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Weight Gaining Sisters

This is a new weight gaining story of the blooming life of three young sisters.

Kim, Sara and Melissa were three young sisters who together embarked on to a life in the fat lane. It all started when Sara went to college and gained a good few pounds in the first term, which was found to be exciting by her sisters at home.

Kim started college in August studying business and economics. It was her first time away from home and found it difficult to cope at first. Kim found it hard to make friends and began staying in, watching TV and eating snacks. After about two weeks, she had noticed her clothes getting tighter on her. She decided to weigh herself and found her she weighed 145 pounds. She reckoned she must have gained at least 10 to 15 pounds and actually liked the idea. Kim continued in her new lifestyle, going to college, watching TV and eating. Kim was once fond of sport but in October she found it more difficult to keep up with her friends on the track. She also had bought new clothes, loser clothes to her body expand more. She was enjoying her new size, her boobs began to appear, up to now she was quite flat up top. By the end of October she was up to 165 pounds, her belly and a slight bulge, her boobs had swelled and she was much happier.

Kim arrived home from college in October for half term. My you have grown, her sister Sara said, you look swell. Sara was a slight waif 16 year old female and was feeling envious of her sisters attractive body. Sara weighed herself, a measly 108 pounds the scale read. Sara and Kim had a long chat and Sara agreed that she wanted to get fat, really Fat.

Melissa was still at high school and was disgusted with Kim's change of appearance, saying she was just too fat. Just give it time.

That very day, Kim and Sara made a pack, to see you could gain the most weight during the next term of Kim at college.

Kim went back to college and decided she was going to win this pack, so did Sara. On arriving back to her dorm, Kim went shopping and stocked up on a huge range of goodies. That night she munched her way through 4 gallons of ice cream, 12 large packs of crisps and about 10 chocolate bars. She felt it all settle inside her tummy and it felt good. Over the next weeks she continued this lifestyle. Each night after college, she would arrive home, weigh herself, strip nude to eat more. She was turned on by stripping nude, she imagined looking at her belly get bigger as she ate every night. Kim also found a boyfriend to help fatten her up. By the end of term Kim has gained a lot of weight and was up to 205 pounds, her boobs were bigger than ever, but most of the weight was put on her tummy.

This was nothing in comparison to Sara, she had gorged herself up to 170 pounds in the same period and was delighted with her new body. They agreed that they would get to work on Melissa and see what would happen.

Sara woke up at 7:30 and looked down at her bigger body. After just two months she had gained 62 pounds and there was definitely a much bigger belly and boobs and her ass had developed a nice round shape as well. She got up and put on her school uniform, the skirt which she bought a month earlier a size too big was becoming tight on her. She put on her shirt and buttoned it up. She went for breakfast and had a big fry up with lots of bread and butter. She was still hungry. As she walked to school she was dreaming of how big she might get and she had planned a trip to McDonalds that evening with Melissa, she had to be worked on too. During class, Sara munched on chocolate and she could feel the skirt getting tighter and tighter. When she sat down, the skirt now rolled up her legs and was busting at the seams. Her tummy bulged out lovely and eventually during that morning she had to lower it down from her tummy, as it was just too tight. Her chubby legs were clearly showing and she was eyeing one of the boys in the class, a fat boy too, she was getting turned on.

She met Melissa at McDonalds and ordered 3 big Macs, two large fries and a milkshake, while Melissa had a burger. Melissa was 17 years old and weighed a slight 120 pounds. She and Sara had a good chat and Melissa decided not to condemn her weight again. Sara was still hungry and ordered more food. She could feel it settling in her belly, and then with that the button on the school skirt eventually gave way and popped off. Melissa actually found this exciting and began wondering What If?

Meanwhile back at college, Kim was enjoying life with her boyfriend, eating, loving and sleeping. One night after a club, Kim just felt hungry and hungry and she ate and ate. She got home and did a fridge raid, brought all the items out and got the boyfriend (Dave) to feed her. She lay down while Dave fed her with biscuits, chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream. The next morning she stood on the scales which read a whopping 254 pounds. Her belly now when she sat down has two rolls of fat, her boobs has gone to a whopping 48 inches but it was her belly which was protruding the most. Dave measured Kim everyday and recorded it all, so as to have a history of her weight gain.

