Weight Room Title Bar

by mjm

My father died when I was a baby. He left his used car business to my mom. It was a struggle but we did quite well, much better than my late father had ever done. When I got old enough, I would help out at the car lot whenever I could. I always had plenty of spending money. My mom finally remarried when I turned sixteen. My stepdad was a really great guy and had a seventeen year old daughter from a previous marriage that lived with him. By anybody's standards, she was a knockout. We had the biggest house. They sold theirs and moved in with us. My mom had always been very slim and trim which is where the problem came from.

My step sister although beautiful was a little too zaftig to suit my mother. Naturally she decided that sis needed to go on a diet. This did not set well with sis since she thought she was just fine as she was and she was right. My stepdad adored my mother too much to interfere so that left sis and mom at odds with each other constantly. The net result was that the more mom persisted in her efforts to control sis's weight the more the girl revolted which only resulted in her gaining instead of losing.

Many a night I watched my mother berate sis over what she was eating until she would run from the dinner table and hide in her room and eat in secret. The days and weeks passed and sis got plumper and plumper. As she gained my interest began to grow. I had always been breast obsessed and although sis had big ones, it was the rest of her that I was really starting to notice. Finally, one night after a dinner table fight, I went to sis's room to console her. She was sitting on the side of her bed sobbing while eating a candy bar. When she saw me, she tried to hide what she had been doing.

I went over and gave her a hug and said, "It's OK. You don't have to hide from me. I don't think you're too fat." As I uttered that statement, months of upset and frustrations came pouring out of her. Her sobbing was unending until I kissed her. Not a brother sister kiss, which we weren't, but a man woman kiss and it was great. When our lips finally parted she said, "God, I'm hungry." At that moment I would have done anything in the world for her. All I could say is, " what would you like?"

She answered immediately that she wanted pizza and instructed me to tell our folks that we were going to the library to study. We left in my car, she didn't have one, and went straight to the "Pizza Party" which had a nightly all-you- can-eat pizza buffet. She made an absolute grunting snorting pig of herself while I watched in loving rapture. Eventually, she announced that she was stuffed but qualified that statement by saying that a sundae sounded good. Yes it did sound good.

It was a short trip to the ice cream parlor where she ordered and consumed the biggest sundae they made. After that she was almost comatose yet on the ride home she put her hand on my leg and played with the painful erection that was held in place by my jeans. Before we got home, she reminded me that she had eaten the last of her hidden stash and needed to stock up. I stopped at a convenience store and bought a bag of candy bars. She was pleased.

At home, we kissed and went off to our separate bedrooms. After a hell of a lot of tossing and turning, I finally fell asleep after midnight only to be awakened within a few minutes by sis. She put her finger to my lips and said, "I want some of my candy but I'm still too stuffed with pizza and ice cream. Maybe you can help me?" I really didn't quite understand but she handed me an unwrapped candy bar and opened her mouth. She wanted me to feed it to her which I did. As I fed her my manhood came to attention and she honestly began to get excited.

As she gobbled candy, our hands were all over each other until she climbed on top of me. She knew just what to do and I let her. She started to hump and I continued to feed her. It did not take either of us very long to come. It was fantastic. After a while she went back to her own bed. After that night, we spent every spare moment together. Naturally, she kept getting fatter and fatter and I was in heaven. The only problem was mom. The fights got worse and worse.

When sis graduated from high school she weighed over 200 and it looked like the sky was the limit. My mom had other ideas. Sis was sent to a fat girl camp for the summer. I didn't see her for almost three months although we wrote and talked on the phone regularly. Mom's camp did the trick and sis returned home almost toothpick thin and all she did during that two week visit was diet, exercise, and talk about diet and exercise. I was crushed. Then she went off to college.


My stepdad had bought a small one bedroom condo near the college for her to live in and me too when it was my turn to go. Sis and I continued to write and phone but it just wasn't the same. The rest of the school year went as before except that sis's real mother died on spring break. After the funeral, sis asked me if I would be willing to go straight on to college after high school instead of taking the summer off. She wouldn't explain why but I agreed anyhow.

After graduation, I packed and headed for college. When I arrived at our condo sis grabbed me and pulled me inside. The condo was literally stockpiled with foodstuffs. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then sis showed me the letter from her late mother's attorney. Her mom had left her a $10,000 a month life annuity. She could afford to do anything she wanted for the rest of her life and what she wanted was to spend the rest of her life with me stuffing food into her. I guess dreams do come true.