy performing a new song Tommy had written. They all had to admit that in the video Candy looked really good, her shapely five foot six inch body appeared to be about a hundred and forty pounds, her beautiful face sultry in heavy dark makeup, long reddish brown hair complementing the look. A CD was made; they had a hit on their hands and things began to happen fast.

But it wasn't like before. Tommy and Candy kept to themselves, all video work being done electronically. A year passed, and they hadn't, as yet, done a concert. Candy and Tommy finally caved in to their demands, and the first show of a highly successful, though short, tour was set up. The night of that first show the band was worried. They were on stage warming up a capacity crowd, and Tommy and Candy hadn't even turned up yet. The crowd was getting restless. Then she sauntered onto the stage, and they went wild.

Legs apart, black panties flashing above the lace tops of her black stockings, big boobs overflowing the black bra exposed under her skimpy skin tight red satin dress, Candy belted out song after song to the receptive audience. Her weight looked like the same hundred and forty pounds as in her videos, and the show was a huge success. But at the end of it all - just as mysteriously as they had appeared - Candy and Tommy were nowhere to be found, having quickly escaped to the privacy of their hotel room outside of town.

"Looks as good as the videos," Candy said, munching on the small fancy sandwich that Tommy had placed in her waiting mouth as they sat watching tapes of the concert. A couple of years ago in college, Tommy had witnessed his professor put on a demonstration. Placing an enormously fat coed under an electronic device, the professor had transformed her into a skinnier version of herself. An apparent difference of over three hundred pounds brought on by the controlled interference of an induced electronic field around her bending the light waves. A potential invisibility device, it was only partly successful and fell by the wayside.

Being an admirer of fat women, the demo had stuck in Tommy's mind, and so he approached the professor asking if the device could be made portable. Intrigued by the prospect, the professor came onboard with Tommy's plan. The headband worn by Candy created an electronic shroud around her which controlled remotely by a computer operator distorted the image inside of it so that it could appear to be virtually anything. The small sized portability of the device allowed Candy to move around freely within its range. This shroud of illusion was tested in the first video sent to the band. In it Candy appeared to weigh a hundred and forty pounds, but her real weight at the time was actually - having continued to gain - three hundred and seventy five.

"A video's one thing, but I didn't think we could pull off a live show, she said, eating another sandwich. They had cleared out fast; Candy was still wearing the skimpy red satin stage dress, her bloated five hundred and fifty pound body straining its seams. From behind even at this weight Candy maintained her womanly hourglass figure. Her breasts were still perfectly shaped, although much larger, and now sat on a beach ball sized stomach. Waddling into the hotel room, Tommy couldn't keep his eyes from her enormous rounded bum, black panties stretched across it as her short dress rode up. Her massive legs looked really sexy in the black lace top stockings and five inch black heels she had on. He had to have her.

Tommy helped Candy out of her clothes and onto the bed. They kissed and caressed each other, touching one another's sex as the heat built up between them. "Do you love me even though I'm fat?" Candy whispered. "Yes I love you, Tommy repeated, placing himself in a semi upright position between her outspread thighs and entering her. "Am I getting too fat?" she whispered again. "You could never be too fat, Candy," he moaned. "You're beautiful and I love you. "Do you want me to get even bigger?" Candy asked feeling the effect that her words were having on her lover. "Yes," Tommy moaned pumping a little faster now. "I want you to feed me," Candy whispered, "make me fatter, so fat that I can't move; I want to make me the fattest woman in the world. "Ah ah ah aaaaah!" Tommy came hard inside Candy's wet sex bringing on her own orgasm. "Sssssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned.

Her performance on stage had been hard on Candy. Not wanting to stuff herself before they had sex Candy was now exhausted, tired and hungry. She lay back on the bed, beautiful brown eyes closed, huge legs comfortably apart sensuously rubbing her big belly and moaning her pleasure as Tommy fed her. Three platters, perhaps fifty small fancy sandwiches on each had disappeared and she was satisfied. Tommy helped Candy with her bath and put her to bed; she slept like a baby for sixteen hours.