Sara was up to 190 pounds and now began to find it difficult to stop eating. Her appetite for sex also grew and had began dating the fat boy from the class, who also dreamed about her gaining weight and was there on hand to help her. Melissa was after gaining a few pounds too, up to 135 and she too noticed how goods it was to have boobs for the first time. She was beginning to borrow Sara's old clothes and decided to fill them out.

It is now April, 9 months since the gaining began and the before and after statistics are:

Before After Gain
Kim (18 years old) 145 pounds 254 pounds 109 pounds
Melissa (17 years old) 120 pounds 135 pounds 15 pounds
Sara (16 years old) 108 pounds 190 pounds 82 pounds

Kim arrived home from college and was met by Sara in amazement. "My God, you have really grown big, and you look so well, I want to be that big too". Kim was delighted, she was appreciated at her new size, a jiggling 254 pounds of young tender fat. Kim was also amazed at how much weight Sara had put on and told her so. Kim and Sara sat in the TV room, relaxing and watching TV. "How is Melissa Sara, has she grown too?", "Well only a little", was Sara's reply, "about 10 to 15 pounds I guess". Kim sat on the sofa, wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Her belly hung over the shorts and Sara asked her "Can I see your wonderful belly, I want to see what mine will look like soon". Kim stood up, her blond hair blowing in the wind that came through the window and unbuttoned her shorts to let her belly hang out. There was a mass of lovely fat flesh, all round and smooth. She rubbed it gently saying "Now Sara, do you like it", "Yes I do, I definitely want mine as big as that, if not bigger. Do you want to see mine?". "I would be delighted to look at your belly Sara" was Kim's Reply.

Sara took off her top and stood there, her big firm boobs sticking out, her belly lovely and round. She held her belly from below and squeezed it upwards, to see how many rolls of fat she could make of it. "Only two yet", said Sara, "I'll have to work harder at this".

The two sisters stood there admiring each other. At this Melissa walked in. "hi Girls, I've a confession to make, at first I didn't like the way the two of you were putting on so much weight, but now I actually find fat attractive. Can I join you in a weight gaining exercise".

Kim and Sara looked at each other. "Yes you most certainly can" was the reply from the two of them, and "we'll help you catch up with us if you like". Melissa was delighted and said "I've off now to start my program of weight gain, I've a lot of catching up to do".

The next day the three girls were having dinner in McDonalds. "Lets see you can eat the most", Melissa said. They each went to a separate counter to order their food. Kim and Sara agreed that Melissa needed to eat the most so they would order some for her, on the quite. Kim came back with 4 Big Macs, 4 large fries and a box of 20 nuggets. Sara ordered the same. Melissa had only ordered 2 Big Macs and 20 nuggets. "My tummy is much smaller than your two, you know, I need time for this". Melissa ate her food with delight and was still hungry. She ate some fries and a big Mac and some more nuggets from Kim and Sara. There idea of ordering extra has worked a treat. Melissa could feel herself getting really full. Her belly began to ache. She could feel her sexy mini skirt getting really tight. Melissa was always one for wearing skimpy revealing clothes. They went to go home. Melissa could hardly move she was so full. In total she had eaten about 40 nuggets, 4 Big Macs, and 2 fries.

They arrived home and Melissa needed to take off her mini-skirt for more freedom. Her belly ached from all the food. Sara went to the phone to girl her love, Fat boy Pete. Kim and Melissa were in the front room. "Does your belly still hurt Mel", asked Kim. "Yes it does but it feels good".

"I'll help you Melissa", said Kim. She went over to her and started to rub her belly. "Here now I'll help all that glorious food settle inside you, to make room for more". Kim was a person who loved to help people, she was a big girls with a big heart. "I'll help you fatten up Melissa, with pleasure. Look at me since I went to college, instead of the Freshman15, I had a Freshman115". Kim rubbed and rubbed Melissa's belly. As she rubbed it, Sara came in. "I've just got a great idea. All our birthdays are next month in June, you Kim will be 19, Melissa you will be 18 and I'll be 17. Lets have a party, but a feeder party, just us where we will feed each other all day, with a weigh in before and after" "Great idea Sara", replied Melissa. "I'll have to practice for it, gain more now as well, to make my tummy bigger so that it will hold more food."

Melissa had about a month to get prepared for the feeder party. She woke up the next morning and weighed herself. The scale stopped at 143 pounds. A small gain on her previous 135 pounds. A lot of work had to be done. Melissa was a girl who never stopped at anything until she succeeded. She was so excited about getting big, really big, just like her sisters. She went for a shower and felt her slightly bigger body. She knew her boobs were bigger and began borrowing one of Sara's for more comfort. Her ass had become firm and she admired her curves in the mirror. "Why didn't I do this long ago", she asked herself.

Melissa made her way to breakfast. Sara was still in bed, feeling a bit sick. Kim was back to college for the final term. She made a huge fry up, loads of bacon, about a half pound of sausages and some eggs. She topped this off with 10 slices of toast, heavily buttered. She felt her stomach get swell, and it felt really good. She put on her uniform for school. The skirt was really tight and she decided to borrow one from Sara. Her old size 10 was no use, or was her new 12/14 but now needed a size 16/18 for comfort.

At school that day, she didn't get to eat much because of school activities. When she got home she decided to get into something more comfortable and put on a big T-shirt and a pair of shorts. She went to the supermarket and bought loads of goodies for an evening of feasting. She arrived back home and went to her room. Melissa was happy with her new found pastime. She sat on the bed and switched on the TV. She opened a huge 5 pound box of chocolates. She started nibbling them, then she found herself wanting more than one at a time and began stuffing herself with the chocolates, all sorts, caramels, creams etc. She stuffed the whole box in. "That felt good, really good" she thought. Melissa had always had a sweet tooth for chocolate but had always denied herself for the fear of getting fat. Now it was the opposite, she wanted to be fat.

After the chocolates she turned to the bags of crisps and munched on them while watching TV. She took off her shorts and T-shirt and lay on the bed wearing just her bra and panties while she ate and ate. She rubbed herself as she ate, feeling herself getting bigger and bigger. She was turned on. She wanted just to lay there an be fed. She had never felt so turned on before. She continued to eat crisps and had made her way through 14 large bags and in between 3 packets of chocolate biscuits, and drank 3 liters of Pepsi to wash it all down. She eventually turned over and went to sleep. She made up her mind to ask someone to feed her the next time, perhaps Sara.

A couple of days later, Melissa arrived home from school to find Sara in the Kitchen. In front of her was a huge apple pie, with loads of cream on top. She was about to cut into it. "Are you going to eat all that Sara?", Melissa asked. "Yes indeed I am, Mel, I'm so hungry today". Melissa stood there while Sara swallowed down the entire pie. Melissa was getting turned on by the sight of her beautiful young sister gorging herself even more beautiful. "I want to become a Big Beautiful Teen as soon as possible, that is my intention Melissa".

"OK. Sara, so do I." Melissa went to the fridge and pulled out a cooked chicken. She pulled off a leg and gave it to Sara. "Go on eat it, let me see you eat it". Sara put the chicken leg across her mouth and began to eat. Melissa went over to her and felt her tummy. It was so big and soft. Sara sat there on the chair in her tight figure hugging school uniform. The skirt now really moved her body when she was in a sitting position. She has ripped the side at the bottom, so as it would not burst and give her more comfort. Her lovely big chubby legs were bulging from the sides of the skirt. It clung to her body, giving a huge roll of fat that hung out over her knees. Over the skirt, there was another roll of fat, all holding up lovely big fat boobs. As she finished one leg. Melissa immediately shoved the other one in. Sara swallowed that down really quickly.

At that moment, Sara said to Melissa, "Now its your turn". This is what Melissa wanted, someone to feed her, feed her to a huge size". Sara started to pass some chicken pieces to Melissa, she dipped them in high calorie sauce and put them one by one into Melissa's mouth. Melissa just sat there, feeling her body swell as each piece of chicken went down her throat. She was getting so exciting. "Feed me Sara, Feed me quick".

Melissa suggested they move to somewhere more comfortable. She went to her room and lay on the bed. Sara came in with loads of food to feed her hungry sister. She spoon fed Melissa with 4 gallons of ice-cream and rubbed her

belly to help the food settle. She fed her chocolates, biscuits and loads of cream that was left over from the pie. Melissa stood up, it was getting harder to do so.