Twelve months later, the tour cut short because of some problems that had arisen and also because of the toll it was taking on Candy. The band sat back, making one or two videos when again they began to push. One last concert, they insisted: the one that had been cancelled. Candy agreed: one more and it would be her last. And so it was set up.

Candy appeared on stage in a shiny silvery-gold mini dress, beige stockinged legs glistening in the lights, white panties and bra flashing as she danced about. The band noticed it first: although still looking like she was thin, Candy moved awkwardly, sluggishly, unsteady on her white high heels with her legs kept always wide apart. They noticed, too, about the same time as the audience did, that in the strobe lights she seemed to oscillate, small one second and then huge the next. Some thought it was just the effect of the drugs that they were on, but they were wrong. When the power pack on Candy's shroud device failed, the band faltered in their chords, Tommy keeping the beat alive for Candy's last song. She stood in center stage, her gorgeous seven hundred and twenty five pound body in all its glory there for all to see. Candy had looked back to Tommy and knew that her veil had been lifted. She was glad and so was he.

This time they need not escaped back to a hidden hotel room away from the beaten track. They were liberated and to celebrate their freedom went to the best restaurant in town. Tommy was awestruck as Candy exceeded ever her own legendary gluttony. She ate a huge roast beef dinner; followed by another, followed by a roast turkey dinner, followed by so many desserts that Tommy lost count. Candy was so full and bloated that she couldn't get up from her chair and so had to remain for several hours. Tommy helped her to their room and Candy fell asleep for several hours on the bed, still in her clothes.

Tommy heard her call and went to her side. "Make love to me Tommy, she breathed, "I need you to fuck me!" Tommy helped her sit up, removing her clothes. He lay beside her, kissing her full lips and fondling her massive breasts. Their foreplay was short, both aching with want for one another. Even though he was tall, Tommy didn't have to splay his knees very far apart in order for his throbbing member to find Candy's wet sex sitting a foot above the sheets on pillows of fat that were her gigantic bum cheeks. Leaning nearly upright into a seven hundred and twenty five pound mountain of soft warm flesh, the tips of his fingers just able to touch the bed, as Candy's belly rose to the height of his chest, her incredibly huge thighs spread outwards against his sides.

Tommy could see Candy's beautiful fat face angled downward onto the pillow. Her huge watermelon like tits standing out to the sides, the plumpness of her chest pressing against the bloated flesh of a thickly swollen collar of fat covering her neck. Candy's arms the size of thick pillows themselves lay back toward the top of her head. She could just see Tommy's face over the mountain of her belly his eyes closed as he had his way with her. "Ssssssssss, she hissed, "mmmmmmmmm, fuck me baby.

Overcoming the many difficulties of intercourse with an extremely large woman made sex all the more magnificent, Tommy being long enough so that he could maintain her without pressing himself overly hard upon her did so anyway because he couldn't help himself. Candy wanted it that way too. "Fuck me, she cried out, "ooh, fuck me!" Sweat glistening off of his lean muscle studded back, Tommy heard Candy scream, "Aaaaaaaaaaaahh, and felt her warm urine like orgasm upon the top of his throbbing penis. "Aaaaaaarrrrr, his hot cum shot deep inside of her as he rhythmically came ten, perhaps fifteen times.

It was wonderful. "I love you Candy, he said breathlessly. "Marry me?" "Yes, Candy said, "I'll marry you Tommy. He came to her pressing his lips to hers, their tongues entwined for some time before they could settle down. "In our wedding video, Candy finally said thinking about the shroud device, "do you want me fat or skinny? "Fat of course, Tommy told her. "I've never wanted you any other way. "And I've never wanted to be any other way, Candy said then added, "well if you want me fat, maybe you had better feed me; screwing makes me hungry. Tommy laughed, kissed her again then got up to find some food.