She rose slowly and went to the scales. The scales read 192 pounds, a gain of 49 pounds in little over a week. She stood up and went to Sara to tell her the news. Sara said it was wonderful to see her sister get big, big ass, big belly, big boobs.

Sara went to weigh herself and found she has gained slightly. She was beginning to find it harder to gain weight as quick, but she was up to 230 pounds.

Kim arrived home two days before the party was due to be held. She got off the bus, or should I saw waddled off the bus. Sara waited for her at the bus stop. The first part of Kim that appeared was her belly. She was wearing a short black dress. Her belly wiggled like jelly as she walked towards Sara.

"Well Sara are you ready for the party, I am I weighed 300 pounds this morning".

Summary of Weight Gain so Far

August January Present
Kim (18 yrs old, 19 in June) 145 lbs 254 lbs 300 lbs 155 lbs
Melissa (17 yrs old, 18 in June) 120 lbs 135 lbs 192 lbs 72 lbs
Sara (16 yrs old, 17 in June) 108 lbs 190 lbs 230 lbs 112 lbs

The Feeder Party

It has arrived, the morning of the feeder party was here. It was Melissa's birthday. She was so excited at the thoughts of all the glorious food she was about to eat. Her body was expanding rapidly for the first time. All the extra weight had made her look so sexy, her beautiful big boobs bounced when she walked, her ass shook from side to side. She lay in bed feeling her tummy, "I'm going to make really big", she said to herself.

Kim slowly rose from bed. She heaved her massive bulk from the bed, stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She stood there in her night clothes, a figure hugging black laced item of clothing. Her 300 pound body was bulging all over. Each boob alone weighted at least 16 pounds of young tit flesh. They were supported by a huge round belly, a size which before never thought imaginable. She got dressed and got ready for the feeding frenzy which lay ahead.

Sara was up early. She was in the bath soaking her beautiful fat body. She looked down at her rolls of fat. She could clearly see that most of the weight had gone onto her belly. She rubbed it with soap and covered it, it felt really good. She was anticipating the day ahead, what she would eat, how much she could eat? She was so excited.

The three girls met downstairs about 9 for the first weigh in. The three of them stood there, what a glorious sight, three lovely young girls who had embarked on the road to become super fatties. The fatter they got, the more sexed up they got. The more they grew, the more they wanted to grow.

Kim was dressed in a skimpy pink top which barely covered her boobs and belly. She wore a pair of white shorts which was a bit tight as it pushed her belly out even further, to make it look even bigger. The caption on her T-shirt read "objects underneath this shirt are bigger that they appear", how apt?

Sara decided to wear her school uniform, a green skirt and white blouse, the buttons of which were under a lot of pressure to keep her boobs and belly in. She was indeed a fat schoolgirl. The skirt was tight too, and her huge thighs and protruding belly could be easily seen.

Melissa, the lightest of the three girls was wearing a black dress with a very low cut up front, her cleavage clearly showing. Melissa was a bit more pear shaped than the other two sisters, her ass was bigger and as a result the dress hung way above the knee and anyone who would have the pleasure of sitting opposite her would definitely have an eyeful.

Kim was the first to the scales, 302 pounds it read. Sara was next at 236 pounds and Melissa was a slight 197 pounds. All the girls were ready for the party ahead.

They went into the mall to get some goodies for the party. As they sat on the bus on the way, Kim was already hungry. They decided to visit an "all you can eat" cafe just outside the mall. They paid their 10 dollars and ordered the food. Kim ordered a whole chicken with three portions of fries, 2 blooming onions and a box of full fat coleslaw for starters. Sara decided to go for some steak and ordered 2 large 16oz steaks, with loads of onions in a rich gravy. Melissa like Kim wanted chicken. She got one along with fries and coleslaw. The girls began eating. Melissa devoured her chicken in a minute and was soon on her way back to get another one.

For dessert, Kim has two portions of full fat ice-cream, and an extra large portion of banana split. Sara ate a whole apple pie and a large bowl of ice-cream sundae. It was at dessert that Melissa outdid herself. She ate a full chocolate fudge cake and wanted more. She stuffed her face with the stuff. Her dress was moving more and more up her body as her belly expanded, needing more fabric to cover her.

The three girls waddled out of the cafe and over to the mall. It was some sight. Three lovely, expanding girls together. They did some shopping and went home. It was time for the real party to begin.

Sara opened a 10 pound box of chocolate eclairs and began gorging her way through them. She lay on the couch . Kim came over to her. "Let me help you". "Yes Kim, feed me, feed me till this school skirt bursts, feed me now". Kim shoved the sweets into Sara's mouth one by one. She was getting turned on, looking at her younger sister eating all those sweets.

Melissa was in the room, helping herself to even more chicken. She ate another full chicken, watching Kim feeding Sara. At this stage, Melissa could not wait any longer. She went over to where her sisters were and lay down beside Sara. "Feed me too Kim, feed me bigger than Sara". Kim continued to feed both her sisters with the chocolates and when the first box was gone, she opened another one, the same size and fed them that as well.

"Now its your turn girls. Feed me!" Melissa went to the kitchen and returned with a three gallon tub of ice-cream. She has a big cooking spoon, one used for stirring cake mix and began feeding Kim with the ice-cream. "This is wonderful, Mel, Keep going, give to to me", Kim said over and over again.

Sara stood up, she was rubbing her belly. Her school uniform had become so tight. She rubbed her belly and felt her big chubby legs and was thinking about her boyfriend. "I wonder would he feed me too", she asked herself. "I must ask him soon".

It was early afternoon. All the girls could hardly move they were so full. They just lay there in the back yard. Kim had opened her shorts to let her big tummy breath more easily. Melissa was thinking about all the glorious food she had consumed, while Sara was still dreaming of having been fed by her boyfriend.

After a short while, Melissa was feeling a bit peckish and went inside. She opened the fridge and took out a full cheesecake topped with fresh cream and chocolate flakes. She lay it down on the table and sat down. Her dress moved up as she sat down under pressure from her bulging tummy. Her legs were clearly visible from any angle as the dress moved up and her thighs were showing too. Her legs were a soft brown colour, slightly tanned and her skin so soft and cute at only 18 years old. Just as she was about to dive into the cheesecake, Sara walked in. "Whose being a naughty girl then, eating behind my back", she asked. "I was feeling hungry Sara, do you want some too?" Melissa asked. "Yes, I do Melissa, I love chocolate too". "Here, I will cut it in two, you can have half". Melissa was a bit disappointed, she had intended to devour the entire cake. However she knew she would have a lot more chances. She wanted to see her young sister bring that school uniform to bursting point anyway.

The two girls didn't take long to get rid of the entire cake. Sara's skirt rolled further up her body. A sweet 17 year old bursting her uniform with all new fleshy flab. Suddenly one button flew off her shirt. It has happened. It couldn't take anymore. This only made her want more and more and more food. She got up and got more chocolate ice-cream from the fridge. She ate and ate. Her body was expanding. She went to stand up from the table but could hardly move. As she stood up, the button of the skirt flew off. She was so happy. This was her fourth skirt now. Boy was she getting bigger and fatter. After this private feeding session, the two girls rejoined Kim outside.

"Well girls, where have you been?" Kim asked. "Just for a small snack of cheesecake", replied Sara. "Oh, I see and was it good?" "Delicious", Melissa yelled.

The girls chatted for about an hour, about various things. The end result was that they were all much happier with their bigger bodies. That evening they ordered three large family sized pizzas from the local pizza parlour. Kim's was a deluxe with extra ham, Sara had one as well, while Melissa's also had extra cheese. The three girls sat down to take their huge supper. All bit into their pizzas with pleasure. Every mouthful tasted so good, it tasted like more and more.

Sara could feel herself getting fuller and fuller. She was already in a loose T-shirt and shorts, the school uniform wouldn't fit anymore.

It was time for the weigh in. Who would have gained the most weigh?

Kim was first onto scales. She was 302 pounds that morning. The scale pasted 302, 303, 304, and eventually stopped on 307 pounds. "Wow, a massive gain of 5 pounds since morning". She got Melissa to measure her all over. Melissa got the tape measure out and measured her boobs, waist and hips Kim's boobs measuring a whopping 58 inches, her waist and staggering 58 inches and her hips a big 65 inches. "This feels wonderful, I'm so young and big, I can't wait until my boyfriend Dave sees me next term, he'll be so proud of me, he's so in love with big girls, I want to please him more and more".

Sara was looking at her boobs. Her bra was just about to burst at the seams. She stood on the scale. It read 243 pounds. She was so excited, so excited that she ran into the kitchen, dived into the fridge and pulled out another cheesecake and began eating. "Kim I want to be as big as you, even bigger". She ate the entire cheesecake.

Next it was Melissa's turn. She got up on the scale. She could hardly believe her eyes, 205 pounds it read. She had gained a massive 8 pounds in a single day. None of her clothes would fit her properly. "I'm catching up on your two", she said, "won't be long now".

All girls went to bed extremely happy, Melissa was in bed with yet another box of chocolates.

Summary of weight gain day

Morning Afternoon Gain
Kim 302 Pounds 307 Pounds 5 Pounds
Melissa 197 Pound 205 Pounds 8 Pounds
Sara 236 Pounds 243 Pounds 7 Pounds

Over the next few months of summer, Kim was away with her boyfriend on a camping trip across a couple of states. Sara was at home working for her dad and preparing for next terms school. During this period, the amount of weight gain for Kim and Sara wasn't as fast as before. They seemed to be occupied with other things for a change but they were still gaining. By September Kim was up to 325 pounds and Sara had closed in on 265 pounds. However it was Melissa who excelled at her weight gain program.

Melissa was determined to put on as much weight as possible. She began her new lifestyle and got a part time job in a local chocolate factory. As an employee, she was entitled to so much free chocolate per day and also had the options of buying more at cost price. At first she only ate small amounts but her love for chocolate became more apparent. Melissa ate chocolate for breakfast, dinner and supper. She also decided to keep a track of her weight gaining program. The day she began this she weighed 210 pounds. Her uniform for work clung to her body. Her belly bulged out. She waddled as she walked. Wherever she went, her belly always entered the room first. She also met a new man in her life, John and a girl who worked in the factory also, Caroline was to become good friends to her. Caroline was also a big girl. She was 23 years old and weighed 316 pounds.

During lunchtime, Melissa and Caroline would eat lunch together, (mostly chocolate) and talk about the pleasures of been big beautiful women. "I just love my fat body", Caroline told Melissa. "I began working here three ago and when I started I only weighed 110 pounds, look at me now, and you're big already, how big will you get, how big do you want to get?", Caroline asked. "I don't know exactly", replied Melissa, "as big as I can, it doesn't matter really but I certainly want to be bigger than this".

At the end of the first week, Melissa had gained a further 16 pounds. After work she would go to her boyfriends house. He fed her even more chocolate. Melissa was still a virgin but was dying to have sex. One evening while John was feeding her, shoving chocolate into her mouth, while feeling her glorious belly, she was getting really turned on. "Touch me John, feed me, Please I want more food and I want to have sex with you" John was excited, she had dreamed of making love to his darling. Had the moment at last arrived. Melissa lifted her T-shirt off to reveal a pair of boobs pushed out by a tight fitted black laced bra. She took hold of her belly fat, "Here John, kiss it, cuddle it" cried Melissa. John kissed and caressed her body all over, her belly, her chubby legs, all over. She stood behind her to hug her. He put his arms around her, They were however not able to meet. John went to the kitchen and brought back some chocolate fudge cake, Melissa's favourite. He rubbed it onto Melissa's boobs and belly and continued to lick it off. Melissa put some on John as well, ate it and then finished what was left. She was extremely horny at this stage. "Make love to me John, Please". Melissa lay down and for the next hour, John kissed and cuddled her before eventually getting on top and making love to her three times in succession. Melissa never felt as good. She was now certainly a big beautiful woman. Melissa had lost her virginity. She had at last been bedded and fedded. The earth had moved.

Melissa and John became frequent lovers. Melissa loved been on top and John loved the feeling of all that weight on top of him. He loved fondling and kissing all that weight, the rolls of fat that hung from Melissa, her well padded thighs and chubby legs, her fat boobs and her rolls and rolls of belly fat.

Melissa was filling in the diary of weight gain. This is an extract.

1ST July 226 pounds
8th July 236 pounds
20th July 255 pounds

By the end of summer, Melissa had grown to a whopping 266 pounds of flabulous fat. She found it difficult to move and wasn't looking forward to the next school term.

Kim was back in college, Sara and Melissa was back to school. The new term had arrived and yet even more gaining to do, more sex and more feeding sessions, but who would become the fattest sister.

It was mid September and Kim was back in college. At 340 pounds, she was the biggest student in the class. She had gained about 200 pounds in just over a year. It was still warm and sunny and she was dressed in a flower designed sun dress. It stuck to her body like cling film. Her 58 inch boobs stuck out front and she was happy.

This year for college, she had moved into an apartment with Dave. She was free from the home for the first time really. No more dorms to be put up with. She thought a lot about her sisters, how big they were getting. Food was always on her mind. She dreamed of eating, getting fat and fatter. Dave wanted her big too. The bigger she was, the more there was to love, the more to hang onto.

During classes at college, Kim would think about her next meal, what she would love to eat, how much she would eat. Her weight gain program had slacked recently and it was time to put things right. Between classes she would always go the canteen for a quick snack of coffee and a cream bun or two or if time didn't permit this she would go to a vending machine for a couple of bars of chocolate or a bag or crisps. She loved the taste of every mouthful going down into her tummy.

After class at college, Kim would visit a fast food place on the way home and then watch TV all night, while Dave would feed her biscuits. Kim has a craving for chocolate chip cookies. She was well capable of devouring at least 5 whole packets in one sitting. Kim loved being fat, Dave loved her being fat, so everyone was happy. This routine continued right through the term at college. Plenty of food and plenty of sex.

"As long as I can get enough sex as I want and as much food as I can ear, I'll be happy" was Kim's motto for life.

Melissa and Sara were still at home. Sara was in school and Melissa in her final year. Sara had bought a new uniform for the year but got it two sizes larger than she was at present for her anticipated gaining throughout the year.

Back at school Sara was finding it difficult to fit into school desks and loved the feeling of her huge belly squeezing into the tiny seats. Sara was due to go on a school trip, weekend away and was looking forward to it. The weekend arrived and she boarded the bus with her pals and was to share a room with one of her friends, a girl called Karen. Karen was a big boned girl for her age (16) and weighed about 140 pounds. She was not fat however, simply well built.

The first evening on arriving at the destination, the girls went to their rooms to unpack. Sara had brought a load of goodies with her from home because she reckoned that the food on the trip might not be enough to fill her. She got out of the uniform after dinner and put on her jeans. She found it difficult to put them on, to pull them up over her big ass but she got them on. She looked lovely with these figure hugging items on her. She wore a t-shirt on top. That evening the girls just watched TV in the hotel, and retired to bed early, as they were tired from their trip.

After about an hour in bed, Karen woke to a funny noise coming from the other side of the room. It was a crinkling sound. She sat up in bed, and turned on a light. She got a shock at the sight which lay before her. There was Sara lying on the bed, with no clothes on. Her belly sticking up in the air, her boobs hanging down her belly and she was eating, a huge bag of crisps and an empty packet lay beside her. "What are you doing Sara" "I'm having a midnight snack, sorry for wakening you up" "Its ok Sara, I must say, you have a wonderful body, its looks so big and so soft" "Why don't you come over and have a closer look at it, touch it" Karen didn't need to be asked twice. She went over to Sara's bed and rubbed her belly. "This is so lovely and round and soft to touch , Sara. I didn't realize that fat was so beautiful", Karen told Sara. With that Karen found herself excited and took off all her clothes. Her tender young body was slightly tanned and she had a nice pair of firm, tender big boobs. The two girls began eating the crisps together. They ate about 5 bags between them, while caressing each other, feeling each others belly and boobs. The next morning, Sara woke to find Karen still beside on the bed. Karen's head was on Sara's belly, using it for a pillow. Her hand was on her thigh. Sara kissed her arm gently. Karen woke and was feeling wonderful. "I really enjoyed it last night", said Karen, "you really are a very beautiful fat girl". "You are nice too Karen, but you could be like me. It is so good to be fat and all you have to do is eat and eat". Over the weekend, Sara gained some more weight and even Karen managed to gain about 10 pounds.

Melissa was still in her part time job in the chocolate factory. She found herself finding that the bigger she got, the bigger she wanted to get. She was constantly being fed by John and being loved by John. Around November, Melissa noticed a change in her body behaviour. She was getting heavier and heavier more quickly than ever. She was constantly eating, eating anything and everything and then she realized what was wrong. She was in fact eating for two. Yes Melissa was pregnant and the doctor confirmed it. She decided to tell no one, as she was bigger from being pregnant, no one would notice any way, because she had just being getting fatter and fatter over the past months anyway.

Christmas had arrived and Kim arrived home for the festive season. The day before Christmas itself, they were all together in the front room, eating candy and getting ready for the big dinner the next day. All three boyfriends were coming over for the weekend too.

"Lets weigh ourselves", Sara suggested.

"OK lets go to the scales". replied Melissa.

The three fat sisters made there way to the garage, there was a huge scale there used for weighing coal, by their father when he had a coal business. The ordinary bathroom scale would no longer do the job, of weighing the hefty sisters.

Each in turn stepped onto the heavy duty scale. Kim stepped up on it and pushing the weight past 200, then 300, 350, 360, 370 and eventually it came to a balance at a massive 371 pounds.

Sara was next and the weight balanced evenly at 326 pounds.

Melissa was in for a shock. What with carrying an extra person inside her, eating for two, the weight on the scale didn't stop until it reached 359 pounds of tender young fat.

The girls were looking forward to the new year and what extra fat would come to them throughout the next twelve months.

Over the next months Melissa got bigger and bigger. She eventually broke the news of her pregnancy to her sisters and boyfriend. All concerned were delighted. The months went by quickly and all girls were still gaining.

On 23rd July, Melissa gave birth to a baby girl, weighing 10 pounds 3 ounces. She her self now weighed 402 pounds. She was indeed a truly fat growing girl.

It is now September, two years had passed since all the gaining had taken place. Here is a summary of what happened.

Original: Age Weight
Kim 18 145 pounds
Melissa 17 120 pounds
Sara 16 108 pounds

End of year 1: Age Weight Gain
Kim 19 325 pounds 175 pounds
Melissa 18 266 pounds 146 pounds
Sara 17 265 pounds 157 pounds

End of year 2: Age Weight Gain (in year 2)
Kim 20 380 pounds 55 pounds
Melissa 19 402 pounds 137 pounds
Sara 18 366 pounds 100 pounds

The girls were now the fattest girls on the entire block, and in fact in the entire neighbourhood. Dad Michael was really proud of his 3 fat daughters. Michael was a real true fat admirer and had been since he was about 13 when he got interested in girls in the first place. He encouraged his daughters gaining and loved to see them blossoming into 3 big beautiful women. His wife, Kara was a big beautiful woman herself, weighing 345 pounds and therefore it was only natural that his girls would grow big and take after their mother. The only thing that surprised Michael was that all this gaining didn't start earlier. It was only when the girls themselves began to find gaining exciting that the whole thing got going in real style.

The house was always well stocked with food and food was always available for the girls. Kim had finished her 2 year course in college and was back at home. She got a job as a junior manager in the local bakery. Melissa had finished school and went to work full time in the chocolate factory. Sara was still in school. Kim has split with her boyfriend for a number of reasons. Melissa was still seeing hers and Sara was still in love also.

That was 2 years ago. The girls are now all working, Melissa and Kim in their respective jobs while Sara just stays at home and eats, she is truly a big fat girl. The girls now weigh as follows:

Kim at 22 years of age tips the scales at a massive 458 pounds of waddling young fat.

Melissa has grown bigger and bigger all the time and weighs a whopping 542 pounds.

Sara has outgrown all her sisters, she truly is a real fat girl and weighs in at 678 pounds of lovely young juicy fat. Her rolls of fat are beautiful and her sex drive unbelievable. Her belly is massive, it hangs way over her knees, when in a sitting position. She loves her body and intends on making it as big as possible. We'll just have to weight and see.

The end.